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[Revised 2/17] Books for Witches, Diviners and Spellcasters

Hi, everyone. A while back (a long time ago, actually), I started an annotated bibliography on books about witchcraft and magick, and I’ve updated it once (last November). 

Since then, I’d been keeping a list of things I need to add to it, but didn’t get around to actually reworking and updating the list a second time until today. Largely because I can’t really go outside much today because of the smog. But anyways, here it is. I’ve also included divination-related books in this version, whereas previously they were separate.

I hope you find something on here that suits your fancy! Happy reading! Also, yes, I do want to do more book reviews on this blog, so if you’d like a longer review of one of the books listed below, let me know and I can write one.

For Absolute Beginners

Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, by Judika Illes. Even better than the Weiser Field Guide to Witches - this book is huge and chock-full of information. It’ll explain in easy-to-understand language how the concept has developed throughout time, why witches do what they do, and different types of witches.

The Weiser Field Guide to Witches, by Judika Illes. This gives an excellent look at the historical lore concerning witches, from the perspective of a witch herself. It’s kind of tongue-in-cheek, but it does have some information that won’t be found elsewhere.

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft, by Skye Alexander. Great book for those who’re really absolute beginners and are wondering what witchcraft is all about. Skye takes a very postmodern, utilitarian, and unfailingly honest approach, and it’s geared towards those of almost any belief system.

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard, by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. Attractively packaged and readible for almost all ages, this is a great (mostly) non-denominational look at the foundations of magical practice. It’s extremely detailed. Some of it only applies to Zell’s own tradition, but it’s quite useful, anyways.

Basic Techniques

Protection and Reversal Magick, by Jason Miller. This gets a little woo-woo at times, but he gives good advice on how to avoid serious problems that can come up as you begin to practice. Take with a grain of salt, though - some of this has the potential to make you feel paranoid.

City Magick, by Christopher Penczak. If you’re at all interested in tech witchery, or just want to practice magick within an urban setting, do check this out. It is by far the best look at the subject I’ve seen, and his discussion of urban tutelary spirits is worth the price alone.

Power Spellcraft for Life, by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. Nicely done, quite secular book providing basic beginner information regarding writing original spells and workings. It does fall prey to the trap of just listing correspondences with little information at times, but also contains a great deal of detail about ritual timing, raising power, and other topics essential for the beginner.

Sorcerer’s Secrets, by Jason Miller. This is a decent volume that describes a lot of techniques you don’t usually see in books, such as gesture and gaze-based magick. Be warned that Miller writes extensively about manipulative techniques, but it’s useful theory regardless of how you put it into practice.

Witch’s Bag of Tricks, by Melanie Marquis. This is not recommended for beginners, because the whole point of this book is to help existing practitioners refine and improve their already-established techniques. It’s got some novel ideas in it, and I like the author’s approach to symbolism in spellcasting.

Direct Magick (Energy Work)

The Un-Spell Book, by Mya Om. This non-denominational guide to working with magical forces is filled with useful exercises that go beyond the author’s previous work. I recommend reading this after reading Energy Essentials.

Instant Magick, by Christopher Penczak. Excellent beginner’s guide for those who don’t have access to a lot of fancy tools or prefer to work without them. This book won’t instantly teach you magick, but it will help even a seasoned practitioner find quicker, less-complicated ways of achieving results.

Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters, by Mya Om. Though I balk at the use of the term “energy” to describe magical forces, this book is worth a look. It’s a bit like a workbook, with various exercises. Expect a lot of pseudoscience, though, and there are many religious references, but the techniques are solid.

Hedgewitchery and Astral Travel

Ecstatic Witchcraft, by Gede Parma. This is actually probably my favorite book on this subject, even though hedgeriding is only a part of what the book discusses. The only bad thing I can really say about this book is that it’s really not recommended for beginners, and it’s helpful to have the basics of visualization already mastered (for example) before doing the exercises Parma recommends.

By Land, Sky and Sea, by Gede Parma. This book goes into even greater details regarding different ways of conceptualizing the cosmology of hedgeriding, and I find it a very refreshing book that appreciatively draws from a number of different perspectives while grounding itself, so to speak, with the overarching metaphor of land, sky, and sea as the three worlds.

The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft, by Christopher Penczak. Penczak is usually a pretty mixed bag, and this book is no exception. It gives a lot of good practical information and a very in-depth exploration of the three worlds (a useful concept), but it’s primarily framed by Wicca, so it might not resonate with those of other faiths and particularly those who aren’t pagan at all.

Ascension Magick, by Christopher Penczak. There’s a chapter or two in this that address alternate ways of conceptualizing the architecture of reality, and it’s pretty helpful for a hedgerider. Beyond that, this book is mostly about ceremonial magick, but it’s a (mostly) good book. Certain parts (such as the bit about UFOs) are a little off, in my opinion.

The Shamanic Witch, by Gail Wood. This book is really best suited for someone who practices Wicca and, besides the background info and cosmological descriptions, is really only useful in the context of that tradition. If you’re Wiccan or willing to pick around a lot of Wiccan-talk, though, this is a good foundation.

Witches, Werewolves and Fairies, by Claude Lecouteux. It can be hard to find scholarly works on these phenomena that are affordable, but here’s one I personally enjoyed. It details many accounts of journeying experienced by both pagans and Christians in earlier times, and gives a good description of the concept of the astral double, the architecture of the soul, and other topics throughout history.

Betwixt and Between, by Storm Faerywolf. This book is mostly a guide to the Feri tradition of witchcraft, but while I myself don’t practice that, those who do seem to know a lot about hedgeriding! The book has several chapters on the subject and is highly recommended for this reason.

The Psychic Energy Codex, by Michelle Belanger. A lot of people have strong opinions about this author, but this is book actually provides a lot of good information about so-called “energy work” which can be a step in the right direction for those wanting to ride the hedge.

Psychic Dreamwalking, by Michelle Belanger. In this book, Belanger discusses, essentially, how to use your non-waking life as a vehicle to for journeying, and while I myself don’t usually dreamwalk, much of what she says applies to hedgeriding in other states, too.

Hedge Riding and Hedge Witchcraft, by Harmonia Saille. I only mention these two in order to say that they’re best avoided. Saille tries to give a comprehensive look at the phenomenon, but it’s poorly-written and overly New Age. The negative reviews of them on Amazon really cover the problems with these book in more detail than I ever could.

Magical Writing, Words, and Symbols

Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells, by Claude Lecouteux. Mostly a historical text, this book isn’t exactly practical or terribly useful. It is, nevertheless, incredibly interesting. It’s a bit difficult to navigate, but worth a glance.

Composing Magick, by Elizabeth Barrette. A very general, but well-done, look at writing in a magical context. Some of the ritual templates are slightly specific to religious witchcraft traditions, but most information is widely applicable.

Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink, by Susan Pesnecker. Focuses both on the physical act of writing as a magical act, and the mental state associated with it. Highly recommended

The Modern Witchcraft Grimoire, by Skye Alexander. This book is for those who want to create their own grimoire. It gives fairly good advice for doing so, as well as providing hints and tricks for spellcasting and useful correspondences.

General Concepts

Planetary Magick, by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips. If you want to work with the planets at all, particularly in a highly ritualized context, I recommend this book. It’s large, comprehensive and gives a good foundation beyond what you find in general astrology books.

Practical Planetary Magick, by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine. Shorter than I would have liked, but a useful reference to have on your shelf, with excellent tables and appendices in the back. The meditations are also quite useful.

Practical Elemental Magick, by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine. Should be read alongside the other book by this pair. Comprehensive guide to working with the elements in a ritualized fashion. Not as accessible to newbies as Lipp’s book, but good for seasoned practitioners.

The Way of Four, by Deborah Lipp. Though mostly geared towards Wiccans, I found this author’s in-depth treatment of the four elements highly fascinating. I will note that it’s probably best to get the print version of this book, as it contains exercises and quizzes.

Ingredients and Correspondences

The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook, by Karen Harrison. I cannot praise this book enough for its concise and well-formulated approach to astrology, herbs, and magick as a whole.

The Weiser Concise Guide to Herbal Magick, by Judith Hawkins-Tillirson. This is excellent for anyone who’s interested in any kind of magick. Yes, the focus is generally herbs, but there’s a lot to be learned here about Kabbalah and other correspondence systems, as well.

Mixing Essential Oils for Magic, by Sandra Kynes. Fills a very difficult gap in published knowledge regarding the use of essential oils by discussing, in great detail, how scents interact with each other and how to create a formula that’s not only palatable, but evocative.

Dunwich’s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery, by Gerina Dunwich. Given the New Age fascination with all things shiny, it was quite a chore to sort through the myriad crystal books to find something with good information. While far from perfect and not exactly devoid of fluff, this book does give a level of detail about the lore surrounding gemstones not seen in many other texts.

Real Alchemy, by Robert Allen Bartlett. Excellent book, lots of history and detail. There’s a strong focus on tradition within the text, yet the author is quite accommodating of his audience and describes alternate methods that work better in a modern context.

Spagyrics, by Manfred M. Junius. With a highly-developed academic tone and attention to detail, this book is a meaty look at traditional alchemy. I recommend this more for intermediate practitioners due to the sheer density of information.


The Goodly Spellbook, by Dixie Deerman and Steve Rasmussen. The title sounds horribly fluffy, but this is a hidden gem. It explains obscure concepts like alternative alphabets and potential uses of musical notes, as well as plant lore and other bits and pieces. Definitely worth checking out. It’s way more than just “a book of spells.”

Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells, by Judika Illes. The title sounds trite to some, but it delivers. This book has spells from almost every culture and spiritual philosophy, as well as a very detailed formulary. I read it when I’m bored sometimes, too, just because I always learn some tidbit from it.

Book of Spells, by Nicola Pulford. In most editions, this book is absolutely gorgeous and describes spellcasting traditions from a variety of perspectives and traditions. Recommended for those who already understand the basics, as this book jumps straight into spellcasting and gives only a small amount of information about how things work.

Ceremonial Magick

Modern Magick, by Donald Michael Kraig. I received this as a gift several years ago. It is essentially a workbook meant to be completed slowly, step by step, and while the format will not appeal to everyone, it’s a good easy-to-read introduction to ceremonial magick.

