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I honestly don’t know what the fuck if this drabble had already been posted or not but….okay then, I’m jsut gonna post again….I could have sworn I did post it….what the fuck.

Anyways. After Keith’s Vlog, no shipping sense, just the entire team loving Keith. like it fucKING SHOULD BE ALWAYS.

Keith rubs his eyes and lets out an annoyed grunt when he can still feel the wetness in them. His steps are hurried and fast, already stripping down from his armour as he makes his way towards his room.

God, why did he even agree to that? There was no point whatsoever and it only brought him memories and feelings he has been trying to put on the side.

Not such luck now.

He just wants to get to his bed, in his room, where the sound disappear and the expectations of people on him don’t exist.

Keith tries to be fast, fully trying to avoid meeting with anyone of the team on his way because now that would be awkward. He doesn’t need pity, or sad look from the side ways. He has reassured himself of this, over and over again and he’s fine, he has been fine before and he will be now.

He’s fine.

But the lump in his throat tells him otherwise, just like the sting on his eyes makes him to choke because there is no escape for them and he feels the same way right now as he jogs down the Castle’s hallway.

He needs to get out of here now.

Then, as the door on the far end of the hallway opens and the team’s chatter and laughter echoes around him, Keith knows that nothing really can go his way.

“I’m telling you, guys, Iverson never looked so mad as - Mullet! Hey, man, you all done? That was quick!”

Damn Lance and his perspective eyes because now he has six pair of eyes on him and Keith can’t move.

Move, move, move, move.

Keith tries to swallow and forcing a small smile, he makes a weak attempt to speak. “Um, yeah, I did and I just…I’m going back to my room.”

He sees the way Shiro realizes something is wrong, he sees the way the older man furrows his eyebrows in concern and suspicion and it all takes for Shiro to step in is the small unconscious step Keith had taken back, putting more distance between him and the team.

“Keith, wait, is everything okay?” Shiro asks, and the question is enough for the entire team to turn concern, looking confused but worried at the same time.

Brush it off. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Your voice sound scratchy,” Hunk supplies quietly behind Lance, mouth pursed in concern and Keith knows, he knows that’s not the only thing they have noticed.

Keith clears his throat, trying to look subtle as he looks away. “It’s…it’s fine. Looks guys, I’m just gonna go -”

He’s ready to run, feet already turning around and body prepare to flee like he always do when there’s some hurried running behind him and Keith let’s out a gasp when he feels two small hands wrapped around his hand.

Keith looks down, blinking owlishly at the way Pidge’s hands hold his own: firm, secure and so damn strong. He feels the tears on the edge of his eyes and all it takes it’s a small squeeze from Pidge’s part and her pleading look for a few of them to fall.

“H-Hey, I’m fine, I’m-” He tries, he really does but the lump in his throat turns heavier and it gets harder to swallow it down.

He doesn’t dare to look up when he hears the rest of the team’s approach but he does gasp when Hunk’s body is suddenly pressed on his back, arms around his waist. Keith has a moment to acknowledge the warm Hunk’s body brings him before there’s a hand on the back of his neck and then Lance is leaning forward, pressing his forehead against his temple and humming a random melody with the back of his throat as he plays with the stray hair in Keith’s nape.

His heart is running wild but he holds his breath, because there’s this pleasant warm feeling spreading through him as his team slowly joins the hug and it almost feels like a blanket and Keith doesn’t want it to disappear, he doesn’t want to move in case it would go away if he does.

Keith bites down his lower lip, trying desperately to hold on to whatever strength he has left, but then he lifts his eyes and Shiro’s gray ones are staring back at him, looking concerned, fond and so damn understanding, no judgement held in them, and suddenly he hears the faint sound of a rope snapping and he sobs.

He sniffles, shutting his eyes close as his tears finally fall down freely and his body shakes with every sob and he hears the way Lance’s humming turns softer, he feels the way Hunk’s arms pulls him closer and the way Pidge’s pulls herself forward until her face is on his chest, their intertwined hands in between.

