(still bitter)

“Old people believe all that bullshit Fake News on their facebook home,” say I, a tumblr youth™, as I reblog an indignant social justice-flavoured post from mic dot com without fact checking. 


sacrifice //

Y’know how that chess game with Cullen was supposed to be all cheery and flirty? Well, the cutscene popped up right after HLTA in this playthrough. Trevelyan hadn’t had time to confront her guilt.

(You may want to click through to read, rather than scroll… Thank you, Tumblr image-resizing death.)

Barney and Robin were endgame and nothing and no one can convince me otherwise.

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I’ve been pretending my whole life. Pretending I don’t mind, pretending I belong. My life’s built on it. And it’s a good life. It’s a life I’ve always wanted. But then I came here and I get a glimpse for a second of a life in which I don’t have to pretend. A life in which I can be truly alive. How can I go back to pretending when I know what this feels like?

English still fucks with me in that I could purposefully use wrong word tense and exclude modifiers to give that “fukc grammer punctuaton speeling” feel, taking the standard phrase “I’m tired” and turning it into “i am tire” to maximize that no-effort-haha-whatever facade

But take that a step further and you get “I tire (of this)” and suddenly you go from tired millennial teen to confident noble on a white stallion looking down your nose at the peasants that dare walk on this same earth, what the fuck

Someone tried to tell me that Tarkin was not petty in the slightest.

I care to disagree.