(shit the first one is frozen)

we found out like three months ago that Percy didn’t tell VM - the SHITs, then - his full name for I think several months after they first broke him out of jail, and it still kills me. This pale scarecrow they dragged out of a cell, scareder than he is skinny and angrier than he is scared - except he buries the anger so deep beneath the fear, and that beneath the hastily reassembled reflexes of propriety. Coming off a two-year disassociative episode on a ship, pulled out by a whisper in his mind that promised vengeance, if only he could get to a forge, and pull up, expand on, retool some ideas he had about chemistry and propulsion years ago. Clings to the socially anxious druid who couldn’t be more unlike him in every way just because she says she’s supposed to rule her people some day and that, that he understands, that’s the only thing left in this world that he understands. But the name “de Rolo” doesn’t pass his lips for months, nor all those tumbling, weighty intervening names, heavy with loss and duty and everything he can’t think about right now. Blood in the halls, on the snow. He can’t think about it - and what if he draws attention to himself? He tried to do one thing, kill one person, and he got caught without even seeing her. But what if she found him? (You can’t convince me he thought of anything else, in that cell.) What if the Briarwoods did? All that loss, all that duty, all that legacy…better hidden than ended forever. (He’s so angry, and so scared.)

But it came out. Nights by the fire with Keyleth, talking philosophy and constellation myths and how to accept a hug. Shooting contests with Vex, Pike’s kind smile, Grog’s easy laugh…”Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III”, tripping haltingly off his tongue as they all watch and do not understand the weight and history of every name. Percy’s lost his aristocratic, Whitestone accent a little in the last couple years, but he cannot say his name without it. Not properly. And of course he’ll introduce himself “properly.”

And…the world doesn’t end. Vampires don’t descend from the dark trees around their camp. White stone and snow and frozen rivers of blood do not come crashing down and drown him.

So he repeats it, maybe. Tongue curling around the familiar syllables like a blanket, this name that has placed him in history since he was born. I’m sure a warm campfire isn’t the first time Percy tells the SHITs his first name - spontaneous, or even minimally prompted, emotional vulnerability and information-sharing? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m sure it’s because earlier that day they had to get somewhere Official, and their Percy-from-the-jail-cell stepped forward whipped out all seventeen syllables in one haughty breath. Ever practical, that boy. But that night, there had to be Questions.

And the world didn’t come crashing down, so he does it again. Maybe not the next time they meet new people, but maybe the time after that. Maybe the time after the time after that. Maybe just “Percival de Rolo”, to start - but by the time they save Emon and Sovereign Uriel, it’s as easy as it ever was to put on court manners and introduce himself with a bow of just the right degree, as Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III.

There are de Rolo cousins, after all. They’ve married good families across Tal’Dorei, and even into Wildemount and Marquet. There’s no reason anyone needs to know he’s from Whitestone. It’s his name, his family, his lineage and legacy, but by the time we meet him, he can already roll it off his tongue so lightly. No weight of duty, loss, and terror (they’re shoved down as deep as the dreams of black smoke.) Guilty though he was about how giddy it made him, he was free. Even by then he’d grown so much, gotten so much better…

And then Uriel told a page to send a letter to the Briarwoods, in Whitestone, and it all. came. crashing. down.

(…and look how he’s grown since then.)

okay so imagine that after ransom, holster, and lardo graduate they’re like “okay so where do we live now” and like holster and ransom already agreed that they were going to move in together after college while ransom gets his medical degree and they realize that wow apartments are fucking expensive so they’re like “lardo wanna move in with us too so we can actually afford a place with a roof” and she’s like “sure”

