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‘lil update!

Just wanted to say a ‘lil hello again! I know this blogs pretty quiet and slow moving most days now, but I’m still kickin around. nvn’

I noticed that this blog is really close to 30k now regardless and I hope you guys are still finding some nice content every once and a while! :’) Thank you for sticking around <3

I’ve been busy with art and big projects not to do with YOI (and also still enjoying all the new content from the second season of Voltron ohohoboy), so time to go through the YOI tag has been pretty non existent unfortunately… Hope you are all doing well!

Next Generation HP Things
  • Teddy is “the cool cousin.” 
  • James is “that little bastard who keeps messing up his potions on purpose to see the ‘pretty fireworks’”. 
  • Albus is “oh god, not another one. He’s going to be just like his brother!” (except he’s not just like his brother. He actually tries.)
  • Lily is a sweetheart. Need I say more? She’s obviously a sweetheart. Except… she’s got a bit of her oldest brother’s mischievous streak, so she likes to explode potions, too. 
  • Scorpius and Albus are friends and both in Slytherin, because I like the idea of a Potter being in Slytherin, but I’m not too fond of the “Scorpius HAS to be not Slytherin thing.”
  • Everyone thinks they’re dating. They’re THAT pair of friends that always sits really close together and steals each other’s pumpkin juice and shares books. 
  • They aren’t? They are? Who knows?
  • Lysander and Lorcan are really popular in their houses. One is Ravenclaw and one is Hufflepuff and they’ve got a whole tutoring system set up with Rose.
  • Rose is, in the teachers’ books, “most likely to get out of here alive, just like her mom.”
  • Teddy gets a job at Hogwarts doing Merlin-knows-what because Harry has a life crisis and is like, “I NEED SOMEONE KEEPING AN EYE ON MY CHILDREN SO THEY DON’T DIE LIKE I NEARLY DID!!!!!”
  • Neville offers but Harry’s like, “Neville, you had enough dealing with me.” and Neville’s like, “You’re right. Good plan.”
  • Victoire is a healer. She’s really damn good at it. 
  • George’s kids are banned from having any of their dad’s merchandise on campus. The teachers just aren’t taking the chance. 
  • Draco and Harry are Quidditch Dads who have angry face-offs in the bleachers even though their kids are on the SAME DAMN TEAM. It’s ridiculous. 
  • Headmistress McGonagall gives the two of them detention before remembering they graduated and have jobs and lives. 
  • They’re nice guys (are they?) so they sit through two hours of detention with Aunt Minerva (but don’t call her that if you want to live). 
  • Rose and Hugo are inseparable Hugo’s first year because he’s nervous as hell, but then he makes friends and starts a club devoted to continuing  his uncles’ (Fred and George’s) legacy as pranksters. 
  • Everyone thinks it’s Roxanne and Fred II until Hugo feels guilty and turns himself in. 
  • The teachers are SHOCKED. 
  • He gives them the Sad Weasley Eyes and gets his detention time cut in half. 
  • Scorpius and Albus get too close to each other during Quidditch and Albus knocks Scorpius off his broom. It looks like he could do one of two things: Catch the goddamn snitch or rescue his friend. 
  • He doesn’t think twice before rescuing his friend.
  • Later everyone asks Scorpius if he was scared and he says, “For a second, but then I remembered Al was right there and I wasn’t scared anymore. I knew he’d help me, ‘cause I’d do the same for him.”
  • Cue the chorus of “aaaaaaaawwwwwwww!”
  • I’m done here. It’s midnight and I’m rambling and my sister would be so ashamed. 

so up until a couple days ago i didn’t even know a hockey side to tumblr existed until i saw it in the trending now section and i guess that’s how i got here. if you post about anything listed below or just hockey in general, like/reblog this post so that i can check out your blog and follow you!

