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AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

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where the stars are embracing

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Isaac Beamer Versus the Supernatural - Chapter 1 - OneBizarreKai - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

holy crap I actually updated this story

Yes, for those of you who are newer or unaware, I started writing a story like last year where various UT fandom characters go to school and are normal humans. For the most part. Some of them have supernatural powers, and Ink and Error are pretty much the main focus, Ink being the sassy protagonist and Error being the obnoxious school king trying to keep up an image. They hate each other.

I finally got around to drawing my psmd partner Awa for the first time since i drew him with dandy and tim tam who belong to @that-psmd-comic-thing

of course this is a humanization of him and the hero is no longer a riolu named issabell/issacc but rather a riolu name Ilijah (ngl this looked better on paper cause my stabilizer decided to leave me to fend for myself for majority of this piece) this is only half of him cause drawing the hand killed me (i draw pupils differently tbh there a lot more matte for the most part )

I’m working on revising my Jack Frost cosplay, and the anniversary for this movie is coming up, so I thought I’d color a sketch of my boy! 



{Days 21 & 22/100 of Productivity}

I couldn’t post yesterday because I didn’t have time to do any studying…

Today though I’ve finally got off my ass (after four days) and pushed through the tiredness. I guess I’d just exhausted myself from not stopping since like November. I went ice skating and improved some jumps, then came home and had a three hour nap (nice). Got to 8pm and I started contemplating whether I should have another day off or just get on with it. So here I am. Getting on with it with my cup of double-strength tea in hand.

Studyblrs get real come at me

the fact is? they could easily have posted their designs months ago for people to give feedback on, or worked with one of the many poc who called them out in the first place on this.

but they didnt, they gave us radio silence for months and then come back with a design that has also been criticised extensively and openly since like november, which just shows how little they are listening

Here’s my headcanon design of the Jellyfish Sisters from Superstar Saga.

I wanted to differentiate them more from each other like how the other tutorial people in the game are; hence the differing hair(?)/belle designs and dress skirts, and Gigi being chubby compared to Merri (like Mario is to Luigi). Having their legs showing is kinda odd, but when I tried putting them in long dresses, it looked even odder in my style.

Oh, the one is the middle is the receptionist is the massage center the Sisters run; she isn’t named, so I call her Lily and think of her as their little cousin.