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There’s nothing like a fandom to encourage innovation, and the devotees of the Broadway hit Hamilton: An American Musical are no exception — whether they’ve actually seen the show in person or have memorized every lyric of the 46 songs on the soundtrack album. So it was only a matter of time before enthusiastic fans were going to search out culinary tributes to their most treasured folk hero.

While the “Founding Father without a father” doesn’t seem to have been much of a foodie, his abbreviated signature has been enough to inspire an A. Ham Sandwich — yes, really. Historians have culled a handful of culinary references that have provided enough of a springboard for enterprising bloggers, mixologists and the parents of Hamilton-crazed kids determined to have a birthday party themed after the musical. You’ll find plenty of suggested menus on Ye Olde Internet, from “Aaron Burr-gers” to “Hercules Mulliga-tawny Soup” — and who wouldn’t want a trio of Schuyler Sisters cakes adapted from classic Barbie Doll cake recipes?

Feeling ‘Young, Scrappy And Hungry’? Have A 'Hamilton’-Inspired Meal

Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Murphy
Hamilton-inspired cupcake toppers. It was only a matter of time before fans of the Broadway hit sought out culinary tributes to their most treasured folk hero.

Everyone is so caught up,
In the way Blurryface fades.
But I can stop thinking,
About how the beautiful album, Vessel,
Grows further and further away.
It’s only a matter of time,
Until it’s a collection of old songs,
And the only time they are played,
Will be in memories of the old days.

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ultimate bias? yoongi

ultimate bias wrecker? all 6 members of BTS but ultimately Miri is my bias wrecker

favourite kpop song? save me/spring day - bts (i always say save me > spring day but honestly idk anymore)

first kpop song? technically sorry sorry - super junior, but the first one that I liked was mama - exo

favourite kpop album/single? hyyh pt. 2 - bts or currently, we made something wonderful - epik high (idk if they count as kpop though)

favourite kpop ship? ot7 bangtan because when they’re together it’s always the best

hard stan or soft stan? …soft ;A;

favourite kpop company? antenna! they seem like a very chill and homey company

backstory of how you got into kpop? I accompanied my uncle (who is 3 years older than I am) to SMTOWN in Jakarta back in 2012, and although I knew the more popular groups in Indo (e.g. suju & shinee was literally EVERYWHERE) i was interested in exo? because they sang in chinese and i was like “??? holup did they just-” and after researching some stuff I got into BAP instead heh. still surprised at how I wasn’t traumatised after MAMA 2012 tbh

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I’ve Been noticing a lot of bullying in the fandom and it makes me really sad. Bullying is NOT OKAY!!!! I’ve seen bullying from both the secret sessioners and the people who didn’t go to the secret sessions. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and sickening to see this. Taylor and Taylor nation see it!!!! The media feeds off of this!!! You think Taylor would be proud of that behavior? You think that being hateful proves you’re the better fan? It doesn’t!

I am not calling out anyone because I am not and never have been and never will be that person. But it’s gotten to the point where it’s almost ruining the excitement and taking the focus off of what matters the most. And the only thing that matters is being excited for the new album and loving and supporting Taylor. Keep in mind that we are supposed to uphold and protect her reputation, not damage it.


Its really disheartening for me to be a Taylor Swift fan right now. I am literally surrounded by people who hate her and I am just so tired of fighting a fight where no one listens to the facts and everyone just listens to the media. I feel really alone all the time and like I’m a bad persons for loving her like I do.

My Harry Styles: Live On Tour Experience.

An entire week ago, I was at Harry Styles’ show in London. I want to start by saying that I’ve never been so excited in my life. It was a moment I had anticipated for months ever since I got the tickets and I’ve wanted to see him (One Direction) for 7 years.

Harry Styles is simply out of the ordinary. He’s got something that no one can put their finger on. I don’t think it quite hit me that Harry was going to be in the same room as me until MUNA came off the stage and the pink curtain went up.