Familiar Spirits, by Donald Tyson. Though geared towards ceremonialists, any practitioner can likely learn a thing or two from Tyson’s interesting stroll through the whys and wherefores of spirit work and thoughtform creation. This is by far the best book I’ve seen on the topic of familiar spirits.

Secrets of High Magick, by Francis Melville. The most recent edition of this (the one I own) is lavishly-illustrated and full of rudimentary, yet useful information. He stresses the basics of ceremonial practice, and his writing style is very accessible. Highly recommended for absolute beginners.

My Life With The Spirits, by Lon Milo DuQuette. This is a memoir of a ceremonial magician, but it gives a good look at the magickal mindset in a highly developed form from someone who’s experienced quite a lot. I have major issues with DuQuette’s approach to Qabalah, but his memoirs are worth a read.

Chaos Magick

Liber Null and Psychonaut, by Peter Carroll. Classic book of chaos magick. I consider it required reading for almost anyone interested in the occult. Even if you have no love for chaos magick, do give it a read, just to understand how influential Carroll is, and why.

Hands-On Chaos Magic, by Andrieh Vitimus. Knowing some of the people involved in the creation of this book, I’m a bit biased towards it. That said, even if I didn’t know them, I would still recommend it. It’s especially interesting to read alongside Liber Null and Psychonautin order to see how the chaos “current” has developed over the years.

Pop Culture Magic 2.0 by Taylor Ellwood. There aren’t a lot of books on using pop culture symbolism in magick, but this one is nearly perfect. The author writes in a highly erudite, literate fashion, while still being accessible to newbies. Many useful resources cited, as well, so prepare to branch off a bit while reading it.


Triumph of the Moon, by Ronald Hutton. An inside no-holds-barred look at the history of Wicca and Modern paganism. Highly recommended. This is sort of the book that fluffbunnies don’t want you to read.

Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult, by Richard Metzger. Lots of facts and history of magick in the context of Postmodernity. This is different from the Crowley text of the same name, which I wouldn’t recommend unless you want to focus on his tradition.

The Place of Enchantment, by Alex Owen. This is a purely historical text that documents the occult revival within the context of Modernity. I remember it being very good, but please realize I haven’t really picked it up much since graduating, and it might just have served my mindset at the time.


The Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley. Make sure you actually own (or have access to pictures of) the Thoth deck before you dive into this. By far one of the best books on Tarot ever published. The prose is often dense and purple, but in this one book, Crowley teaches so much about Tarot and it’s connection to the Western Mystery Tradition. I can’t really say much more - it must be experienced.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by Arthur Edward Waite. I recommend this book because it is a classic and was introductory for many older readers. It will teach you to read and gives insight into the methodology behind the Waite-Smith deck specifically, particularly his use of what are essentially parables and why he does this. Do not expect too much esoteric information, but read it anyways.

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack. This is the epitome of a good modern Tarot book and is really one of the first ones I’d recommend for someone looking for an accessible book on Tarot in a modern context. Very dense in information and history, yet altogether worth it. You’ll want highlighters nearby for this one!

Tarot for a New Generation, by Janina Renée. This is essentially a book for children and teenagers, but I do recommend it for them, specifically, because it is well-written, easy to understand, and helpful to absolute beginners.

Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot, by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin. This book focuses just on the history, symbolism, and creative process of the Waite-Smith deck. It gives you an inside line on just what Pixie Smith was thinking when painting specific scenes, and is a great look at her life’s work, as well.

The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, by Robert M. Place. This book will not teach you to read Tarot, but does give an actual, accurate portrait of the history of the phenomena, which is incredibly important and useful. Know your history.

Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, by Lon Milo DuQuette. I hesitate to recommend DuQuette due to issues I have with his approach to Qabalah, but many people ask me for a beginner book for the Thoth Tarot specifically, and this is the closest I’ve come to finding one. I recommend reading this alongside, and not instead of, Crowley’s Book of Thoth.

The Back in Time Tarot, by Janet Boyer. This is more for the intermediate reader, and the entire book details a single, extremely useful technique for familiarizing yourself with the cards, namely by framing past events in terms of how they might appear in a spread.


The Essential Lenormand, by Rana George. This was not the first Lenormand book I picked up, but it was the most influential and intense. Ms. George writes in a personable, touching fashion and brings the concepts of the system home by relating them to life experiences in a way rarely seen. She is one of those authors I literally go all “fangirl” over.

Learning Lenormand, by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin. This is one of the better beginner books on Lenormand. I’m not going to lie - it isn’t as good as Rana George’s, but it definitely is worth reading if you’re completely new to the system. It’s very accessible, where some of the books I’ll be listing later in this can seem intimidating, or so I’ve been told.

Lenormand: Thirty-Six Cards, by Andy Boroveshengra. This book is intense, but in a different way than Ms. George’s. Expect to be inundated with information and techniques. Another one of those where you really need to take notes or highlight while reading, and read it multiple times.

Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, by Sylvie Steinbach. This book is organized in a novel and useful fashion by topic, and gives specific techniques for readings on love, money, spirituality, and other topics. Highly recommended, and I tend to use it as a reference book nowadays, looking things up as needed.

The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, by Caitlyn Matthews. Not for the beginner, nor the faint at heart, this one details a lot of what, to me, seem to be more advanced approaches and techniques. I use this book a lot, and I think anyone else will enjoy it, too. Good information on the connection between Lenormand and traditional playing cards, too.

Cartomancy with Lenormand and the Tarot, by Patrick Dunn. This is more of a special topic book, and best read after you’ve got some familiarity with both Tarot and Lenormand. It’s all about using them in tandem and the synergy between them.


The Luminaries, by Liz Greene. I could really recommend anything by this author, but she’s written so much, and this book is a particularly important one. It focuses entirely on the Sun and Moon in astrology, and gives a good look at why the luminaries need to have a special place in your understanding.

The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology, by Priscilla Costello. This is focused, as you might expect, on actual interpretation of charts and less on theory, but it gives a good background on that, too. Was quite helpful in my attempts to interpret @xepsurah‘s unusual natal chart.

The Complete Book of Astrology, by Kris Brandt Riske. Very beginner, and very light on intellect, heavy on intuition. A great introduction, but I would not suggest it as the only book you read if you’re really interested in the subject.


Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners, by Caroline Dow. There are only a few books within Llewellyn’s immensely popular “For Beginners” series that I would recommend, and this is one of them. The symbol glossary (which makes up the bulk of the book) is the most useful part.

Tea Cup Reading, by Sasha Fenton. This book goes into some detail (quite a bit, actually) about the history of tea and coffee, and, better yet, how to prepare them in the traditional fashion! A lot of traditional lore is described, as well.

Scrying, etc.

Scrying for Beginners, by Donald Tyson. This is really a surprise find, as I don’t usually expect much from this series, by Tyson knows his history and goes far beyond simple exercises for scrying. He is a bit biased towards mirror and crystal-gazing techniques, but does discuss other methods.

Psychic Development for Beginners, by William Hewitt. Readable, and offers some very practical developmental exercises for those wishing to hone extrasensory abilities. Be prepared to sort through a lot of woo, though.

BTS as Roommates


  • ”hey, Third Guy From The Left, pass the remote”
  • cleans up after you, cooks for you, nags a lot; he’s basically your second mom
  • your friends coming over to hit on him
  • which he’s totally down with; “I’m worldwide handsome, what do you expect?”
  • your parents wishing you two would get together
  • you two cuddle sometimes and it’s fine, it’s nothing romantic. just two friends chilling in each others arms,, move along ppl, nothing to see here
  • you’re his taste tester
  • so he often makes you stand by while he cooks, so he can spoon boiling hot sauce from the pot into your mouth to ask if he needs more salt
  • buys you BTS merch
  • “I better be your ultimate bias” “look at me, I’m everyone’s bias and bias wrecker” “the real visual of BTS taehyung better back off”

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  • you joke that he’s basically a ghost
  • he’s usually not there, since he’s at the studio or doing promotions, concerts, etc. and when he is there, he’s sleeping
  • whenever he’s there and actually awake you’re like “who are you? I didn’t know you lived here” “shut up and tell me what there is to eat in this house. are there any lamb skewers?”
  • like I said, he’s mostly not there but when he is, he wants to spend some time hanging with you. the boys are fine but he’s so Tired of their antics that time with you is like a breath of fresh air
  • you don’t do much, just watch tv and order take out but it suites you both just fine. he usually shit talks other celebs during that time, so you know all the inside gossip
  • “wait, he’s cheating on her with the model??” you gasp
  • “yeah, I caught them fucking backstage”
  • “well, damn :( he was my bias”

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  • so f*cking loud omg u wonder why you still live with him
  • he’s energetic and loud (I can’t stress the loud part) for the most part, even waking you up with pans banging or singing in your ear
  • insists on “roommate bonding time” which is just an excuse to go out, get drunk & bring back f*ck buddies
  • has the LOUDEST sex
  • and walls are thin
  • but he apologizes w pizza so,, there’s perks to that
  • walks around half naked
  • flirts w your hot friends/family members but always asks you if it’s okay to make a serious move on any of them. he doesn’t want to cross any lines that would leave tension between you two
  • keeps trynna hook you up with one of the boys “except Joonie he’s gross” “he’s exactly like you” “exactly”
  • always texts & snaps you, sometimes about roommate stuff (”did I leave the stove on?” “which brand of popcorn should I pick up?” “did I leave my keys in the apartment?”) and sometimes just to chat
  • he likes to send you updates about BTS
  • he facetimed you at the BBMAS and does so just in general, so you get to see what idol life is really like … lots of sitting backstage, tired but running on adreneline, being hungry, etc

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Rap Monster:

  • your place is the hangout spot. the guys always come over whether it’s to chill or hold house parties where you’re like “let’s not get twisted and ruin the furniture” but uh,, let’s just say you two aren’t getting your deposits back
  • refuses to let the guys even hit on you; “you’re too good for them. I’d rather hook you up with someone better. do you like Jackson? wait, nvm he’s worse than us”
  • totally cool w you bringing back one night stands
  • hell, he slips you protection too if you need it
  • is also very aware of you when you’re both out, that no one tries to slip you something or take advantage of you
  • takes you home if you’re too drunk
  • nurses you as you throw up but gives you hell for it the next day
  • he’s basically more like your chill cousin than a roommate