He recognizes Shiro’s heavy and comforting pressure of his flesh hand as it run down on his hair, the action so familiar to him by now. He then feels two more hands, one on his right shoulder, patting him gently before squeezing tightly, a reminder that he’s not alone and the way a leaner hand cups his cheek and gently wipes some of the tears away, holding so much care with a protective edge that it makes him sigh and lean towards the touch.

Keith realizes that none of them know why he’s crying, and now he knows that they don’t even need to know, at least not right now, because all they want to do is to help him and reassure him of something that he never allowed himself to believe.

That he has a family, he has friends and he’s loved by these people.

He’s going to be fine.

5 times Stiles took care of Derek’s injuries and 1 time he didn’t have to


It’s ridiculous how often Derek gets hurt. And it’s also very sad.

He’s always jumping in front of bullets and going to fight vampires without telling anyone and there was this one time he literally knocked Scott out so he could go fight a deadly kelpie by himself.

“This is bullshit.” Stiles yells. No one will listen to him anyway, least of all Derek who’s lying unconscious on the ground.


“So much bullshit.” He presses his jacket against the wound, glares at Derek’s stupid face. Even passed out he looks in pain. “You’re ridiculous, did you know that? You just have to keep sacrificing yourself. I don’t like it.”

“Here!” Scott throws the hunter’s gun towards Stiles and he reaches out for it immediately, taking the bullet and pressing the burnt wolfsbane against Derek’s shoulder – for the second time this month.

“I’m going to lock you up.” Stiles groans, watching as the wound begins to heal itself. “You’re going to be safe. You’re going to be really safe. The safest.” Derek begins to stir just as Scott sends the last hunter away. “Asshole.” Stiles adds for good measure and Derek slowly opens his eyes.

“Wha –”

“You can’t do that anymore.” Stiles points his finger at Derek’s face, heart pounding as he feels himself tear up. Why can’t Derek just stop? He’s going to get himself killed and that’s going to end up killing Stiles too. “I won’t let you.”

He ignores the fear, the shame and his own self-preservation instincts. Derek needs to know that someone cares about him, that someone loves him. Someone wants him to be happy.

“Stiles,” Derek blinks, tries to sit up. Stiles only pushes him down again.

“Stop it.” Stiles says, runs a hand through Derek’s hair. “Stop trying to die.” He sniffs, ignoring Derek’s shocked expression. “You’re not alone anymore. You have people that care about you.” He takes a deep breath and adds. “That love you.” Derek lets out a quiet ‘oh’ and Stiles smiles sadly. He presses a kiss to Derek’s temple and stands up. “Please.” He adds softly.

He shares a meaningful look with Scott before turning to his Jeep and driving away, tears spilling down his face as he goes home.


Stiles has been in love with Derek for five years. Well, at least that’s what he tells himself. It could be seven, eight, maybe. He can’t be sure – too much happened when he was still a teenager for him to pay attention to his feelings.

So the point is – Stiles loves Derek. A lot. Maybe too much to be healthy. Enough to be a pain in his ass. Because there isn’t a thing Stiles wouldn’t do when he gets a text from Derek two days after his embarrassing love confession saying 'help’ and 'at the loft’.

He really didn’t know what to expect, but opening the door to find Derek covered in scratch marks didn’t even make the top ten.

“What?” Stiles blinks. “A kelpie again?”

“A cat.” Derek answers, gesturing to the tiny ball of fluff curled up on the couch.

What.” Stiles repeats, staring at the cat dubiously. “But –”

“I found her in the woods after –” Derek cuts himself, pointedly avoiding Stiles’ eyes. So he remembers, Stiles takes a deep breath. “Anyway, I need to buy some stuff for her and I don’t want to leave her alone.”

“Oh.” Stiles nods. So they are just going to ignore it, apparently. He swallows, tells himself it doesn’t matter. He wasn’t expecting Derek to feel the same, he just wanted him to know. Just needed him to understand. “Okay, I guess.” He walks towards the couch, smiles softly when the black kitten meows at him. “Hi, baby.” He pets her head softly, laughs when she leans into it happily.

