I know a lot of people like to think and draw our squid kids with teeth like a hooman or a mammal which is fine because I do it too lmao but consider….squid beak teeth

its just one long giant hunk of tooth on the top and bottom

beak teeth…no need to even floss;;;;

also I was thinking about that big ol fang they have in the bottom row of their beaks and I was wondering where the fuck they would put that and…

turns out they just hang out under the rest of it I guess /shOT

I wonder if squids chip their bottom fang a lot because they closed their beak and then protruded their jaw or like teeth grinding in the night or something ;;;


What did I do today?  Oh nothing.  Just a trip to Olathe, KS with @treefrogie84 and @solsticekitten to meet @marytheimpala and take goofy photos with her.  

(One of which was pantsless AF.  I hope we made @kimrhodes4 and @officialbrianab proud.) 

I also picked up some yarrow, palo santo, and a new knife at Enchanted Gifts (which hosted her), because hey, opportunity.  Plus, weaponry was 30% off…

Gay men within the molly subculture developed their own molly slang, called the Female Dialect, consisting largely of Maiden Names with which they affectionately christened one another. Such sobriquets were usually preceded by a form of Madam or Miss: for example, there were Madam Blackwell, Miss Kitten, alias Mr Oviat, Miss Fanny Knight, Miss Irons, Mrs (i.e. Mistress) Anne Page, the clerk at Sukey Bevell’s, and Mrs Girl of Redriff. Molly, Mary, and Margaret, etymologically related, provide the most frequent Maiden Names: Moll Irons, Flying Horse Moll, Pomegranate Molly, Black Moll, perhaps Moll King (a street robber convicted and transported sometime before 1721), China Mary, Primrose Mary (a butcher in Butcher Row), Orange Mary (an orange merchant), Garter Mary, Pippin Mary (alias Queen Irons), Dip-Candle Mary (a tallow chandler), Small Coal Mary. There are occasional aunties: Aunt Greer, Aunt May (an upholsterer), and Aunt England (a soap-boiler)… There were some prestigious names (which the modern gay subculture would call piss-elegant): Princess Seraphina the butcher, Queen Irons, probably a blacksmith, the Countess of Camomile, Lady Godiva, a waiter, and the Duchess of Gloucester, a butcher.
—  From Rictor Norton’s ‘Maiden Names and Little Sports’, a page of his invaluable online sourcebook The Gay Subculture in Georgian England
Worth the Risk by Sammy

Catherine wraps up the case with the Lieutenant Governor and several important people are impressed with her work.

Thank you for your AMAZING support, REAL McRollers!

On High School Hero by Mari:

A small act of kindness can change a person’s life forever and for the better. That’s a lesson, we should all take to heart. (alharpole)

Loved this one. I could have used a Catherine in middle school. (katydid13)

Great Story ! I hope all kids aspire to step up and be there for those being bullied ! (Nancy Robison)

somethingcleverihope replied to your post “pregnant marie in her underwear lazing around their home because its…”

If its with soul resonance Stein knows before Marie does on what emotions she is feeling.

On the flip hed be doing something and hed feel that switch and itd go from good to “mother of god i messed up.” And hed see it in her soul then on her face

Yessssssss, Stein knows Marie so well, tbh. So I imagine he has that small moment before Marie SHOW being upset where he can feel the switch between her feeling okay and her feeling like shit and it kind of kills him a little bit.

TBH, the dude probably hates when she’s upset. Every single time she’s felt bad in the manga, he’s always been there to comfort her in some way. 

Music Tag

Rules : you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your MP3 player, spotify, itunes, ect on shuffle and list the first 10 songs. then tag 10 people to do the same . No SKIPPING SONGS 

I was tagged by @flouisboyante Thanks ^.^

1. Of mice and men - Space enough to grow

2. Twenty one pilots - Trees

3. pierce the veil - the boy who could fly

4. My chemical romance - sleep

5. Muse - The small print 

6. Mary Lambert - Ribcage 

7. Of monsters and men - Dirty paws

8. Nirvana - poilly

9. Twenty one pilots - Ode to sleep

10. Panic! at the disco -Girls/Girls/Boys 

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What Hair and eye color do you guys have?

My eyes are like greeny blue but around the pupil they’re really orange, but my hairs dark dark brown borderline black


I have dyed red hair but I am naturally copper colored and I have dark brown eyes that are super small 

- Admin Mari

My eyes are blue with a small brown line in my left eye, it’s also a green colour around the pupil, my hair is medium brown to dark brown with a couple streaks of light brown

- Admin Ria

#WhitefriarsWednesday update via @booraspberry … Sneak peak of one of my favorite new rolls from the #whitefriars #stainedglass window cartoon collection at the #RakowLibrary! This colorful paper object is part of a small roll from St. Mary’s Church in Ajmir, India. @lorhash is writing up a condition report and treatment recommendations. #whitefriarswednesday @corningmuseum @ex.tabulis #paperconservation #artconservation #librariesofinstagram http://ift.tt/29UoSEl

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my fellings with FFA are always up and down. You're mean lol I'm kidding. I would love to see a scene where Mary, reader and Dean are playing hide and seek or just peek-a-boo. Mary is happiness and cuteness and no matter what Dean says, she can call reader mommy whenever she wants. ^^

That’s exactly what I always try to achieve! Roller-coaster my friend, all of my stories that’s what they are! But yes yes I am very mean! Now that I am thinking about it I have small Dean/Reader/Mary scene where they are all family-like and it’s full of fluff but I will defintiely keep this in mind because I think I know where to include it! ;) Bsides, yes yes Reader will always be her mommy no matter what!