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Why You Guys Need to Stop Boycotting The 100

Time for a rant:
First off let me say I’m a clexa shipper, so I went through the same thing you guys did when Lexa died. But what I’m about to rant about is more serious than any fictional ship.
Okay, for all of you people who’re not watching The 100 anymore because you’re upset, that’s fine! It’s completely okay to stop watching a show you no longer like. But to you shits who’re actively trying to get The 100 cancelled and boycotting it, stop. Seriously, you guys may think that you’re doing the right thing and trying to stop queer bating but you’re destroying tons of innocent people’s livelihood. You’re trying to cancel a show that’s queer bated, which it bad, but that was a decision that was made by a few. You’re taking away the jobs of tons of people for instance, Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Henry Ian Custick, Richard Harmon, Paige Turco, Chris Larkin, Isaiah Washington, Zach McGowan, cinematographer, floor manager, graphics coordinator, stage manager, makeup artists, production manager, technical directors, stunt coordinators, video control operator, composer, colorist, editors, foley artist, costume designer, location manager, production and set designer, etc. Should I go on? And I know what you guys are saying, that they’ll be better off working on something that’s not the show, but not if the show gets cancelled! They’re way less likely to get hired (maybe even ever again) if the show gets cancelled, it looks bad for them. Name one successful actor from a failed tv show. Hmmm, don’t really know anyone do you? And then think about some minor workers on the set who might not even get a job ever again if The 100 gets cancelled. All because you guys had to have a fit and demand the show gets cancelled, stop being a baby and realize that people have jobs and aren’t as privileged to have everything handed to them, they work, and you’re taking away the work from them. It’s as simple as that. Yes, I get you’re upset about Lexa but please look at the bigger picture. So next time I hear someone trying to boycott The 100, you better be ready for me setting a fire in your ass.

Telling Them Off

Requested: Hi!!! Maybe an imagine where like y/n is getting a lot of hate from Shawns fans and like one time a fan starts insulting her in front of Shawn and he becomes all protective. P.S. Love your blog! It’s really one of the best ones!!! 💖💖💖


Your name: submit What is this?


You’ve just arrived at the Toronto airport with Shawn to fly to Japan. You happened to have a break from school at the same time he was scheduled to go to Japan, so he asked you to go with him. Since you barely get to see him while you have school because you’re so busy, you didn’t want to miss out on the chance to spend time with him when you were finally on break. In the year that you’ve been dating Shawn, you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed whenever you’re flying with him. You already don’t like airplanes because they freak you out, but it doesn’t help that there are almost always tons of fans waiting at the airport trying to get pictures with Shawn.

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Too Far Gone


Genre: Mafia!AU, Yandere, Smut

Short Summary: Turns out that having a pretty face can bring on way more problems than horny males. For example? Being put into the assassination list of one of the most infamous mafia bosses that is now after your head.

Words: 1.8k


A heavy bundle of files was dropped onto the top of a bleached blond male’s desk. He cracked one of his eyes open, a lazy, cat-like grin on his handsome face. “SeungRi?” his velvety voice spoke, “What is it this time?”

“The new assassination lists came in today.” The younger male answered timidly, only knew to the corrupt work that their organization did.

“Oh? Is that so?” the bleached man’s lips fell down for a second, settling into a pout to show his dissatisfaction. “Got anything interesting?”

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imagine how much better the Thor movies would’ve been if Frigga were actually written in a realistic way rather than a ‘women don’t talk when the menfolk are talking’ way

I mean she’s a powerful magic user and more importantly she’s a MOM. Thor and Loki wouldn’t have gotten away with SHIT. The entire goddamn plot never would’ve happened, no wonder they dumbed her down.



Shape of You

Alright so here’s the start of a new AU!

Nesta hasn’t seen her sisters in almost a year. When she’s invited back to their lake house for a long weekend, Feyre insists she brings the boyfriend she’s told her about. The only problem is, he doesn’t exist. 

So out of desperation, her friend sets her up with Cassian. Somehow a weekend filled with fake hand holding and kisses, turns Nesta back into the girl she was before Tomas had destroyed her and the relationship she had with her sisters.

Chapter 1

“Fuck. Fuck, fuck,” I slammed my laptop shut as I threw my pen across the room. Of course my sisters would decide to have a start of summer weekend at the lake. And of course they would call me out for the lies I told them about the boy I met while here in the city.

It had been almost six months since I had last seen my sisters. I moved to the city as soon as I could, as soon as I found a job that would help me pay my half of the rent. I wanted out of that small town, I had to walk away before the memories, the ghosts haunted me forever. The city was my fresh start and even though neither of them understood, they let me go.

Feyre and I talked at least once a month on the phone. She kept asking me how I was doing and she told me that Tomas still asked about me. What she didn’t understand, even though I always changed the subject, was that I didn’t want to know about Tomas. I didn’t want to know about anyone in that small ass town because they were the reason why I left. The only reason I talked to Feyre was to check up on her and Elain.

They were the only family I had left. They were the only ones who mattered.

Sure I missed them. I missed my sisters, but it wasn’t enough to make me go visit home. I wasn’t homesick, I was content here in the city, in this new life I had made for myself. I loved my job at the bookstore. I loved the fact that I could walk everywhere and that things were open well into the night. But most of all I loved the fact that no one knew me. They didn’t know the secrets that had been whispered behind my back. They didn’t know how Tomas had tried to ruin me.

They didn’t know that he had almost won that war.

I read Feyre’s email again. Our lake house, the only thing our father had left to us. The lake house that had sat unused for years until we were old enough to realize the benefits of having that big house that sat right there at the water. The only reason we still owned it was because it was completely paid off. That and somehow Feyre and her fiancee were able to keep up with it.

The lake house where so many things had happened. So many things hadn’t happened too. There had been parties, there had been underage drinking. But mostly there had been tears. From me.

I pushed away those memories and looked at my computer. What was I supposed to do? I had started the lie to make my sister feel better. For her to think I wasn’t all alone out here in the city. Because she didn’t understand that I wanted to be alone. I didn’t want to be with someone who hurt me, who could destroy me. Not after I had been with Tomas for so long.

But I couldn’t tell her that truth. Not when I had fed her enough lies to make this boyfriend seem real. She was happy for me, she didn’t worry about me because she thought I had someone taking care of me. I didn’t need someone to take care of me. Just like I knew Feyre didn’t need her fiancee to take care of her. But it was nice knowing she had someone steady. She had someone real after the horrors that Tamlin had dealt her.

My sisters didn’t know about Tomas. They didn’t really know much about why I wanted to leave. It had been different when our parents died. I could’ve left and they would’ve understood. But I stayed until they were finished high school and then when Feyre announced she was getting married last year I up and left. I didn’t even say goodbye I just left a letter explaining I needed to find my own way now that they were both able to take care of themselves.