imagine the shenanigans they’d get up to

  • so it’s a two bedroom apartment and for some reason holster and ransom get the smaller room??? but they shove a bunk bed in there and can kind of fit a desk there too and there’s only one closet but they’ve been sharing clothes for years so it’s not really an issue
  • lardo gets the bigger room with these fucking beautiful windows in it like there’s a window seat she likes to curl up in when it’s sunny outside and she sets an easel up next to them so she can paint in the natural light and she swears that her art looks better when it dries in the sun
  • she also gets a huge ass bed that dwarfs her completely but she loves it so much cause it’s got fucking soft sheets and a thousand fucking pillows because shitty has a weird fixation on throw pillows and picks her up cute ones that have like a cat face on them or a saying like “i love my bed more than i like you”
    • when shitty sleeps over there isn’t enough room for all the throw pillows and both him and lardo.
    • also shitty loves little spooning it like with lardo wrapped around his back like a backpack he feels super safe
    • lardo also likes being the little spoon. they flip a coin to decide who gets to be it that night
  • none of them can cook for shit so they have a drawer of take out menus and they pull one blindly out of the drawer for dinner. they are on a first name basis with all of the best places.
    • when bitty visits he is horrified and makes them stuff and puts it in the freezer. they have enough frozen dinners to last them a month. sometimes they just eat them cold cause they can’t be fucked to wait for them to heat up. they will never tell bitty this information.
    • lardo actually can make a few dishes she had as a kid and when she’s feeling nostalgic or giving she makes them all dinner and it is so much better than take out
  • holster is surprisingly the best at laundry and he’s not really doing much cause ransom has med school and lardo has art shit to do and holster has a pretty lax job doing the books for a start-up business down the street and he only has to go in like twice a week so he somehow becomes the house husband of the group doing dishes and laundry and cleaning the house up after parties and just on regular days
  • the apartment they bought is in providence or near providence or something to that effect so they go to jack’s games all the damn time. jack lets them sit with the WAGS cause bitty is busy with school so he can’t use the seats and he likes looking up at the box and seeing holster and ransom freak out and lardo curse violently. they’re great additions to the WAGs.
    • a couple of the older guys’ wives kind of adopt the three of them because dear lord you have take out every night? what cleaning product are you using on your kitchen you are going to kill yourself? you don’t use coupons do you know how helpful that shit is? so a bunch of the WAGs teach them how to cook basic meals and what to clean with and how to coupon like a boss
  • bitty moves up to providence after he graduates too and opens his own bakery with a little bit of jack’s help (look i know bitty wanted to work for it but when you have a nhl boyfriend who has more money than he knows what to do with you might as well take advantage) and lardo works there when she isn’t busy cause she likes spending time with bitty and she’s good at it and holster of course does the books for bitty who hates numbers with a passion and ransom crashes there when he’s test stressed
  • okay well back to lardo holster and ransom dream team; they have family nights once a week. they play board games and watch movies and go roller blading in the park (lardo is surprisingly better at rollerblading than ice skating and she whips their asses thoroughly)
  • they get drunk sometimes like as a group and they get tipsy and honest and one time lardo gets too honest and starts talking about how much she loves shitty and she notices the looks holster and ransom send each other as she says shit like “he’s just so good at making me happy, you know?” but the two idiots don’t notice it at all which is infuriating
  • the frogs graduate too and it seems like everyone else is living in providence so they move there too and soon the entire smh group is living in providence and it’s probably not healthy that they’re trying desperately to cling to their college years but fuck it they’re happy and it all started because of holster ransom and lardo moving in together
  • years later when they finally move in with their SOs lardo tells holster and ransom’s kids about how dense their fathers were and how it is totally her doing that they got together in the first place because she is the one that locked them in the bathroom together when ransom was taking a shower and she leaves out the part where she had to leave the apartment because damn were they loud

A/N: I wrote this one before I even started this blog and decided to post it for y’all. It’s in Bucky’s perspective, which I’ve never posted in beforeeee, so I hope you like it? (It’s like a year old yikes) It’s still a bucky x reader, just not in the readers pov. so yah.

Warnings: Cussing, a little tiny bit of smut, and I think that’s it. 

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“Harder!” Stark yelled, causing me to groan. “I’m punching as hard as I fucking can, it’s unfair that you’re using your glove!” 

“Bucky, your arm is metal. You should be able to punch a hole through the damn thing.” Tony was showing absolutely no mercy today, and I couldn’t fucking stand it. Everything about him annoyed the hell out of me, and the fact that we were paired for training just frustrated me even more. 

I clenched my fist as tightly as I could and swung forward with as much force as I could muster, sending the punching bag off of the chains that held it to the ceiling and taking Tony down with it. 

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Live A Little

Summary: The Avengers are vacationing at the upstate Avengers facility. On your first night there, you’re so excited over the change of environment that you can’t sleep.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 977

Warnings: *slight* (literally miniscule) mention of sexual activity, FLUFF

A/N: I decided it was time for some pure fluff and I’ve had this shit stuck in my head for quite a while so here ya go folks, one fresh-baked drabble to hold you over until I get requests and next installments of series done also I just realized this is a lot like the beginning of frozen, please throw me into the shame bin

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“Buck, wake up…”

The super soldier groans as you shake his shoulder, swatting your hand away. He tries to pull the covers over his head, but you’re straddling his body, the blankets pinned down underneath your legs. You don’t blame the man; it’s two in the morning and normally, you wouldn’t want to be woken, either. This, however, was a special occasion.

“Doll…” He mumbles, his eyes still shut, mostly asleep. “If you keep sneaking into my room at night, the others are gonna start talking. Steve’s gonna find out about us.”

“Come on, Bucky…” You whine, flipping him onto his back and shaking him some more. “Just wake up, please? I want to show you something.”

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, it just that im having a rough day and was just wondering if you could write a little drabble of maggie helping nb! Alex through a rough dysphoria day?

She knows the moment she steps out of the bathroom, teeth freshly brushed, and looks at them.

The way they’re frozen at their drawers, staring in at the tank tops and sweaters and jeans, shit, their jeans.

Because half their jeans are tight as sin and the others – the newer ones, the ones they’ve started acquiring since coming out – are looser, thicker material, lighter colors.

Because Alex is standing in boy shorts and a lacey bra, and they’re frozen.

“Hey sweetie,” Maggie offers softly, softly, gingerly avoiding beautiful or handsome, because this happened last weekend when they went to a new club and this happened the week before when they were seeing Adrian for the first time since coming out.

Alex nods but doesn’t turn around. Can’t turn around.

“Need some help?” Maggie asks, like she’s offering Alex coffee, not help picking clothes, not help stemming the spiral of panic, not help breaking the cascade of terror, of is this real am I real I’m twenty-nine years old shouldn’t I just be able to get dressed in the morning.

“No,” Alex snaps, and Maggie nods with a tilted head and pursed lips.

