(the harley was super cute)

You know what’s underrated? DC Superhero Girls. That show is marketed toward 8 year olds, but yet I still have watched it and actually thoroughly enjoyed it. You know why?

Because it teaches girls that they are capable. The main cast is females- and that’s awesome on it is own- but I also love how it shows their challenges- and how they overcome them to solve problems.

10/10 . ALSO Harley and Ivy shared some cute interactions so couldn’t miss

Lemme just whip out some valentines headcanons here cause you KNOW it would be great

- Riddler leaving little hearts with riddles written in them all over Gotham, and they dont lead to death traps for once, but rather little gifts and stuff??

- Bruce buying gifts for all the batfam, b/c they ARE his family and Valentines is a time to appreciate that

-Ivy taking Harley out to a super cute romantic dinner complete with candles and stuff in the Gotham Botanical Gardens

-Jonathan pretending to read serious novels but is actually reading cheesy romance books on the side

- Mr freeze musing on the Valentines he used to have with Nora before she fell ill

- Garfield blowing up pink and red fireworks all over Gotham in celebration

-Jervis making cards for all the rogues, and then making s card for his Alice, even though she doesnt exist

- Bruce visiting Harvey in Arkham and bringing him a card, b/c even though Harvey’s done awful things, Bruce still see’s Harvey as the friend he once had

Valentines day in Gotham would be quality????


If you’re having a bad day, here’s some pictures of my cat. She’s very dumb and very fat and very cute ♡✧( ु•⌄• )