“Deaton said she’s two months.” Derek says, suddenly next to him.

Stiles holds back a shiver. “She’s so teeny-tiny.” He forces a smile and looks up at Derek, meaning to reassure him he’ll take care of the kitten, only to frown when he notices a cut on his left cheek. “You’re bleeding.” He reaches out without thinking, wipes the blood with the sleeve of his hoodie.

“Yeah.” Derek whispers, eyes never leaving Stiles’.

“Why?” Stiles bites at his bottom lip, heart beating fast.

“Because I felt guilty.” Derek answers. “Because I wanted to say I love you too, but you ran and now…” he reaches out for Stiles’ hand, presses it back against his own cheek.

“Now?” Stiles insists, bringing his other hand to rest on Derek’s chest where he can feel Derek’s heart beating as fast as his. They are so close, breaths mingling, and if Stiles only leaned in –

“Now you’re here. And I can tell you.” Derek smiles softly. “That I will live for you.” Stiles lets out a shuddering breath as he throws his arms over Derek’s shoulders and buries his face against his neck. He never thought he could feel this happy. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Stiles sniffs, presses a kiss against Derek’s neck, feels the cuts and scratches healing under his hands.

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Out of Curiosity

Sorry Im completely new to the zine world and such so I apologize if this has already been done or anything

But would anyone be interested in a Disney x BnHA zine? So like either the characters doing something Disney related or having an AU of Disney? 

Or if Disney doesn’t work out, maybe having a costume zine? So like the characters dressed up in costumes and such like that?

Would anyone be interested in it? It would be artists/writers/editors included and if its Disney, we could even get a fanmade CD in the there. 

Let me know! Ive been thinking about it for a while and I think it would be fun ideas to do into a zine! And if it’s already been done, if you can link my way, that would be awesome too!

So during Jake’s idol scene..

I noticed the last thing he says to MC, if romanced, is “At least I got to see you one last time” and it sounded super familiar.

I Googled it, and it turns out that’s what the Beast/Adam says to Belle as he’s dying from being stabbed/shot in the back, after killing his opponent. I’m pretty sure Jake even cups your face like the Beast does as he’s dying in your lap.

Like straight up, they reference BatB, and I LOVE it. It makes sense too! Jake is kind of anti-social, an outcast, wouldn’t do anything for anyone anymore, and you bring out a kind, funny, sweet guy who’d do anything for the people he cares about.

Needless to say I’m in love with @playchoices and my beautiful selfless trash pilot boyfriend.

Guys look at this!!! In her own big cage!! She let me scratch her a few times when she was staying in the little cage for Christmas and would come out on her door sometimes, but never before in the big cage.

She’s been letting me do this the last couple days, sometimes for longer than others. She’s obviously super uncomfortable about it but she lets me do it and doesn’t immediately run away. (And as anyone who knows birds knows, if she was really scared or too uncomfortable, she WOULD just leave immediately, or freak out.) I think it’s a combo of putting up with it for treats (because I’ve been making an effort to get her to come down and interact a bit more) and that she does actually like and trust me, even if coming out still scares her, and that she actually DOES want affection and attention but doesn’t know how. She DOES fluff her head and neck feathers up for me when I do it, which means she enjoys the way it feels, she just also grunts nervously the whole time.


Ok but

Imagine if there was a situation where the team lands on an earth like planet - but not earthlike in the sense that it /looks/ like earth but in the sense that majority of its citizens don’t believe in extraterrestrial life or any life beyond their own planet?? Just an insular society that isn’t developed to the point of deep space exploration - or even at all, just another planet that hasn’t developed to the point where they’re forming intergalactic unions and so when voltron arrives obviously they freak the fuck out because like??? What is that??? Aliens!?!?? All the conspiracy theorists are going nuts over the information because aliens exist and everyone else is mcfreakin losing it because they’re being invaded, is this the end for them??? And naturally our resident conspiracy theorist arm children are also losing their shit because never in their wildest dreams did they think that they would ever get a chance to /be/ the alien invasion but wow, here they are, holy shit.