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  • proTECT PROTECT Protect at ALL Costs
  • he denies this but he loves having you dote on him
  • it’s a nice feeling, to come back after a long day to your food, a warm home and just chill on the couch with you
  • he feels comfortable around you, talking about his worries or about his day
  • turns into Big Brother mode if you’re going to a party or if you start dating. no guy/gal even sets foot into that apartment unless they’re 100% Jimin approved
  • you’re both protective of each other, like siblings, so living together is a joy

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  • super touchy,, everyone thinks you’re dating but nah man it’s just friends kissing friends, how’s that not normal?
  • will crawl into your bed quite often
  • brings home food
  • insists on late night “adventures” to the convenience store, where you just buy junk food and movies on sale
  • jungkook practically lives there
  • you keep “joking” that he needs to pay rent but it’s not a joke anymore like seriously u use up all our hot water give us money
  • he loves having ppl over, not just jungkook lol, but your friends and his other friends,, your place is usually busy and always a warm environment
  • buys you matching “friendship” outfits and bracelets that legit are just friendship stuff, no dating
  • he tells you about his crushes (even before jungkook but don’t tell him)
  • and you two stay up some nights, stalking yours and his crushes, on their social media accounts, having panic attacks when you accidentally like shit from 38 weeks ago

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  • watching anime 25/8
  • offering him protection when jimin stays over; “but we’re just friends” “yeah right sure. just hmu if you need them”
  • it took him a whole year to warm up to you though
  • he was so awkward and shy, often keeping his distance
  • he walked in on you pooping once and it took two months for him to walk back into the apartment (he’d been sleeping on jin’s couch lol)
  • now he farts around you
  • you two rank the fart based on sound, funniness and smell
  • *choking* *tearing up* “good one (y/n) that’s a solid 11/10″
  • will blush himself to death if you bring home someone
  • doesn’t really bring anyone over himself. he’s too uncomfortable w the fact that you’re there to try anything.
  • doing childish shit like pranks and eating each others sweets
  • “kook did u eat my green sweets?”
  • jk, with green tongue: “no, how could u accuse me??”

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Air B&E (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha, Clint, unnamed Male Target, OFC Jeff. 

Summary: When a mission requires close proximity with your least favorite teammate, you try to make the best of it, but a change in plans adds new challenges and possibly a new opportunity. ( basically Bed Sharing Trope meets Enemies to Lovers Trope. Kinda.  :D )

Warnings: sexual situations? pretty vague.  

Word Count: 2.8k

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Hey, ya’ll !! I’m back from vacation and the idea for this fic was sparked by my sleeping accommodations. heh. I kinda fell in love with it and even made time to write in the evenings after being super tired from traveling. I hope you enjoy this and any feedback is appreciated! Love you guys!! :)



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“Alright! So here are the keys, the WiFi password is posted on the fridge and let me know if there’s anything you need, anything at all. Okay?” said the overly enthusiastic young man before you.

You accepted the keys with a smile, “Absolutely! Thank you so much, Jeff. It’s even better than the pictures.”  

“I’m so glad,” he grinned. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. It was so nice to meet you both.”

Your eyes flickered to the man beside you, tight smile upon his face. “You, too, man,” he coolly responded.

Resisting the urge to roll your eyes, you clasped the hand of the heavy left arm draped over your shoulders. Technology allowed the metal plates to be shielded with a holographic flesh arm, but it still weighed a ton.

“Bye, Jeff.”

He nodded before stepping out into the hall. The moment the front door lock engaged, you shoved the arm off and put as much space between you two as possible.

“This plan is stupid,” Bucky said with contempt as he collapsed heavily onto the couch.

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Kiwi: Part Three

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two

“Where are yeh taking me?”

Harry’s voice called out to her as she led him uphill through the forest, the humidity of the Jamaican air causing the material of her shirt to cling to her back. She turned around to look at Harry as he scaled up behind her, his blue muscle shirt showing off the inked skin of his arms. She flashed a grin, reaching a hand out to him as she spoke.

“It’s a secret, Kiwi. That means I can’t tell ya,” she laughed a little, and he reached out to take her hand in his. She gave him a tug and pulled him up to her level, smiling at his dimpled grin. She released his hand and turned to continue walking uphill, grabbing onto the straps of her bag. “It’s one of my favorite places here. Found it a little after I moved to this side of the island, and I usually come here on my free days.”

“How long’ve yeh been here fo’?” He asked, running a hand through his unruly locks that had yet to be tamed by the heat.

“About a month and a half now,” she answered. She waited for him to catch up and take the few steps he needed to before she started to walk again. “How about you? What’s a superstar like you doing here?”

“Been here for about a week now working on the next album,” he explained.

“What made you want to come here?” She asked.

“It’s a peaceful place,” he answered, reaching to brush a stray lock of hair out of his face. “The past few albums I’ve made with the boys have mostly been recorded on the go—in hotel rooms or between a handful of different cities. I loved it an’ I wouldn’t give the memories away for the world, but I wanted something different this time ‘round.”

“Makes sense,” she said, glancing at him over her shoulder with a smile on her face. “Almost there.”

Harry followed her to the edge of what looked like a small cliff. He took a few steps towards the edge and looked over at the pool of water at the bottom of what could have easily been a hundred foot drop. He then watched as she set her backpack down on the ground and began removing her t-shirt, revealing the white bikini top underneath.

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It All Comes Down To You (Part 1)

Bucky Barnes x reader / Avengers x reader Two Part Series - Part 1 Part 2

When the love of your life suddenly dies in your arms, you don’t think of having children anytime soon. But in your case, the universe (or rather your uterus) decided for you. [~3400 words]

warnings: S A D N E S S, angst, major character death, mentions of blood and violence, pregnancy, language, friendship-fluff (platonic fluff maybe? idk)

A/N: I guess my hiatus is over then (if anyone even noticed it haha). enjoy, though! feedback is always appreciated

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“BUCKY!” As fast as your legs would carry you, you ran towards where you had heard the gunshots. You didn’t care that you could be hit by a bullet as well, your eyes were solely on him.

Ignoring the shouts and orders coming through the intercom, you knelt next to him. Instantly, your hands pressed down on the wound as hard as possible. “It’s gonna be fine,” you said but Bucky’s eyes were already closed.

“You listening to me, love?” There was no answer. “Bucky?!” The panic was evident in your voice. Seemingly startled, his eyelids slowly fluttered open.

“Y/N.” Bucky forced a smile for you but he couldn’t fight off the drowsiness and how foggy everything suddenly felt. “I love you. Don’t forget that.”

You shook your head furiously, partly to shake off the tears that clouded your vision and partly because you needed him to know that you would never, ever forget him. “I love you, too. So much.”

“Y/N?” This time, it was Clint who called your name through the intercom. “Where are you?”

“Bucky is down. He got hit.”

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anonymous asked:

Ok, so, if you had to pick animals that represented each dai companion, which ones do you think would be best? I saw that mod Sarah had a zoology interest and was a bit intrigued.


Cassandra: Perhaps a cat (any member of the family Felidae, though specifically for Cassandra, Felis catus, AKA the domestic house cat). Cats come in many personalities, just like humans and many other living creatures (not limited to vertebrates, consider cephalopoda). People, however, often associate them with being graceful and powerful hunters, but with also being somewhat standoffish– which is not a trait that is granted to all cats, as any cat owner would know. Most cats are loving and intelligent, too, which makes me think cats (mostly domestic cats, but if any of you are thinking of a black panther, which is just a melanistic member of any of the Panthera species) then go for it.

Iron Bull: A tough one. The bull (defined as any uncastrated males of the species Bos taurus), is the obvious choice– but with now much Bull likes dragons (while unfortunately not a real creature, because they can’t have a spare set of limbs to make wings-reptiles are part of the supergroup tetrapoda, have only four limbs; to have wings, the front limbs must be wings or or they don’t have any at all. In that regard, Skyrim dragons are the more anatomically correct dragons if they were to exist but WHATEVER this is a fantasy universe) a drake is also a very possible choice for Bull.

Blackwall: A bear would be the obvious choice, perhaps Ursus americanus, the American black bear, which is the most wide-spread of bear species and often the ones that wander into human settlements looking for food.

Sera: While many of you think of the a honey bee, any bee that is a species under the genus Apis, I don’t believe this suits Sera. Perhaps a raven, or another member of the genus Corvus. The reason for this is that members of the genus Corvus (which contains such species as ravens, crows, rooks, and jackdaws) are highly intelligent– and known to be ballsy as fuck. They can be taught human speech, and are known to even play tricks on each other for shits and giggles. They are the pranksters of the bird world, and I feel this would fit Sera excellently. 

Cole: A mimic octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus. Bear with me on this; while all members of the order Octopoda, which are cephalopods, a subgroup of molluscs, are highly intelligent and capable of fantastic camouflage through the use of iridophores and chromatophores (to put it simply, they’re specialized dermal cells that contain pigment to rapidly change color), a mimic octopus is perhaps the best of all at camouflage. A mimic octopus is capable of changing its skin texture and shape to copy other species to blend in– sometimes called ninjas of the sea. Watch this TED Talk for further information: https://www.ted.com/talks/david_gallo_shows_underwater_astonishments 

ANYWAYS, GETTING OVER HOW RAD I THINK CEPHALOPODS ARE, Cole was a spirit who took the form of the mage Cole, in the White Spire. We have no idea what he looked like before then– as Dorian describes most spirits, they look “bizarre (and) monstrous” in their true forms. If a spirit is capable of such mimicry and such intelligence, I can think of no better animal to represent Cole than a mimic octopus.

Varric: A parrot. Parrots are highly intelligent and known for their speech capabilities, along with being v. pretty. There are MANY different members of the order Psittaciformes, which encompass all parrots. It is a very large clade composed of 393 species to date, but I I think Varric could best be represented by an African Gray Parrot, specifically the Congo African grey parrot, an Old World parrot of the species Psittacus erithacus. These birds are SUPER COOL because they’re among the best at mimicking human speech; one in particular in Japan was returned to his family after repeating the address of his home. They’re also known for hearing things in their surroundings and then repeatedly saying it, much to the ire of the humans they live with.

Dorian: This one is easy; a peacock, which comes in three species, though all are members of the family  Phasianidae, which is shared by pheasants, partridges, junglefowl, chickens, Old World quail, and peafowl. These are popular gamebirds, often poor at flying but PRETTY AS FUCK. For Dorian, I think I’ll go with the Indian peafowl, Pavo cristatus– notice the familiar ‘Pav’ in the name, anyone?