“Danvers,” she starts.

“I’m sorry,” Alex turns around, tears in their eyes and real remorse on their face. “I’m sorry, Maggie, you didn’t deserve that, I just…”

Maggie crosses the room and offers her hands out to Alex, who nods and Maggie touches their arms. Alex immediately relaxes.

“Having trouble figuring out how to represent yourself today?” Maggie offers a small smile, and Alex’s face burns while they nod.

“That’s okay, it’s hard.” 

Alex’s heart floods and they nod again, biting the inside of their cheek. 

“I’m gonna see people I haven’t really seen since I came out today. In the locker room at work. They’re back from this mission in London. And I don’t want them to think I’m not… J’onn made sure everyone knows about my… my pronouns… but I don’t want anyone to think… it’s not real, or it’s about me being gay, or something…”

“Well, if they thought that, they’d be wrong. Because you are real, Alex. So real. And you’re perfect.”

“And you’re biased because you love me,” Alex protests, and Maggie giggles and leans up to kiss their nose.

“Mmmm, that I do, Danvers. But I’m also 100% accurate. At all times, as you well know.”

Alex rolls their eyes with a watery smile and shakes their head.

“I want to bind because I’m gonna see everyone, or more specifically, they’re gonna see me, so I want to bind, I have to bind, but I feel girly, but if I bind I can’t be girly, but if I don’t bind I’ll freak out because they’ll only see what my body’s giving them, which is boobs and a girl, but I’m not a girl, and I just – “

Alex’s voice breaks and Maggie’s heart does along with it, but she nods and she waits to see if Alex has spiraled themself out before saying anything.

“You’re not a girl, Alex, you’re right. You know what you are? You are Alex Danvers; you’re a badass and you’re the most incredible partner I’ve ever had or ever will have, and you’re sexy as all get out, whether you’re in your binder or flipping lingerie. But you can be girly while you’re binding, babe, you know. Maybe a henley with your binder and tight jeans? Or you can say fuck what you think they might see and wear the most low cut shirt in your arsenal if that’s what you’re feeling. Whatever you want, Alex.”

Alex snorts through shaky tears. “My arsenal.”

“I mean hey, binding or lace bra-ing, your perfect outfits with that perfect body can kill a person, Danvers. Seriously.”

“I’m not doing this wrong?”

Maggie shakes her head and runs her thumbs across Alex’s cheeks.

“Al, you can’t possibly be yourself the wrong way. And you? You’re the person I am wildly in love with. No matter how many times you have to change in the morning to figure out what feels good today.”

“Even if I have to take a stupid anti-anxiety pill to do it?”

“Even then, Danvers. Even always, how about that?”

Alex lowers their forehead to Maggie’s and breathes Maggie’s breath into their lungs.

“Always doesn’t sound too bad.”

patchedways  asked:

Okay, now an actually ask, can ya write at least one phrase of the reactions of the six main skelebros about the kiss? We all know what was Red reaction (ahem, "SONOUVABITCH!!") heheh. I just wanna know the first thing that crossed the others minds :) Hugs and peace!

Sans:  d o n ‘ t  t o u c h  h e r . 

Papyrus:  WHAT?!?!

Blueberry:  NO!!!

Stretch:  well shit.


The Great Baltimore Bake Off

(Read on AO3 here.)

“You two ready?” Beverly Katz called out across the field. Two hands emerged from behind a large bale of hay and flashed two thumbs ups. “Alright folks, let’s go!” She hefted her camera and motioned to Matthew Brown to move the boom into place.
After a few beats, Brian Zeller and Jimmy Price peeked out from behind the bale. “Welcome to the Great Baltimore Bake Off!” They proclaimed in unison.

The twelve bakers clustered outside of the tent, waiting for their cue to walk in.

“Hannibal, what a surprise.” Frederick Chilton drawled.

“Hello, Frederick.” Hannibal replied cordially.

“Oh, do you two know one another? How fun!” A rotund man inquired, inserting himself into the conversation.

“Fredrick and I attended medical school together.” Hannibal explained shortly.

“Yes. His cooking was quite the rage in our mutual study groups.” Fredrick smiled thinly.

“And what do you have here, Tobias?” Zeller inquired.

“Violin string. I find it makes a versatile garrote… for cutting cakes.”

“Hannibal? I don’t find him that interesting.” Will replied. “I mean, his cake looked beautiful, but it wasn’t very inventive.”

In the background of the shot, Hannibal frowns thoughtfully.

“Oh, Hannibal! What a coincidence! We’re both making a cheesecake!” Franklyn effused. “Great minds think alike and all that!”

“Can you tell us about your biscuits, Will?” Price inquired.

“Ah, yeah.” Will stammered. “They’re actually based on treat that I make my dogs. That’s, uh, how I got into baking…”

“It appears that Will has fallen asleep while watching his bake.”

“Poor thing, he must be doggone tired.” Price quipped.

“So, Hannibal, isn’t it?” Freddie simpered, sliding up alongside Hannibal. “Are you quite sure you haven’t had professional training? You’re so talented! Unlike Will, poor thing, his tart looks quite misshapen.”

“You’re being quite rude, Miss Lounds.”

“You’re putting on a show, Dr. Lecter.” Will stated flatly. “Giving people what they expect to see without exposing any of your true personality. I wonder when you’ll show us an original design.”

