Wig: Juxta by Shi @ Hair Fair
Nose Studs: The Circle & The Heart Nose Stud by Amala
Earrings: Right Round Hoop Earrings by Fashionism
Septum Ring: Greco Septum by Zoom
Choker #1: Choker Black by Minimal
Choker #2: Vintage Choker Fish by Rebel Gal
Jacket: Biker Jacket Over Shoulders by Coco
Vest: Lisa Denim Vest by Addams
Bra: Sporty Bra by Tetra
Leather Cuff: Menotte Deuxieme by Epoque
Sunglasses: Scar Glasses by Zoom
Rings: Immy Set Rings by Zoom
Metallic Cuff: Abrasive Cuff by Epoque
Skirt: Spliced Skirt by Villena @ Kustom9

Shooting Location, The City by Rowne

Maya Wears
: Daphne by Murray @ Hair Fair
Necklace: Shard Necklace by Epoque
Dress: Cage Dress by Ison
Leather Cuff: Menotte Deuxieme by Epoque
Clutch: Alimony Clutch by Epoque
Shoes: Satin Wrap Heels by Leverocci (Not Available)

Madison Wears
Wig: Lindsay by Murray @ Hair Fair
Necklace: Vintage Necklace by Pumpkin
Dress: Crystal Dress by Tetra
Bracelet: Curb Chain Bracelet by Garbriel
Bag: Totem Bag by Leverocci (NotAvailable)
Shoes: Holo Heels by Ison

Shooting Location, Peckham Skybox by Balaclava

ok so this is Old News for zelda fans but i just finished windwaker and you know what rlly irritates me? 

tetra. shes a COOL BUTCH PIRATE QUEEN and then suddenly shes gotta wear a dress and have long hair and hide in a room for half the game?

B U L L S H I T.


They’re finally here! Seven sticker pages of beautiful aquatic creatures fresh from the home aquarium and onto the page! I don’t have these printed yet and I still have to look into what materials I want to print on and where to get them this time. I’ve printed and sold stickers before though and they turned out beautifully! I’m not quite ready to take orders yet, so in the mean time why don’t we have ourselves a little 300 follower give-away! 

I’ll probably be giving away 3-5 sheets of stickers, so here’s what you have to do!

1) Reblog this post, you can use more than one blog BUT you can only win ONCE.

2) Be following thebettaboys! you can be a new follower, but I WILL be checking!

3) Be 18 years old or older, OR have parent consent!

Winners will get a choice of one of the following pages, they will be on white backgrounds when printed. The give away ends when they’re ready to ship, I’ll notify y'all when that comes around. 

1) Sharks, Gourami, and Tetras/Barbs/Danios/Rasbora (threw all the lil schooling fish together)

2) Assorted Cichlids, Axolotls, and Guppies

3) Oscars, Rainbowfish, and Loaches

4) Arowana, Fancy Goldfish, and Shrimp/Crayfish

5) Bichirs, Plecos, and Bettas

6) Discus, Snails, and Corydoras

7) Puffer fish, Angelfish, and Mollies/Platys

If perhaps you know for sure that you want to order a couple pages or all of them, and want to be sure yours are the first ones shipped out, you can place a pre-order by sending me an email at madimakesart@gmail.com and sending payment via PayPal to madimakesart@gmail.com.

Prices when they come out should be as follows, but may change depending on the cost of materials, ill try to keep it around this though (plus $5 shipping).

1) $5 for one species/group, separated by color (ex: oscars, snails, plecos)

2) $12 for an entire page (ex: page 1, 2 or 3. includes every species on it)

3) $60 for all 7 pages

The 40 gallon after water change and trim today. The foreground carpet plants (left to right: marsilea quadrifolia, narrow leaf microsword, and dwarf hairgrass) are filling in again after being removed last month. The CO2 regulator is in working order again and is being closely monitored for any leaks.

The 40 gallon community after a heavy trim. The foreground carpets (marsilea quadrifolia, narrow leaf microsword, and dwarf hairgrass) are coming back in after being totally removed last month. The CO2 regulator is back in working order, I am monitoring the tank for any leaks in the system.