Solas: An ostrich A gray wolf, Canis lupus. No further explanation needed.

Vivienne: An orca, Orcinus orca. Orcas are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, known for being beautiful as well as the apex predators of the sea (being cosmopolitan species, like humans, they are found in a variety of environments, across multiple habitats. 

Josephine: A dove, any member of the family Columbidae, which encompasses 310 species. (Fun fact! Members of Columbidae are the only birds that don’t have to lift their necks up to swallow water. All birds except for them have to pull it into the mouths and pull their necks up to swallow). Doves are seen as an international symbol for peace and love, suitable for an ambassador. For her, I think I’ll go with the diamond dove, Geopelia cuneata.

Leliana: Like Sera, I think she would also fit as a raven, but for the sake of being a nerd and introducing another sort of animal, the next runner-up is the ferret, Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets were domesticated for their ability to ferret– that is, to hunt and catch prey, specifically rodents, which often reside in narrow holes and tunnels that humans can’t reach. Being an excellent spy, well, I feel this should explain itself.

Cullen: An African lion, Panthera leo. If anyone has seen his helmet, it should be sufficient explanation, but they are also famed by their beautiful, voluminous manes– just like Cullen!

The moral of this story is: don’t ask me about animals unless you are prepared for the info-dump, because I love the kingdom Animalia so much (I got OVER 100% in a college-level Zoology course, I could regale you for HOURS on Animalia, ranging from Porifera (sea sponges), the basal clade and taxa of Animalia, all the way to Mammalia. I meant to do chores an hour ago but got carried away. Thank you, and enjoy my fangirling.

–Mod Sarah

heard them singing for peace (in my confusion I still believe)

Whoo boy. This got longer than I thought it would be. It’s gotten to the point where, frankly, I can’t stand to look at it anymore. So here you go internet. Unbetad and with minimal editing.

Somewhat inspired by a @banrions post from last week. Specifically the post found here

(AO3 link located on top right part of blog)

Kara hears the grumbling before the man turns the corner.

It’s still not enough to prepare her for the sight of Snapper Carr pushing a shopping cart down the baking aisle of whatever grocery store she’s currently in.

(In her defense, she’s just come off a grueling weekend of non-stop chasing an escaped Fort Rozz prisoner across the desert. Powers nearly gone, she had only just managed to apprehend the criminal somewhere near the Mexican border four hours ago.

With the sun lamps still out of commission from a brawl that had broken out last week between a Yazz and a Jaqaan, Alex had begrudgingly agreed to let her go home after debriefing, on the condition that she take it easy for the next couple of days.

The DEO debriefing had ended sixty-nine minutes ago.)

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The Bronx: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 2.6K
Warnings: Angst, imprisonment, fighting/training

A/N: This was supposed to be a 5 part series, but it might be 6 now… who knows!

I know that the new/extra characters that are included in this part are xmen and not canon in the mcu, but yeah.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Your eyelids feel heavy as you start to regain consciousness. You force them open, and have to stop yourself from squeezing them shut again from the harsh fluorescent light that was blinding you. You’re confused for a second, not recognising the blank, concrete ceiling and walls that surround you.

Suddenly, you get a feeling that you’re not along. You jolt up in the uncomfortable bed, and a man in a suit is calming watching you; his face portraying no expression and his left leg resting on his right. Your eyes start to wildly assess the room you’re in. It’s devoid of personal touch and while the temperature isn’t cold, the lack of colour in the room made you shiver. There were a few cabinets around the room, they look to be made out of steel, furthering the cold feel of the room.

The man at the end of your bed clears his throat, drawing your attention to him, “Miss Y/L/N, you must be very confused,”

You don’t say anything, but maintain eye contact. Trying to hold his attention to your face, you try and use your powers. Taking deep breaths, his words drain away as you concentrate on using your fire. There didn’t appear to be an vegetation around, which limited you to water, fire, and air; and you wanted to do as much damage as possible so you could get away.

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coffee girl // stuart twombly

Summary: Stuart develops feelings for the girl at the coffee shop

Requested: no

Pairing: Stuart & Y/N 

Warning: no, mature language and themes throughout


With perfect penmanship she wrote the customer’s name on the plastic cup in her hand. Announcing their total and sending them off with a friendly smile, she prepared to do the same routine with the next person in line.

Having been doing this for over a year and a half she knew how the flow of the small coffee house worked. Even though her day consisted of a routine that some might have found boring, she thought her job was the exact opposite of that. As soon as she stepped into the shop every morning and the smell of coffee cascaded around her, she felt like she was home. She no longer worried about her university courses or the term papers she had to do but instead focused on making the lives of the customers around her a little brighter by sharing a smile. 

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Silver Storm (11/11)

This is it Guys! its a shitty ending , and I’m sorry . But I hope you still like it .xoxoxox

Summary: Hydra took you & turned you into their next asset, your abolities matching the Winter Soldiers. The soldier was assigned as your trainer, infront of others he was hard& cold to you ; but alone he let his walls down, you were eachothers only comfort. After the events Of DC, he disappeared.You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: Bucky x reader  , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst,tiny fluff , violence.

                                               Chapter 11 : The End

 Its been about a week since you were released from Ross’s custody. As soon as you returned you told the team of the hydra agent at he prison.  You all agreed that Hydra is going to make a play to get you back soon.  The entire week you’ve felt like a sitting duck, just waiting for Hydra to strike. They know where you are now, and since you cant really leave, its only a matter of time before they decide to show.

     As you lay with Bucky , him asleep next to you , you stare at the ceiling.  You haven’t really slept since you came back, your anxiety taking control of your mind .  This isn’t fair, they shouldn’t have to fight this battle for me.  Hydra wants me, no one should have to risk themselves , It should just be me.   Theres no way Bucky will agree with me on this , but hes wrong.

    You stay with your eyes on the ceiling until the sun starts to peak through the drapes . You shift your gaze to watch as the sun slowly rises. Soon after you feel Bucky stretch awake behind you .  He scoots closer to you , pulling you onto your back. He props himself up on his elbow , pulling your face to his in a kiss.

“ Goodmorning love.” he says as he pulls back from the kiss. You smile, pulling his lips back to yours. He moves his lips from your lips to your neck , his hand moving from  your bare thigh up to your bra clad chest. Your hand pushes his back down as you let out a giggle.

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You roll yourself on top of him, cupping his face to lean in for an earth shattering kiss. As things start to escalate , your interrupted by his door flying open. You both whip your heads over, seeing who decided to intrude. You’re met with a blushing, but frantic looking Steve.

“ Uh-I- sorry guys. Buck theres an emergency mission, we gotta go ,now.” Steve says as he keeps his gaze to the floor. Bucky groans, lifting you off his lap and tossing you back to your side of the bed.  He grabs his gear, then darts into the bathroom .

“ You’re all going?” you ask, breaking the awkward silence .

“ Yeah, we were alerted to a Hydra base on the outskirts of the city that’s importing high level weapons. ”

Hydra doesn’t have a base anywhere near the city, and it certainly would take longer to create one. It’s got to be a set up, either for them to get to me, or to the team .

“ Its a setup.”  you say ,getting out of bed to throw on a baggy tee and shorts. Bucky emerges from the bathroom, fully suited up .

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“ Why would you say that?“  he asks, checking over his holsters.

” They don’t have a base near new York, its a setup to get to you , or to me. “ you tell him .

” We cant risk taking that chance . If its not a setup ,then these weapons will get out . If it is, well then we’ll handle it . There is a number of procedures set up incase they make a move on you while we aren’t here. There are other agents still in the tower, you’re safe.“ Bucky says, planting a kiss on your forehead.  Oh honey, I’m not worried about me, I’m worried about you guys you dipshit.

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The boys say goodbye to you , then start towards the hangar. You watch from the window, waiting to see the jet take off.  As soon as you do , you set into action. Theres no way I’m letting them walk into a setup .  

  You run to Buckys closet, searching through until you find the suit Tony made you hanging in the back. It was the same as Natashas, except it was mostly silver.  Real creative Stark. You roll your eyes as you shed your clothes to slide on the suit. Once its on you start attached the holsters the proper areas.  You begin scheming up a plan in your head, then realization kicks in ,  the damn anklet. 

” FRIDAY,  how far is the base from the tower by vehicle and jet.“

” 40 minutes by vehicle, 15 by jet .“  Perfect.

" I need a few things.  Bring up the technology layout of the anklet , and are any of the agents currently here cleared to fly a jet ? "  You ask as you search Buckys drawers for the weapons to fill your holsters.

” There is a few agents cleared to fly. But miss, I don’t suggest-“

” The technology plans please.“ you repeat. A screen appears infront of you , displaying the anklet and all its details. It takes you a minute to dissect, but it seems fairly easy to get off.  Looks like Ross underestimated my intelligence.  You book it down to Tony lab for the required tools to unlatch the anklet from you .

 You find everything you need, carefully going through the steps to get the device off you . As you reach the final step that would free you , FRIDAY warns,

” Miss, Secretary ross has an alarm system wired into the anklet . As soon as you remove it , you have 60 seconds before he is alerted that it has been deactivated. “  Guess he did think  of everything. Fuck.WAIT.

"FRIDAY,  are you saying if the anklet is reattached around an ankle ,the alert wont be sent out ?”

“ That is correct. ” 

“ Call the cleared agents down here immediately. ”

 Within minutes , you have three agents standing infront of you .

“ Which one of you is the most qualified to fly a jet?” you ask

It takes a minute, but the female agent steps forward.

“ Great! Now, I need one of your ankles. ” You nod at the remaining male agents.  They don’t move, causing you to sigh .

“Listen, the team is in danger. Hydra set them up and they are going in blindly, there isn’t time for you to worry about consequences right now. If you’re really worried about that, then I suggest getting a new job because being an agent isn’t for you if you don’t grow a pair and step up right now.” you bark at the men.

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The one on the left steps forward, lifting his ankle to the labtable next to yours .

You finally unlatch the anklet and lock it onto his ankle. “ Thank you , go right to the common level, ill have FRIDAY give you clearance. Ross might decide to check my location in the tower and it has to look normal. ” He quickly leaves ,following your orders.

“ And you , you are our ears when we are in the sky . Alert us if anything comes up . Now lets go .” You say , leading the female agent out to the hangar. 

You watch as she enters the location , when the jet takes off you return to the back , double checking over your holsters and trying to prepare for whatever you’re about to walk into .

