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@ TFC fandom/tfczine people; important question!

What kind of pajamas do you think the Foxes wear?

Someone: The vampires aren’t the bad guys!!! They’re actually nice and good!!!





uh huh. yes. 

interesting. very interesting. 

I mean. If kidnapping and abusing children is benevolent then I guess so. Ya know, causing trauma, torturing and hurting them needlessly, killing tons of people…but hey, they did that one Good Thing once, right? When was that?

Maybe it was that time one of the higher ranking progenitors backed a taboo experiment that millions, if not trillions of humans were killed for and she’s prbly gonna get off scot-free bcs PLOT REASONS but hey whatever nameless side characters, lol.

Also if anyone thinks the vamps have it worse off than the humans, pls tell me how much humiliation and suffering the humans caused vampires. About 0, imo. But how much humiliation and suffering have vampires caused humans? Killing them for pleasure, calling them livestock, using them as bait and letting them get killed or hurt just for entertainment? Hm, that can’t add up to THAT much. Nah, vampires are just misunderstood. They’re just misunderstood, right? I’m sure its only a matter of chapters before the author reveals that vampires actually want to protect kids and save the planet out of the kindness of their heart and everyone they killed was just the humans imagining things. Good thing to know that Yoichi’s sister and Yuu’s adopted family aren’t dead after all.

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could you do a tae from New Years? (That sparkly gold blazer thing he looked so handsome) THANK YOU YOUR ART IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG

acting cool

A couple of notes before the story: there are some amazing stories where nb!Alex has their hair cut ( please, if you haven’t already, go check all @queercapwriting fics, they make me tear up, they make me laugh; they are simply amazing) so on this fic, I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen yet.

With that said, please remember that these fics don’t necessarily follow one another so I can still write a fic where Alex gets their hair cut if y’all want me too ^^

It has been an eventful few weeks at work for both Alex and Maggie, more eventful than either of them would have liked in all honesty, but that’s the job and they know it.

It’s Saturday night, and they have their first day off together in what feels like an eternity. They are laying on the couch, Maggie with her head on Alex’s lap almost dozing off as Alex plays with her hair; but something keeps her awake. Maggie is used to the long stretches of of time Alex goes without saying a word after particularly rough days at the DEO, but somehow her instincts tell her that whatever is keeping that wrinkle on Alex’s forehead isn’t work-related.

“You gonna tell me what’s got you all quiet like that, Danvers?” Maggie asks softly, with a little smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

The sound of their girlfriend’s voice snaps Alex from their reverie, and they smile down at Maggie. “It’s nothing…just thinking…”

Slipping one hand on one of Alex’s, Maggie asks, “Think out loud? I’d like to know what’s going on in there.” And she playfully pokes Alex’s forehead with her free hand.

Alex chuckles, and playfully swats Maggie’s hand away. “It’s just…” They sigh, running a hand through their hair. “This whole gender thing is confusing.” they admit.

Maggie frowns a little, and sits up to give Alex her full attention. “I mean, yes, but what’s confusing you?”

“I…” Alex stops, frowning again. They take a few seconds to try and organize their thoughts. “I feel like I’m doing a bad job at being non-binary if that makes any sense.” Alex says meekly, pulling their knees up, hugging them protectively.

Maggie tilts her head, soft brown eyes studying her lovers features. She reaches out, placing a reassuring hand on one of Alex’s, and she says, “I don’t understand it,” her voice is as soft as it can possibly be, “but I’d to. Can you explain it to me?”

Alex looks up at the ceiling, and takes a deep breath. “I don’t know if I can explain it. It’s… It’s just that whenever I look up photos of non-binary people, they seem to be following a pattern…some unspoken rule that I’m not in on or something…”

“Do you mean in the way they dress, and the way they style their hair, and all that?” Maggie asks, trying to see if she is following Alex’s train of thought.

“Yes!” Alex exclaims, looking pained. “I mean, I already sorta have short hair, but it’s not as short as Vasquez, for example; and it’s still very passing as a female look…”

Maggie wants to intervene, but by the look on Alex’s face, it seems like they are ready to voice all their thoughts so she stays quiet and listens.

Alex gets up from the couch, and starts pacing in front of Maggie. “I like some items of men’s clothing, but again, I don’t think it would be ‘enough’ even if I wore a binder - which I wanna try, by the way. Will you help me find a good one?”

The look on Alex’s face is so utterly adorable that Maggie can’t help but grin and nod. “Of course, babe, but go on.”