“So, Abigail. I hear you’re going off to school next year. Do you know what you’ll be majoring in?” Price asked the youngest contestant.

“Uh, no not yet. To be honest, I’m worried about my Dad letting me go.” She laughed, but it held a slight undercurrent of nervousness.

“I would have guessed you’d be an old fashioned hand-kneading kind of guy.” Bev noted as she filmed Will setting up his mixer.

“Uh, yeah, I used to be.” Will replied. “But I got a rotator cuff injury back when I was a cop.”

“Alright, bakers!” Price clapped, drawing everyone’s attention to the front of the tent. “I know you’re all buzzing with energy after that signature bake. Are you ready for today’s technical challenge? It’s a sticky problem - Russian Honey cake!”

“Fun fact about bees,” Zeller added. “Turns out they can make a hive in almost anything. There was a gruesome case in the paper this week where they found a hive in a corpse! Can you bee-lieve it?”

“It’s a good thing we have this sweet gig. I’d hate to deal with something like that!” Price waggled his eyebrows.

Will was sitting in front of his oven, his vacant gaze fixed on his baking loaf. Sweat beaded on his brow and weighed down his curls.

Hannibal padded over with two cups of coffee from the catering table and crouched down next to Will. “You look like a man in need of a distraction.”

“Why Freddie, what’s going to be in your pie? I don’t see any meat out.” Bella inquired, surveying Freddie’s counter.

“Oh yes. I’m a vegetarian. I’ll be using chickpeas and potatoes for my savory pie filling.”

“Mmm, it smells divine over here Mr. Lecter.” Jack hummed, peering into Hannibal’s mixing bowl. “What are you preparing for your filling?”

“Rabbit.” Hannibal replied.

“Ha, he should have hopped faster.” Jack joked as he inspected the crust resting on Hannibal’s counter. Freddie made a sound of disgust and Hannibal turned to regard her.

“I assure you Miss Lounds, I employ a very ethical butcher.” Hannibal explained.

“Hmph. Tell that to the rabbit.” She shot back, frowning.

“I did.” Hannibal smiled and turned back to his pie.

“You accused me of holding back, of projecting a shallow facade. But I wonder, dear Will, when will you stop playing it safe and let the judges see all that you’re capable of?”

“Shit! Shit shit shit!” Abigail swore. She’d forgotten to grease her tin and now her cake was in pieces. A few large chunks had turned out onto the rack but there was still a large piece stuck in the pan.

Hannibal looked up from icing his first batch of cupcakes. At the same time, Will looked over from measuring out ingredients for his icing. They both abandoned their bakes and headed to Abigail’s bench. She seemed frozen in shock, staring at the cake with a horrified expression on her face.

“It’s not as bad as it looks.” Will soothed as he offered her one of his flexible spatulas. “And none of it ended up on the floor, so you’ve got that going for you.”

Hannibal chuckled and set out a selection of geometric cutters. “I suggest evolving your showstopper design to include a series of individual cakes.”
In the end, Abigail won star baker with her tower of small cakes. Hannibal and Will shared a proud smile and the first glimmers of mutual respect.

“And how do your students feel being your impromptu baking guinea pigs?”

“To be honest, I think my students think I’ve finally lost it. But it’s either bring my bakes in for them or feed them to my dogs. And my dogs aren’t the most discerning eaters.”

“It’s inspired by my girlfriend.” Francis explained. Zeller and Price nodded in silence, waiting for him to continue, but it seemed that was all Francis had to say.

“He’s quite intense.” Price whispered.

“What are you making for today’s show stopper, Francis?”

“It’s the… Great… Red…. Dragon.” Francis replied breathlessly as he kneaded food coloring into the marzipan. Frederick leaned over to look Francis’ sketch.

“Hm. Looks a bit like a tooth fairy to me.” He said condescendingly before turning back to his gold-dusted marzipan monstrosity.

Francis glared at Chilton and continued working in silence.

Price and Zeller backed away slowly.

Hannibal gazed upon Will’s finale showstopper. It was, at its heart, a simple tiered cake but Will had elevated it to greatness with his chocolate and sugar work. A dark red mirror glaze covered the whole cake, the color so deep it was almost black. Delicate spun-sugar fireflies rested on chocolate fishing hooks piercing the rim of each layer. On the top tier, shards of chocolate and colored sugar were arranged to create the impression of a house adrift on a dark red sea. Will had placed a single candle in the house and its flickering evoked the passing beam of a lighthouse.

Tears pricked the corners of Hannibal’s eyes. “This is all I ever wanted for you.” He whispered to Will, reaching out touch a streak of chocolate on Will’s cheek. “For the both of us.”

Will gazed back at the man who had, over the past season, pressed him to experiment with sugar and chocolate. Who had been infuriating at first with his showmanship and stuffy charm. Who had brought him coffee and patiently listened to Will talk about his fishing flies. Who had subtly led him to see how he could use those skills in his bakes. “It’s… beautiful.” He breathed.

A roar startled both of them out of the moment and they ducked instinctively. A chunk of cake soared over their heads, lobbed at them from across the tent.
Francis, it seemed, wasn’t a very gracious loser.