   From above , you can see a few scattered agents knocked unconscience on the roof.  

“ Call for backup, all agents possible asap. ” you command .

You have the agent drop you on the roof of the base, which was actually a creepy, large, abandoned warehouse.  Of fucking course.  You tuck and roll as you hit the roof, dusting yourself off when you stand.You look to see the roof door dented in.    Steve or Bucky must of gotten impatient.   You pull a gun out , arming yourself as you step through the door.  You sprint down the stairs, halfway down  , you hear grunting as you descend, making you move even faster. When you hit the bottom of the stairs, you stop infront of two metal doors.  I wonder whats behind door #1 . You kick in the doors, stepping through. The scene infront of you stops you in your tracks. There is Hydra agents everywhere, and your team is scattered around the spacious warehouse. You see Wanda, clint, and sam slumped on the floor.  NO.  Natasha is restrained and being beaten by agents, while steve and Bucky are in hand to hand combate with agents, and losing. Tony is sat against a wall, his iron man mask missing, and his eye bruised.  Its party Time.

“Honey, I’m home! ” You yell , gaining all the agents attention. The ones holding Natasha throw her body to the floor, and the others throw Steve and Bucky straight into a concrete wall using some sort of giant gun that sent a blue ray at them . 

“ Where is he.” You ask , referring to the agent from the prison.  Agent Smith walks out of the shadows, a sick smile on his face.

“ Looking for me , darling?” he asks .

“ You wanted me, you got me. Now what Smith? Try to revert me back into your weapon?” you question. He steps infront of you , raising his gun to your forehead.

“ Y/n, no!” you hear Bucky weakly cry.

“  It’s such a shame, wasting such a pretty face. I begged them to keep you as  our pet, just a little plaything . Before you even had the serum you were trying to save the soldier.You  tackled some of our agents to stop them when yo usaw them  wiping the winter soldier. Superiors saw something in you ; potential.  We should of known then , that putting you two together would cause issues."   What the hell is he talking about ?  You ignore what he said, assuming its just a memory you haven’t seen yet.

” You’re not going to kill me.“ you challenge.” I’m too valuable. I know all of hydras secrets, and now I know the avengers as well . Your superiors would never throw out a chance like this. “ 

He laughs, lowering his gun .

” You always were quite smart ,Silver.“  You smile, whipping your gun out and aiming it at him.

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” tsk tsk , don’t do anything hasty now. “

” What did you do to them. “ You ask ,nodding your head at Wanda, Sam ,and Clint.

” You arrived sooner than I planned. They are sedated, I was going to use themt to draw you out . Looks like you figured out it was a trap before the mighty avengers did.“

"Yeah well, what can I say. I’m an overachiever.“  Where is backup?   The rest of the agents begin to circle you , severely outnumbering you.

"Oh Silver, the plans we have for you. Welcome home. First thing you’ll do is kill your friends.“ he says through a smile.  What a sick bastard.  

"That’s where you’re wrong.  I’m not doing anything for Hydra, I am not the weapon you created me to be. I’m an even better one now. “ You say ,your hand flies to your waist, grabbing the small shock pellet stark installed in your belt. You launch it behind you , and as soon as it hits the ground it opens; a ring of electricity pulsing out & taking down the agents near it. Only about a third are hit by it, the rest lunge at you .  And here we go . You launch two more pellets, taking out more agents. When the last ones goes off, Smith begins shooting at you . You dodge the bullets, pulling the opposing agents around you infront of you to shield you. You cant block every hit that was coming at you , but none of them were detrimental. You  can deal with a black eye, busted nose and a few bruises.

 "You’re going to have to be better than that agent. “ you yell as you run and duck behind random crates. You see Bucky& Steve beginning to stand,  the serum must have burned through the tranquilizer.

You watch as they shake it off, then they run into the fight.   I’m going to kill him for not believing me when this is over with .  The sound of more footsteps brings your attention back , you see your backup has arrived.  Smith goes to flee, but you sprint after him.  Bucky goes to follow but you yell,

" I have him ,check on the others ! “ you don’t wait for a response, just take off after Smith .  He runs out of the warehouse , towards a motorcycle hidden behind a truck.  What a fucking pussy , he started this.   You lift your gun, shooting out the tires on the bike. He whips around, taking aim at you but you’re already prepared .You  fire at his hand, hitting your target and knocking his gun out of his grip. He yells at the pain, your bullet clipping his hand from the shot. You take another shot, this time blowing out his knee. He falls to the ground as you approach him .You release another shot to his shoulder, then his stomach

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."You think you’re free? You’ll never be free.“ he says through gritted teeth . You laugh , bending down and puling his earpiece out. You know there is always atleast one superior listening in on the comms at all times during a mission. You adjust the piece in your ear,

"This is the only warning you will receive, come after me again , and youll lose more than just one warehouse full of agents. I am not your asset, I’m not a weapon for your manipulation anymore .  You wont stop coming for me , I’m not naïve, but dont underestimate me, or my team. “  You rip the piece out of your ear, throwing it to the ground and stomping on it.  You look to Smith , his breathing shallow.

"So what, you’re going to kill me ? Do it Silver. “ he says , almost pleading.

" You dont deserve a quick death , I’m going to enjoy every minute of watching you suffer through this. “ 

More blood begins pooling around him, he whispers "hail hydra” before his breathing comes to stop. You hear footsteps behind you ,you raise your gun and turn. 

" Its just me.” Bucky says. You lower your gun, walking toward him, as you pass you ask

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“ Is everyone okay?”

“ Some are still unconscious , but they should be awake soon. No major Damage. ” He follows you in the building and back up to the roof.  You load onto the jet, with your sedated friends, as Shield agents take care of the warehouse & Hydra agents. As you take off , Tony and Steve walk out from the pilots area. Tony pulls you into a hug, thanking you and praising you for how managed to ditch the anklet.  Steve doing the same, slightly scolding you but at the time sounding proud. When they return to the front, Bucky pulls you into his lap. He wraps his arms around your waist, holding you close to him .

“ Thank you for saving our asses.” he mumbles.

“I’m not going to say I told you so , BUT-”  you start.

“ You know they aren’t goin to stop.” he says against your neck . You pull his face to yours, gently placing your lips on his.

Originally posted by bellamyblakesgun

You lean your head against his as you end the kiss.

“ I’m not worried about it right now .When they come, we’ll handle it. ” you look around to your friends that are starting to wake up, adding  “ together.  ”

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K A I R O S | 03 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 6.5k
Author’s note: Which team are you?? :DD

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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Essays in Existentialism: Strip

“haha that student looks a lot like the girl i was hired to strip for last week oh wait” teacher’s aid au

“Go ahead, all the way back,” a voice accompanied the hand that tilted the shot glass so that there was no other alternative but to drink the rest. “That’s my girl. Taught her well.” 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink so much!” 

“Another round!” 

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Patater Week Day 7 - Adopting a Pet Together

Kent sighs and readjusts on the couch. For the millionth time. Kent’s basically upside down at this point, head dangling off the edge of the couch towards the floor, and feet braced on the arm of the couch. Jeff just holds his book closer to his face and tries to do his best impression of someone who is completely oblivious.

“Jeeeeeeeeefff,” Kent whines.

Jeff grunts noncommittally and determinedly flips the page.


Nope. He’s not going to do it.

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“You shouldn’t be down here.”

Loki tilted his head, mindful not to knock any of the lights with his antlers. He hated fixing them.

Clint hopped further into the workshop, wings spread menacingly, talons shining like obsidian in the dim light. “You shouldn’t be down here,” he repeated coldly. “Tony’s not here. It’s not allowed.”

“And yet you are here,” Loki pointed out idly, side-stepping a stool to lean down and examine a truly peculiar-looking device on the table.

“I saw you come down here. You need to leave,” Clint insisted, hopping after him. He let out an irritated sigh when the other monster swiveled to examine the three robots huddled fearfully in the corner. “Leave them alone! You’re scaring them!”

Loki ignored him, instead reaching out to tap one blunt finger to the closest robot’s claw. It flinched away from him and beeped, and then the other two robots let out shrill screeches and lunged at him with their claws threateningly. One threw a fire extinguisher at him.

Loki drew his hand back, not afraid, but concerned the little creatures might rush him anyway. “I did not know humans could still make these.”

Clint paused, talons curling into the floor. “…Make what?”

“Golems,” Loki replied, taking another step back when the clunkiest of the bunch lunged at him again. “The last I had heard of was in Prague, called Yossele. That was… five centuries ago? I had thought the art had been lost.”

Clint hopped over, wings spread awkwardly. He hated looking so much like a bird in front of this guy. “Yeah? I heard Tony made his first one when he was fourteen.” He couldn’t help his crest rising proudly when the other monster looked reluctantly impressed. “Isn’t that right, Dum-E?”

The clunkiest robot beeped and spun in a circle.

Loki covered his mouth with his hand to hide an amused smile. He did not remember Yossele being so rambunctious. Then again, it had been quite busy protecting its Jewish community at the time. “I would have never been able to imagine a metal golem.”

“Yeah,” Clint murmured. “Tony is a clever human. He even made a golem without a body.”

“You mean The Voice, Jarvis?” Loki asked, turning to look at him. “He is not a demon whom Tony has wrested control over?”

Clint shook his head slowly, frowning. “No. I remember when he was creating him at first, he would spend hours at his computer. The closer he got to finishing, the more wild he looked. When Jarvis finally spoke, Tony had been awake for several days. And then he burst into tears.”

“Interesting,” Loki admitted, and finally turned away from the robots. He did not remember how long it took to create Yossele, but he did remember Judah Loew ben Bezale celebrating when the golem protected them. “Is crying Anthony’s typical manner of celebration?”

“Man, he’d been awake for several days. Anyone would cry after years of hard work paid off,” Clint scoffed. “Now come on. We’re not supposed to be down here without permission ever since Bucky accidentally set himself on fire. With the exception of Steve because his scales protect him.”

Loki pretended that didn’t worry him and followed the other monster out of the workshop.

Bucky and Steve were morose.

“Unbecoming,” Natasha said.

Loki did not snort. He wanted to. “Quite.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Steve ordered without his usual heat. He slithered off the couch and onto the floor. “Why does he have to leeeeave?”

“Tony’s very important,” Bucky replied, trying to sound proud, but mostly sounding petulant. “The humans need his time.”

“Humans can go blow!” Steve snapped, then slithered under the couch.