  • auston matthews
  • mitch marner
  • william nylander
  • just any leafs player tbh
  • carey price
  • pk subban
  • leafs
  • canadiens
  • oilers
  • preds
  • the list goes on forever


Hello all,
So I have been watching with dismay for about a year and a half about the lack of solidarity–to put it in the utmost mildest terms–between other members of the community. And so I’ve decided to shift this blogs purpose a little bit. It will now also be used to reblog positivity for all people who get attacked from their own communities for merely existing. What does that mean exactly? More bi and gender stuff. (And as always zero REGs)

If you were here for just ace stuff they will be tagged “non-ace” but for everyone who sits on the intersections I think this will help provide you with extra cheer without having to find a blog for each label. 

If you know any inclusive queer blogs that you’d like to see boosted I’d love the suggestions so I can follow them. Leave them in the comments or ask box please. 

Speaking of the ask box. We won’t answer asks that are non-ace unless they are also our personal labels. We already do that so this is less of a change and more of a reminder.

Mr. Barnes

{Chapter 1} {Chapter 2} Chapter 3

Summary: Your first official l day on the job is much harder than you anticipated and not because of the workload. 

Pairing: Bucky x fem reader

Warnings: Some swearing, and small injury

Word Count: 1670

A/N: I’m getting notes on both of my previous chapters so I’m just gonna keep writing more until I get to where I want to end it. I really don’t want my blog to just be this fic and I’m really wanting to do some requests so sent those in and I’ll get them up asap. And my tag list is non existent right now but I’d love to have one so if you want to be added just let me know. -Hannah xo

You woke up to the angry sound of your alarm blaring from your phone. The sleep you got was shit compared to what you usually get. Every time you would get anywhere near close to falling asleep he would make his way back into your mind. Even when you did finally fall asleep he would just appear in your dreams in more ways than one.

As you rolled out of bed hitting the off button on your alarm you sat on the edge of your bed. “He is my boss,” you thought to yourself “yes, he is very attractive, fit, and is part of the avengers, but he is your boss.” You leaned forward and but your head in your hands and let out a defeated groan.

Skipping breakfast on your way out the door again was probably the worst decision you could’ve made. Your butterflies were worse than they were yesterday but the scent of the coffee shop as you walked in was oddly soothing.

You grabbed a coffee for both yourself and Bucky and headed to the tower. Upon arrival F.R.I.D.A.Y immediately greeted you. “Good morning, Miss Y/L/N. Would you like to know where Mr. Barnes is?”

“Yes, that would be helpful. Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You started walking towards the elevator as the AI spoke back “He’s coming back from his morning run now, he’ll be through the doors in seconds.” And merely seconds after F.R.I.D.A.Y finished Bucky walked through the front doors. “Good Morning, Mr. Barnes. I brought you your coffee, two creams, one sugar.” You smiled and held it out to him.

He grabbed the coffee as he walked passed you into the elevator. You turned around and looked at him surprised he didn’t say anything back.

Bucky stares at you. “Are you coming, or not?” He sounded severely pissed off so you quickly walked into the elevator and stood next to him. After about a minute of awkward silence you pull out your phone. “Mr. Barnes, today you have a meeting later tonight before a party Tony is having, and before that it’s all mostly training with Mr. Rogers and Mr. Wilson.”

He looks over at you without a word before turning back to the door as the elevator dings. “Thanks” he says before stepping out and heading down the hall to the living quarters of the tower. When Bucky walked down the hallway all he could think about was how knew that he was being very brief, but you were all that he could think of. The amount of sleep he got decreased, he was distracted, and he wasn’t training as hard as he should be, and he knew the only way to fix that was to be as professional as he could be.

You were in the main living room space at the table going over your planner while you waited for Bucky to come back up for his training session. He had 15 minutes before he had to start and you weren’t worried.

Steve appeared in the living room soon after you sat down and began to work. “Uh, excuse me, Y/N, have you seen Bucky? Our training session starts soon.” you looked up at the large avenger before you “I believe he went back to his room to shower after his run. He didn’t really say exactly what he was doing but I’m assuming.” you smiled and looked down at your planning “and you have about 15 minutes before it starts so most likely he’ll be around soon.” 

