the creators of pride and prejudice 1995 were so thirsty for colin firth they give him a completely unnecessary bath scene a fencing scene where he sweats up that thin cotton shirt to really enhance his angst and then have him dunk himself in a pond in said cotton shirt to really have you salivate during that iconic pemberley meeting what mvps

Moonsun Comic series by MGGBBANG

#Is this fate?

#How fate is made

MB: Hyejin-ah, what is Yongsun-unnie wearing today?

HJ: She’s wearin’ a crew neck… There’s that mickey mouse on it

MB: Thanks <3

HJ: ???

MB: What’s Yongsun-unnie wearing today?

HJ: A knit sweater

MB: What color?

HJ: Pink

MB: Yongsun-unnie?

HJ: –_–

Jean jacket


MB: (in the middle of typing) Yong-s

HJ: She’s wearing a padded jakcet

A long padded jacket

A black one

#Pretending like they don’t know?



[Punished for being too obvious sulk]



MB: I miss you


MB: I miss you

YS: Me too

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Caption: i put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad”, “its ineffective” fuck off

Dr. Anna Ripley is my favorite NPC. I’m still in mourning. I might always be in mourning. (I mean, I only got to episode 68 last week, so, gimme some time.)


Earlier I was watching Captain America : The First Avenger, when I got a call from a friend whose ringtone is set to “The Ghost of You” by My Chemical Romance.  It has come to my attention because of this odd pairing, that men who are dressed in 1940s military uniforms (properly tailored obviously) cause me to swoon like one of those women at the USO shows. I am hopelessly attracted to the oddest things…. Its no wonder im single and awkward as fuck.