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Thing that annoys me most about the anti Lapis brigade is how they make out she's some kind of horrible demon & anyone who likes her must be blind to all her faults and see her as a total angel. Lapis has done some bad things mostly due to not mentally or emotionally being in a good place at the time but wrong regardless. The result of trauma isn't often pretty, she has a darker and cynical side to her but that doesn't make her a bad person and at least she owns up to her faults and is trying.

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You’ve hit the nail on the head there, Anon.

There isn’t a single “perfect” character in the show - and that’s the whole point!  Rebecca Sugar even said in the artbook that a huge part of the show is “celebrating imperfection”, in fact.

Lapis’ faults can easily be explained away due to her traumatic past and mental illness - but I’ve honestly never seen a single person ever defend all of her actions!  And she, herself, doesn’t ever use her past traumas as an excuse.  She’s spoken ill of herself because of some of the shitty things she’s done in the past (e.g. calling herself a “monster” in Alone at Sea).

I hate the attitude of some people in the fandom at times, in this regard.  I saw a particularly obnoxious post the other day, in fact - where someone was calling-out the fandom for apparently not seeing Lapis’ faults, claiming that this was for “aesthetic reasons”, hence the fandom routinely dragging characters like Amethyst.


I’ve seen plenty (and I really, really mean plenty) of people constantly defending the show’s “buff” characters though, simply for being “buff” and therefore “unfairly villified” - never mind the fact that they’ve behaved like complete assholes at times (and, y’know, literally been a villain at times *cough*JA//SPE//R*cough*), that just conveniently gets swept under the carpet.  I’ve been in this fandom for two years now and in all that time, I’ve never witnessed a single person defend Lapis for “aesthetic reasons” (being “slim” or “pretty” or whatever).  It’s the biggest double-standard I’ve ever seen.

Lapis gets unfairly hated on constantly, so people need to stop with this whole “waaaaaah the fandom is too easy on her cos she’s pretty and slim” thing - no, you just don’t like her because she’s slim and pretty (hence your near-constant defence of the “buff” characters whilst simultaneously tearing both Lapis and Pearl to shreds).

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You're getting married????? Holy crap, CONGRATS!!!!!! I'm so happy for you, Hans. It's great to see you reach such a great place in your life where you're comfortable with yourself and happy with your relationships and writing beautifully. All of the very best wishes for the future.

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Friend, I Cannot Believe it Myself??  

I hope you don’t mind if I answer you publicly because I sort of wanted to give some background to why I stopped providing content and more or less dropped off tumblr last year.

I had a string of bad relationships in my late twenties, and was single for two years or so. I’d tried to date off and on but it turns out queer dating is really hard even in super queer cities - and even harder if you are incredibly depressed, which I was. My sense of self-worth during this time was so low that I literally didn’t tell anyone when I had what seemed like a stroke. My best friends found out that I was hospitalized because of a selfie I put up on social media.

I didn’t want to Die Alone in New York City, so I thought an external solution (moving back to California) would solve my internal problems. And then a weird thing happened: I had to tell friends that I’d been unhappy, and terrified of dying alone, and that I had felt isolated, and unmoored, and miserable. And my friends understood, and were there for me, and told me exactly how much my presence in their lives meant to them. And I realized that I’d actually been pretty damn successful at building a solid support network in a city that’s notoriously hostile to things like that. And that my trust issues and depression had blinded me to the point of giving up on a life I’d worked very, very hard to have, and all the good things I’d managed to grow inside of that life.

And then I met @morethanfaqs. And I really, really liked them. And they really, really seemed to like me back. And I couldn’t fucking believe I’d met this amazing, hilarious, warm, kind, ambitious, hard-working human whose #relationshipgoals lined up eerily perfectly with mine - just when I was about to leave New York, possibly forever.  OF FUCKING COURSE THAT WOULD BE HOW THAT HAPPENED.