Steve sits down at the chair across from you. “We only briefly met yesterday, but I’m Steve, Steve Rogers, but you probably already knew that.” He chuckled and smiled at you. You felt a slight blush creep onto your cheeks as the attractive avenger sat in front of you. “I did, actually.” you smile and glanced up to his eyes. 

“It’s nice to have someone new around here, I’m getting kinda sick of everyone else.” he says with a little wink. You raise your eyebrows “so you’re saying, if I stick around you’ll get sick of me too?” He leans back in his chair before he laughs. “Oh, Doll, I could never get used to a pretty face like yours.” 

Damn. You thought to yourself. These Avenger men sure can be flirty.

Both of your heads turn towards the door as Bucky walked in. “Hey, Buck, I was just getting to know Y/N here. Are you ready to train?” Bucky looks between the both of you thinking about the conversation he just heard, and sees the small amount of  pink that was left in your cheeks. He knew Steve would try to make a move but, hell, would he let him. 

Bucky looks at Steve and with confidence says “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Before the two men leave Bucky turns to you. “Would you like to come down and see what we do in training?” 

“Oh, uh. Why not.” You said softly unsure of if Bucky was still angry. You followed the men down the hall to the training room and all Bucky could think of was how Steve would regret flirting with you. He knew being reserved and blunt wasn’t going to work to get you out of his head. Holding back wasn’t an option now.

As the three of you arrived in the large training room you went to the side of the room and took a seat at a small table before watching the two Avengers go at it. “Okay, so we’re just gonna work on normal hits and similar things today.” Steve said as he backed away from Bucky who was about ready to fight. Steve threw the first few hits as Bucky blocked and this continued on for quite some time.

You watched silently as the men fought before you and before you know it you were once again staring at Bucky. There was just something that made him so easy to watch. Between the thin layer of sweat that covered his entire body, the way he moved, and the light that would reflect off his metal arm it was just hard not to watch his every move. 

He looked over at you as the two broke apart to grab water and he noticed you. Your stare wasn’t inanely obvious but regardless, it was a stare. He knew that purposely trying to show off would be a stupid idea but when Steve came back to fight he didn’t hold back. “Buck, what the hell.” Steve grunted as he dodged and blocked Bucky’s suddenly extremely forceful hits. 

The training session seemed to almost quadruple in intensity and you were pulled out of your state of thought. Bucky was throwing some strong punches and Steve was blocking them equally as well but faster than you could blink Steve threw a punch and landed it right between Bucky’s ribs sending backwards onto the ground.

“Oh Fuck.” Steve exclaimed before running over to Bucky who was now on the ground holding his chest. “Buck, are you okay?” You quickly rushed over beside the two men “Is there anything you need me to do?” Steve turns and looks at Bucky then back to you. “Stay here with him, I don’t think I broke a rib but I’m not sure. I’ll be back.” 

You kneeled next to Bucky as he caught his breath. “Fucking hell” he wheezed and tried to sit up. “Nonono. You should probably stay still until Mr. Rogers comes back.” You panicked as you placed your hand on his shoulder attempting to keep him on his back but failed. He stood up leaving you on your knees below him. He reaches his hand down to help you up, and as you stood up your heel got caught under the other and you fell forward. Only to be caught by Bucky. As he caught you he let out a small grunt. “Oh  my god, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” You apologized as you stood up. “I’m fine Y/N. Are you?” He says as he moves his hand to your lower back to steady you. You chuckled “I’m fine. I’m not the one who just got punched in the chest by a super solider.

