(such hardship)

A Conscientious Nurse. A Besotted Poet. A Garrulous Devil. Untangle a knot of love and duty among the sooty tenements of London’s working poor. But be warned: in this tale of hard lives and hard choices there is no peace to be made between the devils, the honey, and the heart.

The Heart, the Devil and the Zee is the second story in the Season of Stones, and was written by Olivia Wood and James Chew. This Season involves three linked stories delving into the hardships and injustices at the heart of London. Players will be able begin each story from the Season of Stones card.

At the end of the season, players who played all three will unlock bonus content allowing them to address – or profit from – London’s inequity.

Editing and QA: Cash DeCuir, Caolain Porter, Chris Gardner.

Art by Paul Arendt.


In addition to a new, substantial, stand-alone story every month, Exceptional Friends enjoy:

Access to the House of Chimes: an exclusive private member’s club on the Stolen River, packed with content

An expanded opportunity deck: of ten cards instead of six!

A second candle: Twice the actions! 40 at once!

Finishing all three stories in the Season of Stones will make you eligible for an additional opportunity, to follow.

If you want to keep an Exceptional Story beyond the month it’s for, you must complete the related storylet in the current Season’s card throughout London. This will save it for you to return to another time.

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Do Capricorn in the 12th house people usually struggle a lot in life?

Yes oh jesus
The only really good houses to have Capricorn are
2nd, 6th, 7th, and 10th.
Everywhere else it’s restricting or, imo, indicates hardship.

this is  honestly one of my favourite scenes from  the  trailer  because it  perfectly  captures one  trait that  makes  spider - man  stand out from the  rest of the  superheroes.   youthful  exuberance.  whether it’s  then  or  a few years later  as he’s  looking for  a  job,  and  DESPITE all the hardships and  losses he  suffers  through. him  crashing  a  party as  spidey shows  that he  is  still  the  ever  fun - loving,  careless  teen / growing  adult  that even  tragedy couldn’t  snatch away from him.

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - EVERYTHING IS FLAMMABLE by Gabrielle Bell

Published by Uncivilized Books
$25.95 US print / Hardcover
6×9 / 160 pages, color illustrations throughout
ISBN: 9781941250181

“No one but Gabrielle Bell can so quietly traverse a single raw nerve for 160 pages. Just brilliant.” —Tom Hart, Rosalie Lightening: A Graphic Memoir

“Gabrielle Bell is able to create, with simple art and storytelling, the complexities of what are supposed to be life’s ‘simple’ moments with hilarious honesty and — fair warning — delicious cringe.” — PATTON OSWALT

In Gabrielle Bell’s much anticipated graphic memoir, EVERYTHING IS FLAMMABLE, she returns from New York to her childhood town in rural Northern California after her mother’s home is destroyed by a fire. Acknowledging her issues with anxiety, financial hardships, memories of a semi-feral childhood, and a tenuous relationship with her mother, Bell helps her mother put together a new home on top of the ashes. A powerful, sometimes uncomfortable, examination of a mother-daughter relationship and one’s connection to place and sense of self. Spanning a single year, Everything is Flammable unfolds with humor and brutal honesty. Bell’s sharp, digressive style is inimitable.

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Dear future self,

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Dear Future Self,

I promise things get better. I promise that no matter what you’ll survive the hardships that come ahead. I know at times people can be frustrating, and it’s even worse when you can’t find the right words to express why you are frustrated to begin with. This isn’t Othard, but it’s home.

In this ‘home’ you have a new family, a new set of people who you love and love you in return, and if they don’t they do care to some extent. I know you will probably just shake your head at this, but if you look back and think about things, you can at least find one person who is worth everything.

Keep that person in mind. Always. If things seem to bad for you, think of him, just as he thinks of you, this way, if the bad things do happen, you have him to pull you out, and when the tables are turned, say true to what you promised.

Pull him out.

sweet-sammy-kisses replied to your post: My first SPN con the actress who plays Claire(I…

I walked out when she was at Torcon the first time I went and I was amazed at how many walked out with me. Her backstory is rough and that is what some claim gives her the right to act like that. It doesn’t. Claire is not the only one to have it tough on the show, others have lost so much more and it didn’t make them act like her. There is a deeper strength that helps people overcome their hardship without making them act like a brat. Claire lacks it.

Exactly, Claire was 12 give or take when she ‘lost’ her parents. She had a relationship with her parents for a good part of her childhood, and she seemed like a good kid. That should have kept her strong once she was put in the foster home. But instead she became a whiny thing, who befriended the thing that killed her father and caused the death of her mother. 

Charlie lost her parents and became a strong person afterwards. Not going into her Charlie Sue phase, but she had a good head on her shoulders. 

Ellen, Bobby, The Twins all had tragic backstories but came out stronger for it. 

Sam never knew his mother and Dean was a boy when Mary was killed. John kept his sons with him and they gave him strength to continue to live. 

  • Elizabeth I: ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod-
  • England: um, Eli?
  • Elizabeth I: eep! U-Uh, I mean... y-yes, England...?
  • England: d-did... you mean what you said in your speech today... about marrying me...?
  • Elizabeth I: u-u-u... okay, I can't lie to you... I... I really meant it. I want to protect you, England, with every fiber of my being! I don't want to see you in pain because of what my family did to you! My father, Mary, they all hurt you! I want to make you happy! I want to see you smile again! I don't want to- E-England?? Are you okay?? You're crying...
  • England: o-oh... I'm sorry... I... haven't felt like this in a while...
  • Elizabeth I: ...happy?
  • England: no... loved.
Maybe, perhaps everything does matter in the end, every little thing. But I no longer am interested in the end. I just wanna look up at the sky and smile without purpose, unbound by every and all
—  ///Rasiversi///

Don’t give up, nonbinary friends.

This isn’t the end. There are other people, other jobs, other places, other lives that you can build, if your current life comes crashing down around you.

It may be hard, and it may seem as if the whole world is against you and all nonbinary people. But you will find a way to get by despite all the hate.

When you do it’ll be your way, and your way is the best.

So, don’t you give up now.


“It’s like this story has just been sitting in my brain for years, taking up space. Nothing I’ve ever written has been this easy.”