But I’d been practicing this whole emotional vulnerability thing over the last few months and told them that I really, really liked them, and asked if they wanted to just … see how it went. And I invited them to meet my friends, and come to my going away party, and even come with me to the airport - where we sat for more than an hour at the terminal bar discussing what we were going to name our children, and our future dogs that we’d buy when we bought our future cute little cabin in upstate New York. Yeah, I’m serious, and y’all are welcome for the gayest sentence you’ll read today.

I’m so glad I did it. The time in between those horrible cocktails at the airport and now has had some seriously rough spots, but I’m so glad I took a chance on them, and they took a chance on me. I’m glad that I was in a good enough space - and liked myself enough - to start asking for the help I needed. 

So, like, this post is partially to embarass my partner (they don’t come on tumblr too much anymore but their sibling does!!), partially to explain my disappearance from fandom, and partially just to gush, because, idk, I’m just really happy :).

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STOP ASKING WHY HE DIDN’T GET PERI JESUS FUCKKKK HES STATED IT MULTIPLE TIMES he didnt get peri bc he even said he’s seen good surgeons have terrible peri results bc the patient wasn’t cut out for it. and for anyone else who’s going to ask he got DI. and stop comparing him and his surgery to other trans men who have gotten surgery its highly annoying. they’re all different people and decide on different stuff so just stop comparing them all damn.

literally the most annoying thing is when people say “your results look nothing like Justin’s!”

we got two different kinds of surgery!!! 

hello pls ignore the terrible picture lol graphic design is Not my passion. but anyways, i hit my first hundred followers on this blog so i figured i may as well do a ff! i’ve met some really great people ever since i got into kpop and made this blog! even though i’ve only had it since may, i’ve come to really treasure the friendships i’ve made and i also really appreciate every single one of my mutuals, whether they’ve been following me since the beginning or if they’re brand new!

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I think some people are surprised to see this side of Keith because they disregarded the BoM episode. Like, this is all in there guys?

I mean Keith’s development isn’t even just limited to the BoM episode, though it’s a huge one!! There are so many moments that clearly show him as the kind of guy he is and was more open about in the vlog. 

It’s just not laid out like “hey I have mommy issues and I don’t trust people and I’m scared to let anyone in”. Keith doesn’t talk out loud, he doesn’t emote; he retains his emotions inside and has outbursts and struggles to stay patient and think things through but he’s growing and learning and doing all of these things! 

It’s. literally all in the show. We knew all of these things about Keith - it’s just that he admitted it out loud and said he didn’t want to cry like !!!!!!!!!!! fuck I love him whatever it’s not our problem that some people didn’t recognize these things about Keith before it’s just important they see it now.

Also: It’s not intrinsically bad it’s not intrinsically a bad thing to have one person who manages tasks and delegates them when needed. It can be less stressful, even. I’ve been the “housework manager” in the past, and it meant that eg. if the kitchen was regularly untidy and I wanted to reorganize it, I didn’t have to worry about whether anyone else had a preferred system for organization, I could just organize it however I liked (or ask my housemate to help me organize it in my preferred way). In cases where I found a domain of housework icky and didn’t want to manage it (eg. remembering the schedule for taking out the trash), I could ask my housemate to manage that themselves. But there are benefits to having each task/domain have exactly one “owner”.

Hiii! So a CG sent me an ask about ldr punishments and i love getting messages from cgs but i deleted it on accident (sorryyyy!!!)

So some LDR punishments you could use are writing lines, like she can write “i will not disobey Daddy” ect. As many times as you want and then have her show you. You could ask her to do tasks for you and then send you pictures after each one, like clean her room, or sit in like a ‘time out corner’ or eat extra veggies (depending on what kind of punishment you wanna give her) It gets even easier if you can video chat with her so you can see her.

One thing not to do is ignore her as punishment!! Or take away her comfort items cuz thats horrible.

Umm yeah those are some of the things that my daddy does but Im sure that there are others.. (if anyone has any good ones let us know!)

