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I feel like a HORRIBLE person for requesting this, but... GIF of Star leaving the Love Sentence concert and blowing up the billboard while barely holding back her tears?

Tears? What are you talking about? Look, she’s smiling!

(sorry for the low quality, unfortunately the colors in the scene don’t work werll with small sized gifs)

The Pop Star (’s Manager) and the Super Fan (’s Father)

The shrill screams reached a pitch and decibel that no human should be forced to endure.  And the concert hadn’t even started yet.  They weren’t even in the fricken venue.

Castiel gripped his daughter’s hand tightly and surveyed the chaos around him.  Lines stretched halfway around the building as hordes of females thronged the entrances.  There were women in their twenties, teenage girls, preteens, little girls, some middle aged women.  There were a few boys mixed in who were genuinely sharing in the excitement, but for the most part the males present were put upon husbands, boyfriends, and fathers.  Like himself.

A murmur of excitement rippled at one end of the line, and by the time it reached the other end people were screaming their heads off because they didn’t know what had caused the excitement.  For all they knew the five members of May Day had just come outside with their shirts off.  Castiel suspected the members of May Day were not even in the building yet and the noises from the sound check echoing out into the parking lot were being conducted by roadies.

When Claire had said that all she wanted for her birthday—with those huge, beautiful baby blues looking guilelessly up at him—was to have the new May Day album, Castiel thought he’d been brilliant, father-of-the-year material by surprising her with tickets for her and three of her friends to attend a May Day show.  Now after having been stuck in a car with four ten year olds for almost two hours just to get to the venue and seeing the madhouse surrounding the concert, he was greatly regretting his decision.  He still had to get through the actual concert, and then drive them all back to their small hometown after the show.  He also caught a glimpse of the price of a hotdog at a concession stand on the other side of the door.  Why hadn’t he just gotten them all McDonald’s?

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” the tiny brunette to his left said.  Those had been about the only words Alex had managed to get out of her mouth since they had parked.

“Do you think we might see them getting here?  Like getting out of their limo?” Krissy asked, clearly not understanding that they were far away from where the talent entered the building.

“I would be happy if we only saw FJ,” Kate sighed dreamily.

“FJ?” Castiel asked, wondering if that was some new slang term the kids were using.

“FJ Neimerbacher?” Kate said, her tone clearly indicating that she couldn’t fathom Claire’s dad not knowing what she was talking about.  “He’s the best member of May Day.”

“No, Kaiden, is the best,” Alex countered.

“You’re crazy,” Krissy said, rolling her eyes.  “It’s Jamie.  Maybe Delmont.”

“Ugh, Delmont’s so ugly.”

“But he’s the best singer.”


“So?  Um, they’re a singing group?”

“Whatever,” Alex said, making an “L” with her fingers and putting it on top of her forehead.

“Hey, hey,” Castiel admonished, and gave her a little frown.

Alex dropped her head in contrition.  “Sorry,” she mumbled.

That was good enough for Castiel; Alex wasn’t his child.  He gave Claire’s hand a little shake and she looked up at him.

“Who’s your favorite, angel?”

Claire blushed and looked away.  “Daaaad.”

“Come on, tell me,” he shook her hand again.  “I need to know which one to look out for.”

She remained stubborn, but Kate spoke up.

“Sammy’s her favorite,” she said with a smirk.

“Yep.  She keeps hoping he’ll go solo,” Alex chimed in.

“His hair’s too long,” Krissy threw in her two cents.

“It’s not too long!” Claire defended her favorite.  “It’s just right.  And it’s shorter than Delmont’s.”

“But Delmont is ugly,” Alex reiterated.

“But he can sing!” Krissy groaned in aggravation.

Castiel put a hand to his head as the girls squabbled over the rank and quality of the May Day members’ characteristics.  This might be the longest night of his life.  And he’d once spent a night stuck up in a tree outside the dean’s office of his all boy boarding school.  Naked.  Covered in strawberry jam.

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Norman Bates 2.0?: A Deep* Look into Mako.

We polled 100 regular people JUST LIKE YOU about what came to mind when they thought of our favorite detective, and the responses were overwhelming.

But we here at the Center for Something think everyone’s missing the big picture. It’s absolutely no secret in fanon (and in canon) that people view Mako as the “mother figure.” Let me regale you with some actual, canon moments.

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color and light

Just like many people noticed, I wanted to point out how symbolic lights and colors red and blue are in Han’s death scene (which was, by the way,done absolutely gorgeous, just look at that)

(I’m sorry about the horrible quality, but it’s the only one i got)

Han coming to Kylo from light to dark red bridge

Kylo with blue light from above

Red reflection on Kylo’s face has little blue in it

Red and blue background

Seconds before the door above closes…

…Leaving only darkness and red light over Kylo’s face when he kills Han.

And then, Han falls from the red bridge into the blue light

my commentary might be poor, and I didn’t comment on every picture but I think you get what I mean