Loki leaned toward Natasha, frowning.

“Yeah, I have no idea. Basically he wants humans to just leave Tony alone because they’re hogging him.”

“Oh,” Loki said, and only vaguely understood. “Where is Anthony?”

Natasha shrugged. “Showing off some new bomb. The humans are excited about it.”

“Anthony makes… bombs?”

“Weapons,” she amended. “Of all sorts. It would be disappointing except for the way he gushes about keeping America’s troops safe.I don’t understand humans and their wars, but I can respect that Tony wants to keep people safe.”

Loki frowned thoughtfully. “With the golems he created, I had expected him to be purely a creator. Not a destroyer as well.”

Natasha turned to stare at him, then assumed when he said ‘golems’ that he meant Tony’s robots. “Tony’s a human,” she said after a moment. “They’ve always created and destroyed. Holding Tony to a different standard simply because he is more brilliant than other humans would be unfair.”

“Mm,” Loki hummed, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. Anthony was an interesting human, at least. The creatures were so vapid these days, it was refreshing to find one that was different. He could not say whether he liked or disliked the boy, but he was interested to see what more he could create.

“Guys!” Bruce exclaimed, bursting into the living room. “Guys!

Loki stepped back further into the shadows. He did not fear Bruce. But the creature he turned into… that creature was a terrifying mixture of Old and new, a creature of rage and instinct. He stayed out of its way as much as possible.

Steve slithered out from under the couch in concern, and Bucky unfolded from being curled up on top of one of Tony’s old sweaters. Clint hopped around to face the room instead of glaring outside. Natasha took a step forward, face set into a serious mask to hide the trepidation the tone Bruce had taken had caused.

“I was listening–I was listening to the radio,” Bruce panted, clutching his chest. His eyes flickered green and brown. “To hear what Tony–To keep at least an ear on him-! His convoy was attacked! He–everyone’s dead–”

It felt as if the room had dropped several degrees.

Bruce clutched the doorway, making an annoyed sound when he crushed it in his palm, wood splintering everywhere. “Not–Not Tony. But the soldiers he was with–they, they’re all dead. Tony–they took Tony.”

Clint let out a horrified screech.

“What do we do?” Bucky asked quickly, standing. “Bruce, what do we do?”

“All we know is that he’s in Afghanistan,” Bruce admitted, the green in his eyes staying longer, visibly struggling to keep to this form. “And there’s–there’s mountains and caves. It would take so long to find him–who knows what condition he’d be in by the time we got there.”

Steve writhed anxiously for a few seconds, then steeled himself. “We have to do something. We can’t just–just leave him out there!”

“The people there are very religious, or very superstitious,” Natasha pointed out. “We’re monsters. They’ll shoot first and ask questions later. We won’t be any good to Tony dead.”

Clint crushed the windowsill in his talons angrily. “We won’t be any good to Tony sitting on our asses, either!”

Bruce let out a wounded sound before he roared, and suddenly the Hulk was there instead, destroying the rest of the doorway, reaching out to grab one of the couches and flinging it across the room.

“Br–Hulk!” Steve exclaimed helplessly. “No! We need–we can’t just destroy things until we figure something out-!”

Loki stepped forward, scowling, gold threads wrapping around the Hulks arms before he could throw anything or anyone else. “This is not conducive to a rescue, creature.

The Hulk roared, and tugged, and his hooves skidded across the floor in the effort to hold the other monster tight in the gold threads

“You will not threaten me,” Loki said, even though he felt frightened, even though this monster of Old and new was tugging his magic around like so much paper. “You will not threaten me while a Creator needs you to stay calm. You are doing him no service destroying his things.”

Hulk roared again, swinging around, and Loki nearly–nearly–yelped as his hooves skidded across the floor again, losing his balance.

Clint caught him by the antlers with a screech, holding him upright. “Don’t let him go!”

Loki had no intention of doing so, because he was quite certain that the Hulk would turn his aggression on him instead. Still, he couldn’t help his surprise when Steve and Natasha both ran at and then leapt upon the monster.

Steve’s tail constricted around the Hulk’s arms, holding them in place, and Natasha skittered as quickly as she could, wrapping her silk around him, trying to keep him pinned. Bucky scrambled over to press his back against Loki’s front, his paw pads much more suited to the wooden floor than the Old monster’s hooves.

The Hulk continued to roar angrily, struggling, but with the combined force of Loki’s magic and Natasha’s silk, they eventually subdued him. Loki didn’t relax until the other monster stopped roaring, and still kept a thread of magic wrapped around him just in case.

“…Let us never do that again,” Loki suggested, and the other four monsters nodded tiredly.

“What are we going to do?” Natasha asked softly, and it was… most concerning, to see how her shoulders hunched and the way she twisted her fingers in fear. “There are so many nooks and crannies in the desert where he could be. I–I’m not suited for the desert, really. I… could manage perhaps. But I would definitely be out of place.”

Bucky sat down on the floor, looking forlorn. “It would be too hot for me with my fur, wouldn’t it? And the sands would blow around so much–I wouldn’t find a scent anyway.”

“I could?” Steve offered, but then his face crumpled. “I’m no tracker, though. I’d survive and then have nothing to show for it. It’s no use, me going, if I have no idea where he’d be.”

“And it’s not like I could help you with that,” Clint admitted bitterly, roosting on Loki’s antlers. “If they have him in a cave, I’d have no idea.”

Loki opened his mouth to tell him to get off, but the other monster wasn’t heavy, and he was… quite tired after that struggle. “…I know someone who could help.”

“Will they eat him?” Steve asked immediately.

Loki gaped at him, appalled.

“I was going to eat him the first time we met,” Natasha explained.

“…Well,” Loki said.

“Tony bribed me with soup.”


“So will they eat him, or not?” Bucky asked, scowling. “Because if there’s a chance they’ll eat him, we decline. Strenuously.”

“He will not eat Anthony,” Loki sighed, and allowed himself the luxury of rolling his eyes, hard. “…Admittedly, he has not had much interaction with present-day humans, howev–”

Clint squawked. “You wanna send one of your kind after him!? They’re totally gonna eat him!”

“He will not!” Loki snapped, and then scolded himself, fuming, for sounding like a child. “This is his only chance. We can’t just let him gallivant all over looking for Anthony,” he added, motioning at the Hulk.

The monsters grumbled angrily, but truly, their hands were tied. There was no telling if Jim had been killed or injured when the convoy was attacked, so Tony could very well be all alone out there. All alone, and possibly injured, and maybe wondering if someone could come help him, like they’d done before.

They couldn’t just leave him out there. So they agreed.

Tony shivered. He could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. “You get many storms out here?”

Yinsen hummed thoughtfully as he stared down at the backgammon board. “Depends on the season, really.”

Thunder rumbled again. Tony kind of wished he was closer to the entrance of the cave, so he could see the lightning and count to see how close the storm was.

Yinsen lifted his head, frowning. “…It’s not the season, though.”

Tony covered his ears as thunder suddenly crashed… in the cave? The Ten Rings were yelling, and shooting, but the thunder came again, only… only it sounded an awful lot like roaring.

Tony yelped when the cave lit up, electricity crackling over the walls. Yinsen was yelling something, clutching at him, dragging him toward the back of the cave. Tony turned and choked back a scream when he saw the hulking figure there, one of his captors crushed under a single, massive paw.

Tips to write Tony in fics (Mostly MCU)

I’m obviously not an expert, and I certainly am never going to claim to be one, but there are a couple of things I noticed and thought maybe it would help someone someday to write Tony Stark. 

1. Tony doesn’t lose words or fumble or become garbled. This (because I’m an idiot who links everything he does back to him being a Gemini) is a very Gemini trait to me. He is all words. If you’re writing him as flustered, remember that he talks too much and he deflects, he will bring in 600 different things into your conversation and he will showboat but he will not lose words. Geminis are people of conversations and communication. 

2. When he’s vulnerable and feeling weak, he puts on a mask, quite literally. Now, in 616 he would just grab his Iron Man mask and wear it even but in MCU you have your sunglasses. So, if you want to show him as feeling exposed, vulnerable, hurt or anything, make him wear sunglasses. Except for when he’s with Rhodey or Pepper. Even Pepper is fine sometimes because she has a high level of vulnerability provoking potential with him. But with Rhodey, if they are not in a crowded area, he doesn’t wear sunglasses.

 3. He has a clenched jaw, tight-lipped smile when he’s pissed but also a bit resigned to being pissed. Use this. Body language speaks louder than introspective words sometimes.

4. He LOOKS PEOPLE IN THE EYE till they either hit a soft spot or find a chink in his armor. 

5. He won’t fly into burning buildings all the time. No, he would rather find a solution with the nearest resource, and only when the nearest resource is him will he fly in. Yes, he does have self-destructive tendencies but he’s not a complete moron.

6. He likes driving his cars and prefers to drive himself 99% of the times.

7. If you have to show him being worried about a long-term problem, get him to his workshop and make him do something that is large-scale, tedious, and involving making his suit better. 

8. He snacks, like all the time. He lacks sleep not food. This is MCU btw.

9. He DOES take orders well when necessary and when he knows that people are capable of getting a job done. *points to IM2 where he asked Rhodey and every time he did what Steve told*

10. If someone doesn’t let him finish talking, you can be damn sure he’s going to cut them off too and with a sharp tone. Again, Gemini. They need to make their point.

11. Watches. He has a watch collection and he knows his brands well. Pepper knows her art but Tony has his hobbies too and they are NOT always tinkering alone.

12. He has a vested interest in car racing. Throw in some F1 love. 

13. If people around him are panicking, he will act calm and use a calm voice. 

14. Even when he monologues to the bad guys, he isn’t threatening in a stereotypically hero way. He will practically explain what is going to happen to them. He will explain things because he likes spelling things out.

15. He is eloquent. Seriously, use complex words, he does too. He’s the kind of guy who will throw in words you only read in literature while having a casual conversation.

16. He spouts research facts all the time. His pop culture references are good but he also clearly keeps track of research on varied topics and consistently uses them. 

17. He DOES care for his health. Listen, he takes medicines, he drinks green goop, he eats, he checks his health consistently. He isn’t careless with his health. 

18. If he isn’t wrong, he won’t apologize. If he is, he will. Of course, all of this depends on what he believes is wrong or right, but if he believes himself to be wrong, HE WILL APOLOGIZE. Use that.

