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omg guys!!!! *sobs* tysm for all the likes and reblogs on my aesthetic posts aaà! its so nice to all the tags in the reblog and people giving their opinions on, and ive just been… crying tEARS OF JOY??? so i made these matching icons if anyone wanted to use em with someone else! ft. two cups and two buggy villains! (feel free to use! just be sure to credit if used!!) requests are open as well if anyone’s wondering!!


So I made some pride art based on me and my friends and had HEAPS of fun with watercolours!

Edit: I have been informed that I spelt “androgyny” wrong, so apologies to androgynous folks!

Part Two

Resources for Sea Magic

Someone asked for some resources on sea magic, but I accidentally answered it publicly instead of privately, as requested. Sorry ><

So I deleted the ask and the username, and am just posting it publicly anyway.

I have a tag for [“sea magic”] and one as well for [“water magic”] - anything I have will be in there. The practices, while similar, obviously have a different focus that can take the impact and how it is worked in different directions. Sea magic is a very specific branch of water magic that is well known and often practiced.

Here are a few resources on sea magic, not including spells or I’d be here forever- this is all just informational stuff about sea magic.

I found my old list of resources on sea magic [here], but oh gods, it really needed updating - I mean, just look at the format!


Sea Water (and Water in General)


Sea Salt

Sea Shells


Herbs / Plants

Sea Glass







  • matt: can i have a sip of some of your water?
  • shiro: it's not water
  • matt: ooo vodka, i like your style
  • shiro: it's vinegar
  • matt: uh wha-
  • shiro: it's vINEGAR
  • shiro: [sip sip] you weakass
30 Day Challenge: Advanced Language Study

Feel free to start these at any time you want, and have fun! You don’t have to do every part of every challenge if you don’t want to.

  1. Read a news article in your target language. Write down any words or phrases you don’t know. Take note of what kind of speech is used when describing the news. Write a summary of the article, rephrasing it in your own words.
  2. Record yourself speaking in your target language and listen to it, taking note of your pronunciation. See if you can find ways to make your speech sound more clear and natural.
  3. Watch and episode of a tv show or a movie in your target language, without subtitles. Try going for something you haven’t seen before and see how much you understand. Write down any phrases and words you don’t know with what you think they mean, based on context. You can check the meanings after you finish watching. If you have time, feel free to watch it again and see how much you understand now that you’ve checked these words.
  4. If you are currently studying something other than language, research the vocabulary for that subject in your target language (for example, I’m a music major, so I’d research vocabulary and phrases used to describe music in my target language). If you don’t have any other focus of study, choose a hobby.
  5. Research idioms in your target language.
  6. Come up with and look up puns in your target language.
  7. Listen to songs in your target language. Note how phrasing is manipulated to make the words fit with the music.
  8. Look up synonyms for words you already know. See if you can find slight differences in meaning or connotation between the words.
  9. Read poetry in your target language. Study the phrasing and usage of words. See if you can write your own interpretation of the poem.
  10. Note everything you do throughout the day. If there are any verbs for things you did that you don’t know in your target language, look them up. Same goes for objects you use.
  11. If you are studying a language, make sure you can describe the language itself in the language you are studying. Look up grammatical terms and expressions.
  12. Sit down somewhere (a place with a lot of people would probably be easiest to write about) and observe. Describe what you see as detailed as you can. Take the time to find the right words (make use of adjectives and adverbs!) to describe what you see.
  13. Write a diary entry in your target language. Focus on describing thoughts and emotions.
  14. Give yourself a spelling quiz.
  15. Read a fictional story. Take note of what kind of speech is used (like poetic or writing techniques specific to the language) when telling the story.
  16. Write a story, using the techniques you’ve noted the previous day.
  17. Practice translating from your target language to your main language, using an article or a few pages of a book.
  18. Read a blog entry in your target language. Blog entries are often more casual, and use expressions that resemble spoken language more than written language. Take note of how spoken language is written down.
  19. Write a dialogue in your target language. Focus on different speech patterns between different people.
  20. Write a letter to someone in your target language. If you don’t know who to write to feel free to write to yourself. Or to me!
  21. Practice translating from your main language to your target language.
  22. Watch a TV show in your target language with subtitles, and compare the translations. See if you agree with the written translations, and if not, think of how you would translate it yourself.
  23. Pick a set of words in your target language and define them in that language.
  24. Look into the different dialects of your target language. Note the similarities and differences.
  25. Listen to a professional speech in your target language. Make note of any specialized words or words you don’t know.
  26. Think of an everyday interaction you might have (for example, going to the bank) in which you do not yet have the vocabulary you would need. Look up the vocabulary you would use in such a situation (cultural differences are also worth noting!)
  27. Time to focus a bit on culture! Look into popular entertainment or businesses in your target culture that are of interest to you. Do as much of the reading in your target language as you can.
  28. Look up children’s games (such as word games) and songs. If you can, find someone to play them with you.
  29. Try to describe people you know. Include appearance, personality, habits, etc. Look up any words you do not know.
  30. Read an excerpt of an academic source in your target language. Note any vocabulary or grammar you don’t understand.

