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Okay, so I wonder if other people thought this too or if my brain just went off the rails a bit here.

It starts here, really, when Jason says to Bernie: “I also thought she loved you but obviously she doesn’t. I don’t understand relationships. Do you?”

And then this moment, when Jason says: “One thing I don’t understand, why did you get dressed up and put on lots and lots of make-up?”

And finally, when Jason locks them in the office and says: “Look what we found. I understand now, Auntie Serena. I TOTALLY understand.”

I just can’t help but wonder whether he saw the wrapped bottle and thought: “Aha! That’s what Auntie Serena did too! She didn’t buy a present, she wrapped herself as a present for Bernie. She didn’t forget about Bernie, she does love her.”

That’s probably not what was intended, right? I’m sorry if it’s just my weird brain but the thought tickled me.



(even after all these years I can never get out of kagepro hell)

The thing I find funny about Merlin reveal!fics is how Arthur takes it so personally about the years of lying and I’m over here internally laughing like “omg Arthur he’s lied to everyone and you’re only thinking of yourself wow”

The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything, is forty-two.

-Deep Thought, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Happy 42nd Birthday Misha!

Tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better. Tagged by @magicsilly thank youu!!!

How old are you?: 18 

What’s your current job?: I’m in school

What are you good at?: complaining and obsessing over vocaloid

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: I wanna have a sorta popular webcomic one day

What is your aesthetic?: depends on my mood

Do you collect anything?: anything. Really, im a collector. Please help… mainly books, manga, DVDs, pokémon cards, pens, marble soda bottles, stickers and figurines

What’s a topic you always talk about: Vocaloid and anime. People seem to get really surprised how talkative i suddenly get about these

What is a pet peeve of yours:  people that complain about the way i talk. It’s mainly my sis that does this but like…ik my voice is annoying and i talk either too loud or silent but… don’t constantly complain about it

Good advice to give: life’s too short to care about what other people think or might be thinking

What are three songs you’d recommend?:  just go listen to MAMAMOO, they’re great

im gonna tag: @hajime-iwaizumi @hotarmaru @oneofthewolfchildren @joyfuleccentric @emmeryn @smol-giant @aishachi @crows-with-keys @mystrothedefender you don’t have to do this btw!! 

ok so i’m not only planning on making my Peridot redesign, but I’m also planning on redesigning my Gemsona (Rhodochrosite)

as you may have already known i’ve been sorta struggling with her redesign (like i’ve been asking myself stuff like “should i make her design more complex or just keep it simple?”, “should her dress have short sleeves or long sleeves?”, etc.) and I’m hoping to finally get a good redesign sketch that i’ll actually stick with soon

but not only have i been struggling with her design, i’ve also been wondering what kind of backstory/bio i should give her

i’m not planning to make her a deeply-written character or anything. but i would like to at least give her a basic backstory and stuff. i do, however. already have a few ideas of what she could be like (under the cut)

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  • WHY DID I FOLLOW THEM?: Because who wouldn’t wanna follow a giant fluffy fox?
  • AN AU IDEA FOR OUR MUSES: I…hm. I mean we’re already doing a sorta AU with Rin having Isobu, I dunno what else there is to do there. Unless it somehow was like, free Kurama running around being chased down or something?
  • A SONG FOR OUR MUSES: You had to know this would be it yo.
  • DO I SHIP OUR MUSES?: Uh, firmly friendship.
  • WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE MUN: They be great man.

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Okay so I’m sure if anyones talked about this (probably) but me and @nursey-patrol were talking about the update and because of that I thought it necessary (even though we’ve all been destroyed today) to mention about how Bitty deals with his emotions.

So I think we all know that Bitty has quite a few problems that he never really deals with. He has problems with past bullying, unrequited love, feeling like a disappointment to his father and just hiding who he is in general (which i am all too familiar with).

There have been two instances where Bitty has cried alone and had to deal with (just in the shown comic, who knows how many times in his life he’s done that before) and the thing is Bitty doesn’t talk to anyone. The most of a confidant Bitty has had before is his mom (who doesn’t even know he’s gay let alone his other problems) and Shitty (who was there when he admitted he was gay for the very first time) Now I don’t know about you guys, but it doesn’t seem like Bitty had any friends growing up, let alone best friends. He’s never spoken of any friendship attachments and he grew up as an only child.

So, not only has Bitty had any real confidants for his problems but h pretty much avoids them and bakes instead. Which is not healthy at all. Now since Bitty came to Samwell, he’s made some friends, which is great! But, to those people, they look up to him because he’s so confident and sure of himself. And knowing bitty, he takes that as an obligation to be the strong one. The person people can come to with their problems because he will help and give advice. So he hides his feelings and ignores them, and bakes and tries to act like everything is okay.

So the moment he’s upset, he opts to cry alone instead of seek comfort. Which worries me. Not to mention that sometimes, he will begin to open up on twitter but the second he realizes he’s said too much, he immediately clams up and says never mind ignore me.

 Now lets talk about today’s comic. Even though, he was crying, he was still comforting Jack while doing it. He worried about Jack. He ignored his own feelings. He cried because he knew that Jack was hurting and obviously blaming himself (because thats what Jack does) it hurt him. And I hope that this means that he will one day start to open up to Jack and talk to him about his feelings. Because, correct me if I’m wrong, that was the first time Bitty has cried tears of sadness (because I don’t think the tears that came from the oven incident really count, those were happy). Which means that the only time in canon that he cried in front of people, was when he knew it wa safe to because they were happy tears. So he wouldn’t be upsetting anyone.

I just hope Jack will be able to help him open up about his struggles because boy does this boy hurt and it’s about time somebody sees that.