(the d boy suga)

  • Person: Mehh, i don't really like Jungkook.
  • Suga: Unfriended, unfollowed, blocked. My mom is calling your mom and you're not invited to my Iper Swag Virtual Graduation Party for A to the G to the U to the STD bish.

I’m yelling my ear buds broke so I can only hear the instrumental of songs and so I was listening to agust d and its just silence for while and then you hear him yelling random words at you like “CONCERT” and “FIRST CLASS” lmao and after he yelled “MY ASS” he kept saying “ass ass ass ass” in the background omg can you imagine him recording this bye

OK but I’ll forever love the fact that Yoongi has been super expressive and carefree ever since dropping Agust D and through this whole WINGS era.It’s like he had a weight lifted off his shoulders and I’m really glad that he is in a good place now.