“Right, so…” Alex goes back to pacing, fidgeting with their hands as they speak. “And what the hell are packers??? I’ve seen the word thrown in chats and websites here and there, but I haven’t seen a photo of it yet… Anyway-” Alex’s eyes widen and they shake their head, wondering if this is what Kara feels like when she can’t stop rambling. “I feel like I’m not doing enough, because I like my hair the way it is, and I like most of the clothes I already had, and most days I’m fine with all…all my curves…” Alex finishes, scrunching their nose at themselves.

Maggie nods, and when Alex stops pacing, she pats the spot next to her on the couch. “Come here, Danvers.” And Alex complies, because it there’s anything, if there’s anyone who can make them feel better about this is Maggie Sawyer.

“Babe, from all I’ve read, from all the people I’ve talked to, being non-binary doesn’t equate to being masculine or fitting into a certain mold.” Maggie sighs, offering Alex a little reassuring smile as she cups her lover’s cheek. “If having short hair, wearing a binder, and a packer were the things that made you feel more like yourself, it would be fine; but if having your hair this long, and wearing a binder only on certain days is what puts that beautiful smile of yours on your gorgeous face, than there’s nothing wrong with it. 

“Take whatever you like from all the genders, and be yourself, love. There’s no wrong way to be non-binary, and there’s no wrong way to be Alex Danvers.”

Alex looks at Maggie like she is the sun itself, because how else could they explain feeling so warm in her presence? How else could they explain that even in their darkest moments, Maggie brightens everything up?

With tears in their eyes, Alex rasps out a little “Thank you” before pulling Maggie in for a slow, passionate kiss; a kiss they hope will translate how thankful they are to have Maggie in their life, how grateful they are that Maggie is exactly the amazing person she is; not flawless, but definitely perfect. 

And it works.

When the kiss is broken, Maggie’s eyes are darker, her cheeks have a hint of color to them, while her breathing comes out in short puffs of air. “I love you too, Danvers.” she whispers, with a bright smile, making Alex splutter, and chuckle, playfully bumping her shoulder to Maggie’s.

Shaking her head, and chuckling fondly at Alex, Maggie pulls a throw pillow onto her lap, and pats it, saying, “Come here, nerd. Let’s find something mindless to watch.”

Alex happily complies, laying their head on Maggie’s lap, mind back to being at ease and it shows by the way the corner of their lips curl up in an easy smile.

Maggie and Aex start bickering playfully over what show they want to watch, and Alex feels like everything is right again.

Morning Check In and Reunion

“Hey Xavier!”

Leona peered into the room, and puffed out her cheeks, he was still sleeping, but at least Mama’s dream catcher seemed to work, and she walked in, “I was doing my morning jog, and I figured I’d bring you a present,” she took out a small diamond lion and put it with a few other animals she had shaped for him, “Anyways, when you wake up, we’ve got a lot of practice to make up for. In that battle, I didn’t anticipate some of your moves, and if we’re going to do that again, we need to be perfectly on sync. It’s more effective that way.”

She chewed the inside of her cheek, resisting the urge to peek and see how his wounds were healing, “Papa says it’s gonna be a nasty scar, but he has lots, so it won’t make any difference. Besides, he said something about chicks digging scars. Though why you want to attract chickens makes no sense to me. Eggs maybe?” she grinned, “He also practically promised me that he’ll give you some lessons too! So maybe you can help me with Uncle Vonic in telling him that Papa’s way is the best Oathblood style!”

Still no answer, and she sighed, “Trade-Lord likes you I think! So you gotta come visit Sunspire sometimes. I’m going to try and get in one of the Pit nights, maybe you can fight against me!” she chewed the inside of her cheek, “Well… I’ll come check on you tomorrow!”

Still sleeping, but his color did look a bit better… though he was sweating, and Leona frowned as she walked back outside from the halls.


She looked in surprise at the voice, then her eye widened as the familiar scent of rain and apple blossoms hit her and she stared at the red-haired girl, “Kit?!?”

“Man! This is great!” Kit grinned, "Hey! Wanna help Ilyea and me glitter bomb the place? I’ve got buckets of the stuff, and then I figured we’d head over to that port.“

"Please don’t,” Leona said quietly, just knowing that it’d be her job to clean it up, “Where’s um… where’s Evie..?”

“He’s napping right here,” Kit opened her bag to show the girl, “I was able to get some shrinking pots… hey, how come you’re never on the comms anymore?”