I pulled my hair hard, trying to stop the tears from filling my eyes. I didn’t cry, not easily. But I got teary eyed when I was frustrated. I couldn’t tell them the truth. So what was I supposed to do? I squeezed my eyes shut and the door to my apartment opened.

“Fuck me this can’t be happening.”

“Nesta!” I jumped at Rita’s voice, “you seem agitated.”

I met my roommate Rita at the bookstore. She was leaving for another job and I said something about needing a place to stay. We hit it off right away and I didn’t hate living with her. Sure our apartment was small, smaller than the home I had shared with my two sisters. But it was ours, I paid rent and I had my own room. Rita didn’t nag me about my mess and I didn’t nag her about hers.

We were good roommates. We got along and we left each other alone when we knew the other needed space. We were friends, but we were almost roommates. We didn’t get in each other’s business unless there was a reason to. I had gotten lucky.

I groaned, "my sisters want to have a long weekend at the lake.”

“Oh fun!”

“Not when you’ve been lying about having a boyfriend. And they want you to bring him along.”

Rita laughed, “oh shit I forgot. Damn what are you going to do?”

I shook my head, “I’ll think of something.”

I leaned back in my chair and Rita watched me. She raised an eyebrow and smiled, “I might know someone who can help.”

“No. The last guy you introduced me to was disgusting.”

His name was Adam and he was a hipster to end all hipsters. His hair was dirty and his glasses were round. They didn’t even have frames, and he spoke in riddles. I didn’t even spend five minutes in his presence. I found an excuse to leave, I texted Rita and told her to call me, and up and left him high and dry at the coffee shop we met at.

Rita laughed, “I’m sorry okay. I thought you’d get along. But you’ll like this one. Should I have him meet you? Even if he’s not the brightest, he’s easy on the eyes.”

She wiggled her eyebrows at me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I bit my lip, was I that desperate?

“Really? Your advice is that I hire someone to be my boyfriend for the weekend?”

She shrugged as she set her bag on the counter, “it’s either that or tell them the truth, Nes. I’m not sure which is worse since you seem so opposed to letting your sisters believe you have someone in your life.”

I winced. Rita never told me what to do, she never scolded me for lying to my sisters. But I knew she was right. If I was so okay with being alone, and I swore I was, then why did I feel the need to please my little sister? I’m sure there was some therapist who would say I really wasn’t okay being alone and that some part of me wanted someone around.

But I wouldn’t believe them. Because I didn’t need anyone, I only needed myself. But I didn’t want my sisters to worry. I didn’t want them to think I left them because they were a burden. They are my sisters and I will always be there for them. But it’s my turn to have a life. It’s my turn to find where I’m supposed to be.

I looked at Rita, she was texting someone. She sat down on the couch and I looked at the picture of the three of us. The only picture I had on my desk of us when I was five and they were babies. I was always there, always taking care of them. They were my best friends, before that night drove us apart. Before that night pushed me so far away from everyone else that I couldn’t find my way back to them.

I didn’t want them to ask about it. I didn’t want them to think they needed to figure me out. If I had someone with me they would direct the attention to him. They would ask him about his life and how we met and what we did, instead of berating me with questions about why I left.

I let out a slow breath and Rita looked at me. She smiled slightly, like she already knew what I was about to say. My cheeks were red as I let the thoughts settle and I nodded my head slowly.

“Fine,” I gritted my teeth as I looked at the clock, “tell your friend to meet me at Luke’s diner in five minutes.”

“He’s already on his way. Trust me you’ll like him. He’s big and handsome,” her eyes got wide as if she had a crush on him herself, “he’s just your type.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, “if he’s a hipster I swear to god I’ll kill you.”

Rita’s laugh followed me as I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. I walked down the steps, my heart pounding as I opened the door to our building. The sun was warm, the weather had already started to turn to summer. But goosebumps pricked my skin as I thought about hiring someone to lie to my family.

It wasn’t lying. It was pretending. My sister would bring her fiancee, I’m sure Elain had someone. I couldn’t remember if she told me about someone important. His name started with an L? Or maybe it was a C. She didn’t talk much whenever Feyre put her on the phone, but she told me bits and pieces of her life. Elain was the most upset when they found me gone.

I felt guilty every time she called.

But I knew with Feyre came Rhys and with Rhys came his friends. Azriel the quiet one who followed Rhys’s cousin everywhere she went. Feyre told me they were finally opening up to the idea of dating and while I was happy for them all, they were one big happy family, I knew that meant I would be the odd one out. I always was the odd one out, the one who didn’t fit in. The girl who stood alone and never had someone there beside her.

I wanted this weekend, now that I knew about it, to be fun. I wanted them to see me as the Nesta I always was, not the girl I had turned into after that terrible night. The night I was running from. The night I would do anything and everything to forget.

I rubbed my hands up and down my arms as I rounded the corner and the diner came into view. I realized as I walked towards it that I wanted to go home. I wanted to go to the lake and see my sisters and the family they had made for themselves. But I didn’t want to go alone.

Sue me I still had some feelings. I still had some pride I suppose.

I walked into the diner and the bell above the door sounded. Luke, the owner, stood behind the counter and smiled at me. I nodded in greeting, my eyes sweeping the tables. I knew which one was waiting for me as soon as my eyes landed on him. I stood there for a moment too long and contemplated turning around.

He was a big hulking man, his dark hair was long. He looked warm, his skin glowing in the harsh lights of the diner. His black shirt fit perfectly over his arms and his chest. He took up enough space that my eyes couldn’t wander away from them if they tried. My heart stopped, his eyes landing on me before I could make a run for it. Before I could decide this was a terrible choice and I should just tell my sisters the truth.

“Well hello sweetheart,” he stood up and half his mouth tilted in a smile. He could’ve been attractive, if he cut his hair.

I pulled my chair out, “I’m Nesta.”

He licked his lips, “you can call me Cassian,” his eyes sparkled. Like they were hiding something he was dying for me to find out.

“Right well. I take it Rita told you why I’m here.”

He coughed, “something about you being in need of a male escort to the lake this weekend.”

I winced, “a friend,” I tried wondering if I could go through with this, “to make my sisters stop asking me why I don’t have a boyfriend okay? Can you do that? Pretend?”

Amusement filled his eyes. He tried to fight the smile that tugged at his lips, but when it didn’t stop he ran his finger along his chin. He looked down at his hands and I could tell he was thinking about more than just agreeing to helping me. Hell we didn’t know each other, we had just met and I asked him to date me. Even if it was fake, even if he was helping me, this was still weird.

Me and my stupid pride. I was about to take back the offer and tell him to forget it, that I had a mental breakdown and this was all just the biggest embarrassing moment of my life.

But then Cassian nodded slowly, “you know I’m surprise you don’t have a boyfriend. You’re cute and I know a few guys who like bossy.”

