me seeing the snapback: BABE YAASS YOU’VE MADE A RETURN!!!

me not seeing the lil cute curls that used to stick out from under it: i’ll miss you forever, my honorable comrades 

i feel like i’m kind of obligated to write a long winded and sappy post about tonight’s upcoming game. the thing is: i don’t know that i need to. anyone who has been following me for a while, knows how much the leafs mean to me and just exactly how much faith i have in them.

that faith has not run out and it won’t run out tonight, either - win or lose. the leafs have accomplished so much in one season, they went from dead last in the league to a playoff spot to holding their own against the top team in the league. it’s even more amazing that they did this with a team of rookies and a bunch of vets who didn’t know what it was to win.

now they do. the leafs know how to win. and guess what? they’re going to keep winning. next season might be ours and if not, the season after that will be and on and on. the leafs will be a playoff team for years to come.

so, i’m not worried. i’m going into this game with no worries and only excitement. i’m excited to watch my boys play and i’m going to be excited for a while to come and when has a leafs fan watching their team face elimination ever been able to say that? but i can say that because i know only good things are coming.

i’m so proud of our boys and i know that glory will be theirs, will be ours, very soon. maybe not tonight, maybe not this season but soon.