“I’m not allowed to have that or the Atlas communicators. Mama said that there was a lot of inappropriate things on there.”

Or I could tell her the truth, that I lost it when I had that fit a month or so ago.

Leona frowned, was it really a month? That seemed so long ago.

“You met Ilyea at Tavern Night?” Leona guessed, “How’d it go?”

“Pretty good. Hey! You should host one for me again! Vel seems much happier when you or Serene do, and I can’t find her like at all… when’d you guys move anyways?”

“Um, right before Broken Shore.”

Papa and Mama were behind enemy lines, and then the valajar made me stay in Skyhold, and then we had to go rescue Papa from Helheim…Oh and then I went camping in Highmountain and joined a crew of pirates… 

Leona chewed the inside of her cheek, only half listening to Kit as the older girl cheerfully prattled on about her adventures.

She’s… actually matured a bit. Not much. But a bit. The General made the right decision, but… if this Kit was the Kit that had been given my egg… he may not have made it.

Kit paused, then tilted her head at Leona, “You alright? Hey, where are Varotin and Mira anyways?”

“We’re all working,” Leona said placing her hands behind her back, “I’ve got a job as an apprentice to the best rig-master that ever lived. If you had him instead of that flighty bird, you might still have the Dragonfox.”

“Don’t remind me,” Kit sighed, “Noooooooo faiiiiiiiiiiiiiir. Even you’ve got a ship!”

Then again… maybe she hasn’t matured that much at all.

“Well, one day when I’m captain of my own, I’ll give you a job,” Leona scrunched her nose in thought, “Scratch that, I’ll give Evie the job. You can be in charge of the galley. I don’t mind everything being apples,” she grinned, “Course I don’t think I want to be Captain ever, I’ll just be the second best rig-master to ever live! And go on adventures with my crew!”

Kit puffed out her cheeks, “DAMNIT! No fair! That means you’ll get the wedding like the one at the end of that pirate trilogy we read together once!”

Leona turned bright red, “I’m not gonna get married! That’s sissy stuff!”

Though… she did have a point, getting married in the middle of an epic ship battle, killing enemies as you struggled to say your vows…

NO! Absolutely NOT, no way! Even if that was totally awesome… I am NOT going to fall in love with a stupid girl or a idiot boy!

“I’m gonna to be blood brothers with the Crew! You said yourself, you don’t marry blood brothers!”

The older girl laughed, “We’ll seeeee…” she teased and winked, then waved, “Welp! I’m off to find Ilyea! This place won’t paint happy rainbows on itself!”

Leona waved as Kit walked away, and breathed a sigh of relief, “It… was really nice to talk with her again…” she smiled sadly, then giggled, “I should have told her about the noodle stand!”

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(mentions: @velerodra @farflights @rizzythemonk @generalcero @xavier-sunshadow and does Ilyea have a blog or am I completely missing it?)

There he is, yet again. occupying a small section of Shinjuku, on his own, in the late hours of the night. This time he’s not in his school uniform. In fact, if you didnt know who to look for, it was pretty easy to overlook him. At least there was one benefit to being an invisible nobody like him.

He’s off in his own little world by now. Leaning against a railing, phone in one hand, a convenience store bag hanging from the wrist. In his other hand he hold a canned coffee. It’s opened and half empty. The way he holds it from the top, his index finger absently plucks at the lifted tab. 

His thumb on the hand that holds his phone scrolls every so often. His attention is completely focused on the information he’s reading.

Whatever he’s reading, the ambient sounds of the city night life dont seem to disrupt him. 

What will you do?

> approach him?
> leave him be.

Have some badly drawn stick figures thingies~

Had a need couple of days ago, or maybe it is weeks? to doodle the skeleton brothers of UT US UF and SF heights next to each other, also was inspired by all the other people who have been posting their heights headcanons for them lately, even tho I have already done that sorta HERE and HERE :D

But anyway their heights according to me goes like this:

Berry: 5f 1i aka 154 cm, tallest of the Sanses

Red: 4f 10i aka 147 cm

Sans: 4f 9i aka 145 cm

Scratch: 4f 8i aka 141 cm

Papy: 7f 3i aka 221 cm, tallest of the Papyruses

Puppy: 7f 1i aka 215 cm

Edge: 6f 10i aka 209 cm

Papyrus: 6f 9i aka 207

I actually forgot that I didn’t make Edge the shortest of the Papyruses at first, so I had to redraw him and Papyrus xD

I also now realise that the Underswap bros are both the tallest… how, or rather why, did that happen?

aaaaarrghhh i ended up seeing art of a leak for a new gem >:(

i mean, it’s what i expected them to look like, but i wanted to go without seeing leaks for once

The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything, is forty-two.

