(shut) up the punx!!!

(Shut) Up The Punx!!!
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‘Cause the last thing I wanna be is another negative asshole

Like God speaks through my acoustic guitar and I’ve got the perfect set of morals

On a dry erase board at the front of the house

Follow these conditions or we’ll kick your ass out

Vegans only, no meat allowed!

Straight edge only, no drinking allowed!

Fixed gears only, no three-speeds allowed!

Me, me, me, I’m smart, I’m right, I’m smart!

I know it’s hypocritical to point fingers at the people who point fingers.

But when we all march to the beat of the same different drummer, yeah, the steps start to come off like clockwork. I guess I’m saying we could stand to be nicer, because when you’re in a basement talking shit and interspersing it with speaking in namedrops and units, I must admit I’m not the best when I’m defensive. I’d rather steal your whiskey than your heart in conversation. I’d rather break three strings a song then stick to a routine like I’m ripe for the picking after growing on a tree and then talk about the industry, cross-market positivity with vinyl nerds and brightly colored, quirky messy record sleeves. I’d rather be vomiting and I despise vomiting. Blugh.

But thanks for the beer. I appreciate your time but can we talk about something else? If you really think that you and I are on the same page, you can go ahead and fuck yourself. Because you’ve got coke and good looks, I’ve got overdue library books, so lets be friends and change the subject now.

‘Cause the last thing I wanna be is another negative asshole. Like God speaks through my acoustic guitar and I got the perfect set of morals on a dry erase board at the front of the house.

Vegans only: NO MEAT ALLOWED!
Straight edge only: NO DRINKING ALLOWED!
Fixed gears only: NO THREE-SPEEDS ALLOWED!

I think its dumb when you take the inherently fun like riding bikes and singing songs and say they’re not for everyone as if for your whole life you were cool as shit.

“Punk tourist!”

'Cause you still beg for cash, 'cause you spent your parents last on a Greyhound to the Fest and your jacket says Crass but I don’t give an ass. I’m not giving you fifty cents so that you can buy a forty and destroy a hotel party and the man who cleans your mess up, shrugs, and says, “This non-conformity looks like conformity. Like boring, nice people pose threats to your authority. This positivity is negativity and you boys sure left me with a mess to clean.”

Smile big, hug bigger. Talk big, act bigger. Stop judging. Do something. Shut the fuck up, do something. Instead of sneering at my friends and me 'cause we’re not stealing. Buy a troubled friend a drink at the bar and tip well. Don’t spend your time scoffing. When you do that you’re just scoffing like the people who scoff at us while defending our community. You’re a teacher. You’re a parent. You’re the head of a dictatorship. When the ground is covered up in rules, you’re guaranteed to power trip.

This non-conformity looks like conformity. Why should anyone believe in our community? This organization doesn’t feel like anarchy, 'cause we’re suiting up to have the same identity and the boring, nice people say, “Shut up the punx! Shut up the punx!” All the people who have barbecues to feed their friends and family, “Shut up the punx! Shut up the punx!” All the people writing zines with information (not just blaming things), “Shut up the punx! Shut up the punx!” All the boys and girls are fed up with just saying that we’re punk, we say, “Shut up the punx! Shut up the punx!”