You were still pressed up against Bucky from the fall when Sam, Tony, and Steve all walk back in. You both quickly pull apart as you straightened your skirt out. “Oh well I see you two are getting along” Tony comments as he walks further into the room “I can also see that you didn’t break a rib.” he says while shooting a look at Steve who just shrugs. Sam walks over to Bucky and pulls up his shirt. Bucky tries swatting at his hand but Sam already had it up too far. “But hell is that bruised.” The four of you looked at the nasty bruise.

“Well, I’d say to call it here. We can catch up on training another time.” Sam said as he puts his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky nods and the five of you start to head out of the training room. “Y/L/N,” Tony spoke from behind me “You’re coming to the party tonight right?” he looked at you with a raised eyebrow. “Well, I didn’t really think I was invited.” You paused as Sam, Steve, and Bucky left, leaving you and Tony behind. “Nonsense, you’re part of the team now, and I think that tin arm is taking a pretty good liking to you.” You blushed when he mentioned Bucky. “So head home and get yourself ready, I’ll tell tin arm to take it easy until the party tonight.” You smiled “Thank you Mr. Stark.”

“Oh, just call me Tony, and I will see you later” He said with a nod before heading out. You headed out to your car only thinking about the possible outcomes of tonight’s events.

hey all! your local thirsty/extra kihyun stan here!

i hit 1k followers during my exams, so i haven’t been able to make a follow forever until now. i follow quite a few blogs, but that’s just because i like having lots of exposure to lots of different content, but tbh there’s not that many that really catches my eye - be it gifs, edits, tags, etc. however, these amazing blogs below never fail to make me smile every time i see them on my dash. thank you for existing, ily 💞

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ok so at least in the mcr fandom, reposting is a huge problem. i constantly see reposts on my dash and the tags these days are like 50% reposts when it comes to gifs/photosets/graphics so i’ve been wanting to make a post on how to spot reposts.

of course, you can’t expect yourself to always be looking for reposts or to even spot all of them, but it’s good to have in mind cause some reposts end up getting thousands of notes which sucks for the people who spent their time and effort making them.

so, how to spot a repost?

  • if weheartit is the source, it’s a repost. every time. regardless of fandom. do not reblog things with weheartit as the source.
  • people don’t do this as much now i find, but a few years back and earlier on tumblr, most people watermarked their original content with either just their url or ‘url | tumblr’ or something similar. if you see a recent post in a tag with a url that doesn’t match the url of the poster, it’s almost definitely a repost. if you see it on your dash with a couple hundred notes but the url doesn’t match, i usually go to the url on the watermark and see if that blog still exists or if they’ve linked to their more recent url, if some hunting brings you to a different blog than the person who posted the version you’ve seen, its a repost.
  • pay attention to the captions of posts. if the caption is something like ‘too cute!’ or ‘omg!’ or something like that, i tend to assume its a repost. the real content creators generally caption with a link to the source of the photo or video thats they’ve edited/gifed or something along those lines. this isn’t always the case but if you’re not sure, i usually check the blog which ties into my next point -
  • if you go to the blog of the poster and all of their posts are ‘original posts’ (aka not reblogs) but they’re gifs of all different sizes, qualities, styles, etc. you might want to assume that this is like…a serial reposter. plenty of people do this unfortunately. 
  • pay attention to the tags. i find that most people who create original gifs and edits will tag their work with ‘my gif’, ‘my edit’, ‘mine’ or something along those lines. this isn’t always true, again, but it would be another time i’d check the persons blog to see what else they’re posting. if the tags on a gif are evry band member, 10 different variations of the band name, and then a bunch of bands or band members that aren’t even related to the post, i usually assume that this is someone just trying to get notes and followers as opposed to getting people to see their work. not always true, but use your discretion.
  • if it’s a post of all different gifs of the same band member as an ‘appreciation post’ for their smile or a certain hairstyle or something but the gifs are all different sizes and not put together as a gifset in any way, just a ‘list’ of gifs or whatever, it’s usually just an entire post of reposts. i wouldn’t reblog it.
  • REPOSTS WITH CREDIT DON’T COUNT! tumblr dot com created the reblog feature for a reason. so even if the person who posts it says ‘not my gifs but credit to whoever made them’ or even if they say ‘credit to:’ and link or name the original creator, that does not count. it’s a repost. i don’t care how much you like a gifset, you don’t get to post it as your own. reblog it from the op, tag it with how much you love it. message the creator to tell them you like it. don’t just repost it and give them credit.
  • i’ve also seen a lot of screenshots of text posts. or screenshots of entire gifsets and their captions getting notes. this is dumb and not how tumblr works. if you see an image of a text post, don’t reblog it. if you like it that much you can google the post with quotations and you should be able to find it so you can reblog it.

