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✨ I’ve reached 600 followers!! ✨

Wowie! I know that probably isn’t a lot to some people but i’m just so happy with how much this blog has grown!! 

So to say thanks i decided to do another Follow Forever and mention some people i’ve met even when i was smoldantrash. I tried to keep mostly mutuals because you guys are my babes and have literally stuck with him trying to figure out what to even make of this blog. So THANK YOU SO MUCH! (and if i forgot anyone i’m so sorry!)

@astonishowell, @beautifulchaoticmess333@blackhowell, @blueberryphil@bloomhowell, @bonsaiphilip,  @bookishlester@buggyboodle100, @bitesizedhowell@cage-the-howell, @cansadda, @charcoalvoid, @call-to-fandoms, @cloverlester@dantlers, @dantea, @daninthesheets, @danandphilsbutt, @danandphilaremyaesthetic, @dangoghs@exxtrasolar, @emeraldphil, @fringegaps, @flower–lester@hobbithair, @hibernationhowell, @ironicphantrash,  @itisjustjas, @love-of-lester, @little-cheeky-monkey, @lovebirdlester, @melapples-oil-on-canvas, @mortallyvirtualphan,  @my-life-is-pistachiover, @muchdan-veryphil@nasa-howell, @navintaoe, @neonlester, @orbitingphan, @palrice8, @phanarchy, @phantxsy, @phanicornundertherainbow, @phanqueen17, @phangelina, @phan-waver, @philandhistrash@princessdan, @pottedplantlester, @spacedust-lester, @sadghostbxy, @snugglechicken@sure-dan, @sparklephil, @subaebia@tinyplxnetexplorer, @treephil, @thunderhowell 

100+ Follower Pic!

This is long overdue, but there it is. We won’t mention that I passed 200 followers yesterday. Something about that later today.

Putting this together, I really felt an appreciation for those who followed me. I loved putting together and drawing the characters in this pic. Each OC is unique and amazing even though I used a couple bases to make this a little easier.

I am very grateful to all of you, not just those feature here.

Special thanks to those featured here (Just a warning: some may contain NSFW material):













@ask-bakchus-and-notella (I can’t seem to tag you for some reason)



I really appreciate your support. Tomorrow, I’m going to put up each OC as an individual pic for you all to enjoy and use for whatever.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you better!

I love you all!

1k appreciation post

I am blown away I’ve hit 1,000 followers. I always look at the great blogs I follow and how many followers they have, and even though 1k may seem like little to some, I am so grateful for it and you all! On to the appreciation! 

@eggo-my-leggo for sending me my first ‘congratulations!’ 
@the-weirdo-on-maple-street for being the first blog I ever followed. 

My closests mutuals:
@theamiableanachronism​ // @fihyn // @reedstrangerthings​ // @elevenknope // @finnxwheeler (and all of our #parentsquad) // @baileytsample (my newest friend) // @itcouldbendoritcouldbreak // @stranger-art-things // @elevnns //  @cloeggo (and our #strangersquad) 

Outstanding blogs:
@theamiableanachronism - you have incredible content, particularly your text posts! 
@reedstrangerthings - though there are questionable choices on your part (Ched), you are the Meme Queen, Reeda
@dadharbour - your musings are fantastic 
@elevenknope - Val, you are on point with your text posts and headcannons @stranger-art-things - Sofia, you are my favorite artist on here (and I will never get over how you made 2016 for me with your Christmas Benny drawing) @cloeggo 

Wonderful mutuals/blogs:
@upsidedownwaffle // @eggos-and-promises // @reallyjustaneggoscommercial // @tinyryder // @themikewheelers  // @eggogorgon

And of course, there are so many more beautiful mutuals out there that are fantastic, these are just the few on the top of my head. 

I could probably have double the followers I have if I just sucked it up and never criticized anything

Everyone on this damn site is looking for validation of their own feelings or opinions.

They don’t care about what’s “right.”

I see blogs with thousands of notes on every post, but every post makes no fucking sense, and is just repeating nonsense.

But with thousands of notes.

Like if I just complimented all your favorite anime and never said anything bad to anyone and just played the victim all the time.

Oh yes.

I’d be a much larger blog.

God I wish I were the type to do that.

But unfortunately I’ll just have to settle for the thousands of you that don’t tolerate bullshit 🙄

I know to some people this doesn’t mean much but this means the world to me! I cannot believe there are 439 of you out there following me! I started writing Supernatural stories back in August 2016 and I’ve loved every moment since then!! I have a challenge as well as a thank you planned when I hit 500! Thank you all sooooooooo much! 

BIG THANK YOU TO: @notnaturalanahi @iwantthedean @chelsea072498 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @creatively-charlie @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (and any one else who has helped me!)

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We are 1000+!!!

Honestly, i never thought i will come this far and i’m so so so so grateful for all of this, i love every single one of you. Thanks to this blog i met so many amazing people and i learned so much.

I think that thanks to this blog and the people i have met here i grew as a person and as an artist, like, look at my first and last asks?

I went from an entire year of art block to start drawing almost daily and i want to say thanks to everyone who encourages me with their sweet messages, likes and reblogs; this blog would be nothing without all of you and your support.

Well, i’m probably doing something for the 1000+ after i finish the raffle prizes (SORRY I’M SO LATE)  but for now have this chessy post <3 If you read this far please know ily 



Thank you for your reblogs, likes, asks, and the tags you’ve given to my works! They mean so much to me and I really appreciate that you stay with me all these years, even though I move fandoms a lot. For new followers, thank you and I hope you enjoy your stay!

I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed (or suffered because of) my works! I love that my works can cause such… interesting and amusing responses. I love your tags. Even the keyboard smashing. Especially the keyboard smashing.

I’m also glad to know that my works makes your day better, which makes my day better as well! 

You gave me motivation to keep creating and improving my skills, so once again, thank you so much for everything you’ve done to me!


Have a nice day!

Also a bonus:



Follower Thank You!

I’m at ninety-eight followers, so I thought I’d show a little appreciation by recommending a few of them. I chose followers 1, 2, 7, 14, 49, and 98 because those are the factors of 98 and I love math. Here we go!

1. @assbuttboyfriends was my first follower. They are a Cas warrior who rises above the wank. Curator of more obscure fan art.

2. @casownsmyass has an awesome url and always has the best Cas graphics. Sam love.

7. @mishacollinsmyunicorn Cockles AF, reblogs great episode commentary, gratuitous Jensen body graphics.

14. @winchester-reload loves the X-Files, is one of my favorite fanfic writers and artists, super talented and all around lovely.

49. @awesomefanfictionaddict LGBT pride, activism, hilarious gif sets, lover of Misha tweets.

98. @teamfreedeansbi solid tag game, nice balance of gifs and fan art, Meg lover, genuinely loves and respects the actors and their families.

Thank you to all for following me and sharing your love for SPN. I finally feel like people understand me having found this fandom. 🌈

My fellow yuri lovers

I freaking love you gals/guys I reached 1,000 followers today and I honestly didn’t expect it. Thank you all for enjoying my posts and actually following my ass, all of you are so freaking awesome!! And loved by me!
~Never stop the gays yuri all the way!