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She yawned, taking a seat on the bench outside of the sweet shop. Would she find her brother soon? Or at least somewhere to sleep for just a little bit. She’d been walking for awhile and without something good to eat, it was really taking a toll on the small vampir. Maybe she could get a quick snack from one of the humans? Perhaps if she acted like a lost child again? That usually got the humans to help her, after all.

In this house, the only chance she seemed to have at some small hope of safety seemed to be being around Subaru. For some unknown reason he hadn’t sucked her blood and he even seemed to go out of his way to avoid her. Though there was also the Subaru who’d frightened her with his temper and his violent ways. Sighing softly, she clutched the rosary she kept on her. ‘I’m so confused,’ she thought.

Still clutching the rosary, she felt like someone was in the room with her and looked up. No one, but now that she thought about it hadn’t she wandered into a room she hadn’t been in? What if something suddenly appeared?

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Cas looked up raising an eyebrow and smiled. “Hello, can I help you by any chance?” He asked standing up straighter tilting his head, as his shirt was gripped in his hand in the back of the bar he worked at. He wondered why the customer was back there but threw the lighting he couldn’t tell who it was there in the locker room. “You’re not suppose to be back here.”

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Alistair stood in front of the Daydream Pet Shop. He had been feeling kinda lonely lately, not having much friends, so he had decided to get a pet. He walked in and said to the manager, reading her name tag,“Hello, Laramie. I’ve been looking fer a pet, an’ I donnae suppose ye have some suggestions?” He thought it was better asking looking around for some half-hour and finding nothing.

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                “Oh, uh, hello. Can I help you with something?”

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“What’s with all these green people?” Irey muttered to herself. This had to be the third one today. Sure there were probably plenty of green people in the multi-verse but she hadn’t expected to run into this many in one day. Before this she’d only ever seen maybe three, and had only really gotten to know… wait. Irey’s eyes widened. “Gar?”


Leaving an apartment building with a bust lip and the slightest of limps, Nox groaned. Fucking dick head politicians think they can do what they like with The Haus’ girls, they show no respect! Sure, the girls are there to supply pleasure and company, but that was it. They were not an outlet. Not punching bags. God, men like that made him sick.

Or maybe it was the punches that flew before he had finished off the guy. Either way, the teen felt himself becoming light headed and sick to his stomach. Stumbling along the street, it was clear he was close to passing out.