I rolled my eyes, “wow that was super helpful,” I glared at him, my hands were shaking. I shoved them under my legs as I waited to hear his answer, “you can just say no. Rita said you were single and I thought maybe you’d want a free trip to the lake for a weekend. I thought maybe…”

I stopped. I almost thought we could be friends. But I bit my lip hard enough to taste blood, stopping myself form wishing for something I could never have. I didn’t let myself get close to people, not after Tomas wedged between me and my sisters. Not since that night when he destroyed all the threads of trust I had ever had.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you. I just said I’m surprised you aren’t taken,” he smiled then, he liked watching me squirm. He leaned back and stretched his arms over his head. His shirt rode up slightly and I saw the dark markings of a tattoo that disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans.


He wiggled his eyebrows, “well how can I say no when you say my name like that?”

He watched me for a moment as relief flooded through me. As much as I hated this I felt better once he said he would help me. I hated having to lie because everyone thought I couldn’t handle life without Tomas. Except I broke up with him. And I moved here, far away from my family to have the life I wanted.

"What do I get for helping you?” He finally asked, his deep voice smooth as he propped his elbow on the table, then leaned his head on his hand. He kept staring at me and it felt like his honey brown eyes could see into my soul.

I looked down at his hands. His skin was golden, a little darker. He looked like he was carved of stone, like he could’ve been a Greek god in another lifetime. A piece of brown hair fell in his eyes and I wanted to push it back. I let out a breath. I hadn’t thought this far.

“I’ll pay you,” I finally said. I didn’t have a lot but I could do something, “it won’t be much. But you’ll get a four day weekend at the lake house. Meals and showers and everything included.”

Cassian seemed to think it over. He nodded his head, "how much?”


“I know I look cheap, but I won’t act like your boyfriend for a hundred dollars, Nesta.”


He shook his head, “you’ll have to do better than that.”

I blew out a breath, “$500. That’s my final offer.”

He reached across the table and touched my hand. His skin was warm and a spark shot down my arm. He ran his thumb over the back of my hand, “well sweetheart you’ve got yourself a deal.”

“Don’t call me sweetheart,” I snapped. My eyes narrowed.

He laughed, “well I guess we should make some ground rules.”

“The first one is no pet names. Nesta,“ I pointed at me, "Cassian. Got it?”

He sighed, “sure sweetheart.”

He wasn’t going to make this easy. I could tell as he continued to smile, his eyes lighting up as I glared at him. It was like he thought I was a challenge, like he wanted to defy everything I was saying. He licked his lips, his fingers tapping on the table as I thought through what other boundaries we needed to establish. I didn’t realize this would all happen so fast. The weekend would be here in two days and somehow I had managed to find myself a boyfriend to fill the empty role.

Feyre would love Cassian. He was everything I would never want in a boyfriend. He was the complete opposite of Tomas and I couldn’t stop letting that sway me. He was big and dark, whereas Tomas was small and light. Cassian was full of mystery, but not the kind that Tomas carried with him. Cassian seemed honorable, Tomas had just been pure evil.

I let out a slow breath and pulled my hands off the table so he wouldn’t try to touch me again. I couldn’t stop feeling that spark going down my spine. I couldn’t stop wondering why exactly I had wanted this in the first place. I shook my head and finally brought my eyes back up to his.

“Okay so I’ve got some rules. First we hold hands if someone else is in the room. No touching if we’re alone, because honestly there’s no reason for it. You’re there to make me look good. You can kiss my cheek, but nothing more. We aren’t big on public displays of affection. My sister and her fiancé are, but that’s another story,” I rolled my eyes. Feyre and Rhys could barely keep their hands off each other. I hated being stuck in a room with them.

My cheeks turned pink and my mouth went dry, “we will probably have to share a room, you sleep on the floor. We don’t share the room if the other is changing. Make sure you bring enough clothes to sleep in and a bathing suit.”

Cassian nodded, "fine. But you want this to be believable. So you’re forgetting one thing.”


He smiled and it would’ve knocked me to my knees if I wasn’t already sitting. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it through the weekend alive. I had a feeling this new friend of mine was going to try and climb the walls I had built this last year. Like he thought he could break down the shell I had surrounded myself inside.

HIs brown eyes danced as he looked at me, his crooked smile in place, ”the story of how we met.“

It’s okay that it’s over. Things end, I get that and I can accept it, and it was partly my fault anyway. But what hurts is the details. Like the fact that you probably deleted those candid pictures of me from your phone and threw away my toothbrush. And someone else is wearing the shirt you always used to let me sleep in. Those thoughts are what take time to get over.
The Shattered Camera || Wonwoo || Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 // Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Word Count: 1926

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

“Thanks for coming,” Soonyoung said, grinning as he walked over to you with a glistening glass of champagne.

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I had a great Saturday at Birmingham Collectormania hanging out with @awesomelesbiansurgeon and @room-2o3, and meeting this special bean:

(no Jemma, holding the mic to your ear does not, in fact, help you hear the questions, but thanks for being so cute.)

Anyway, nothing special here but I’m just writing things down for my own benefit while I still remember something. This post is basically just me rambling for far too long.

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Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

Request - yes
Prompt - “Are you still awake..?”
Word count - guys seriously, I can’t count.
Type - flUFFYYYYYY *le Drabble*


Tired, exhausted, sore. Both you and Ethan just came back from Pax, and /dear god/ it was tiring. Fun, but tiring. So many pictures, hugs, lil’ gifts.
Sighing heavily, you plopped onto the couch, getting comfy quickly.
“God, it feels nice to lay down.” You muttered, smiling a bit.
“It might be better if you lay in the bed.” Ethan said, grabbing a kool-aid from the fridge, stabb- poking the straw into the hole, taking a sip.
“But I don’t want to get uppppppp.” You whined, shifting on your side.
“I’m not carrying you.” He resorted, walking to the bedroom.
“MEANIE!” You yelled before sitting up and grumpily walking to the bedroom.
You found Ethan sitting at the edge of the bed, sipping a Kool-Aid and on his phone- probably on twitter or tumblr. You whined again and plopped on the couch, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Get off the phoneee, come to bed with meeeee.. please.” You said, pressing your cheek to his and looking down at his phone. His phone was on full brightness, the screen reflected off of his glasses. As he scrolled through twitter, you spotted a picture of you and Ethan, smiling at each other. It was a cute picture, You both were sitting down, taking a break from signing, drinking some water and eating a granola bar. Your head was slightly tilted back and Ethan smiled largely at you. The caption of the tweet said,

“That’s cute.” You muttered quietly, snatching his phone and retweeting the picture, also screenshotting it.
“Heyyyy!” Ethan whined as his phone was taken away, he didn’t bother to take it away from you.
“Heh, I really like this picture.” You smiled, pinning it, “and I swear to god if you unpin this I’m making you sleep on the couch.”
“Alright! Alright..” he chuckled, finishing his Kool-Aid and tossing it in the trash can that was near the closet.
“Let’s get some sleep, yeah?” He hummed, taking his phone away, shutting it off, and grabbing you pulling you down.
“Finally.” You grumbled, snuggling into his warm body.
Ethan tugged the blanket over you two, whispering a ‘Goodnight, love you.’
You smiled, closing your eyes.


