(the minotaur)

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Thank you very much for your detailed response regarding the books you have read! Sorry I missed the bibliography!! Just ordered the writers journey, looking forward to getting stuck in :)

I’ll give you a teaser to go.

“The Ruby Slippers are a deep dream symbol, representing both Dorothy’s means of getting around in Oz and her identity, her unassailable integrity. The shoes are a reassuring Mentor’s gift, the knowledge that you are a unique being with a core that cannot be shaken be outside events. They are like Ariadne’s Thread in the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, a connection with a positive, loving anima that gets you through the darkest of labyrinths.” - The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler

I loved how this perfectly complements @colyssa‘s meta about the Ugly duckling and mine about Ruby being a guide for Emma. Ruby and Dorothy’s story was a story of guidance and identity.

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how advanced is the technology in... whateverworldyourcharactersareinsorryionlystartedfollowingawhileago, on a scale from "rock tools" to "widely available mobile phones"

It varies a lot by culture, but generally we’re talking late middle ages.

[While playing as a bardic gnome, who is best friends with a minotaur warrior. Our minotaur doesn’t happen to be playing. I have snuck around to release guards from the town we live in.]

DM: Alright, so they see you and you can seem them perking up, looking around. And you know they’re looking for Celtic (Our Minotaur).

Me: Oh geez. Uh…Celtic isn’t here, guys.

DM: They immediately deflate.