And again im so sorry i deleted the ask! It was a good one!! ✨✨

don’t apologize for being trans. you shouldn’t be sorry for being who you are. it’s not your fault, it’s who you are and how you were born – if anyone makes you feel like this for being trans, get them out of your life as soon as you can – even if it’s your parents. your well being, happiness and mental health is more important than trying to make other people happy.

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lol @ people saying Starlight Glimmer's redemption was good, like she literally caused multiple apocalypses for an incredibly petty reason and gets off without facing any consequences, not even the town that SHE FUCKING ENSLAVED showing any grudge. Even more laughable is that the writers clearly wanted us to think that Starlight's past was totally the most tragic thing that could possibly happen to a person, something that anyone who isn't ludicrously sheltered would immediately call bogus on.

my fave part was when she meets her old friend in The Crystalling and she fucking flips out and claims like it’s HIS fault that she behaved the way she did simply because he didn’t reach out to her and i was cringing internally.

Being a shitty and selfish person who tries to ruin the lives of others simply for humiliating you (like what did her grudge with twilight have to do with her friend), isn’t justifiable if you cry about it a bunch and blame it on someone else

In services the rabbi was like ‘So this week is very interesting for Orthodox Jews, does anyone know why?’

And like my hand darted up cuz I brought this up the other day hanging out with the rainbow row after Erev Rosh Hashanah services, and like, the moment it did I realised before my hand even went up that the two girls who’d been there with me were pointing at me because they knew I knew.

Apparently I am that predictable.

vernon; sitting ducks

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Robert is basically a Scooby doo villain at this point

He’s so obvious with it as well. Poor Lachlan probably feels like he’s slipped into some nightmare realm where everyone in his family has suddenly forgotten every shitty thing Robert’s ever done and are ignoring his sinister smirking every two minutes. 

Really though, he’s not even keeping it on the down low. He’s out there making anagrams and beeping his horn and asking for black coffee. How is anyone in the village unaware they have a wannabe Bond villain in their midst? 😂😂😂

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If a human can see SOULS... they can see you right? Met anyone like that?

* huh. i’m guessin’ you’re implyin’ someone like Frisk, right? this timeline we settled over has a Frisk too, the one that helped them go free - sweet human, from what i’ve seen, and quite the spark. she’s done some controlled interviews with some of the monster leadership to help explain souls, since encounters are inevitable and they didn’t want a surprise one to incite panic.

* but no, “seein’ souls” like that wouldn’t allow her - or anyone - to see me. encounters are special, and technically anyone can enter ‘em with the right mix of intent. thing is, you can’t enter an encounter unless both parties are aware of one another.

* since most people can’t see or remember me even if we literally run into one another, an encounter’s pretty out of the question. and for the few that do remember me, i never initiate an encounter, ‘n so far none of them have managed to drag me into one, either.

* i don’t know this world’s Frisk well at all, though - never seen her in person. dependin’ on what happened Underground… yeah, she might be able to see me, if her soul was on the brink of the Void too much.

* the same applies to other humans, too - if they spent a lot of time in a near-death state, they’d be able to see me. since monsters’re free, though, they might not think much of it - might just think i’m some odd black-and-white monster. the mind doesn’t like to linger too hard on things it doesn’t understand fully, though, and the Void is inherently a whole lotta that. most of ‘em who’d never talk to me would end up havin’ their mind gloss over seein’ me in the long run, more than likely.

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My ex girlfriend disappeared this summer. She vanished into thin air and we were all worried about her and her whereabouts. She’s okay now and in school but won’t talk to anyone and changed her number. She doesn’t even answer her door. She was the only one who kept me sane because in all honesty, I never fell out of love so I don’t know why I even broke up with her. I guess I just felt like she deserved better. I’m falling apart. I knew she still loved me as well. Anyways, what should I do

If I were you, I would try to contact her. Through her parents, social medias, meeting her in real life and trying to talk, maybe writing a paper letter? Try to get to know what is happening