About thirty minutes went by, and you couldn’t sleep, so much happened today, in such little time.
“Ethan.” You whispered, running your fingers through his hair, “Are you asleep?”
Ethan’s nose scrunched up, and he hummed a 'no’.
“I-..I can’t sleep.” You whispered again, hand stopped halfway through his hair.
“Me either.” He whispered back, his eyes opening slightly.
“God, today was.. tiring and fun.” You smiled, pressing your forehead to his.
“It was.” He responded.
“And everyone was so nice and sweet.”
“And I love all of them.”
“I love you more.”
“You’re a dork.”
“Go to sleep.”
“You go to sleep.”


Why Keith and Lance belong in Gryffindor

a.k.a. “watch Kayser spend three hours on an AU theory post that will never be relevant to canon and then resume to regret their life.”

So, let’s do this.

While there’s been a fair amount of discussion regarding the House placement of all of the Paladins, Keith and Lance have certainly been the most debated. They are both very complex characters and I figured that without a huge fucking theory post, no one could ever come to a conclusion on this. And that’s why I’m here, because if there’s anything I do best it’s spending hours compiling evidence for something that won’t matter in the long run.

Without further ado, let’s start with the Sorting Hat and its process of determining the house that students belong to.

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the signs as børns lyrics

Aries: “And every night my mind is running around her // Thunder’s getting louder and louder // Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle // I can’t let you go now that I got it” - Electric Love

Taurus: “So save that heart for me // Cause girl you know that you’re my destiny // Swear to the moon, the stars, the sons, and the daughters // Our love is deeper than the oceans of water” - Past Lives

Gemini: “So take me to the paradise // In your eyes // Green like American money // You taste just right // Sweet like Tennessee honey” - American Money

Cancer: “Clouds are rolling by // I open my mouth and I breathe them right in // All my thoughts stoop away // but I can’t stop thinking ‘bout your face // I can’t stop thinking 'bout your face” - Clouds

Leo“Candy, she’s sweet like candy in my veins // Baby, I’m dying for another taste …. Rushing through me // Feel your energy rushing through me // Feel your energy rushing through me” - Electric Love

Virgo“I’ll make a living, trying to get away // 10,000 fathoms, under a tidal wave // It can never pull me away // No way! // Under water // Time is standing still” - 10,000 Emrald pools

Libra“Wanna feel that stream of dopamine // Wanna feel that stream of dopamine // You sip what the devil’s drinking // Hot as hell and I’m thinkin’ // Baby, baby, baby can you take away my pain // Baby, baby, baby can you take away my pain” - Dopamine

Scorpio: “Ooh, it’s raining, it’s pouring // I picture you in the morning // The hot water and the steam // Oh the way you feel between // Both my hands on your hourglass” - Holy Ghost

Sagittarius“Saw her walking on the side of the road, on the sidewalk chalk from my balcony window // First sight she made me look twice, cause I never seen someone walk as light as the wind blows” - Seeing Stars

Capricorn“Immaculate creation // Overnight sensation // God you really outdid yourself with this one // She’s an overnight sensation” - Overnight Sensation

Aquarius: “It’s inevitable ain’t it? // You left without saying // I hope the cracks in the pavement, // Lead back to you baby // Back to you baby” - Dug My Heart

Pisces: “Drive through the timezones // Escape out of my mind’s own home // I lost you not long ago // Heaven knows I’m miserable // Hell takes all the credit though // 'Til the day is done” - The Emotion

Love Bleeds Red

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Fem!Reader

Crossover: Criminal Minds

AN: Part 1 of my new series! And just a random title ig it kinda fits and I’m sorry if any characters sound ooc. Plus this will mostly be based on memory with what they would say in the show.

Summary: Reader is part of the BAU and comes to NYC for a case where her boyfriend Lin lives. The more the reader learns about this case the more she fears for Lin’s life as the unsubs victims matches Lin’s description.

Words: 1768

Warnings: crime scenes and everything in between with that; mentions of murder; angst


Reader’s POV

“Yeah, I miss you too.” I smiled like an idiot.

“Princess, we’re about to go over the debriefing for the new case.” Morgan leaned against the small wall separating my desk space from the others. I placed my hand over my phone pulling it away from my ear.

“Okay give me a sec.” I told him before putting the phone to my ear as Lin began talking. “No Lin, it was just Morgan relax. I have to go.

“Stay safe please.” He begged me. I smiled softly. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too and I’ll be fine. Okay? Yeah. Bye.” Ending the call I put my cell in the front pocket of my blazer. Pushing myself out of my chair I made my way to the debriefing room where my team was.

I made my way into the room and found a seat besides Spencer. On the screen showed shots from the crime scene.

“Last night a body was found in a dumpster in an abandoned alleyway. The victim was identified as Anthony Gonzalez.” JJ pressed a button showing the next photo a family picture of Anthony and his family.

“Cause of death?” Morgan asks, leaning back in his chair.

“He was stabbed to death, over 20 times, but the victim showed signs of strangulation as well.

“Wouldn’t that make the killing personal to the unsub?” I asked as I analyzed the photos of the crime scene.

“It’s not definite if it was personal to the unsub but to the person the message was aimed at.” She stated.

“There’s a message?” JJ nodded before clicking to the next slide.

“The stabbing and the strangulation, its most probable to say that the unsub did it out of anger. You see with how tight the neck was squeezed it seems to be close to the point of fracture, the unsub wanted to be up close and personal, wanting to feel the victim struggling wanting to be in control to showing dominance and the stabbing to the chest, very close to the heart it leaves us to believe for him it’s a sign to his own broken heart because look at the message.” Reed rambled on pointing the the next picture with words painted in blood on the brick wall.

‘You broke my heart so I’ll break yours.’” Emily read aloud.

“So that leaves us that the unsub is a male in his mid 20’s to early, to late 30’s.” JJ concluded.

“Everyone get what you need and meet at the jet in 30.” Hotchner dismissed us. I stood up from my seat and walked out with the team. I pulled out my phone sending a quick text to Lin.

“So how are you and Lin?” Derek casually asks as he leans against your chair as you get what you need.

“Everything is great.” You smiled towards him. “And I feel kind of jittery right now.” I told him truthfully as I slung my bag over my shoulder. He looked at me confused before arching his left brow.

“Why?” I smiled slightly.

“Because this case is in NYC where Lin lives and I haven’t seen him in a few months….I miss him and when we’re there if we even have the time during or after the case I want to go see him.” I explained to him. He nodded in understanding.

“Yeah I get that.” I raised and eyebrow at him, looking at him in disbelief.

