(so he could just sing the words to brendon)

Girl can SING (Part 2 )

A/N: Here is the second installment! Please stroke my ego if you’d like because I’m not feeling confident about this one. Shout out to @jared-padaloveme and @multifandom-slytherin!

The next day when you all woke up, the first thing you did after breakfast was get dragged into a jam session. You all talked music, explaining what your vocal range was like and things you’ve worked on before. Brendon had you do vocal warm ups with him while Kenny warmed up and Dallon tuned.

You felt so incredibly awkward and sang them quietly. Vocal warm ups were silly on their own, with lots of “me meh mah moe moo” and “oooo” runs. Doing them with Brendon, and in front of Ken and Dallon, was weird. You nervous-giggled through the whole thing. Brendon finds it very endearing.

You weren’t confident about your singing around them at first because you didn’t think you were the same caliber. Brendon’s singing seemed way out of your league. Brendon seemed way out of your league. Plus, you didn’t want them to think that you’re using them for their connections. 

Brendon points out where you can add harmonies to their songs and has you try Girls/Girls/Boys out. The boys start to play along. You look both terrified and awkward, your voice barely audible. Brendon locks eyes with you while he sings and smiles. He suddenly takes your hands and makes you shimmy-dance with him, never missing a note. You giggle through the lyrics and he spins you around.

Before you realize it, you’re singing at a normal volume, no longer feeling shy, with a smile on your face. The fact that he knew just how to get you to open up warms your cheeks.

Things only got better from there. Truth is, you had been playing out quite a bit and posted on YouTube all the time before you met them. Once you were comfortable around them, music came to you as easily as it did alone. It was pretty easy to feel confident when the best singer you’ve ever met was impressed by you. The way Brendon looked at you as you sang… it made you feel invincible.

Actually, the way Brendon looked at you in general made you feel invincible. Over the course of a month, the butterflies in your stomach had not gone away. He makes you feel brave.

Singing with Brendon was like living in a dream. The band was so excited to have you around, saying that you brought something special that they had been looking for.

One day when you’re rehearsing, you step out to get some water. You return and stop at the door, hearing hushed voices. You can’t help but listen in.

“What?! You still haven’t made any moves on her?” It’s Dallon, whispering incredulously.

“No,” you hear Brendon reply sheepishly. Oh my god. Are they talking about you?

“Dude, what are you waiting for?” Kenny asks.

“I don’t know,” Brendon says quietly, “She’s just so… so perfect.”

Your heart is racing.

“Brendon Urie,” Dallon teased in his mock-dad voice, “Are you afraid of falling in love?”

“Y/n is perfect for you, Brendon,” Kenny says simply. Your stomach does somersaults and a grin overtakes your lips.

“I know, I know,” Brendon is chuckling nervously, “Soon.”

You replay the word in your head. Soon. Soon couldn’t come soon enough. You’re certain your heart is about to explode. You take a moment to bring your face to a neutral state. You look as though you heard nothing at all and pushed the door open.

As you enter the room, everyone suddenly looks away or down at their instruments. Brendon fiddles with the microphone in his hands, turning it upside down and toggling the on/off switch as if it was broken. Brendon has you in some sort of state, and you do something that was really unlike you: you decided to mess with him.

You walk right up to him with a bit of concern.

“Is something wrong with the mic?” You ask, sliding your hand around it, gripping the cylinder tightly just above his hand. It was very suggestive, yet you looked up at him with an innocent expression. He is bright red. You liked having such an effect on him.

“Uh,” he stuttered, “no I- um yeah it was off for a second.”

“Oh good,” you smile and walk over to where you had set down your mic. You pick it up and turn around, acting like you are completely oblivious. “Ready?” You ask Brendon and look back to the boys. You are met with a few nods and continued on with practice.

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