in the Goosebumps episode “One Day At Horrorland” there is a commercial for a fictional CD called 50 Monster Love Hits and tbh these song names seem rly romantic these tunes need to be recorded immediately I’m swooning

Theres an alternative universe where Baek Ah and So just say fuck this shit and go to live in the mountains.  And they pass the days with So training people in martial arts and Baek Ah painting and playing music.

Of course Soo joins them, she has a beauty business and people watch in complete confusion as the scary martial arts teacher melts when he sees his wife. 

One day Woo Hee comes along, she killed Taejo and has been on the run. But the mountains are a mystery and no one will ever know who you truly are.
So she befriends Wang So, and teaches alongside him… whilst simultaneously pretending not to swoon everytime she hears a certain tune being played especially to woo her. But she knows she’d fallen for the pink robed musician a long time ago.

and they just live happily, Wang Moo becomes king and him, Jung and Eun find themselves ‘accidentally’ visiting the mountains on a regular basis, without anyone ever finding out out why.

seriously though im looking at this photoshoot like he did a great job? a lot of these photos are high fashion quality imo? like he really does look like a model its not just swooning at the camera and looking hot he just.. looks.. like a model i cant explain it 

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Just saying, your nice blog makes gals like me swoon over!~ ;)

Do you happen to be near the coast of Morocco because if so you may be in luck to see the real deal

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That last photo of Tom where he is looking straight into the camera... swoon. I can't wait until his first episode airs. :-)

Less than 2 weeks :)) Yay!

An alternate design for my Grimm-Worshipping cultist-leader, Roux.

It started as a time-skip design, but it just turned into design-practice.

(Holy shit, that back tho- -swoons-)

Speaking of finding out, when Styles’s bandmate Louis Tomlinson found out about the cover shoot, he probably looked taken aback and said, “Another man??” At which Harry laughed and said, “No, darling, it’s just the name of the magazine.”
—  Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair, ‘Harry Styles Makes the Internet Swoon with the Three New Magazine Covers’

In relation to my Cisco should be tying his hair up post:

Iris and Barry swoon and get so damn distracted anytime it changes. Like, Cisco is just so beautiful, and his hair is so gorgeous, anytime something changes with his hair they die.

like, Barry trips on the treadmill and just walking in general and Iris drops pens and pencils if she’s writing. Iris particularly loves it when he huffs and frustratingly puts it up in a messy lil bun and Barry dies a thousand times over when he puts it half-up, it’s like, the perfect balance between hair up and hair down Cisco.

9's thoughts on: empires

I recently had a little thing for my supposed empire

So with my gf we don’t like the whole “White Knight takes Princess to ball”
We haaate that aesthetic
We are more like
“Emperor and Emperess survey their new territory, sitting on a stone slab carried by ex-nobles”

And the best part?
It’s genuinely flattering to each other
Like we honestly feel connected and swoon over it

Empires are just better anyways
We aren’t King and Queen,
We’re Emperor and Empress

Because empires own kingdoms

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Gold is a misogynistic murderer who basically rapes Belle and he's suppose to be this swoon worthy love interest. How is any of this romantic? You and your story are pretty disgusting.

Um…no he doesn’t. They’re married. Belle consented. There was no rape. I really don’t know where you got this from, since I always make sure consent is recognized in my stories. I’ve also properly tagged and given clear warnings in chapter notes. It’s not my fault you walked into a story you don’t like.

A work of fiction isn’t a representation of the author’s beliefs and values. It’s fiction. Look, if you want to believe that, I can’t change your opinion. But if you’re trying to bother me, you’re not in the slightest.

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Jimin is not bias but i am swooning and sobbing looking at his picks he is starting to creep up my bias list and if he keeps up he'll f*ck it up in no time T-T

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you might as well give in now because this boy is not after your bias list he is after your sOUL TRUST ME I KNOW FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE !!! 💀 but you have to admit that you probably enjoy his wrecking because he’s cute yet sexy, silly and kind and soft and sweet and overall such a perfect human being 💞