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❝Riddle me this, getbcrnagain;

All about, but cannot be seen,
Can be captured, cannot be held,
No throat, but can be heard.”

With a grin, he turned and asked, “What is it?” 

Having been previously sitting alone in his office, he had heard the door open behind him. No matter how swift one may be, there was a reason he dealt with the creaking of the old hinges. However, a look of surprise and concern crept onto his features as he identified who had walked in.

“And what business have you coming to my current base of operations?”



It was Carina’s first time stepping into a bar since her encounter with Captain Jack Sparrow. She’ll admit that she was nervous, and was hoping she wouldn’t be called a witch or get locked up in a cell this time round. 

As she went over to the bartender, she looked to her left and saw a young man sitting down at the bar, drinking the one alcoholic beverage she’d hoped she wouldn’t see or smell in here. Rum.

“I already regret this.”

One new entity to meet || New follower

Hanging upside-down from a random tree, a particular raven haired girl’s bright brown-green eyes scanned her dark surroundings, looking for something or someone to amuse herself with. Her eyes focused on a stranger in the distance, her head tilting with peeked curiosity. She allowed her legs to slip away from the branch she hung from, landing on the ground below without even a single sound. Slowly, she walked over to the stranger, her feet once again not making the slightest noise, even when she stepped on numerous dry leaves no crack was heard. Only when she was closer to the other did she speak, still trying to be cautious as to if the other was friend or foe. “Hey, you..”

beardedbowman started following you

“One would think you’re following me.” Kili commented idly, not taking his eyes away from the prey further away to look at the bowman whom he knew had been following him since he left Lake Town that morning to hunt.

“Either you still worry about my health or then you worry about me not getting anything.” Kili stated finally glancing at the man with a playful grin. “Which, if that is the case, is a stupid thought.”