“You sure about that Mr. Playboy?” I said teasingly, walking past Derek as he mockingly laughed. I grinned, walking up the few stairs, through the glass doors and to the elevator.


“There’s been another murder.” JJ told the team, she made her way down into a seat besides me.

“Was there another message?” I asked as she opened her laptop.

“Yes, the NYPD sent me these.” She showed the team the pictures. “Luis Montoya.” A picture showed the body.

“Same memo, strangulation and what? 20 stab wounds?” JJ nodded. Looking at the man I felt a queasy. It’s not because of the body, I’ve seen plenty of crime scenes and photos but it looks like there’s a type the unsub goes for. Black hair, brown eyes, goatee, latino.

“It seems to be this guy is going after Mexicans, that’s the only connection I see.” Derek commented.

“No, it’s more than that, I’ll call Garcia and ask her if the two victims has any connections other then their ethnicity.” Reed stated, pulling out his phone.

“This is the ever so wonderful Penelope Garcia how can I be of assistance?” I cracked a smile.

“Hey baby girl we need you to work your magic and find a connection between the two victims.”

“Wait two? I thought there was only one victim.” I could hear her tapping away at her computer, probably looking up the recent murder. “Luis Montoya.” She then said. “Age 35, about 5′9, no children and no family.” She stated.

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“I will see what I can find.”

“Thanks Garcia.” Hotch says before Reed hangs up the phone.

“What was the message?” I asked. JJ clicked something and another image came up.

‘Why him?’ It read in the victim’s blood.

“He’s definitely doing this out of rage and heartbreak, hell even jealousy from the looks of it.” I say, leaning back in my seat.

“When we land, Reed, JJ you’ll be coming with me to the NYPD. Morgan I want you and Prentiss at the first crime scene. And Rossi you take Y/N to the more recent one see what else you can find.”


“You’re awfully quiet.” Rossi commented as we rode in the black SUV on our way to the most recent crime scene. I brushed a strand hair out of my face.

“This case worries me.” He glanced at me before looking back at the busy streets of New York.

“Why? We’ve dealt with worse unsubs then this.”

“I know that!” I growled in frustration. Lifting my hands I raked them through my hair. “It’s just the unsub’s victim type…he’s going after men with some sort of latino, Latin American descent, and what if Lin becomes the next victim? He fits the bill so far. And it can’t be a coincidence-” I was cut off when I heard Lin’s all too familiar voice rapping. “There’s a reason why I keep my phone on vibrate.” I mumbled to myself as Rossi chuckled.

“Lin hey is everything all right?” I could hear Chris talking in the background.

“Are you here in New York?” Was what he asked me. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He was such a dork but he’s my dork.

“Yes I am, for work. I’m heading to one of the crime scene’s now.”

“Well I was wondering whenever you’re not super busy being a sexy badass that we can see each other? I don’t care where or when I just have to see you.” Looking out the window, my eyes narrowed at the light in my eyes.

“Yeah, I know. I’ll see what I can do but I promise you that I’ll see you before I leave. Okay?” I asked. Lin sighed on the other line but it wasn’t an irritated one it was a sigh in content kind of way.

“Okay. Stay safe.” I smiled.

“Always am. I love you.”

“I love you too princessa.” A blush crept up my face.


“Bye.” He said in his adorable dorky way before hanging up.

“I’m sure Lin will be fine. There’s thousand’s of people in the city, the chance of him being the unsub’s next victim is very slim.” Rossi told me as he parked by the scene where the second murder took place.”

“Thank you Rossi.” I told him gratefully. He smiled as we got out of the car.


It’s been a long day. From what we learned today the connection made between the victims were their looks, their ethnicity being Puerto Rican, age and height and that they’re both single but the funny think is they both had a connection to some kind of art.

I opened the door to my hotel, ready the crash at any second. Dropping my bag at the foot of the bed I kicked my shoes off, shrugging my blazer off I through it on the table nearby and crawled on top of the bed. My eyes closed, I felt myself being lulled into a deep sleep.

“What the heck I gotta doooo for you to answer meee.” Lin’s voice attempt to sing his song ‘What the heck I gotta do’ with his own twist, blared from across the room on the table. I groan into my pillow making no move to move from my spot. It was so comfortable. The singing stopped before it started back up again. Cursing under my breath I trudged my way out of the comfort of the hotel bed and dug my phone out of my blazer pocket sliding the green button on the screen to the side.

“What is it Lin?” My voice sounded groggy as if I was asleep, I wish.

“Y/N.” I perked up when I noticed how nervous his voice sounded.

“Lin what’s wrong?” I ask him.

“I got back from walking Tobillo and I found a package in front of my door and when I opened it…” He trailed off.

“Lin what was in it?”

“It was pictures of me. And not the pictures you would have someone take of you like this guys whoever he was, was like stalking me and he left a note.” His voice was higher.

“What did it say?” I asked.

“You took her away.” I heard him gag. “He also left a photo of someone’s body.” His voice sounded strained. “Oh god how can anyone do this to someone.” My eyes widened in horror. Ripping my phone away from my ear I sent two photos of the victims of when they were alive to Lin before pressing the phone to my ear again.

“Lin listen to me carefully I sent you two pictures can you tell me if it was either of those men?”

“It was the second one.” He told me.

“Oh my god.” I felt my stomach drop. “Lin get inside lock all the doors and windows.” I told him as I ran out of my room and to Hotch’s.

I banged my fist against the door until he answered it.

“What is it?” At this time the rest of the team were out of their rooms lookin gat us.

“We have a problem.”

@shawarma-palace and I were bullshitting around the other day about an AU idea where Finn’s picture is being used to catfish someone in a Nigerian Prince scheme. He said I could write it, so here’s my exceedingly silly take.

 “This is outrageous!” Poe stood and paced away from the computer angrily.

 “Mijo, I think you’re getting a little-”

 “A little what? Righteous on mi abuela’s behalf? What if she’d clicked on it?”

 “Well, I mean, that’s why she called me, and I called you. She has good instincts.”

 Poe still boiled with rage. “That’s not the point. What if it had been Senora Hernandez? Or Fatima? These people are despicable.”

 “Well, I won’t argue with you there,” Kes grumbled, feeling exasperated.

 “I’m going to-” Poe’s fists clenched as he sat down again to try and figure out how exactly to punish these assholes for coming after his abuela. It was your typical Nigerian Prince ploy - “Oh, help me, I need a small deposit to unlock my amazing riches - and for credibility they’d even included a picture of the supposed Nigerian Prince. Who was, Poe realized as he was momentarily distracted, extremely good looking. Poe almost reached out his hand to run it over the line in the man’s fade, but caught himself in time before he embarrassed himself in front of his dad. He colored, though, and renewed his frown. “I wonder if this asshole used his own picture.”

 He ran the reverse image search while his dad wandered away, throwing up his hands with a “You do you, Poe.”