Loki and the Minion

TITLE: Loki and the Minion


AUTHOR: latent-thoughts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki hiring you as his manager while he slowly takes over Midgard again. You are to manage his PR, his daily schedule, and you also are his guide to everything Midgardian. He doesn’t make it easy for you, though. He causes trouble, doesn’t listen to your advice very often, and in general, annoys and intimidates you. He is the God of Mischief after all, and you are the nearest target available to him. You suffer through his antics because he pays well and also, you don’t know what might befall you if you refuse him. He is kinda scary after all.

RATING: T for now, will change later.


A/N: Basically Loki being a diva, and a Disney Prince. Sort of… 


Victory… Conquest… Subjugation…

Merely words concluding the struggle between two parties in opposition. A simple enough concept, but a rather difficult accomplishment.

You win at it once, and everyone thinks you invincible. You fail at it once, and everyone takes you for granted.

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Sf9 As Burgers/Sandwiches

Inseong: A croissant sandwich with lettuce cheese bacon ham and tomatoes that tries to look fancy but at the end of the day it’s just a croissant being extra. Mostly likely from Starbucks.

Jaeyoon: Grilled Cheese sandwich with extra extra extra cheese. But the fancy kinds you get at nice cafes but also could just be a homemade grilled cheese you make at home that you sometimes put other things inside like ham or spam because you were so hungry and its so GOOD.

Youngbin: A nice burger with a huge thick patty with loads of generous toppings in it. And when you bite into it, cheese goo and etc spills out but it’s sooo bomb/tasty. (Why do I feel so weird typing that).  Could also be a burger at barbecue during a family get together.

Rowoon: In n Out Burger, really popular. Looks good and taste good. People come from different areas/countries to try the burger because it’s so popular. Double Cheese, Double the Patty.But he could also be a nice breakfast sandwich you get at fancy cafes to drink with your tea/coffee so Idk.

Dawon: Could be Five Guys/Shake Shack Burger but also Any Bacon Cheeseburger from The Most Known Fast Food Chains (McDonald’s, Jack In The Box). But also could be a signature burger from a popular food truck that everyone orders a lot that ends up promoting on the food channel.

Zuho: Burgers at restaurants in the airport or festivals like kcon/convention where it’s either insanely expensive or cheap but SUPER tasty and sometimes looks super extra too like a pork belly candied bacon cheese potato crisp burger or some shit like that thats like hugely STACKED with a stick in the middle to hold its shape.

Taeyang: One of those special limited time pulled pork sandwiches with spicy secret sauce that when you eat, you werent sure at first but then you get hooked and people kept asking for it so much it ends up staying on the menu.

Hwiyoung: Really fancy prepared burger made by a professional chef on their own cooking show on tv. Everything is fresh never frozen and tendered and cared for and made with love to be honest and like the meat and stuff has to be cooked for a certain amount of time or it wont taste the same.

Chani: The burger/sandwich your mom makes that will always remind you of home and it’s so delicious and you love it so much. Even though it doesn’t look too fancy but its one of the best burgers you’ve ever had.

Ps: Yes ik this reaction is super extra but yall requested this LMAO ❤️

In hindsight, it probably was a pretty stupid idea.

But Jack wasn’t thinking about it being stupid at the time, in fact, him falling down the stairs was never even a thought that passed through his mind with how many times he had gone up and down the stairs in Joe’s flat.

And yet, it happened.


That was the only thing Joe heard before the loud thump, followed by a series of other thumps, and then groaning.

Him, Conor, and Caspar were all in the kitchen, frozen and staring at each other, because there was only one other person in the flat with them.

And he had just been upstairs only moments ago.

Conor unfroze first, practically falling out of his chair as he scrambled over to the source of the groaning, Caspar and Joe hot on his heels, wide eyes staring down at Jack, who was curled in on himself, arm cradled to his chest.

“What the fuck?” Conor blurted out, kneeling at his younger brother’s side.

“Caspar, call for an ambulance.” Joe said, his eyes falling on the blood on the floor.

“No!” Jack protested, wincing as he sat up, arm still against his chest, “M’fine.”

“You’re bleeding!” Conor snapped, his hand gentle as he turned his brothers head, checking out the new wound.

“Call for an ambulance!” Joe repeated to Caspar, kneeling on the floor as well. “What the hell happened?”

“Fell.” Jack gritted out, jerking his head away from Conor’s touch, “That fucking hurts!”

“I’m sure it does.” The older Maynard rolled his eyes.

“What’s wrong with your arm?” Joe asked, his tone a little more gentle than Conor’s as his hands hovered over the younger man’s arm.

“Bloody hurts as well. No, Caspar, put the phone away!”

“What do I do?!” The blonde asked, looking between the three.

“Don’t call the ambulance! I’m fine!” Jack answered, letting out a yelp of pain when Joe gently grabbed his arm.

“Right,” Conor scoffed, “Fine. Caspar, call a car. Mine’s back home, but we need to get Jack to the hospital.”

“Why?” Jack asked, hissing as Joe’s thumb moved across his wrist.

“Because you’re currently bleeding all over my floor, and you’ve potentially broken your wrist, you idiot.” Joe scolded softly, trying to keep his panic at bay.


“For what?” He lifted his eyes to meet Jack’s.

“For bleeding all over your floor.”

