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The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges is a compendium of mythological creatures that is not meant to be read all in one go. I’ve been dipping in and out of it for a couple months now, enjoying the absurdist illustrations and the baroque descriptions of each creature.

The book is a little haphazard. Some of Borges’s humor is a bit off, and he can make Orientalist comments that are a bit off-putting. I wish he’d been a bit more creative with how he added his own distinctive voice of mystery to the descriptions and stories of the creatures, but the way he gathered the information was interesting as well. Many of the creatures are classical, Greek, Roman, Egyptian. There were a couple entries I really enjoyed—the phoenix and the Chinese phoenix entries were fascinating, as was the entry on the unicorn. There were a couple creatures I’d never heard of, particularly ones from the travels of Marco Polo, that I loved. One or two of the creatures were descriptions or mini tales by Kafka or C.S. Lewis, and I adored those entries. Overall, it’s a fun addition to any shelf, and a must for collections of Jorge Luis Borges, fictional compendiums, or collections of folklore or mythological creatures, as long as you keep in mind that Borges’s collection is selective according to his own interests.


Ex libris Margl Ferencnek | Ex libris for Ferenc Margl

A Halisten Stúdió szülinapi játékán három nyeremény közül választhattak a kommentelők, közülük sorsoltunk nyertest. Feri lett a szerencsés, aki ex libris tervezését választotta, én készítettem neki pecsétet. A bélyegző egy peritont ábrázol, akik “az Atlantiszon élnek, félig szarvasok, félig madarak. Szarvasfejük és szarvaslábuk van. Ami a testüket illeti, megfelelő szárnnyal és tollazattal rendelkező, tökéletes madarak.” Aki szeretne utánajárni, Jorge Luis Borges Képzelt lények könyvében megtalálja e becses állatot.

Halisten Studio had a birthday promotion, the winner is Ferenc Margl, who chose ex libris design from the three offered gifts, I designed a ruber stamp for him. This is a peryton, a mythological hybrid animal combining the physical features of a stag and a bird. If you wish to know more about this creature, read the description in the book of Jorge Luis Borges, Book of Imaginary Beings.

paradise is a sort of library - Mici (noharlembeat) - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: paradise is a sort of library
Author: Mici
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 23,285

Description: Borges said paradise was a library. Adam Parrish thought that too. Until he accidentally stayed in one overnight.

Comments: A great mix of post-canon and magic.