(still crying about it)

Finn gets you pregnant and your brother is Alfie

You and Finn have been dating for about a good 8 months. He had even told that he loves you. Lately Finn has been dropping hints that he wants something. You weren’t stupid. You knew he wanted “it”. (A/N: for any if you that are clueless “it” is sex. Just putting that out there.) the truth was you were a virgin and kind were scared of what might happen. You really did not want to become pregnant. You were only 18 for crying out loud. You still had about 4 months of studies left.

Today was the first day you were going to see any Finn or your brother Alfie in about a month. You told them to come over to your place cause you had prepare something for them.

When the boys got to your place, the nerves kind of kicked in. You were setting the table when the doorbell rang. You opened it and said, “Hello.” You hugged all of them and gave Finn a kiss. “Not when I’m around.” Alfie said, while pulling you away. Alfie still did not approve of your relationship with Finn. He did not try anything to break you two up though. “I’m 18 and he is my boyfriend.” You argued. “Your still very young.” “I’m 18.” “You’re my baby sister and don’t want you to get hurt.” Alfie kissed your head. You hugged and went back in the kitchen.

After dinner was over, Alfie and Finn stayed, while the others went back to their own places. At one point, Alfie left. But before he left, he pulled you aside and said, “I don’t want him here long. No funny business. I don’t need a pregnant sister.” Alfie kissed you head and left. You turned around to face Finn. “So…how was dinner?” “The best.” You both nodded awkwardly. Finn walked over to you. He started to rub your shoulders. You stood on your tiptoes and kissed him. He kissed back. Finn lifted you up and carried you upstairs.

After you two undressed each other and some fondling happened, you were ready to do the deed. Finn said, “Are you sure that you are ready? Cause we can stop now and go watch movies and cuddle.” You laughed and said, “I’m ready, but can you go slow on me.” “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” You ducked your head. Finn lifted it and kissed your cheek. “I promise that I’ll go slow.” “Thank you.” (A/N: Ok I’m only going to do part of the sex scene.) Finn separated your legs. He placed his member at your entrance. “Are sure that your ready?” “Of course.” Finn leaned in close. You clinged onto his back. He thursted into you. You dug your nails into his back and whimpered. You began to cry. “Finn , it hurts.” He kissed you and said, “I promise it will get better.” Finn slowly starts to thrust again.

*skip rest of sexy time*

You were cuddling, naked, with Finn in bed. “Are you sore? Do you need a bath?” You kissed him. “I’m fine babe.” “I just don’t want you to feel or get hurt.” You groaned. “What?” “You sound like Alfie.” “Your brother loves you so much Y/N. If any of the peaky boys dating one of my sisters, I would be acting the way he is now.”. You snuggled into Finn’s body. He draped his arm around you, yawning. “Goodnight.” “Goodnight I love you Finn.” “I love you too.”

-1 month later-

You were at the doctors, that’s right you thought you were pregnant. You were with Finn , you were in tears. “I just can’t be pregnant, it will ruining everything, I’m not even done with school yet.” “ Whatever happens, I’ll be there for us”, Finn whispered. The nurse the tells you your pregnant, you began to cry again. “Shh, everything gonna be ok.” Finn said. But you were not so convinced.

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Mom? When I was small my parents would always yell at me when I would cry (which was often because I was really sensitive), telling me that it was stupid for me to be upset and they threatened to give me something to cry about and I still panic when people yell, even when it isn't at me. They laughed at me when I tried to come out over a year ago and it felt really invalidating like it was to have them yell when I was a kid... idk I may just be dumb... sorry

NO. That isn’t dumb at all. Your parents are emotionally abusive to you and aren’t letting you express yourself. Your anger at them is valid and this is the furthest thing from dumb.

so i knew moana was great about hiring south pacific actors but i just found out that alan tudyk (who they were reluctant to cast but eventually gave the bit part of the rooster) is the only actor in the film with no polynesian descent????? and now i’m crying????? please let every movie with poc characters from here on out take a note from moana’s book


my dear is it all we’ve ever been?

The sun is setting.