TMZ - FEB 26

Some part scripted and typed down, apologies for typos.

Harvey: he had a lot of cash and she was living in a nice house but it wasn’t a palatial house for sure also he did get a girlfriend and that does play into it just in terms of jealousy and you know.. i’m now stuck with a kid… (rambling)
so hopefully that will help you I’m telling you take notes its good advice I’m telling you

woman: Louis needs to get better people around him to help him manage his life because someone should have told him from this start that he needed to drop some kind of an agreement or contract saying this is what i’ll be paying in child support, and in assistance and that should have been the end of it but first of all he should have gotten a DNA test. Most definitely.

Harvey: Absolutely. And by the way, by the way Louis was gonna be in court today, that this is was not what where (this) was going, he was supposed to be in court along with them which means all the media hoopla and everything else so there was a lot of pressure on everybody to settle this thing so they reached a temporary settlement, we will see if it sticks.

100 kisses to @wakeupwakeupwell for recording this on audio.


     “Mmm, not bad. At least the foods don’t really taste trashy here. Ha ha ha!”

     Well, his laugh sounded trashy regardless, added up with that haughty expression of his, he would be easily labelled as a delinquent with nasty attitude. Not something he should take in mind of. Observing people’s fun, having fun’s what most taken priority of for this problematic blonde! Chewing the steamy meat skewered on a wooden stick, it’s a way to pass boredom and luxuriating on the merit of his meal. Furthermore, looking for fun wasn’t an exception.

     “Now now, what other fun things else can I participate in here? If the lurker can actually show themselves to give some advice, it’d even gonna be more enticing!”