“I’ll send you the cleaning bill,” Joe offered a small smile, figuring joking was easier than worrying.

“I look forward to that.” Jack let out a small laugh, his uninjured hand finding Joe’s, giving it a squeeze. “It looks worse than it is, really.”

“Coming from the man with blood pouring out of his head.” Conor mumbled, pushing himself to his feet.

“It isn’t pouring out!” Jack replied, glancing over at Joe, “Is it?”

“Let’s just get you to the hospital.” Joe answered, him and Conor helping Jack to his feet.

“Told you it looked worse than it was.” Jack grinned over at Joe as the nurse placed a bandage on his forehead.

“You have a broken wrist and four stitches in your head.” The older man replied tersely, arms crossed.

“Yeah, not that bad.”


“I’m fine, Joe,” Jack laughed, using his free hand to tug Joe closer, the nurse smiling softly at the two as she finished bandaging his stitches. “I’m sitting here talking to you, aren’t I?”



“Alright,” The nurse stepped back, pulling her gloves off, “Remember, no getting them wet for at least twenty four hours. And you have to stay awake for the next couple hours, just to be sure you don’t have a concussion.”

“Which I don’t!” Jack said quickly, giving Joe a pointed look.

“And that cast will be on for a while.” The nurse continued, pointing down at Jack’s wrist, “Your pain medication should be ready to be picked up though.”

“Conor’s already grabbed it,” Joe told Jack, facing the nurse, “And thank you.”

“No problem. Just make sure he signs the paper work at reception and you’re free to go home.”

“Thank you, pretty nurse!” Jack called after her as she walked out, her laughter fading away as the door closed.

“Stop flirting with the nurses!” Joe scolded, his arms still crossed over his chest.



“Come on, babe,” Jack tugged at Joe’s hand until the older man uncrossed his arms, their fingers lacing together, “I’m fine. Just a new scar.”

“And a broken wrist.”

“Which means I’ll need help editing for a little while.”

“Might want to put out an advertisement for that.”

“What?!” Jack gaped at him, “You aren’t going to help!”

“Not my fault you were stupid enough to fall down my stairs.”

“Not my fault your stairs were stupid enough to trip me.”

“That doesn’t even make sense!”

“It makes perfect sense.” Jack replied, jumping off the bed he was sat on, kissing Joe quickly, “Let’s go find the other two and go home.”

“You sure you’re okay?” Joe asked, his tone turning serious for a moment as he looked at Jack.

“Yes,” The younger man smiled softly, giving the hand in his a squeeze, “Sorry for scaring you.”

“Just…don’t fall down the stairs any more?”

“I won’t.”

“And you still have to clean up the mess you made.”

“Oh but of course,” Jack rolled his eyes, leading Joe from the room, “Make the injured guy clean up!”

“It’s your blood!”

Yoongi as Kristoff

And now it is time for our amazing first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, a total cutie who sounded s o good in the new cover song !!!! Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D as Kristoff from Frozen

  • One of the biggest reasons I had to go with Kristoff for Yoongi is the fact that in a Disney world, Kristoff was pretty realistic, he questioned Anna’s falling in love after a day and that’s not something you see from every Disney prince/lead male character and he can be somewhat blunt about shit
  • Yoongi is blunt about shit (one of my favorite things about him) and super sarcastic and witty and s m a r t and I feel like if he was to be placed into a Disney world with fairy tales and happily ever afters, he would be the Kristoff that would sit back and question some of the the shit
  • Like I can totally imagine a lil Yoongi drawn in Disney style just giving everyone ??? looks bc what the fuck but then also sometimes joining them in their singing outbursts
  • Another huge reason I h a d to go with Kristoff is Sven now hear me out bc it’s really fucking cute to me and I hope someone else thinks it’s cute bc it’s fucked me up so much
  • Hobi is Yoongi’s Sven
  • Sven and Kristoff are pretty opposite, Sven is that happy go lucky I wanna be friends with everyone and everything puppy like character and then Kristoff is the realist loner who kinda just wants to work and chill out (do you get the pun)
  • Hobi is so outgoing and !!!! all the time and like if you thought about it in your head, you wouldn’t think they’d be so close bc their personalities are so different but then it’s the polar opposite and they’re so fucking close with each other and are cute lil best friends
  • In your mind, just picture a fan art (if someone draws/has drawn this, plz tag me in it I will love you forever) of hobi as Sven and Yoongi as Kristoff and tell me that doesn’t sound adorable
  • Kristoff is a loner
  • Yoongi likes his alone time and while he’s totally up for making friends, we’ve seen him do it a couple of times, he typically sticks to BTS (one of my biggest head canons about him is that he’s a huge quality over quantity person)
  • On a similar note, Kristoff is pretty damn self-reliant/independent
  • Yoongi is often given the money in Bon Voyage and he’s kinda like a subtle care taker like he makes meals, he helps the other boys out and shit and he’s just really really independent he can take care of himself most of the time
  • But underneath everything, Kristoff is really sweet and goofy and has a really loving heart
  • Yoongi is s o fucking far from being emotionless he has so much love in his heart and he’s so fucking sweet to all of the boys and to us and to everyone around him
  • Yoongi is so so soft and loving and kind and se l f le ss, like there was that one time where yoongi had access to some less than healthy food and Namjoon snuck in and ate it and instead of getting mad, Yoongi found the entire situation hilarious and adorable and he kept saying I’m okay if you eat it don’t worry just tell me and he was so willing to share his food even though it was a special meal and that to me is really fucking sweet

