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What are your fave baekyeol fics?? :)

first, thank u for putting ur trust into my choices by asking this question :D

well i rly cant remember since i read too many fanfics, but i remember the ones that got stucked into my head the most:

  • Will you love me tomorrow ?  dont read it while being on ur period or if u r anti-angst person… bcuz dont be fooled dear by the “slightly angst” tag… ITS A PURE ANGST… but it will be good if u r into assholeism angst :D
  • The Baby Deal i kinda liked this one… it was a fun ride indeed ^.^

and recently im obssessed with anything written by those beautiful ppl

BaekMeSomeEggyeol & park_eunhuii

they write some good shit fr like…

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Hi! Do you have any tips on how to guess the ascendant if you don't have the birthtime? I hope its okay to ask this question and that it doesn't count as a request? If it does then I'll just resend it when you open them again 💕 also, thank you so much for taking the time and answering everyone's questions, it's really interesting and helpful! I'm also a huge fan of your tags lol, so please never stop doing that as well 💕

Hi anoon! You’re very welcome and omg I blushed because of what you said about the tags because I ramble so much on them and often have to control myself because I talk too much. lol Anyway. Thanks! And sure it’s ok to ask this. :) I’m really only good at guessing people’s Ascendants by their looks and frequent little quirks. And a lot more so when I’ve seen their charts without the birth time, since I’ll get how their rulers are working. So I’ll explain characteristics of each Ascendant but please keep in mind that you have to check the rulers and understand their strong placements. Eyes are often a good way of finding out if they’re Cancer, Gemini, Libra or Pisces Risings - so I’ll talk about these first.

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love your artwork. However, your blog seems to mainly be about 13-15 year old girls lusting over your boy look. and you like it way too much. its like a One Direction or Justin Bieber blog but worse. post more artwork please :)

(( Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you like my artwork. :)

This blog is my personal as well as my art blog, and I tag all of my personal posts with “Me myself and I” if you’d like to black list it.

Most of the questions and comments I receive are referring to me and my personal life, so those are the asks I usually answer publicly, since I often receive several of the same questions and comments from a variety of people.

My followers have been wonderfully supportive and flattering, and it most certainly encourages me to post gifs or pictures. I feel very comfortable with everyone, and I know that I enjoy seeing how the person on the other side of the screen is reacting as opposed to a few words, so I generally post my reactions visually as well as verbally.

Also, I certainly won’t deny that I really enjoy receiving compliments. But I’d imagine most people do. ;)))

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I got a ? When are y'all gonna stop being baited with bamon? It's been obvious a long time they're NOT happening.lol Also this idea that Ian doesn't like delena storyline is laughable. All he's ever tweeted is bts of delena. The guy loves delena.

I have a question too since were doing this. When will your thirst for bamon be quenched? Lmao why are you in my inbox I did not summon you stop coming here without an invite. Lets be honest here if you really thought Bamon wasn’t happening you would keep your delusional ass in your own tag and stop coming here looking for some type of validation take this to your fellow DE stans if your looking for some coddling I’m not the one and I’m not going to do it lol. The only person whose perpetuating their disdain for DE is Ian lmao go watch any con or better yet go watch all the stans on twitter having a melt down every time Ian opens his mouth because he shades DE and props Bamon every chance he can get. Don’t get mad at us because Ian’s not here for a relationship that stunts his character and that lost any semblance of chemistry they had seasons ago. In what world does Ian love DE he may have loved working with Nina when they were dating but he’s always shaded DE but now he’s gone full throttle. Keep in mind it was not my ship he said should have a brother and sister relationship just a few cons ago. Now scurry along back under whatever bridge you and the rest of the trolls inhabit :)