Thinking about Poseidon Kara and how he’d give me gifts by slowly rolling them in a gentle tide.

like I step into the ebbing tides at the shoreline and in a small wave comes a necklace of aged pearls and an iridescent shell.

and when the sea wraps around my ankles in a warm caress, I’d know that was him.

On days when the sea is tumultuous and angry, i’d lay my hands into the water, and suddenly the ocean embraces them, finding tenderness in my fingers - and the waves would calm.

When my heart aches to see him, on a dreary, cold night, I’d find myself at the shoreline…and he’d appear on the back of a shark. A tap of his trident to the sea and the waves would part, where my next moment is to be taken in embrace in his arms. The scales of his armor would make me shiver, but against his flesh I’d be warm.

the creators of pride and prejudice 1995 were so thirsty for colin firth they give him a completely unnecessary bath scene a fencing scene where he sweats up that thin cotton shirt to really enhance his angst and then have him dunk himself in a pond in said cotton shirt to really have you salivate during that iconic pemberley meeting what mvps


Guess who started reading @fenri’s Alien Sex Fiend? Can’t you tell how much I’m enjoying it?

Also, Pidge is the real MVP here.


Caption: i put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad”, “its ineffective” fuck off

Dr. Anna Ripley is my favorite NPC. I’m still in mourning. I might always be in mourning. (I mean, I only got to episode 68 last week, so, gimme some time.)

Now you can actually kill someone with  a literal baguette! 🥖🥖🥖

ft. combat louboutins and conventionally sliced up skirt! I just wanted to mess around with the whole french stereotype thing and make it a widow skin ;u;

BONUS: Transparent version!