(sorry for the camera quality btw)

‘The Darkness stole his eyes… but light preserved his voice’

Just a quick lil doodle of this bean. sorry about my crappy camera quality. I love Host and how you write him so so well he is my son and I will protect him with my life! 

When I first read about him I got some fallen angel type vibes from him cos well he has this almighty power and he was tricked out of it and was left to fall. idk it was just a idea that stuck with me and somehow came out on paper. Please keep it up with your amazing egos I love your stories so so much!!

(Btw i plan to draw all the egos as a sort of art challenge so look out for more! xx)

I’m trying to form a coherent sentence to tell you how ridiculously cool this drawing is, cutie pie. I really want to write something based on this, a little one shot or something! And I’m totally looking forward to seeing what you do with the other Egos!

Lol it’s not even 8th yet over here but whatever! This is my drawing for the awesome @jubesy for the @emimikeweek! I’m pretty sure Tumblr (and my phone camera) killed the quality so…sorry about that ^^’

Anyways, again thank you so much for organizing this and I hope you like the drawing!! Coloring this was honestly so much fun, although trying to make it beta fish-like was painful, but hey! It…works! I think! And btw, I plan on doing Emil’s part on the prompt too, just gotta finish the design :‘3

Happy emimikeweek everyone and happy (early) birthday Emil!!


I finally got my SVTFOE season 1 wand pin and I freaking love it (I also got a journal 3 pin but it is bigger than I thought so I didn’t put it on my jacket) I got both pins from TheMysteryShack.com #LOLNotSponsored I’m just so happy I finally have Star merch and I wanted to share it with you guys btw sorry for the quality of the pics my phone doesn’t have the best camera

Sooo….. I was bored at school.. and drew… a lot :3

I know, they are pretty bad u-u but i did my best ;w; sorry for the bad quality of the photos btw, i dont have a great phone camera :’v

well.. Im actually proudof the fresh one :3 and the error one too ^^ I havent finished the geno and reaper one but… next time i will (?) maybe .w.

Error, Fresh, and Geno sans are of @loverofpiggies

Paperjam by @7goodangel

Reaper sans by renrink (gonna tag her when i finish that draw :v it isnt worth showing her that unfinished shit u-u)

Love you <3

kashii49829  asked:

So, random question, well, two random questions.. How do you feel about video games? And.. How do you feel about puns? -Sans peeks in from the bottom of the camera frame, or Sans plushie if you feel like it-


((btw, I hit 20 followers! Thank you guys!!))

Glitchtale [AMV] - Believer

This is actually my very first time making an AMV and I had a hard time finding one on mobile that is free….
It’s ok I guess, It’s also on Youtube, my channel name is on the video above the name of the app :D this is also for Camila Cuevas and hopefully this will make your day better! I made this in a day BTW from like 7PM-2AM ❤️❤️❤️ hopefully you like it Cami and sorry for the BAD video quality **INSERT Camila’s bad camera quality joke**

Glitchtale - @camilaart
Song by The Imagine Dragons


My inquisitior, Miranda Adaar, colored and the original sketch. Another example of my work!

If you want to commission me, send me an ask with what you want and I’ll send you the details!

I’m saving money to purchase a drawing tablet and the Adobe illustrator program! ;)

#DanyofTarth #DragonAge #Inquistion #art #commissions

(Btw, sorry for the shit quality, I have a terrible camera!)

More NoBrand shinanigans.
Sollux - oto-no-tenshi
Karkat - krazorspoon
Davesprite - plajus
Nepeta - digitalcrayon
Ms. Paint - super-highschool-level-baker
Dreambot Jade - tricksterroxy-x-everyone 
Chair Karkat - ((I don’t know yours, so tag yourself :D))


July 7 - 2015 - 4:37pm || yayyyyy!!! so my order came in from amazon i got a set of stabilo 88’s, a pack of mildliners, and a moleskine bullet journal! (Im so sorry for the typical studyblr post) i cant wait to use these though im so excited, i always feel so organized after i get new study supplies (btw sorry for the dreadful quality i couldn’t find my good camera)


//He hops off the bus and jogs to a wall, leaning and texting on his phone. He finally sends Dom the selfie he asked for.

[txt] sorry it’s crappy quality :( I wanted to use an actual camera but my little brother ran off with it somewhere. I hope this is ok

[txt] oh yeah it’s mason btw o: