(the anime just focused on makoto's and rin's relationships with haru)

Free! vs Yuri!!! on Ice (or why Free! is so much better)

I’ve seen a lot of  people comparing Free! with Yuri!!! On ice so I’m just sharing my two cents.

This is entirely my opinion. It will be biased. I don’t need anyone to agree with me. I know most people will get offended.

Also, this will be really long. Like really, really long. So if you’re good with that…

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Um, can’t we like a sports anime, which always mostly consist of guys, and APPRECIATE the bonds and friendship between them? Instead of, you know, automatically shipping the all the guys because you think they’re always giving goo-goo eyes to each other or something?

Or thinking they want to screw each other because they got into a heated argument?

Or because one of them lost their breath and had to give CPR to each other that it was a kiss?

Or because they look at each other in a caring way they’re automatically gay and want to be together?

No. I’m not denying or saying you can’t ship, but I think with sports anime that we need to appreciate the friendship between them more than shipping them. I mean, that’s what Free! was about. Kuroko no Basuke is, too. I have no idea about Haikyuu!!, but I bet it is. All these shows were not only focused on the sport, but the bonds, hardships, and friendships between the boys. They act like any friends would act.

When friends have a trouble in their relationship they try to work it out. Sometimes not right away, even might be a year or two before they do, but hey. That’s what Rin and Haru did. They worked out the problems they had in their relationship

When friends care about each other, they help each other out and of COURSE they give each other smiles and caring looks. And when they SIT next to each other real closely does not mean they want to screw each other. Makoto and Haru were like that. They were best friends, really close to each other, and they cared for each other like any friend would.

Sometimes you have people who don’t want to necessarily be friends yet, but you hang out and be with them anyway. Or your friends with them, but you find them really out of hand sometimes and they pull you into their crazy shenanigans. Rei and Nagisa were like that, but it’s not because they wanted to kiss, that they had sexual frustration with each other… It’s because they were FRIENDS.

Now, I don’t care if you ship them or not, but I say we need to start appreciating the friendships between the guys in sports anime instead of shipping them and thinking every time they bat a eyelash at each other, they want to screw in the middle of the school.

Animes that are centered on friendship is what it is meant for. Some of us don’t want romance, we just want to see good bonds and relationships between friends. 

(Please don’t get mad and offended at this. It was just a personal thought.)