 The guy popped on Facebook, surprisingly. Finn Garo. Same pic for his profile, but his profile was unlocked, so Poe could click through all of his pictures - for research, of course. Here was Finn at a party with a red solo cup, Finn sitting with a group of other college students, Finn graduating college with lots of fancy ropes hanging around his neck, someone - his mom? Abuela? - kissing his cheek as he bent over and beamed. Finn at Pride, and at the Women’s March, and at a handful other marches or vigils or protests.

 As Poe kept clicking through Finn’s profile, he forgot his original intent and got sucked in full on cyberstalking this Finn guy. He was gorgeous. He was into social justice. He had earned his Bachelor’s in … in…Computer Science. Poe perked up in his chair again, and he’d clicked on the Facebook message button and sent off the note before he’d thought better of it.

 Poe: Listen, buddy, what you’re doing is despicable. You pick on little old ladies? Why don’t you come pick on me instead?

 Poe watched the three dots cycle through.

 Finn: I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about?

 Poe tapped the keys of the computer angrily as he sent a screenshot of Finn’s picture and the Nigerian Prince email.

 More dots.

 Finn: Oh, shit. Wow.

 Poe furrowed his brow.

 Finn: Um. Yeah, that’s definitely me, but I didn’t write that email.

 Finn: Not that you have to believe me, but. Um. Who would be stupid enough to use their own picture?

 He had a point.

 Poe: You have a point.

 Poe burned bright red now.

 Poe: Um. Yeah. I didn’t really think that through.

 Poe: I saw you were a Computer Science major and I kind of saw red.

 Finn: Should I be flattered? I think I should be flattered that they’re using my likeness for a *prince*

 Poe snorted.

 Poe: Idk, buddy. I guess?

 Poe: Sorry to disturb you, your highness

 Finn: lol

 Finn: I’m going to have my friends call me that.

 Finn: but seriously, I feel bad

 Poe: Well, I mean, you’re as much a victim as my abuela is

 Finn: Did they scam her out of a lot of money?

 Poe: No, she’s smarter than that. But it’s the principle of the thing.

 Finn: Sure. Anyone comes for my grandma, I’d react the same way.

 Finn: I’m sorry, man.

 Poe: Thanks. And, um, sorry for wildly accusing you.

 Finn: Water under the bridge.

     Finn Garo has sent you a friend request.  

 Poe: Really?

 Finn: Eh, I’ve made friends in weirder circumstances. You should hear the story of how my friend Rey and I met.

Poe: :chinhands: Tell me more.

Madly Jealous - S.M

Shawn and I were donning some impressive disguises so far no one had seen you guys. Shawn ditched his usual black and grey attire and went for a dark green hoodie with denim jeans, the hoodie was up over his head and he had on black sunnies to cover most of his face. I wore, a matching hoodie, and black leggings that had a green dragon spiralling up one leg. We had our hands clenched to each other tightly.

“so far so good” I whispered to him.

“Jess! You jinxed us! Now someone will find us” he said, his eyebrows raised.

“no what will get us caught is your clumsy ass” I said playfully shoving him.

“my clumsy ass? At least I don’t fall over on flat ground” he shot back.

“no, you fall up stairs and even your fans are happy when you walk in a straight line without tripping” I laughed back.

“shut up” he shoved me back, and me being clumsy slipped and fell. “see what I mean?” he made the fatal decision of turning away from me and I kicked him in the back of the knee causing him to fall, his sunglasses fell off.

“no who’s the cluts?” I smirked.

“that doesn’t count” he said crawling around to me.

“mmm I think it does” I laughed.

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Harassment in this fandom is a huge fucking problem. Man, do you know how many people I dislike? Do you know how many people I have blocked and how many urls blacklisted? But why would I ever fucking send hate or harass someone for having a different opinion, unless I feel threatened by it? Like you don’t believe Harry and Louis are together? I don’t fucking care. It changes nothing for me. So why a larrie believing Harry and Louis are together is such a difficult thing to overlook? Block, blacklist and move on. Go talk about your fave and your otp. Write some fanfics. Post pictures you like. Create fanart. Make plans and projects to support your fave. And let the other side do the same in their own way. Some of y’all are despicable (well, this applies to all sides of the fandom). We’re all here to have a good time. Why take it away from someone and yourself? How desperately afraid are you to prove a point to yourself and then to others? No one will change their mind, because you send hate. You only do it, if you’re a vindictive person. And that’s not a good look, bruh. Not the kind of character any of the boys would like and admire. On the other hand, people who love them genuinely and just want the best for them are people who the boys appreciate the most, no matter what they believe. 

Take care

~Put your playlist on shuffle and write about the first song that comes up~

Simons (POV)

‘I know you’ve been hurt by, someone else. I can tell by the way, you carry yourself’
I frowned turning away from my computer screen to face (Y/N) that was sat with her back facing me observing the pictures on the floor. She looked tense, as always but I know she can’t help it. It’s almost like she insecure about something.

'If you let me , here’s what I’ll do ,I’ll take care of you’

I turned back to my computer screen to continue editing my video with (Y/N) in the back of my mind. After half an hour or so I was done.
Surprisingly (Y/N) had fallen asleep on my bed, with a sad look on her face. I’ve always had feelings for her and the guys know. They call me a pussy for not telling her how I feel. I mean I would but things seem, harder I guess with her.
I picked her up, putting one arm on her upper back and my other beneath her legs. She whimpered, almost like how a baby would in my arms. I walked towards the guest room placing her down on the bed. “If you let me, I’ll take care of you” I whispered walking out of the room glancing back at her before closing the door.

'I’ve loved , and I’ve lost’
I’ve only loved once and lost once. It wasn’t a serious relationship either. None of the fans knew about me and my ex like how everyone knows about Emily and Ethan or Vikk and Kay. I truly and honestly didn’t feel attracted to her either. She broke up with me though , saying that talking to a camera playing games isn’t a job. I didn’t even like her in that way but damn was I hurt? I was more than hurt. None of the boys knew what to do with me. Not even (Y/N) but she did try. She tried harder than the boys in my opinion which is what made me happy again , and I thank her for that, for not giving up on me.

'I’ve asked about you and they told me things, but my mind didn’t change. I still feel the same’

I am close friends with (Y/N). I’m also friends with her parents. Not in a weird way though , our relationship is like me and Ethan’s mum. Nothing out of the blue. I have asked her parents about her, about why she is the way she is. They said it’s just how she is and it’ll stay that way. She’s apparently also been quiet in school with very few friends because she has trust issues. I don’t know why she has trust issues , no one does.
When they told me about her it was almost like they were disowning her too. She is the youngest out of her siblings , just like me. That’s another reason why we grew friends quickly.

What they said will stay in the back of my mind though , but it won’t change what I feel or think about her.

Pt2? Based on a song or not? If so please tell me recommendations of songs so it’s easier

Radioactivepeasant Goes to ComiCon, Part Four

This was my favorite part, okay?

