Brian&Justin + domestic bliss pt 2

Nicknames I Give the Boys 

Evan: Canadian Dorito 

Delirious: Jon, Baby Jason, and Del (Rarely) 

Tyler: Piggy, Pig-Douche, and Shameful Cinnamon Roll 

Mini: Craiggles, Craiggy, Moony Lloyd, and Hedgehog Hair 

Nogla: Noggles, Irish Weeboo, Walking Pencil, Bean Pole, Flagpole, and Tall Nerd 

Lui: Lou-Lou, Squeaker, Monkey-Baby 

Moo: Cow-Man, Moose, Moo-Moo, and Brocky 

Brian: Pretty-Boy, The Better Bane, and “*sigh*… Brian.” (Sigh included) 

Cartoonz: …. Luke 

Sark: Tron, and General/Veteran/Captain/Overlord Sark 

407: Scotty Love and Giggle Mic 

Marcel: Ragey McRager, Rage Roll, Finn, “NEEEEERRRRRDDDDDDDDD”, and Basic 

Droidd: Carlos, Arlan, Droideka, and Silent