• ohmyfos i needa compose myself i might go into cardiac arrest halfway through pls give me a moment

• he love love lOVES to shower you w affection fham it don’t matter how he does it but as long as you get the message, he’s probably gonna flash some finger guns or winks your way

• back hugs at basically any opportunity he finds

• also likes to blow you kisses a lot

• he does a thing when you’re in public wherein you don’t just hold hands, he wraps his arm around your waist or brings it up to the side of your head and gently pushes it down to make it so you lean on his shoulder while you walk

• uses his free arm to grab your hand to also wrap your arms around his waist and always offers to carry your bag

• probably encourages piggy back rides as well /// pda is actually not a problem for yixing, he loves it bc to him, it just symbolizes how comfortable you two are to be so open and loving around each other u feel me

• he really does love showing how much he adores you but sometimes he can be so :))) freaking :)))) oblivious :)))))))

• when you’re feeling a little bold and are implying to him smth dirty, he just doesn’t catch the message and you almost always have to spell it out for him and he’d be like ‘ahh so that’s what u meant :DDD’

• one time when you asked him if he wanted to shower together // but this kinda shower isn’t for hygienic reasons do u see me lmao wink wonk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) \ and yixing just flashed you an eye smile and raised a dismissive hand all like ‘no it’s okay bb, i already showered earlier’ like ,,, yixing ,,,,, how can i word this ,,, well u see — i ,,, ?????

• but hOO sHIT WOWEE when this hoe catches whatever ur tryna say, he will not even gIVE IT A SECOND THOUGHT BEFORE gOIN IN

• there are three types of kisses; the cute little pecks and eskimo kisses, the v slow and sensual and delicate ones wherein he like,,,, cups a hand at the back of your neck as he does so, then you have the v needy and sloppy ones where he is just alL OVER THE PLACE AND NIPPING AT ANY AND EVERY PLACE HE CAN GET HIS MOUTH ON MAN ITSA MESS 

• ight ik i keep tellin yall that he loves to show you his affection but when you guys started dating, you actually kissed him first bc in every show you watch, it’s always cuter when it’s nOT the boyfriend who does it first and you thought it would be a cool idea

• when you did it, he just stood there frozen and ur like ‘i feel as thought this was something akin to a mistake’ but he just suddeNLY CUPS YOUR FACE IN HIS HANDS AND GOES IN A SECOND TIME LIKE ZHANG YIXING YOURE AS CUNNING AS EVER

• loves acting cutsie patootsie w you at home w all his back hugs and forehead kisses and afternoon lazy sunday cuddle sessions or some shit

• but this fucking mayonnaise egg is always subconsciously seducing you in public or at his concerts

• one time at exoluxion you were watching them from a tv backstage and lay did the thing where he like ,,, humped the floor and you’re like ??? we were literally having a tickle fight like three hours ago  ????????

• you have this inside joke w yourself wherein you call yixing, yixing at home and lay in public bc at home, yixing is the little sweetheart who is innocent as fuck, cringes when he accidentally touches a piece of food when washing the dishes and whines abt it, picks out the marshmallows in the hot chocolate mix, and listens to ten hour repetitive ocean sounds on YouTube in order to fall asleep

• but on the other hand, you got lay, the hoe u rate 11/10 on a scale from jongin to kai, the boy who slaughtered your farm animals like an uncouth beast, stole water from the well on your property, and is as cringey as that piece of gum you accidentally found under your desk in 7th grade

• you asked him about that move he pulled on stage after the concert when you went to visit their dressing rooms and lay was sharing one w kyungsoo and chanyeol

• you were like, “lay ,,, the thing earlier ,,,, that move you pulled on stage ,,,,, wh- wHERE did you learn that ,,,,,,, i – ???” and i think he forgot that other members were in the same room and he smiled all like “ah you don’t remember ??? didn’t we do the same thing last week ???” and kyungsoos eyes widened and he brought a hand up to his mouth to hide either his embarrassment or a smile but chanyeol just fucking lost it

• you’re still slightly salty abt that bc pcy has kept giving you shit abt it but yixing has apologized nonstop for accidentally exposing your sex life and he will nOT, I REPEAT, wI L L NO T, stop bugging you about it until you clearly say to him, with sincerity evident on your face, that it is fine.

• yet another one of yixing’s habits is that when you’re either frustrated or uncomfortable, he kisses the back of your ear while hugging you v tight liKE THIS oHYKFO S

• really scared of screwing up. like, not in the aspect where he wants to always look cool in front of you bc he KnOWS you’ve seen him make a fool out of himself moRE than enough times but more of in the aspect where he doesn’t want to accidentally say or do the wrong thing that will make you upset bc he wants nothing more than to make you happy, period.

