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What if Tyki had facial hair?

This is why he doesn’t let his stubble grow.

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Thank you very much to my mutuals and the tumblr crushes, whose blogs I absolutely adore!

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☆(人^)~♡THANK YOU VERY MUCH ~(‘▽^人)

I hope you all have a wonderful day or night wherever you are and have many happy blogging days.

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Also thank you again for putting up with my occassional rage with either FGO or feels in general for things like boku no hero and what not… :D


you can never have too many friends, not in the commonwealth

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

H E L L O!

Surprise surprise, im alive and i dissapeared which is literally common on this blog but this time, was for good reasons. Now, i don’t like to bore you with long speeches so i will get to the point with the highlighted letters and want to be honest in order to move on. Here i go:

I have problems dealing with emotions and anxiety and it got worse and led me to become ill various times and feel weaker and on the mood of doing absolutely nothing. In resume: my mental and physical health went to the floor and did break dance, it was awful. So i needed a big break to calm down and focus on selfcare.

I don’t want to worry you, now im better, stable and progressing on things i wasn’t able to do before and having good help :3. Means: i will be able to work on the blog again, i wont be so fast but there is going to be activity and comics back. Askbox and requests will be closed for the moment while i respond to pendant dusty asks and requests and work on new small amounts of new content.

Sorry if i dissapoint you and your hopes on new content and if you sent me any message im sorry for not responding as soon as you expected, and many thanks from my kokoro for waiting all this time and for supporting me with kind words, new followers and the blog by reblogs, thats so nice i freaking want to cry. Too nice for my body fghjkl.

In other news (no need to read if you don’t want to):

I want to confess that during this whole time i’ve been gone the only thing i have been drawing is Hamilton trash (and got into Heathers) and just like 3 or 4 doodles of Undertale… so prepare for Hamiltrash because that’s what the menú has.

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I will be able to open donations soon yay! Commisons will be open whenever school stops being like a crying betch  i have enough time and open some slots to begin with, im actually excited at this point ;v;

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My internet conection got better which means Streams!! i don’t want to keep you waiting for new stuff so i will do streams so you can see progress on comics and random doodles. When? mostly on weekends in the morning and if im not sleepy, Friday nights. Some of them will be with mic on so you can listen at my stupid jokes, stories and me singing Hamilton.

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Get ready to see animations!, thats something i’ve been practicing and it doesnt look so bad even when its scrappy. Yes, i  really want to do Hamilton animatics, Heathers as well and would love to do animated memes.

And welp that’s what i remember on what i had to say. Thanks again to everyone who waited for a life sign of me and for writing and dedicating your time on something to show me

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( behind the mask ) :: Hey everyone! I promise to be back here soon. Working on writing a longer post && I scrapped the original one I wrote so it’s taking extra long. && work has been keeping me super busy. Hopefully I’ll be back this weekend to respond to everyone && respond back to some new followers. Thank you lovelies! :D

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everytime I see your art I immediately squeal. Its just your art is so good!!! It looks so clean and cute and everything is put into great detail. the small details in the eyes and your backgrounds are so good just please continue making art. once i get money i'll commission the heck out of ya (this is anonymous but thanks for following me back recently :D)

Anon this message made me so happy you have no idea! 

Hmmm I have a few ideas about who this might be but I followed quite a few people recently so I can’t say for sure. One day I will be sure to return the compliment!

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OH SHIT I DIDNT THINK YOU'D ACTUALLY FOLLOW ME BACK OMG i just followed you because i really wanted a dunkirk blog to follow and you seemed cool and funny and omg thank you!!! :-D i really do love your blog from what i've seen so far omg

♡ ♡ ♡  your blog is amazing, of course i followed back! but you’re way too sweet, omg. i’m just a trash blog, nothing that special but i’m so happy you like it, and thank you so much for following me too! please feel free to talk to me any time beb!! (’: 

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Do u think that liam and zayn do sex ?and why please answer me? I love ur blog 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Yes I do think they do the naughty lol :D my reasons for thinking that is….

The almost kiss

Hmmm something tells me this happens a lot 

Casually ripping his shirt off while sitting on Zayn

Zayn wants him right there and then

They have so done this before ;)

I’m jealous of this one personally 

This one explains its self lol

Once again touching the special part

Look at Zayn’s hand

Liam’s turn to take some control 

The thirst in both pictures

The sweet kisses

We all know Liam tops and this is what he does

The occasional Zayn topping ;) 

One of my favorites :D Liam had this hickey when the boys were in Australia and Sophia was not there sooo who else could it have been..*cough cough* Zayn *cough* 

And of course I had to put there kiss on stage. They just can’t hold back :D

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