most of all, use your discretion. like i said you don’t have to be constantly on the lookout for reposts, but it is a huge problem right now and you should be aware of that, especially if you’re someone that makes original content as i’m sure you wouldn’t want your own work reposted. feel free to add on to this post if you have any more suggestions!

I have been whining a lot lately on here and fully recognize that. The majority of my posts are negative, self-absorbed, and not especially productive except in terms of me processing my thoughts, which for some reason seems to resonate more for me with an audience or some form of response. It’s not that I want to be particularly performative (at times I’ve been the most unfiltered I’ve ever been on here), but those tiny hearts and your kind words over the past couple months have really helped me through a lot. 

It’s also not to say that I haven’t typed nearly 100 pages in a Google document where the most private and disturbing thoughts are being housed. Almost everything I’ve posted here has held some more meaning than the ramblings and paranoia piling up over there, whereas here I try to be more deliberate in my words and even venture into prose at times. Everything here has had at least some purpose (though today’s post about Chipotle may be a low point - yes, I know I could have gotten one for leftovers, I was just cranky and being overdramatic).

My point is, I’m a bit of a loss of what to say in terms of the space I’m taking up here these days. In some ways, I’m sorry for being a Negative Nancy and clogging up everyone’s feeds for so long now with long, emotional posts. I know they aren’t exactly interesting to read. But at the same time, I’m also not really sorry because this is my space and I suppose I can do with what I please. Perhaps the weirdest part of it all for me is that this used to be a legitimate teacher blog with PBL project ideas and now it’s the blog of a media specialist in the midst of a minor breakdown.

My follower count is in the thousands, though its climb has trickled in the past year or two since the #Education tag ceased to exist and it became more difficult to get exposure to new audience. I don’t know if that spurred this blog to become more personal or if it was the other way around. Regardless, because of its size, I don’t often look at the follower count. However, I’ve been hovering near a milestone so I’ve been glancing at it more the past couple weeks and today I noticed it went down. I really don’t care about it (I probably only regularly interact with 100 of you or so) but I realized it’s probably directly related to the kind of “content” I’ve been producing lately.

I don’t really have a point here besides to promise that I know in time I’ll return to myself and post more positive things (maybe even job-related? who knows?), but in the meanwhile, I wanted to thank all of you who have made me feel heard in these two months. Sometimes I look back at your comments on earlier posts just to give me some more courage to move forward. I know I don’t always get a chance to respond to everyone, but it means a lot to me. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you, so thanks for sticking with me through the good and the bad.

Follow my McElroy Family of Blogs

since i run So Many mcelroy blogs, i figured now would be a good time to make a post listing each of them and reblogging it around!

