(the authors like my art im cry)

Okay, soI found out that im SO obsessed with this amazing thing, called “Droplets”. At the very beginning i was thinking that its just some cool fanciction, but now it becames literally the part of my life and im so glad that its written so well, interestic, funny, and just amazing, because im so in love with this fanfic, thank you author!!
And i just read 21st chapter, and this was so.. Hard, and i was crying a lot and stuff..also it inspired me to draw just adorable baby Anita, she is like the best here,after Marco and Jean!! I love her so much,and im sorry if she is not what she look like in authors head, because i can imagine her just like this <3(dont forget that on her apron is a firefly, as a memory to happy times with Marcos dad)