If you plan to make daily posts with these challenges feel free to tag me in them! I would love to see what everyone wrote.


Someone requested we make up a materlist so here it is! We’ll update it as we go, and if any of the links aren’t working please let me know! And sometimes I reblog fan art, if you ever wanna see that it’ll be tagged as #MysticalArt ^^

Also don’t forget when requesting anything here’s a link to our rules :]

With the main five RFA cuties
On a rainy day
How they sleep
MC with period pains
MC with glasses
Seeing their kid for the first time
MC scared after watching a horror movie
MC being kidnapped
MC being insecure about having a smaller chest
Seeing MC walking down the aisle
Finding out MC already has a child
MC who’s RIPPED AF (in their words)
With an MC who gets flustered easily
On their honeymoon
MC who’s 15-16 years old (Not in love, to avoid anything even borderline pedophilia)
MC with large breasts 
Watching fireworks
Cheering up a stressful MC
MC who speaks another language
Pillow talk
Bedroom kinks
Trans MC
As high school teachers
Going to a cat cafe
MC being afraid of thunder (There’s two requests in one)
MC not being able to bear children
Sleepy MC in a big poofy sweater
Finding out MC is into BDSM
When MC kisses their chest right over their heart 

With RFA & Minor Trio [V, Saeran, and Vanderwood]
With all eight 
Seeing MC get married to someone else
MC taking care of them when they’re very sick 
MC bursting into tears after saying “I love you so much” 
With all the main five + V & Unknown -
MC self-harming/attempting suicide
MC getting a scar from protecting them
Friends to lovers
MC with a major sweet-tooth
MC being super ticklish 
The morning after having sex together
Getting stuck in an elevator together
MC being super into musicals 
Finding out MC smokes
With the main five & V
Meeting MC before the party
MC feeling lonely in Rika’s apartment alone
MC being NB/confused about their gender
MC who likes to pet them 
Finding out MC is self conscious of her glasses
Accidentally meeting MC at a ‘Paint & Sip’ before the party 
With the main five & Unknown
MC with mental disorders
MC is a school idol
MC who’s dark skinned & chubby
First time having sex
MC not wanting any hickeys or similar things
MC having lots of tattoos 
An MC who disappears for a few days to deal with her mental issues
With the main five & Vanderwood 

Individuals! (Or at least requests with only a few members, so there’ll be some repeats)

Poly relationship with MC + Jumin + Yoosung
Yoosung saying cute things in his sleep
Yoosung eavesdropping on MC singing
MC needing cuddles/attention
Being self conscious with a model S/O
Yoosung saving MC from Unknown 

His dad flirting with MC
Alternatively his dad being just friendly with MC
Jumin’s first night with MC
MC wearing thigh-high socks
MC being a cat mom
MC needing cuddles/attention
Poly relationship with MC + Jumin + Yoosung
Jumin proposing to MC
MC being self conscious in a bikini 
Finding out MC was from a rival company just wanting to ruin him image
Meeting an MC who looks like Elizabeth the Third 

MC having little glow in the dark star/moon stickers
MC having a panic attack after certain things happen during his route that I won’t say bc spoilers
MC comforting Seven through a panic attack
Mini fic about the Reset Theory
Poly relationship with Seven + Zen + Unknkown
MC wearing thigh-high socks
MC being a cat mom
MC needing cuddles/attention
Being self conscious with a model S/O
“Hot scene” with MC
Finding a sleepy MC wearing his jacket
Finding out MC is pregnant with quadruplets 
MC being self conscious in a bikini 
MC proposing by hacking his computer 
MC singing to him when he comes to Rika’s apartment
Meeting an MC who looks like Elizabeth the Third
Love triangle with Zen and MC

Zen with their children
Zen meeting MC’s family
Poly relationship with Seven + Zen + Unknown
MC being a cat mom
“Come over here- oh crap no don’t fall - why does this always happen?“
Getting in a car accident with MC
Love triangle with Seven and MC 