Let’s talk about MUNA. They’re a girl band that I didn’t know existed until I heard they were going on tour with Harry and I think it’s safe to say that I did judge them a bit right off the bat. I won’t deny that I did that, I didn’t really think to check out their music either. I did, however, follow them on Twitter and figured out what they were about.

While they were performing, I found myself enjoying their music. Really enjoying it, I kept reminding myself to add them to my playlist when I got home. Songs like ’Everything’, ’So Special’ and Winterbreak’ - they’re some of my favourites at the moment. Honestly, I’ve been trying to delve into music that’s different that what I’m used to, and I’m glad I could add MUNA to my archives. The lead singer, Katie, held up and ’Black Lives Matter sign and my sister and I were completely living for it. I love when people speak up, that’s something that Harry failed to do the night before. However, as a young black female, I wasn’t offended by what Harry had done. Sure, he could’ve said things, but if he’s not comfortable speaking about it, who are we to force him? I think it’s pretty clear that he loves and supports us all.

When Harry finally came out, when his silhouette was clear behind that curtain. God, it was a feeling I couldn’t describe. I was of course, on a high. I enjoyed myself and he and his band performed beautifully - his voice is absolutely stunning. Listening to his music on your phone or watching videos of him is great. I love having my headphones in and listening to his smooth voice. However, watching him in real life, waving around his pride flag, doing his cute, silly dances and slipping on a kiwi - that was the real experience. Watching what Harry is really like when he performs and the way he moves and how happy it makes him. That made me happy. Watching Harry be himself inspired me to be myself.

Harry said something that night that I think he says at every show. He said, “I want you to be whoever you wanna be.” Anyone can say those words, but Harry sounded so genuine and in that moment, I could be myself for the first time in my life. I’ve never been able to just be… me, and that’s partially my fault because that’s just how I am as a person. But Harry made me feel like I could just be who I am and who I wanted to be and I love that. When the show was coming to and end, he had about 3 songs left, he said that he wanted us to dance and go crazy - and we did. After he closed with ’Sign of the Times’, he ran to every corner of the stage and blew kisses and mouthed the words ‘thank you’ at least a dozen times. He also ran back to the stage about six times before actually leaving. It was a great experience, and my sister and I left on such a high. I couldn’t stop talking about it and I still haven’t stopped and entire week later.

I think it all hit me afterwards, maybe a day or two since the show. I felt almost empty in a way, like I wanted to be his friend or something. Knowing that I saw him but never got to meet him or touch him (his hand, for example), made me feel disappointed. Harry made me feel like myself and I don’t think I could ever thank him for that. Now, I feel like I’m so much more obsessed than I’ve ever been. I feel so much connected and closer to him.

Every little thing I see him do makes me feel something that I didn’t feel before. I saw something last night, from his show in Stockholm. It was a video of him saying, “If you are black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender, whoever you are… I love you all.” Those words meant so much to me, because I love when people know - whoever they may be - that they are safe and accepted. Harry loves and accepts us all and he let’s us know that, that’s quite rare these days.

So, what I’m saying is… my experience was amazing at the show. It was beyond words and I still can’t believe it happened - it was so surreal. All the people around my sister and I in the crowd were so lovely to us and everyone else which was something I was skeptical of because I’ve heard of people being horrible at his shows. I can’t speak for anyone else, but Harry made me feel so loved and accepted and I’ve never really felt like that before.

Harry Styles has just got it - whatever it is - he’s got it.

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Did u watch the Zach Show interview tbh its the literally only intetview with questions which actually matter like UNICEF and their album and questions about themselfs.. Namjoon thanked him for the questions bc nobody other than him asked them

I MOST CERTAINLY DID!!!!!!!! zach…… i’l lgive u all of my life savinggs …

Epik High’s new album is the only thing that matters right now.

I keep going “I think this song is my favorite” until the next song plays and I’m like “haha, nope, just kidding, this one is my favorite.”

I’ll have more coherent thoughts later (hopefully) but it’s so nice to have the guys back and holy heck I forgot how much I love Lee HI’s voice.