19. He remembers faces and words. Listen, he has an excellent memory regarding certain things. If you’ve made a slight impression on him, he will remember you even after YEARS. The reason he didn’t remember Yinsen at first was because he didn’t talk to him properly. He remembered Klaaw’s tattoo and work because he has clearly had a conversation regarding it. 

20. He doesn’t sass back at his AI to have the last word. They often, and consistently, have the last word in sass and he takes it without a pause. BUT they don’t run his life. Don’t ever write him being okay with them tattling to someone about him. He will freak out and do something rash if that ever happens. 

Let me know if you’d like more :D

fic for victuuri week day two!

Title: i didn’t need to graduate, anyway

Rating: Teen.

Wordcount: 4.2k

Based on the prompt: “i’ve been brought to the future for historical study and you’re one of the scholars questioning me.” In which Yuuri has to interview someone from the past, and Victor was a famous figure skater who died about 50 years ago. It’s hard to interview someone when you’re either flirting or gossipping, fyi. /
“Um, Mr. Nikiforov,” he starts, wincing at how stupidly awkward he sounds.

“Oh, please.” From where he’s sitting down at the table, Victor smiles at him, leaning forward just a bit, and sets his palm over the back of Yuuri’s hand, making him snap up to stare at him. “Just call me Victor.”

Link to AO3: here

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anonymous asked:

I loved your firefighter/paramedic au!! I know that Jim and Bones were arguing about Bones running into buildings to save people, but somehow it turns to Jim gets stuck in the fire and Bones goes and saves him or the other way around where a pyro intentionally set a hospital or something on fire where Bones is at?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • Jim doesn’t know how long it’s been when he regains consciousness. His lungs are filled with dust, his entire body hurts, and it’s a miracle he can still move all of his limbs. Barely, but he can move them nonetheless. There’s a crushing weight on his chest, though, and he struggles to breathe, but he’s not able to move the debris on top of him. What feels like moments ago Jim was in a burning building, guiding out a few people who’d previously been trapped inside, and the thing he knows, the building collapses on top of both him and his Chief Fireman Pike. “Pike,” Jim calls out, coughing violently while he tries to look around through the mess for his colleague and friend. “Pike,” he repeats, once he sees the man next to him - just out of reach. There’s a fair amount of rubble in between them, and though Jim tries, he just can’t get any closer to the older man to see if he’s okay.
  • At last he becomes aware of voices from outside, though he’s slipping in and out of consciousness by then. Vaguely, though, he realizes the rubble and debris around them is being moved, because the sun becomes more apparent and the voices become clearer. He swears he hears a: “Damn it, Spock! I don’t need to take a break, that’s my Jim in there!”, but before he gets to see his boyfriend in action, he passes out completely. 
  • Waking up isn’t so bad. There’s flowers on his nightstand, get-well-soon cards from his mom, his colleagues, and his friends, and a fruit basket that looks half eaten already. Jim suspects the man asleep at his bedside is responsible for eating his fruit, but he doesn’t mind and he’s too high to pretend to be upset about it. Jim’s fingers reach out, running through Bones’ hair gently, until the other wakes up. “Oh, thank God,” Bones breathes out, and Jim’s smile must look a little drunk when Bones kisses him. “How bad is it?” Jim asks, lazily gesturing towards himself, though he must have looked like an idiot doing so. “Broken ribs, a few sprains, and a concussion,” Bones says, “you’ll be fine.” “What about Pike?” Jim continues. Bones’ frown is worrying, but maybe it’s the morphine that somehow makes Jim already upset before Bones even speaks. “Injured his spine, the doctors don’t know if he’ll walk again. I did my best out there, but I can only do so much. I’m sorry, Jim-” “He’s alive,” Jim concludes, and that news itself is enough to happily pass out again.
  • On the bright side; Bones moves in with him, officially. Initially just “to take care of you” and “to see how it goes”, but without even having to talk about it, both know it’s a permanent thing. Jim’s up and walking (against Bones’ orders), to create drawer space in his wardrobe. He replaces some of his books and DVDs with Bones’ medical books, and he makes sure those pictures of Joanna are on the faux fireplace by the time Bones returns home from work. “You’ve been up on your feet,” Bones concludes when he finds his moving boxes largely empty, his stuff cleaned. “I can’t sit still for too long,” Jim replies, smiling sheepishly when the other sits down next to him. “You shouldn’t be sitting still you should be sleeping,” Bones scolds him, and Jim almost feels guilty. Almost, because Bones leans in, and presses a kiss to Jim’s lips. “Thank you, though.”
  • It takes a while, but Jim recovers. On his first day back on the job, he makes a point to visit the police precinct and thank Spock for looking out for Bones when Jim was under the rubble. They may disagree on almost everything; Spock’s a very decent guy (for a cop), and the fact that he was there to save Jim together with Bones was worth a thank you. Pike is back in the station, too, but he’s not out in the field anymore. Probably never, mostly behind a desk now to do the team’s paperwork. Jim feels horrible for him, but Pike insists he’s okay. He’s alive, Jim’s alive, that’s all that matters.
  • Bones lives with him, Jim grows back into his old self again, Pike can even walk properly again, and overall, things are looking up. Until suddenly, that all comes crashing down on Jim again. Jim’s just wrapped up a number of trashcan fires on and around the local campus (and, really, realizing how much he’s turning into his angry boyfriend when he finds himself lecturing these college students on safety hazards) when his phone rings. “Spock?” “Jim,” Spock’s voice rings, “I know your shift’s over, but-” “I swear to God,” Jim says, “if there’s another trashcan fire I’m going to lose my shit.”
  • It’s so much worse than a bin fire. By the time Jim gets to the children’s hospital, most of his colleagues are already there, and the building’s in flames. “Spock,” he calls out to the police officer when he finds him, “anyone get hurt?” “No, almost all staff has been evacuated,” Spock says. “Good,” Jim says, looking around, “where’s Bones?” “That’s why I called you,” Spock says, “Leonard is still inside.“ “Why is Bones inside in the first place?!” “Because this is a children’s hospital, Jim,” Spock answers, “with the slightest chance there’s a child left inside, Leonard just ran inside.”
  • Pike verbally opposes. Of course, like himself, Jim’s only just been back into the job. It’s dangerous, the building looks on the verge of collapsing - everything calls for an unnecessary repeat of last time, except this time they might not be so lucky. All of that doesn’t matter, because Jim’s pulling on a suit and running in, anyway. “Bones!” he calls out, the smoke immediately painful in his lungs; reminding him just too much of the time he spent in trapped under a collapsed building.
  • “Bones!” Jim repeats, pushing through the building. He finds Bones in an area that’s not on fire (thank God), but the smoke is nearly unbearable, and Jim feels close to passing out despite the mask he’s wearing. Bones isn’t quite that lucky, and so Jim rushes over to the body on the floor. “Bones!” he says, yanking off his own mask just to cover the other’s face with it, “hang in there, I’m going to get you out of here, you idiot.”
  • Jim doesn’t even know if Bones is still alive. In a lot of fires, it’s not the actual flames that kill people, after all. And just that thought makes Jim panic before they’re even out. His eyes are burning because of the smoke, and he’s pretty sure he’s covered in ashes when he stumbles outside. 
  • Luckily, Bones wakes up almost immediately once they make it to the ambulance. “Hey, you idiot,” Jim says, tugging off that mask and running his fingers over those ash stained cheeks, “you’re supposed to save me, not the other way around.” Bones grunts, letting out a tired, pained laugh. “You carried me out?” “Uh-huh,” Jim says, “bridal style and all. Which, really, I shouldn’t have to do until marriage.” Bones huffs, and Jim steps aside to let another paramedic check Bones out completely. 
  • “Don’t you ever do that again,” Jim tells Bones when they make it home. Bones looks so much better already, though completely exhausted when he falls down on bed. Jim’s more than happy to follow suit. “What, saving lives? That’s my job, and it’s yours, too.” “Don’t you talk smart at me,” Jim warns, smiling and sliding an arm around Bones’ waist, “I didn’t spent so much effort in picking you up only to lose you to a fire.” “So much effort?” Bones asks, turning to him a little, “I distinctly remember the worst possible puns, and that’s about it.” “Those were great puns, even better pickup lines!” Jim counters, grinning when Bones leans in to kiss him. “The worst,” he says. “You think you can do better?” Jim asks, easily relaxing into Bones’ company knowing the other’s fine. “I don’t need to do better, we’re already together,” Bones laughs, “that said, though, you might be the fireman, but I think you and I both know how to handle a hose.” Jim bursts out laughing at that. “I stand corrected,” Jim says, “we’re both horrible.”
Garish Room #28 [2017 ver. member A to Z case of Ruki] part 1

- Actor (favorite actor / actress, own acting ability)

Ruki: I watched the movie “Mommy” and the roles in it are very well executed. Antoine-Olivier Pilon plays the role of a guy with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),  but I was very impressed, thinking that although he is young, he already has such amazing acting skills. And I like Jake Gyllenhaal. But I haven’t acting skills. Since I’m just not that type of person (laughs). Beginning to be shy, I just can’t stand it, and therefore I cannot remember the words at all. But during the performances I feel calm. When I hold the microphone, I’m all right. However, in the video, the one who gets recognition is more a director and his mores, not actors, right? Once upon a time I played an insignificant role in one video, but it was a complete failure. I wouldn’t like to see it again a second time (laughs).

- Baby (when you behave like a child)

Ruki: By and large, I don’t behave like a child. Perhaps I have many negative personality traits. I have no sense of time… basically I’m not at all reliable (laughs). And since that time, when I was a child, it’s hard for me to get up in the morning. So, since then, I thought that I wouldn’t become an employee of any company. I think that such place is not suitable for me.

- Christmas (memories of christmas)

Ruki: I can’t tell stories about that time when I was in the middle and high school (laughs). What I very clearly remember…in those days when I was an elementary school student, there was gilded series of toys in a heat-resistant alloy “Saint Seiya” [*manga and anime]. It doesn’t even need to specify which of them I wanted, because usually everyone expects that they can get Seiya, don’t they? But I hardly got the figure of character-the villain Taurus Aldebaran. In addition, the part of his horn was rusty. So I was beside myself with anger, these are my memories (laughs). And I also with great difficulty shoved my legs into containers in the form of boots, where candies are usually placed, and decided to walk in them.

- Danger (it was dangerous!)

