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Singapore Sling

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader

Rating: NC-17

Character count: 35,696 / Word Count: 6,521

Your duties as maid of honour were fairly simple: maximise alcohol and minimise stress, keep an eye on the bride-to-be, and above all else, have things under control. You’ve promised yourself to keep this wedding a fuckup-free zone, anticipating smooth sailing from the moment you land in Antigua. When danger emerges on the horizon in the form of a denim-clad devil dressed in Gucci and gold, things take a turn—nothing in the MOH handbook has prepared you for what to do in the event that you unwittingly sleep with the best man.

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Lugia's Song [variations]
Lugia's Song [variations]

i completely forgot i did this but i just found it on my hardrive looking for something else omg. this is me improvising around the main motif from lugia’s song on my flute. 

(all with a heck load of reverb and delay for Extra Mysterious Atmosphere)

Unprofessional Services: Chapter 4

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Part 3 here.

Summary: You remember learning in the academy that working as a therapist required creativity. It seems as if anti-therapy requires the same.

Words: 2300

Warnings: None

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: So, I’ve kind of had this chapter written for months and just never published it because I thought it was terrible! But then, today, I read it over and thought, huh, this actually isn’t half-bad! So! Here ya go!

Despite my inactivity, I am thinking about both of my current stories every day. Without getting into too much, my life has been kind of a mess since May, so, I’m trying my best to pull it back together. It seems as if it’s beginning to settle, now.

Thanks so much for your patience and support. I love reading the feedback for this story. It’s close to my heart! <3 I love y'all so much!!

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prompt: trc/teen wolf crossover - stiles and derek at one of kavinsky’s substance parties, having the time of their lives under the glow of the neon lights. suggested by @yourlovelyalpha

(aka a perfect excuse for me to attempt blacklight coloring, it was fun, 10/10 would/will do again)


some positivity for boys because sometimes we forget boys suffer too

here’s to all the beautiful boys out there (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