“Hot scene” with MC

Poly relationship with Seven + Zen + Unknown
MC wearing thigh-high socks
MC being a cat mom
MC needing cuddles/attention
“Hot scene” with MC
Finding out MC is pregnant 
MC being self conscious in a bikini 

V gradually going blind
If MC got shot during a secret ending (spoilers)
MC being self conscious in a bikini 


Valentines Themed~
Telling MC how much they love them
Realizing MC’s “home cooked” valentines dinner was actually takeout

Christmas Themed~
Ugly Sweaters
Mistletoe kisses
Daring each other to like a frozen pole (Just Seven)
Christmas decorating

Skyline {II}

Originally posted by over-et

Warnings: Language

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: Guys!!! I’m seriously blown away at all the commotion and excitement around Skyline.  In the two days that I’ve posted it, I’ve had to turn off my notifications just because they were blowing up!! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and, hopefully, will continue to do…as there will be a Skyline pt. 3 and possibly pt. 4!!  One quick thing I’d like to mention, however, is that I’ve gotten a lot of requests to tag people in my writing.  While I’m honoured that you guys want to know as soon as possible when I update, I’ve had so many people request to be on a tags list that I’ve just decided not to do one.  I don’t ever want to leave someone out or forget about someone, so I thought it’d be best to not have one at all.  I really hope this doesn’t affect you guys too much, but if you follow me, I usually give pretty regular updates on what’s going to be coming soon.  And, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy!!

{part I}

It had taken a few weeks, but life after your meeting with Spider-Man had finally returned to normal. The groups of people hanging around your locker had broken up, the teachers stopped questioning you in front of class, and only three people asked if you had Spider-Man’s number when they wrote in your yearbook.  Despite the attention you had received, however, your school year had come to an uneventful close.  And although you were grateful the interrogations had stopped, you were less than overjoyed about the dullness your days had once again become coloured with.

Your time was filled with events in which variety was far and few.  You woke up at the same time, ate the same breakfast, took care of the same two year old next door, visited your same friends, and tried not to notice the slow ticking of the clock on the wall.  It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy the time with your friends, or your favourite toddler; it was just that you felt…different.  Different in a way that you couldn’t explain, or even put into words.  Just different.

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falsettos pride icons pt. 1 - lesbians from next door

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06-29-18 || hey everyone!! i haven’t even finished all my 1k blog rates yet and i’ve hit 2.2k! thank you all for tagging along on my study journey :)

i got a brand new bullet journal, which i am so excited to start on and it’ll mean lots and lots of new posts. i’m starting up my instagram and youtube channel shortly as well. i also have a post coming out soon about all the supplies i’ve been using requested by someone who sent me a kind message! 💓

Scoobert Doobert

as requested you guys shall receive ;) also i will be putting Shaggy up tomorrow. Also i would of put his tray files up but like my tray importer is ded. 

Download: on the gallery under “scoobert doobert”

Origin ID: pxelhoney

  • idc if you remodify him do whatever your heart desires tbh. you can even upload your remodified version just give credit back to me!
  • if you use him tag me i want to see him in your games! 

Now someone make the rest of the mystery gang(ง ˙o˙)ว

pointless-lemons  asked:

Can you draw Jefferson as Heather Chandler, Madison as Heather Duke, Burr and Heather McNamara, and Hamilton as Veronica (Candy Store?)


I changed Madison to McNamara though, because he’s small and anxious, I hope that’s alright!

I had way too much fun with this…

without really meaning it

The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
@stileslydiah requested “24. Without really meaning it”

Watching Derek dote on someone is hard – harder than Stiles thought it would ever be, despite the fact he knows it’s insincere; despite the fact it’s the job and nothing more.

 It’s hard because Stiles hasn’t had those arms around him in months, hasn’t had opportunity to arrange a chance meeting on a crowded street in weeks, hasn’t had Derek’s eyes meet his and watched his mouth curl into a smile for him.

 Derek’s team have been fairly indulgent, letting Stiles tag along on the assignment to observe and allowing him to blend with various crowds just to be close to Derek. Early on, before Derek insinuated himself into their mark’s life, they even allowed them to talk on the phone, but that might as well have been in another lifetime.

 Sometimes, Stiles hates his job, hates Derek’s job, hates the fact they’d never have met if it wasn’t for their jobs because then he can’t hate it as much.

 Stiles is across the restaurant and he can’t tear his eyes away from the back of Derek’s head for more than a few seconds at a time, usually at the prompting of the agent he’s sitting across from.

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