Ruki: That unpleasant time, when we continued to work with two managers, was creepy, isn’t it (bitter smile). I wonder what other guys answer? Is it possible that we had anything more dangerous than this?

- Emergency (things you think you need to do now, as soon as possible)

Ruki: There is a lot of! For example, I still didn’t write the lyrics to 「taion」, which we will record the day after tomorrow, so I need to hurry with this. If we talk about things that do not concern work, it occurs to me that I didn’t receive my ID card.

- Fashion (preferences in style)

Ruki:  It seems that I have them, but it is not.  I really like European-style clothes, but those that I wear every day mostly single-color and without patterns. I have a feeling that among such things I’m looking for suitable ones. The print on clothes is ok, too, but such clothes that I would like to wear is very hard to find. Next, there is no more clothes about which I would have thought “I want this!”, so I create it (with the help of my brand). Therefore I wear it, but when some of this is worn by other members, I immediately stop wearing it (laughs). Ah, maybe I yet like it when a person, who I don’t know, wears my brand’s clothes. I don’t take up making things of too high brands, but at the same time I buy unusual things.

- Ghibli (Ghibli’s favorite works)

Ruki: Not that I really liked them, but among them there are those that I can watch, as “Spirited Away” or “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.  Although, I don’t watch them very long (laughs). But those who like Ghibli, certainly, also will choose “Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind” and “Laputa - Castle in the Sky”, which I don’t like at all.  Perhaps this is my prejudice, but I don’t like something like “flying in the sky” and such things. And then something else like how they get out of huge cars (laughs). First of all, I donэt like science fiction, but its pretty realistic representation, it’s probably a good thing, isn’t it?

- Health (what do you pay special attention in the field of health)

Ruki: I always take biologically active supplements. And I realize that in order not to catch cold, you need to take vitamins. During the tour, even when I sleep, I always put a mask on my face, but, despite this, I still catch a cold. As for food, I don’t pay much attention to it. I eat everything.

- Immorality (about treasons, which became a hot topic in 2016)

Ruki: Treason… Watching this, I felt that I am very sorry for those who are deceived. Couldn’t they have discovered it so far?  This is also often said in the news. But I think: “How is it?”. Well, if we talk about treason as such, then it is considered that before marriage it is allowed. But even if it’s not a treason, when someone looking like a persone without drawbacks, does something that causes bitter feelings behind your back, I immediately think: “ahaaaa…” (laughs). “Love intrigue,” in a literal sense, an amazing thing, isn’t it?

- Junk (unnecessary things at home)

Ruki: I do not have that.  Since I almost immediately get rid of them. I’m not used to things,  and I’m not that type of people who think - I’ll leave this and this too. Clothes that I don’t wear for a year, I throw out with the thoughts “I, after all, don’t wear it”, but after that it happens that I regret it very much (laughs). Therefore, I throw out too much of everything. Also the contents of the personal computer - doing the cleaning, I brought everything in order there, but I deleted everything down to very important things that I shouldn’t delete (laughs). I often throw away all unnecessary, leaving only the necessary minimum.

- Kimi no Na Wa (the film “Your name”)

Ruki:  I didn’t watch it. Is it by Ghibli? No? It seems that at the moment I’m completely unaware of anything (laughs). I don’t watch them, if there is a manga with drawings made by the technique of soft touch. Although I often go to the cinema, I look sideways at the one where are always a lot of people. In this movie theater the main film is “Your name”, so I immediately think something like “than to go there, I’d rather go to this one” (laughs). And in the future I’m also not going to press this button (with this movie) on the ticket machine.

- Love (the importance that love occupies in your life)

Ruki:  During puberty everything else except this (love) wasn’t important for me. But as I grew older, everything changed significantly, and if to tell frankly (laughs), I guess it’s because now I’m very busy with work. In high school, the band was just a hobby for me, so I wasn’t so passionate on this to really went into it with my head. Since I just approximated to the so-called ‘culture’, I guess that at that time, love in my life was quite significant.

- Moving (сonditions for moving)

Ruki: This is the layout of the house and what is in the neighborhood. As for the layout of the house, it will suit me even if the rooms are not very spacious, just to make the size fit so that I could live there. Since I recently said that I have few things, leaving only the minimum necessary, they should always be in my field of view.  As for the environment, then, most likely, I ask questions, are there any supermarkets and pet stores, is it easy to catch a taxi,  and whether it is convenient to get from this area to the city center.

translated from japanese to russian by shimizu_ran.vk for the_gazette_quotes.vk

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ^^

Vigilante AU

Based on an idea I got from jumping on board this post thread

  • This is post-reveal, aged up. The kids are about 19 or 20 for the main part (18-19 when the initial incident happens)
  • Chat Noir fucked up under akuma affluence and killed someone with Cataclysm—which could not be reversed due to sheer destructive power that caused it, the same way Cataclysm can never destroy a Lucky Charm. He was blamed for the death.
  • Akumas have stopped coming, Hawkmoth is waiting to see how this plays out. It works to his advantage because people wonder if he’s trying to protect Chat Noir. Maybe he was in cahoots with him? Maybe they both were?
  • Police tried to arrest him, the government tried to demand he surrender himself, etc. He’s clearly an adult now so they’re planning on treating him like any other adult suspected of a crime. Chat considers doing it to appease people, Ladybug says hell no. Publicly. In no uncertain terms.
  • And by ‘no uncertain terms’ I mean she either said something along the lines of “if you want him you’ll have to come through me” and “kiss my polka-dotted ass” or he actually ended up in police custody and she forcibly freed him before they could remove his ring.
  • Ba da bing, ba da boom: suddenly Paris’s beloved heroes are on the wrong side of the law.

  • Fast forward a year or so. Hawkmoth is still an asshole so akumas are still happening. LB and Chat are still fighting them because what else can they do? Letting the akumas rampage would solve nothing.
  • Adrien and Marinette have revealed their identities. Adrien moved out and has his own apartment. They both attend university. Marinette alternates between spending nights with her parents and Adrien.
  • They are dating, duh
  • None of their family members or Alya and Nino have any idea they’re Ladybug and Chat Noir.
  • Things are pretty much like they were before except now they have to dodge police and citizen’s arrest while trying to fight akumas and “patrols” were less about fun and more about sneaking around and searching for crime and dodging ‘traps’ set for them.
  • Nothing like a game of cat and mouse with two heroes and police helicopters.
  • Most of the major landmarks, including all of their most notable haunts, are now monitored for them. The Eiffel Tower is almost entirely off-limits to them since it’s a difficult location to get to and from without traveling on the ground.
  • There are no more public celebrations and events about them, though thanks to locals protesting, the statue of them in the park was left alone. But tourists still do come to the city hoping the glimpse them.
  • The mayor offers like once a month to pardon Ladybug and go easy on Chat Noir if they turn themselves in.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir embrace the vigilante title by going after normal crime as well as akumas and performing rescues. Paris is actually pretty safe now. Backstreet muggers beware. But apart from that they try to behave and remind everyone they’re really only trying to protect the city.
  • There’s probably an incident like in Spiderman where they have to go rescue people, police try to arrest them, but let them go when it becomes clear their job isn’t done yet.
  • About half of the population don’t really care that they’re vigilantes. Neither does half the police force but they gotta do their jobs. Kinda like the Batman and Gotham PD relationship.  
  • But a lot of people still see them as a problem, think they’re secretly in cahoots with Hawkmoth, etc.
  • Some people see Chat Noir as the source of the issue and blame him for “dragging Ladybug down with him”
  • Chloe and Alya are still mega fans of Ladybug. The Ladyblog isn’t quite what it used to be and Alya has to deal with frequent comments about running a blog dedicated to vigilantes


  • Chat Noir’s suit is pretty much the same except for his bell and tail. The bell is gone entirely; he can’t have something that makes noise like that when he has to be able to sneak around silently. After a few incidents where people tried catch him by the tail, the belt now has small spikes on it instead of holes. He doesn’t use it as a weapon, merely as a deterrent. (Ladybug’s suit is impenetrable and she can still seize him by the tail if necessary)
  • Ladybug’s bright red suit was spotted too easily (pun 100% intended) so she and Tikki had to come up with something different. Her suit is mostly black now with maybe some red spots or accents. She wears a braid instead of pigtails and the ribbon(s) are woven in with the braid.
  • I am open to ideas if someone wants to draw them

Fu and Other Wielders

  • Though Fu did approve of their decision to preserve Chat Noir over their hero status. They’re not meant to be textbook super heroes, they’re meant to fight evil and, in this case, free a kwami and Miraculous from evil. And if they have to act against the law to succeed then so be it. Wouldn’t be the first time it’d happened.
  • Fu has been hesitant to hand out other Miraculouses. If he chooses any other Miraculous hosts to help them, then he is either going to force someone into a vigilante role or, worse, the person might end up at odds with Ladybug and Chat Noir, or at the very least forced to appear to be in order to keep public favor.
  • He has discussed this with Marinette and Adrien.
  • Chloe does not become the Bee in this—Adrien and Marinette are aware of her opinions of the vigilante situation and neither of them trusts her to not stab them in the back.
  • Possibility of Fox Alya (though she’s not called Volpina because that word is Italian). Probably Renarde or something, unless that word has another meaning I don’t know about like ‘chatte’.

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Red vs Blue Fic: Lay Your Weary Head to Rest

Summary: Wash knows all about second chances, and how easy they are to lose. After Sidewinder, he knows only one thing for sure: he can’t be crazy.

And that means he can’t sleep.

Parings: None.

Warnings: Canon-typical language, mentions of self-harm, excruciatingly self-indulgent hurt/comfort.

Notes: Also available on AO3!

This was inspired by a conversation with @zalia and @whimsical-writer, and some of their lovely ideas. Also, Aki suggested the photos. Thanks, guys. ♥

Wash knows all about second chances.

That moment when the world opens up, turns over, and everything changes. That dizzying gasp of hope, like fingers loosing from your throat, ecstasy mixed with the sickening knowledge that you can’t fuck this up, because you’re a soldier now, you’re a Freelancer now, you're—

Blue Team leader now.

Wash has never escaped anything except by the skin of his teeth. He was three weeks at boot camp when his homeworld got glassed. He was a breath away from a firing squad when Freelancer recruited him.

He was one suit of armor and a chorus of bad lies away from going back to prison.

Those first two fresh starts were so easily lost. Wash knows his place on Blue Team is just as fragile.

Keep reading