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“I’m fine.  Really.”  You emphasized, tilting your head back to look up at Craig.  You’d managed to sprain your ankle pretty badly, and he had made you go to the hospital to get it x-rayed.  You had known that it was a broken bone, but Craig wouldn’t lay off until you agreed to have it double checked.

So now, you were stuck being wheeled out of the E.R. (as it was protocol) with a pair of crutches you had no intention of using.  But at least Craig seemed happy.

“I’ve got it.”  He chided when you went to grab the door handle to his car.  Instead, he pulled the wheelchair back just enough so the handle was out of your reach and opened it for you himself.  With one hand he grabbed your crutches and stuffed them into the backseat of the car.  With his other hand, he successfully kept you trapped in the wheelchair until he could pick you up bridal style and gingerly set you in the seat.

“I did tell you I was fine, right?”  You huffed as he buckled you in before shutting the door.  With a sly grin he leaned through the open window to press a kiss to your cheek.

“The doctor told you to stay off your foot.  I’m just trying to help you heal faster.”

“You’re going to be like this for the next six weeks?”

“You got that right.”

Soul surfer Lance

Recently just rewatched soul surfer and it was beautiful and heart warming as ever but now that I think about lance becos of his insecurities and struggles and what not to become better so i’m just putting this out there to get it out my system

•lance is a professional surfer (duh) and so is hunk and they all currently reside in altea, which is kinda a part of hawaii.
•the mcclains are a happy bunch who a few strips of shops so they hella rich in the altea
•lance is realllllly good but like not not as good as
•so he has this rivalry with him because he’s always second place and Keith doesn’t really know him cos he doesn’t pay attention much
•hunk is so over it
•pidge lives with her family who live in a military base there… so she just roams around bugs with lance and hunk and hacking jnto the government
•she gets along with keith cos shiro and matt
•shiro lost his arm when he was out of the country, putting him in retirement, and so now he does group therapy with people who faces ptsd
•allura is kinda royalty and she helps out shiro by funding the little organization but she s super busy most of the time
• underwater caves
•Elvis Presley Bcos why the fuck not
•80s show tunes and tons of ukeleles
•Galra might be some flashy water sports company who tries sell lance their shit
•OR a competing team
•wind surfing (?)
•Lance loves sharks. keith loves hippos.
•hunks’s family owns a restaurant so he doesnt really care of he makes it to the finals, he just wants to become an engineer or a chef someday
•Where shit goes down:
Lance’s parents ground him for reasons so he’s stuck baby sitting his nephews and nieces, but he somehow gets out and convinces hunk and pidge to go out surf with him.

They go to this secluded beach with a rusty looking shack that looks sketchy af but whatever.

Surprise surprise, we got mr. keith kogane in the area. Lance is pissed but whtver, he’s too busy oogling Keith’s abs.

•They have a bit of an argument (something abt trespassing lol) but its all cool.

•they make a competition about being the better surfer so they go out in the deep end.

•so lance is like hell yeh. Keith is meh. He’s up for the challenge

•so after a million waves, everyone’s pooped.

•so they just chillax

•AND A SHARK just comes up and drags him down. Nothing like the movies with the warnings, just pure absolute pain.

•Lance loses his leg.

• so *gory stuff*

•Lance wakes ups 3 days later.

•he feels the phantom limb thing

•he’s surrounded by family and it reminds him of a funeral sorta. He’s still a bit woozy from drugs.

•and i’ll add more but ugh 12 am thoughts.