@ocpd-rose is my main that i follow/like from but theres also a lot of general mcelroy content, polygon, mbmbam, ect!
@autistic-angus is my The Adventure Zone specific blog! its NOT spoilers free, however most spoilers are tagged! its also become a little hub for autistic tazkin apparently???
@officialtomcollins is my TAZ:Knights blog, very seldom used but it does exist
@tazconfessions is my confession blog, however its not being used a whole lot recently
@griffinwhereheshouldntbe is my most popular mcelroy blog full of my meme of editing cold, confused griffin into other pictures
@griffins-vore-fetish is my…i…look ok i can fucking explAIN IM SORRY IM??? ITS JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blueberrysenpaii  asked:

ANOTHER OTAYURI BLOG??? *slams follow and throws glitter* ✨✨✨

YES ANOTHER OTAYURI BLOG! I doubt I can live up to the big names such as altisetsky, boxwineconfessions, joodlepot, otayuri-queen, pirozhki-prince, seeyounextlevel, or spicykatsud0n. BUT U BET UR BUTTERED BISCUITS I WILL TRY! (Let it be noted I am to scared to actually tag these gods in my post, the intimidation factor is real!) and btw I love ur blog! Definitely gunna follow now that I know u exist lol! (Ps, please pardon my weirdness)

anonymous asked:

You used to be realy active and nice and freindly, and now it seems like you only reblog art and talk to your blogger freinds who you write MEL with. You ignor asks and you ignor fandom memes. What happened to suporting smaller bloggers? What hapened to you? Its like you got populer and just forgot about your old friends.

Hi Anon-

TBH, this message took me by surprise.

Let me try and unpack your Ask a bit because I feel like perhaps I hurt feelings or did something wrong unintentionally. I also could go into all the things happening in my life on the other side of this screen, but you don’t need a bio (and I don’t think I should have to write one either).

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Hello everyone! I’m terribly sorry for my long absence. Thank you to those of you who have been messaging me to poke me back into existence.

I’ve added a ton of questions to the queue and have even more in my drafts for the future.

The tags now show a more complete picture of what you can find on this blog.

If you have any suggestions for questions, let me know via message or ask!

Thank you! ♥

I got tagged a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away by @bottsbotts to do @soft-almond’s Before and After Sim Tag and am only now getting around to it ( *´ސު`*) #awkward.

Here’s Olivia Frazier, the sim I used to start my very first ts4 legacy ages ago (and who’s existence has since been deleted off my blog). She still loves sci-fi and braids, but now also loves gardening, painting, and wearing no makeup.

So, uh.

Hello, everyone! Long-time no see, Rune Factory fandom.

I’ve been mega busy this past year-and-a-half, and as a result… Yeah, I kinda ignored this side blog a while ago, relatively unannounced (aside from the occasional event promotion). Poof. Gone.

Seriously, who am I, Venti? Kyle? Rune Factory 5′s uncertain existence?

Not sure how many of y’all are still here, how many newbies are here, if anyone even remembers this blog, etc. ;;;

But! I want to attempt to come back! I might not be online online super often, but I would like to queue up some art/fic/HCs in the tag, if nothing else, just to try and get the ball rolling for myself again/keep the RF stuff neatly in one place.

Any asks in my inbox right now will likely be deleted, since many of them are very old (I’m so sorry to those of you I never responded to ;;; ). I probably won’t have a TON of time to answer asks, but if you give me a few days, I’ll try to come online and answer them to the best of my ability. I don’t know if I’ll have a lot of time for a ton of content creation or even dumb little memes, at least at first, but I hope I can ease myself back into that again.

So! I hope the RF fandom isn’t… Totally dead… I know it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything on the status of the series, but hope dies with the stubborn, eh? And I don’t know about you folks, but I’m stubborn as a Buffamoo.

And besides, in the meantime, no reason we can’t appreciate the games anyway, right? :>

So, you’ll get a steady stream of (likely old and new) RF content from the tags over the next week or so, hopefully, once I set up a proper queue.In the meantime, hope y’all have a wonderful, Runey-filled week!

[I’ll also update the theme of my blog when I get the chance, hopefully sometime tonight or later this week.]

Cheers, and happy farming!

