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 thank you for 1k+ followers !!!

OMG I’m incredibly happy that I’ve come this far! excuse the shit banner but i’m so excited that i have incredible followers and mutuals. i honestly don’t know what to do to thank y’all but i at least wanna do a quick follow forever. i know some of us just became mutuals but its probably ok cuz i’ve followed you guys for awhile and love your blogs! ily all so much; thanks for talking to me and reblogging from me and loving me <3 you guys are awesome and everyone should def follow!! thank you again :) <3

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kisses to all of you guys <3 thank you all again for being amazing <33

update: fuck you tumblr for not correctly linking mentions


Look, I want to thank you all for supporting me and my blog… I don’t have much to offer apart from what always do here so…

From now my inbox will be open for your GIFSETS/EDITS requests!

I will make the first 10 requests that fits in anything of the following:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Sherlock (Anything involving Sherlock or Molly centered)
  • Ships: Just Sherlolly (Warstan, if is related to Sherlolly) and Stephine for Doctor Strange.

Please, be sure to send your request to my inbox. And I’ll try to do my best to make you something you and I will be happy with.

Thank you!!

Also I want to mention my lovely @mouseymodesty thank you for being there for me always!

 I hit 500 followers about a week ago and I honestly I can’t believe it?? I never thought i’d get that many so I just wanna say thank you soo so much for following me and making my dash happy and fun!! I know I don’t talk to any of you but I still love following you! The blogs who I love seeing on my dash and wish I actually talked to are in bold! A lot of the blogs were inactive or haven’t been on in a while so I didn’t include them. Anyways I love my mutuals and everyone that follows me! Thank you!!!!


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Still not over the fact that I have one follower, let alone 5,000 of you… I’m so honored, grateful, and humbled. This never gets old and whether it’s for one person or thousands or none at all, I’m going to keep posting my writing. Seriously can’t think of a better word than honored besides just wow. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.
Changes to the blog (think pages and links) are coming!!

shout out to the guy that saved me from a creep earlier by loudly proclaiming that i was his sister and he’d been looking for me everywhere, i don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t walk past me when you did, honestly the world needs more people like you 🌻

700? whaaat?? literally a month ago i hit like 200 followers and i was sCREECHING so this means a lot to me !! thank you guys so much :)

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thank you so much guys ily <3

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I was at 1k literally 11 days ago, yet here we are at 2k followers. Having sped through 3 mile stones on this blog in a less than a month is crazy, but that just shows how much people really love cute girls with fangs.

As said before had it not been for @hexagon431 and @enragedrabbit this would’ve never existed so I strongly encourage all you beautiful people to check out their blogs and follow them if you aren’t already doing so.

I would also like to give a small shout-out to a few friend that also provide quality content and who are generally good people as well.

@lucky13gt - Provides quality content, a lot of which ends up on this blog.

@thescottiest - A friend of a great artist which deserves lots of recognition. You should take the time to look through his art, here.

@moeitall - A good friend of mine who has a quality blog with quality content.

@toomuchmoe - because you can never have too much moe in your life.

@kwonnie - a friend who loves the idols of Love Live and is nice chill person to talk to if you ever need someone to listen.

300+ Followers

Soooo, I know I hadn’t really brought this to anyone’s attention, nor have I been really “active”… BUT I’m making two separate winner types for the raffle:

  1.  Mutual(s)/followed by me

Prize is the same, a drawing waist up: 1 character of choice (OC or not)

DATE QUOTA [February 26 to March 11; PST (END: MARCH 12 STRICTLY MIDNIGHT or MARCH 11, 11:59:59)]

  • -Be honest and use only one account each ticket
  • -2 tickets : 1 for a reblog, 1 for a like
  • -Art that’ll be finished will be submitted publicly,but will include the tag of the user or the name that the user provides

Any other questions, just ask and I’ll reply as quickly as I can! AND THANKS SO MUCH~! Hope my art can help you even if it’s just a bit!


I made this account 1/3/17 and it already has 1,000 followers! Thank you so much guys, seriously. I sadly cannot tag all the blogs I love to death, so here are just a few honorable mentions for making me squee; @always-billy, @bowieafter50, @bowieakajohn, @wingedbelievereagle, @night-spell, @berlinsbowie, @berlin-1976, @blingher, @paternalpadfoot, @coffeestainedx, @melody-hermione, @bowieisbowie, @missadler1897, @trendy-rechauffe, @ohyouprettygifs, @findyours3lfm


Thanks guys for following me, this means a lot to me because it means that you like what I post♡ Where I live noone practice/watch this amazing sport, so I created this page to share my passion with other figure skating lovers. This page is the only way I can speak with other people about figure skating and each follower is special for me😙 *these are the expressions I made when I saw I’ve 1114 followers😂*

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