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@dakoyone and I were talking about turning that dress into a Grey Warden gown and a regal pup to go with, and I had to draw it :D

I had a dream last night where I designed adoptables on furaffinity and when I uploaded it I wasn’t paying attention and put the wrong file and didn’t notice till someone commented “ooh, I wanna buy the blue one please I love the design so much!”. I was like blue one?? I don’t remember designing a blue character here. well that’s when I saw that I accidentally posted a pic of a blue circle and a neon green square thingy instead of an actual character sheet. at that point I didn’t know what to say to the person that genuinely wanted to buy the blue circle. in the end I made 10$ and then woke up


So I wish I had a before picture of these but I didn’t think about taking photos until I was sure the dye would come off.

These used to be translucent pink and yellow glass eggs with candles inside.  I bought them at the thrift store “brand new” three for a buck (not sure where the blue one ran off to in the move but it’s missing).  When I pulled them out of their bags, I realized that the paint/ink/dye on them looked awful and was flaking off.  They looked horrible and not at all appropriate for my spring equinox altar.

Thanks to cool temperatures in my area, the candles inside just popped right out.  With some hot water, dish soap and a scouring pad, I got them to the clear glass egg containers they are now.  I could pop the candles back in but I’m thinking of putting offerings in them instead.


Washi Tape Haul ! ! ! 

They are all off ebay so super affordable, + free shipping. The floral tapes are from http://www.ebay.com/sch/fashionbeautiful6666/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= and the top two blue ones are from http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIY-Self-Adhesive-Floral-Washi-Masking-Tape-Sticker-Craft-Beautiful-Decor-/112297661730?var=&hash=item1a25765522:m:mmMIDnLqhFJgonVkYoyhSxA 

Sorry for the super awkward links, just got as direct a link as I could :) Also, please don’t judge my mess in the last photo, that’s just me struggling to hoard my addiction :D

anonymous asked:

the yellow power ranger is gay and the blue one is autistic in the new movie tho

that doesnt mean anything if theyre like, not being written well fghfhtyu you have to see the media before saying something is good representation its not Brave to cast a character then have the lines be like i dont like labels (never actually flirts with anyone or is in a relationship or has any baring on the character at all) its cashing in on the public demand for it, so until the movie comes out, or like any form of media, and you can SEE the representation like

i think neuro differences are harder to just one shot off if they done write the character like, that, just saying this character is is like, okay.gif 

tl;dr dont give anyone credit until you actually see the thing omg

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haha sorry i saw some larries reblogging the parrots saying it's them looking after HL and thought you did too lol but it's these birds: youtube*com/watch?v=KmlMQtMkywo in the original post it was just the two green and blue ones

OH!  I did reblog that, but it was a couple of days ago, I’d forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder and for this adorable video of the Stylinson family :)

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Yo Robbie, Robbo, Roborob, Rooooooooob, my pal.... Express to us, in the most dramatic way you can, how you feel about that cat. The blue one, you know!

“Gumball Watterson, I don’t think there are words that could describe the intense hatred I feel for that tiny furball…”

“Oh wait, yes I do!”

“He is an unnecessary obstacle for a bigger goal I have in mind. There is not much I can say about the cat himself because honestly I couldn’t care less about how he is doing or his well-being. All I can say is that the world puts a stupid amount of focus on him…And I find it interesting.