(sorry sasayama)


I’m glad Arc-V has so many interesting female characters. I wish we could see more of them, but I’m happy they are there. We have mom’s actually exist and do stuff, the female duelists all actually duel and are known to duel, and we have several female characters who are integral to the plot. So many good things!

  • Sasayama Mitsuru: So, we go inside, beat the crap out of them and-
  • Kougami Shinya: I don't know, don't you think we should stop using violence as a way to solve our cases?
  • Sasayama Mitsuru:
  • Kougami Shinya:
  • [both burst out laughing]
  • Sasayama Mitsuru: Oh my God, Inspector. Don't scare me like that. For a moment I thought you were actually serious.
  • Kougami Shinya: [still laughing] Yeah, sorry.