(something like this)

Everyone Else: **claps for Screen Rant finally getting on board the Reylo train**

Me: **grumbling** thanks for making all those articles before about how abuuuusive Reylo is and how deluuuuuded fangirls were over it. I’m over here remembering how y’all were SURE ReySky was gonna happen and Reylo was a fangirl fantasy. But OK.

me scrolling through tumblr and being happy for other people who are having a rare, amazing experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives and not souring that experience with jealousy or by talking about who deserves what bc tbh we all deserve that kind of happiness and I hope that one day we all get to experience something like it

I am so fucking glad Funko is putting actual effort into the Cuphead figures instead of their usual generic style

The Devil one also looms over Cuphead and Mugman, being two inches taller than them, so I feel like the three would look great displayed together.

EDIT: Okay yes, I am aware now that Funko Pops are the generic-looking ones and these are not Pops and Funko actually makes on-model figures sometimes, thank you for telling me 5000 times


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!"★ Todoroki Shouto | requested by @s-houto (✿´ ꒳ ` )★ 

I’m a writer, I whisper to myself as I struggle to add 51 new words to the fic I’ve been whittling together for months like Frankenstein’s decaying prose monster.

Slytherin: Are you okay?

Ravenclaw: Nope.

Slytherin: Okay, I’ll bite, why?

Ravenclaw: I just like to be prepared, you know? Set yourself up for the worst and then anything otherwise and you’re pleasantly surprised.

Slytherin: You’re never pleasantly surprised by anything.

Ravenclaw: Well, no, because if something good is happening, then something really bad must be about to happen.

Slytherin: And people think I’m the depressing one.

oncest only existed because y’all weren’t brave enough to ship the onceler with the lorax