So, I’d seen a few guys dressed as Vader and we sort of exchanged nods here and there. Then we came around a corner and it was the dang 501st!

I was considering asking Vader if I could get a picture with him, considering I was Luke for the day. Well that didn’t…didn’t quite work out the way I thought.

Basically, Father was not pleased to find Luke running helter-skelter through the con.

One of the stormtroopers looked up from talking to someone and shouted “Sir! Target spotted! Target spotted!” and pointed his blaster at me.

Let me tell you what, Vader moves a lot quicker than you’d think. In like, two seconds he was looming over me and the other troopers were pointing blasters at me. People were taking pictures, it was great.

So I’m backing away, babbling “Whoa, whoa, okay, hi, I was just…Um…so….can we talk about this?”

I decided, out of the blue (this is rather unlike me), to start hamming it up a little. I turned to a kid watching and called, “Hey! Are you gonna help me fight the Empire?” He stared at Vader hovering over me and slowly shook his head no. So I raised my hands like “I see how it is.”

So I looked to the other side and there’s another kid with a blaster. So I’m like, “What about you? Gonna save me from these stormtroopers?”
He goes “Yeah!” and charges in, starting a “gunfight” with the stormtroopers.

Vader leans in real close, does the “I’m warning you” finger point, and stalks away with a swish of his cape…and almost walks straight into a guy with a Dooku lightsaber….and his three year old.

Well Little Boy decides that he’s not going to let a sith push his dad around, and starts bopping him with his little blue lightsaber. So naturally, Vader responded in kind. A group gathered to cheer the kid on, and I called out, “You got him, little Jedi! Don’t give up!”

The kid freezes. He turns, looks up at me, and his eyes get huge. “Luke!” he whispers, and his dad had to remind him not to turn his back on Vader because he was about ready to run right over to me.

The duel ended in a draw, and Vader marched over to menace me again, leading to me ducking out of the way of the lightsaber a few times. Then, once he’d gone back to his booth, I asked the parents if I could get a picture with their little Jedi. Since he’s a kid, I’ve blurred out his face for privacy. But he had the biggest smile, it made my day.

And that’s the story of how Luke Skywalker went to ComiCon and almost got captured by the 501st.

The Solution To The Problem (Smut)

A/N: Oh my gosh guys! Life feels so hectic at the moment, tomorrow I have my first day off in a while and I hope I can slow down and get back into a rhythm. I can not say thank you enough for being so patient! I hope you enjoy this and I hope to be posting a lot more!

Pairing: Harrison Wells x Reader

Prompt: I need some Harrison Wells love. Like maybe the reader was his assistant and he never noticed how smart she was so one day he’s working on an equation and can’t figure it out so he’s all snippy at her but she solved it and they fight and ends in smut please? – Anonymous

Word Count: 2,511

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT 

Side note I feel hella more comfortable writing smut and actually feel like it is something good. Like I seriously loved how easy and smutty this turned out!

The Solution to the Problem (Smut)

You glanced down at your watch as it ticked later and later. Quickening your step, you made your way to Star Labs. You worked your second job in the mornings and was an assistant for Star Labs in the afternoon. Though you originally were hired in to take care of odds and ends, keeping the place organized and occasionally helping out on a case. It slowly morphed into spending the majority of your time babysitting Harrison Wells. It was a short walk away and when you entered the building you made your way down to the Cortex. As you walked down the hallway Barry, Cisco and Caitlin were heading towards you.

“Hey!” Cisco said as he saw you, “Y/N, how’s it going?”

You smile slightly, “I’m late, that’s how it’s going.”

“Relax, he’s caught up in his numbers.” Caitlin reassured you, “I highly doubt he even knows what time it is.”

“Has he been there all day?” You exclaim.

Cisco shook his head, “All day.”

“Great,” You pulled out your daily planner and opened up to the current date, “organize those files, update metabase, the list just keeps going.”

“I left all that information you needed in a pile on your desk,” Cisco commented.

You smiled, “Thanks, Barry could you do me a favor?”

“What’s up?” Barry replied as Caitlin and Cisco waved goodbye and made their way to the elevator.

You put your planner away and pulled out your wallet as you spoke, “Can you please run out and pick up some food for me and Wells?” You pulled out a twenty handing it to him.

“No need.” Barry disappeared and you turned to start walking towards the Cortex. Moments later Barry was walking next to you with a bag of Big Belly Burger and two drinks. “Here ya go!”

“Thank you, you’re a lifesaver!” You grasped the bag as he turned to head towards the elevator himself.

He turned twisted around so he was walking backwards, “Guess I picked a good day job,” He smiled and turned back to head towards the elevator.

You shook your head and entered the Cortex, making your way towards your desk. You glanced over into Wells’s area to see him standing in front of his large white board, his face pulled into a scowl. You could see the gears working in his head. After sitting your purse down, you pulled your food from the bag leaving it sit on your desk. With the bag in one hand and drink in the other you make your way to Wells.

“I brought some food for you,” You say as you attempt to find a clean spot on his desk that wasn’t scattered with papers. You were careful not to disrupt the organized chaos.

He didn’t respond and continued working. “When was the last time you ate?”

“Stop, I’ll eat” Wells barked at her, “As you can see I’m in the middle of something.”

You glanced up at the writing on the long board. You studied it for a moment and took in all the symbols and numbers.

Wells noticed you staring, “Don’t you have work to be doing, papers to file?”

You scowled at him before going back to your desk. This was the part of the job you didn’t like, grumpy Harrison Wells. You tried not to take it personally as you know he doesn’t mean it, this is how he got when he completely immersed himself in his work. You’d even grown fond of Wells being himself as you learned to see passed the frustration, anger and anxiety he put off. You brought up the metabase and began thumbing through the stacks of meta profiles and comparing them to their profiles in the master database Cisco had started. However, you couldn’t keep the problem from the board out of your head. You pulled up a scrap piece of paper and started scribbling away. You were pulled out of your train of thought by an exasperated scream of frustration that came from Wells’s room.

You rolled your eyes slightly as you got back up to check in. As you entered the room you saw and heard Wells ranting in agitation. Clearly he was getting frustrated over this problem.

You Walk up, “Why don’t you take a break and eat,” You encourage. “It’s your favorite, its getting cold, but still your favorite.”

“I need to figure this out, don’t you understand” He quickly turned around to look at you with his sleep deprived eyes, he laughed to himself slightly like he had an epiphany. “Of course not, you wouldn’t understand would you, how could you?”

The whole time you were listening to him snap your eyes were on the board behind him, “Oh yeah?” You quickly walked passed him, grabbing the expo marker out of his hand as you did.

“Give that back,” Wells followed and reached up in an attempt to snatch back the marker but he slowly came to a stop. He watched as you proceeded to fill in the answer to the problem. Wells looked at you like this was the first time he had seen you, the sleep in his eyes were replaced with amazement as you turned back around capping the marker and handing it back to him.