~ Lai

Tumblr mobile currently refuses to believe posts y'all are tagging me in exist. I’ll try to check them when I’m on desktop but I’m more likely to miss tags since I’m checking mobile most of the day. :/

(If you know how to solve this, shout please. I’m worried it might be because the blog is now routed through a subdomain but I don’t think that should effect people being able to @ me).

runawaybrain1995  asked:

I took a few months break from Kuroshitsuji to have more chapter to read in a row, only to miss the death of my favourite character and the reveal of a theory I had in mind for years. Jesus Christ, what the bloody hell. Anyway, I'm so glad your blog exist because you can't imagine how lost I was tonight when checking the kuroshitsuji tag. Now I have some reading to do all night if I want to avoid more spoilers with the next chapters coming. My point is, bloody love your work, keep going. Cheers!

Thank you very much!!!! <3<3

Originally posted by gymnastkid589

My blog is quite messy right now though, so if you are looking for information about the latest chapter, then check out the tag “ch129″ (likewise for older chapters: “ch128″, “ch127″, etc) and if you are interested in 2CT in general, then the tag is “Two-ciels-theory”! :) Hope this helps^^;

Have a nice weekend<3

laialk  asked:

Hi, there! I was wondering if you had any marketing tips?

So marketing, as you know, is hugely important for writers as well as uncomfortable. But it’s highly essential to build yourself a platform, even before you get your book out there. These are things I did that led to growth, but honestly I never saw myself being where I am now.

1. Get involved on social media. Make a tumblr blog based solely on your writing. Make yourself a Facebook page, a website. Go on Instagram, do all the things!

2. Post. As much as I’d like to say existing is enough, it’s not. You need to post. Post excerpts, story ideas, books you’ve read, personal posts. Whatever shows who you are as a writer, even if, for example, that might be a demon in a meat suit *sweats nervously*

3. Tag your posts. This is the only way you’ll be seen. Find out which tags are the most popular and use them. This means an end to using your tags as a comment section :(

4. Post consistently. Post everyday. Except on days when you don’t feel like it… kidding. That’ll likely be everyday, but post anyways. You’ll feel better. If you don’t want to mess with it all the time, set up queues. Use drafts. Schedule posts. It’s the online equivalent of propping up a cardboard cutout of yourself at a party.

5. Talk to other people. Yes, I just felt your soul flinch, but honestly, writers are the best kind of people and I’ve met so many talented and awesome writers (you know who you are and also ily). Comment on posts, get to know people, read their work, offer feedback, message people. Be a beautiful, if not slightly awkward, social butterfly. I promise you won’t regret it.

6. Be creative. Do things that no one else is doing. The best way to do this is to be yourself. Be that lone person dancing in a room while everyone stares. Own that shit.

The rest is really just luck and time. These all worked for me, but who is to say that there’s ever one way of doing things?

mbti types commonly used tags

ENFP: #funny #lol #omg #wait #i thought this was a picture of a lizard #but turns out #it’s just a man holding a photograph of his wife #whoops

INFP: #why can’t we just love each other #inspirational #puppies

ENFJ: #this is so important #we all need to read this #powerful

INFJ:#let me just tell you my life story in the tags #when I was a child…


INTP: #ref #interesting #aliens #my theory has been confirmed

ENTJ:  #political stuff #i’m running for president #wait #you shouldn’t know that #oh well #I’d make a great candidate tho

INTJ: #this is why we need to delete the internet #aesthetic

ESFP: #cUTE #ok #but seriously guys #we’re not gonna talk about what happened that night #and who may have #or may not have #been left at a gas station #because I am embarrassed #and scared for my life #fashion

ISFP: #awwwwwww #awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #cute #animals #art

ESTP: #HOT #HOTTT #hHOT #BRO #we should do this

ISTP: #I’m not a spy #i don’t even know #where you would get that idea #lol #government organizations #you shouldn’t know this

ESFJ: #adorable people #friendship #love #food pics #photography

ISFJ: #quotes #inspirational #aww #I exist everywhere and nowhere at once

ESTJ: #money #get rich quick #life goals #important #yes.

ISTJ: #reference #ref #life #adulthood #oh this makes sense now