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do you have any favourite voltron au's? c:

yesssss! I love altean prince lance and blade of marmora keith!!! or any variation in which keith is a galra soldier and they meet by circumstances (peace negotiations, political visits exc) and fall in love 


Post 5x17 fic with a hopeful happy ending. Also available on AO3.

Felicity could not turn away. She was never the type of woman to swoon or collapse but in this moment, she wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t going to happen.

Chase had put a hole where Olive’s heart should be. Her place. The place where she laid her hand, laid her head….her place.  How could he? How dare he?! She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. But she couldn’t. It was almost like it was all too much.

If it was too much for her….how was Oliver standing there. She could sense herself spiraling.  NO. She couldn’t do that. Oliver needed her now more than ever.


Oliver tried, he really did try to look at Felicity. He just couldn’t. He knew, she more than anyone could feel his pain. And she didn’t deserve to feel any more pain caused by him.

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after seeing BTS live in concert

suga is my bias

wait no, jhope is my bias

nah maybe jin is my bias

okay rapmon is my bias 

actually taehyung is my bias

but jimin!!!! 

7 biases? yup

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Hollstein AU where they are mortal enemies but they have to sing a duet together and they both swoon over eachother's singing

Okay I’m kind of imagining a situation where it’s a high school AU and they’re in chorus or a theater class or something and the class has to pair up and perform duets. And of course they’re the only two who can’t find partners so they get paired together and hate it but they end up having really good voice blend and chemistry and they both get slapped with the gay. Good shit. Oh and they sing What Is This Feeling from Wicked because how perfect would that be omg

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Takenaka this chapter was so 👌👌👌👌 tomenaka feelings STRONG

I KNOW RIGHT takenaka is such a NICE YOUNG MAN and hes SUCH A GENTLEMAN HES SO KIND TO TOME i actually do get the feeling they might become an item just cause right now takenaka would be competing for tsubomis affections with mob and also wow takenaka is just being really Ladies Man and tome better start swooning soon tbh

Quick Announcement......

I would just like it to be put on record that the reason I am now dead is all the fault of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his portrayal of Jason Crouse in The Good Wife…..holy hell..! Those looks, that confidence and swagger, that smile/smirk - and that voice! What I would let that man do to me……**swoon**

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Supergirl Fandom:  “We’re all about representation!  Unless they’re a woman of color…but if she’s played by a white woman than we need to give her all of our support!  What?  Queer women aren’t all white?!” and “We’re soooo tired of Mon-El!  We’re tired of seeing straight white hetero relationships!   So take this white lesbian relationship instead!  One of them is Latina!  But not the nasty, brown, ethnic Latina!  The Italian with a nice sun tan one!  Just like Lexa! *swoons*”

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I headcannon Akko being totally rekted with abs from all the times she trains herself yet carries on with her determination XD makes Diana swoon every time she sees 'em~


Zimbits Ice Dance AU

(see part two for the other characters)

I think I talked about this in the tags once but listen:

As much as a powerful freestylist jack would be (like his jumps would be huge), he would be such a beautiful ice dancer. He’d be like this large Russian coach I had for a while. He’d be so sturdy and probably would have a relatively stiff frame (at first? Maybe being in partnered w bits would change that a little?). But the main attraction would be his edges. His knee bend would be so deep and his edges would just rip beautifully. People would definitely swoon hearing him skate down the ice cause it was all rip, no toe. His turns would be so deep and smooth and he’s just have this quiet but strong graceful presence on the ice

He probably had a really good partner for a while (Kent maybe? Let’s pretend same sex ice dance partners are a thing?) but after his overdose leading up to something big (team USA? Some other big event?), they had to split up and Kent got a new partner since jack was out. So now that jack’s back he’s looking for a partner and I’m sure lots of people came to try out w him but none of them had that good of a connection w him or they were too intimidated.

And then, enter bitty. Bittys probably still a freestylist but maybe he started learning ice dance (at first only for that triple gold medal but he actually likes it more than he thought) but he’s still in the testing process (maybe he’s almost done? Just a few gold dances left?). When he moves north and starts coming to the rink, his coach is trying to pair the two of them up. He tries to say no, that he’s not nearly good enough, that he’s only tested and doesn’t know how to compete it. They compromise and ask jack to at least go through bittys last tests with him (I guess he’s been learning the ladies steps or maybe you’re allowed to switch idk this isn’t real obviously) and they turn out to mesh really well together. Like maybe they just naturally had matching extensions or maybe they’re just both really adaptive. Who really knows?

(there’s more!)

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I'm not here to squee about ACOL but rather the ADSOM Collecter's Edition. COLLECTOR'S EDITION!! I don't have a twitters so I don't follow Schwab there, but I was browsing through the covers on google (was showing my friend the difference between the US and UK ones) and saw the Collector's Edition. Dude, this is my favourite book, I instantly preordered it. Shipping to UK is hella expensive but boy it's gonna be worth it.


I am not ashamed to say that I SWOONED.