-Deep Thought, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Happy 42nd Birthday Misha!

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I just sorta wanna binge read your writing..... But I have already read everything. ;~; oh well. I guess I can survive.....WITH THIS HERE ASK HAHA TRICKED YOU! I CANT REALLY SURVIVE WITHOUT YOUR WRITING! IT WAS ALL A HOAX! MUAHAHAHAHA! How about smol S/O coming out to thier skeleboi (UF US MT PAPYRUS) as Pansexual. And they just.... Break down crying when the skele doesn't talk for a moment. Because they are rly scared about thier reaction? Thanks, Babe! Love you, Bye! ~Fiiiiiiiishy💚💚💚💚

Edge/Boss/General: He’s kinda shocked by this revelation and is a little confused. He’s not ignorant of gay people or bisexuals but, he’s never heard the term pansexual before so he’s silent. When you burst into tears he shoots you a weird look. “ Why on earth are you crying?!? By the angel why the fuck would something like that change how I feel about you? God humans are idiots! ” low key comforts you and side hugs with pecks on your little forehead!

Stretch/Honeybear: He’s silent because hes pondering how he didn’t notice. Of course this doesn’t change his affection for you. There were plenty of gay monsters in the underground. Like Alphys and Undyne. So when you burst into tears he sighs and pulls you close. Softly reassuring you this doesn’t change a single thing at all. He loves you more than anything and something as small as Sexual preference could never change it. Never ever

Sweetie/Mop: Since this is an older time period and gays were oppressed he stops for a moment to take it all in. To understand why you’ve been hiding this. Immediately he holds you close and tells you all his thoughts on it. Telling you he still loves you despite it and he’d never abandoned you over something like that. Anyone who says or has said anything about it to you is suddenly gone. Wonder how that happened.

The thing I find funny about Merlin reveal!fics is how Arthur takes it so personally about the years of lying and I’m over here internally laughing like “omg Arthur he’s lied to everyone and you’re only thinking of yourself wow”



Kobayashi X Yuri Dragons (and a Venusian/also a dragon) with Fafnir
Kobayashi x Tooru/Tohru, Kanna, Quetzalcoatl/Lucoa, Iruru, and Elma…again, with Fafnir (The guy in the back)
Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon Yuri

All canon (Cept Fafnir. He kinda just plays games and tells dragons to kill). LITERALLY. This one monster girl harem I can get behind 😋

Adobe Illustrator

Okay so I’m sure if anyones talked about this (probably) but me and @nursey-patrol were talking about the update and because of that I thought it necessary (even though we’ve all been destroyed today) to mention about how Bitty deals with his emotions.

So I think we all know that Bitty has quite a few problems that he never really deals with. He has problems with past bullying, unrequited love, feeling like a disappointment to his father and just hiding who he is in general (which i am all too familiar with).

There have been two instances where Bitty has cried alone and had to deal with (just in the shown comic, who knows how many times in his life he’s done that before) and the thing is Bitty doesn’t talk to anyone. The most of a confidant Bitty has had before is his mom (who doesn’t even know he’s gay let alone his other problems) and Shitty (who was there when he admitted he was gay for the very first time) Now I don’t know about you guys, but it doesn’t seem like Bitty had any friends growing up, let alone best friends. He’s never spoken of any friendship attachments and he grew up as an only child.

So, not only has Bitty had any real confidants for his problems but h pretty much avoids them and bakes instead. Which is not healthy at all. Now since Bitty came to Samwell, he’s made some friends, which is great! But, to those people, they look up to him because he’s so confident and sure of himself. And knowing bitty, he takes that as an obligation to be the strong one. The person people can come to with their problems because he will help and give advice. So he hides his feelings and ignores them, and bakes and tries to act like everything is okay.

So the moment he’s upset, he opts to cry alone instead of seek comfort. Which worries me. Not to mention that sometimes, he will begin to open up on twitter but the second he realizes he’s said too much, he immediately clams up and says never mind ignore me.