“I’m sorry what don’t I understand?” You started to walk out of the room proud but completely and utterly irritated.

He looked up still in awe, “Y/N wait. How did you do that?”

“Why did you hire me?” You quickly turned around answering with a question.

He stood speechless for a moment, “Well technically Barry hired you, I needed someone to take care of pointless drabble that took away from the more important things.”

You crossed your arms as your mouth dropped slightly, “I have a background in Quantum Physics and Thermodynamics.”

“Really?” He seemed surprised as he continued to look at you.

“Did you even see my resume?” Your eyebrows raised slightly.

He paused, “All I saw was your picture.” He turned back to look at the equation before starting to shuffle through the papers on the table.

“What?” You followed him over to his desk.

He pulled out the paper he was looking for and turned to look at you, “Look I was given four folders each with a picture of the candidate for the job. I assumed at that stage of hiring each had the skills needed so I chose the best looking photo.”

You paused a moment letting this new information process, “So let me get this straight, I got this job not because of my smarts but because I was the cutest. Unbelievable?”

“I didn’t say you weren’t smart,” Wells fired back, “Obviously you are brilliant, everyone else knew that or you wouldn’t have been considered for the job.”

You shook your head, “Not the point.”

“Then what is the point Y/N? Huh?” Wells snapped slightly, “Do you want me to congratulate you or give you a cookie for a job well done?”

“The moment I found this job I knew I had to get it, it had to be mine.” You said with a drive in your voice. “Because I have exhausted all other outlets of study. This place is the best place for me, the best opportunity that I have ever come across. Yet all I am is a something pretty to the biggest opportunity that came with the job. I see now that I wasted my time.”

You had never fought with Wells like this. Sure he would snap at you sometimes but never in manner that you took personal. You didn’t like it.

“Y/N” As you turned to walk away he called your name, but you continued to turn. “Y/N, stop.” His hand grabbed your arm. His touch almost made you jump as it had never happened before. You could feel him stepping closer to you and your heart sped up. He let out a long breath as he closed his eyes before continuing. “You’re not pretty, you’re gorgeous.”

You did not expect those words to come out of his mouth. You slowly turned to face him, your eyebrows slightly drawn as he continued. “I could tell there was something about you and I didn’t know what it was. You keep everything going and nothing I have done has scared you or pushed you away. Not only are you gorgeous but,” He paused like the next part hurt him to say, “You may even be smarter than me.”

His piercing eyes bore down into yours. Unable to look away you continued to hold eye contact. His gaze felt like it slowly pulled you forward and you could see the sincerity in his words. You pulled yourself up onto your tip toes attempting to match his height. Before you could think your lips where on his. You felt him take a sharp breath in through is noise as he processed what was happening.

You let your lips linger before parting them slightly. An invitation that Wells took as he let his hands fall to your waist squaring them before pulling you into him. He leaned into you making you fall back onto your heels and you could feel him hunching over making up for the height difference without breaking the kiss.

Your hands found their way up to the back of his neck and up to his hairline. You pulled him in wanting him closer. He continued to push you back till you were pressed against the edge of his desk. You broke away for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes as you waited for who was going to stop the other. Your eyebrow flickered up slightly as if taunting him.

He took the bait. In an instant he reached down and picked you up, letting you come to rest on the top of his desk. As his lips came crashing back down onto yours he pushed you back. His one hand was around your waist and the other cleared the table in one swoop, causing the papers to rain down haphazardly to the side.  

Both sets of fingers fought over the buttons of your shirt as you brashly pulled it up over your shoulder and down your arms. Wells made his way across your jawline and down your neck, continuing down into your cleavage. Peppering your chest with kisses that tickled ever so slightly. You tugged at his shirt and he got the hint as he stood up to pull it over his head. His torso was lean, like that of a runner. you let your hands explore the newly revealed skin as he kissed you again. You let your hands fall lower and you swore you felt him jump slightly as your hand ran over his growling bulge.  

He pulled back abruptly with a pleasantly chocked face on, a slight smile pulling at his lips. Looking up through your lashes you gave him a devilish grin as you continued to undo his belt and work on his zipper. He looked down watching what you were doing before bringing his gaze back to yours.

Without looking away he grabbed your hand and slowly guided it towards his large member that was pressing against the soft cotton of his briefs. You applied pressure making squirm slightly. He shook his head before he pushed you back. His hands unclasped your pants and in one swift motion he hooked his fingers through both garments. Just like that you were laying there on Harrison Wells’s desk, mostly naked. You felt yourself shiver with excitement.

He smiled down at you, “You’re sure?”

You reached up and pulled him down kissing him deeply, “Why stop now?”

He quickly reached over into his side drawer, after a few seconds of rummaging around he came back with a condom. You smiled and shook your head as you sat up, “Your desk drawer, really?”

“Hey, this is where I live.” He pointed out with raised eyebrows to make a point as he pushed his underwear down and rolled the condom on.

You rolled your eyes slightly and he leaned in close to your face, supporting his weight on the edge of the desk on either side of you, “Now where were we?” With each word he pushed you back further till you were resting on your elbows.

He looked to you one more time for confirmation before you nodded in encouragement. He watched your face as he slowly rubbed the tip of his penis over your wet entrance, letting it slide up over your clit. Your hips bucked slightly as he continued. He teased you until he finally entered, with every thrust inching deeper until you had taken all of him in. You felt yourself tighten around him and a slight moan escape his lips.

He rolled his hips and a gasp left your lips. A type of lust you never had felt seemed to switch on. The energy in the room felt like it was building up between the two of you with every rhythmic pulse. As the energy built the pace between you became rough and frantic. You reached up grabbed behind his neck, pulling yourself up into a more seated angle. His grip on your hips tightened and you could feel his fingernails digging into you slightly. You felt his lips dancing on you neck as you let your head fall back, eyes closed, mouth slightly agape in ecstasy.

You held on as long as you could not wanting it to end, but within moments the energy building exploded out in a wave of satisfaction. You clung to Wells as your legs seized and shook uncontrollably and you felt yourself clench down. The pressure was enough to send him over the edge as he let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a heavy breath.

The two of you stood there a moment, still, enjoying the euphoria. You could feel his legs shaking slightly as he pulled out and lazily took care of the condom. Your breath was still heavy and your heart still racing as he pulled up his pants, leaving them unzipped.

He walked up to you, gently kissing you, “I’m sorry about before, I can get pretty wrapped up in my work.”

“I forgive you, on one condition.” You smile. “Buy me dinner and we will call it even.”

Wells laughed slightly, “No,” You looked at him with a puzzled look, “I’ll make you dinner.”

“You cook?” You almost sounded surprised.

Wells looked a little offended, “It’s a hobby, now get dressed so we can go to the store.”

You smiled and quickly did as he said before catching up with him in the hallway. As you stood on the elevator waiting for the doors to close you felt his fingers gently tangle with yours.