(so sleepy)

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Ignis rarely slept while they were on the road. Largely due to the fact that he drove the majority of the time. But after driving nonstop for what seemed to be several days–the other three had had enough. He looked absolutely exhausted, worn and eyes red with lack of proper sleep.

“Ignis, it’s time to call it,” Gladio said, looking irritated. He nudged Noct in the seat next to him, napping as per usual. Noct sat up a little straighter and nodded with a confused “huh, what?”

Prompto leaned over to the irritable and sleepy looking advisor. “Hey, Iggy, you’ve done enough, you know? Let Noct take over for a while.”

Ignis did not answer at first, staring ahead determinedly. He was so tired, however, it pulled at him, and he felt like just giving up and closing his eyes. He didn’t, of course, but the sensation was nearly over powering.

“Specs, I’ve had a nap, give it up, I’ll take over for a while,” Noctis finally said, his hand coming to rest on the advisor’s shoulder and squeezing lightly. Ignis sighed and moved the Regalia over on a parking spot along the road.

“I will take a break for a time,” he conceded, “but not for long.”

Ignis rarely slept in the Regalia because of his desire to be watchful–for fear that Noct would miss something at a crucial moment and they’d all die in a fiery crash. Gladio had ideas for that, however, when Ignis settled, a bit slumped, into the back seat.

“Come here, Iggy,” Gladio rumbled as Noctis pulled onto the road once more. He’d situated himself to become a pillow rest for Ignis. Who refused at first–but big gentle hands took him and pulled his barely resisting form over to rest against him.

“And I’ll take these–” Prompto had turned around in his seat to carefully take Ignis’s glasses from his face and perch them on his own head. “Relax, Igs, we’ll take care of things.”

Ignis huffed but Gladio’s hands on his biceps kept him from chasing after his glasses. He relaxed after a few moments. He sighed out slowly a few times, eyes fighting to stay open. It was no use, they slid closed without his knowledge and he was drifting away in moments. Gladio held onto him affectionately, and let him fall into sleep without any interruption.