 Now lets talk about today’s comic. Even though, he was crying, he was still comforting Jack while doing it. He worried about Jack. He ignored his own feelings. He cried because he knew that Jack was hurting and obviously blaming himself (because thats what Jack does) it hurt him. And I hope that this means that he will one day start to open up to Jack and talk to him about his feelings. Because, correct me if I’m wrong, that was the first time Bitty has cried tears of sadness (because I don’t think the tears that came from the oven incident really count, those were happy). Which means that the only time in canon that he cried in front of people, was when he knew it wa safe to because they were happy tears. So he wouldn’t be upsetting anyone.

I just hope Jack will be able to help him open up about his struggles because boy does this boy hurt and it’s about time somebody sees that.

A fun easy commission for complexquanta’s RP blog, ghostytrollcrow. Happy Halloween ya’ll =3 Jontansprite cobbled together a Davesprite costume for Halloween. Good call, bro! Good luck getting that out of your wings though, dang. 

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Heya' guys! How ya' doin? Long time no see, I just got my Newsies Nickname, Snipps. Thanks for all the great advice ya's givin' me! Quick question... what do all of ya's like to do for fun around here? I'm kinda new to all this, any ideas from my buddies here? ~ Snipps

Crutchie: Hey there Snipps! Love the name by the way, it’s got real personality to it. 

Race: As for what we do for fun, well- I mean, we don’t always have a lot of free time on our hands. We get up early and get home late pretty much everyday just to make a few bucks. It’s grueling work, but we ain’t gonna complain.

Romeo: I mean, more than we already have. We did sorta’ go on strike, Racey.

Race: Oh. Yeah, that’s true. But still, when we do get some free time we do normal stuff. Y’know, play Tiddlywinks, Jacks, checkers. Games like that.

Jack: We gotta’ skip rope too, but that’s mostly for the younger kids. The older ones just turn it for ‘em since they’re all pretty short. 

Crutchie: Sometimes we’ll all go down to Jaccobi’s an’ mess around there, or go see Medda if she’s willing to let us stay in the theater.

Mush: An’ there’s almost always a game of cards goin’ on somewhere, too. 

Specs: Yeah, but just watch out for this one, He likes to switch cards up when ya’ leave even for a second. 

Mush: I keep tellin’ ya’ I was just fixin’ your deck!



Crutchie: In case you’re wondering, this is usually how most of their “fun” winds up.

Okay, so I wonder if other people thought this too or if my brain just went off the rails a bit here.

It starts here, really, when Jason says to Bernie: “I also thought she loved you but obviously she doesn’t. I don’t understand relationships. Do you?”

And then this moment, when Jason says: “One thing I don’t understand, why did you get dressed up and put on lots and lots of make-up?”

And finally, when Jason locks them in the office and says: “Look what we found. I understand now, Auntie Serena. I TOTALLY understand.”

I just can’t help but wonder whether he saw the wrapped bottle and thought: “Aha! That’s what Auntie Serena did too! She didn’t buy a present, she wrapped herself as a present for Bernie. She didn’t forget about Bernie, she does love her.”

That’s probably not what was intended, right? I’m sorry if it’s just my weird brain but the thought tickled me.


“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Carl yelled as he stormed over to Ron, shoving himself between the two of you.
“I was just-” Ron started but Carl cut him off.
“Just what, Ron? What makes you think you can go around kissing people?! Especially Y/N!” You had never seen Carl like this. Pure hatred burned in his eyes, and you stepped foreword to place a hand on his chest to calm him down.
“What’s so special about Y/N to you Carl? She’s not your girlfriend. She doesn’t even like you like that, dumbass,” Ron shoved Carl against the wall, jabbing his chest.
Before you could get a word out to stop him, Carl punched Ron in the jaw.
He stumbled backwards and then tackled Carl to the floor. The two of them threw punches at each other, and just as Ron was about to slam Carl’s head against the floorboards you screamed at them.
“Stop it! You’re acting like damn children!” you practically shrieked.
They immediately got to their feet and looked at you. “Ron, shove the hell off,” you told him exasperated. “Carl and I sorta already have a thing, and that kiss was never going to happen,” you stood next to Carl’s side and intertwined your fingers with his. Fuming, Ron stormed out of the room, casting a dark glance over his shoulder at the two of you.
Smiling, Carl pressed a kiss to the top of your head and pulled you into his arms.
“Thanks, Y/N,” he muttered to you.
You smiled warmly into his chest. “Hey, girlfriends gotta stick up for their boyfriends right?” you pulled back and grinned at him.
He returned the grin. “Always,” he said before he kissed you, making you feel as if you were the only two people in the entire world.