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Bts react to their crush kissing girls while she's really drunk at a house party

Lol I’ve done that before. Thanks for requesting!


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You’re drunk, he’s drunk, and he’s so shocked and confused when he sees you with a girl that^ expression is glued to his face for the rest of night. 


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He’d be super jealous! Every time he saw you he would try to cut in or try starting a conversion while you were tongue deep own another girls throat, would only further fuel his jealousy


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Drunk, longing, jealousy, like half of the seven deadly sins


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Boy would “redirect” you to him. He’d see you kissing a girl, be slightly turned on, and pull you over to him 

Rap Monster

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He’d be so turned on


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TBH the reason you prob got so drunk was because the party started with you and Yoongi getting into a fight and that ^ would be his drunken response to finding you kissing another girl, but his jealously would eventually kick in and he’d try to get you away to apologize. 


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Jin would be drunkenly looking for you to leave the party when he’d turn a corner to see you making out with another chick. At first he’d be pissed, then he’d see you stagger back laughing and realize how drunk you are. All would be forgiven and he’d try to get you home. 

“Comen sweet, less go.” he’d slur kindly while pulling you way from the party.

Yoongi: a to the g to the u to

Yoongi: my std

You: tf 😂

Yoongi: pretend that was never sent

You: k but my d boy😭

Yoongi: what is it bby?

You: I miss you ;-;

Yoongi: but we live together?

You: but you’re always at work… Maybe i should get a job too

Yoongi: no you don’t have to get a job T.T

Yoongi: just be a good girl and stay at home

You: i smell a kink

Yoongi: maybe there is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

—  Bangtan scenarios+texts II