• he always makes time to listen to whatever you have to say, whether it be you ranting about someone or something that pissed you off or just talking about a show you watched. whatever it is, yixing always lends you an ear even though he might have no idea what the hell you’re talking about

• spoils you a lot, but not the kind of spoiling where he buys you designer brands or pays for trips around the world but he buys you pads when you run out, purchases your favourite chocolate while he’s out grocery shopping when you didn’t even ask, and if his schedule permits it, he picks you up and drops you off at uni if you’re still going to school

• but yixing insists that he’s not spoiling you and that he’s just being a good boyfriend :))))))

• probably the only reason you guys fight, or will ever fight, is bc you feel like he does tOO much for you so it makes you worried bc he has a career and a relationship to balance but he gives you the same answer every time,

• “i can’t help it, its because i luuuuv you :))))))))))” 

• never forgets any important dates, in fact he’s the one who keeps track and remindS YOU like ‘beb, its our 100 day anniversary :DD’

• hes so romantic it actually phySICALLY HURTS YOU

• for your first anniversary, he took you out for dinner and you thought that that was it but surPRISE YOU HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING

• lets say your anniversary was in april ok so like yixing decides to take you to seokchon lake for their cherry blossom festival so you both take a nice night stroll and you sit on the benches by the lake just talking about your future and he wastes nO TIME BRINGING UP MARRIAGE

• he’s like ‘i wanna hold my wedding w you here’ and you’re like same 

• ever since then, seokchon lake has become such an important place for the both of you and for the next few years you dated, he alwAYS takes you there as if it became some tradition and you carved your initials in a tree even thought it wasn’t allowed lmao :)))

• he also stuck by his word and somehow rented out the park for your wedding and he’s like ‘ ahhhh remember when we were just fantasizing about this happening a few years back’ 

• but life w yixing is just full of surprises ok bless 

anonymous asked:

Gwahhhh >< , can you do a kinda Winged AU! where s/o lost her wings and Tsukki comforts and protects Her, anyway's have a nice day~~

AHHHHHHHH! This was soooooo much fun!

Originally, I was going to do something fallen angels were this request came in, but then this idea of a hierarchy came in and I was like ‘YES’. So, essentially the idea is that the Winged are at the top and the Unwinged at the bottom. And similar to any past with inter-anything marriages, they cannot marry. And there is a movement for freedom to marry and such!

P.s. There is blood!


“Shit…” he was frozen in place when he had first seen her stooped over the few stairs before his apartment. Blood overflowing from the surface she sat on to the one below, trailing down onto the sidewalk. His mind was telling him to act, but his body had completely shut down, his entire being trembling. “Shit…” he repeated as though the word would ebb away his panic. It didn’t.

When he saw her shift, Tsukishima forced his feet forward. He crossed the distance on his long legs and crouched beside her, hand floating above her shoulder as his eyes trailed to her back where the two gashes bled. “Fuck… don’t move!” He found himself yelling, something that would’ve initially startled him if his adrenaline hadn’t been pumping so hard. He removed his jacket, reaching to press the bundled cloth tightly against the open wounds. She hissed, but he remained firm, he needed to stop the bleeding

Her hand rose, weakly grasping at the fabric of his shirt, making him hyper aware of the lack of color in her skin. He pulled out his cell phone, quickly dialed for an ambulance as her gaze turned up to him, the corners of his mouth rising ever so slightly. “Kei, the rally… It didn’t go so well…”

“[F/N], hang on, stop talking,” he’d listen to everything she had to say when he knew she was going to be okay. Right now he was focused on getting her the help she needed, keeping her awake. She just had to stay awake until they got here.

“Kei, they… they didn't…”

Tsukishima’s gaze jerked from the street down to her, his hand instantly shaking at her shoulder, the other reaching to prop her head up. “Hey, stay with me!” his voice bared all his panic, desperate to direct her unfocused gaze on him again.

But they didn’t and as his attempts became more frantic. His hands covered in blood - her blood - and hot tears rolled down his face. He was barely aware of the ambulance as it approached. He fought against the paramedic arms that pulled him away from her. Shouts of ‘save her!’ filled the empty street at they loaded her away, machines and hands already working to revive her. He ran after the vehicle a short ways, breath and body trembling.

He’d see her again.

At first the constant beeping had been annoying, but the more Tsukishima related it to the steady beating of her heart, the more it comforted him. It had been nearly a whole twenty-four hours since he arrived at the hospital in hopes to see her. He was told that she was in an emergency surgery and that he had to wait. Wait he did even if it felt like he had been doing too much of it.

He finally allowed himself to cry when he walked into her room, seeing her so bandaged and broken. The doctor informed him that her wings had been completely severed, cruelly, he added. The artery there had been cut, which resulted in the mass blood loss. She had been lucky, he said.

But Tsukishima didn’t feel like luck had been on her side at all. She had gone to be part of a civil rights movement, demanding the hierarchy be demolished and marriage between the Winged and Unwinged be legalized. It wasn’t hard to guess what had happened, but when she woke, he listened to it all with a heavy heart.

A group of them had been ambushed after the event, told if they loved the Unwinged so much they should become them. She didn’t tell him how they cut the beautiful hazelnut brown wings from her back and he was thankful for it. He didn’t need to hate himself even more with the regret of not being there to protect her.

“I’m sorry…” He choked, bringing her hand grasped in both of his to his mouth to kiss the skin there with trembling lips, “if I was… if you didn't… we shouldn’t’ve met and then–”

“Tsukishima Kei,” their voice was so stern it caused his head to jerk up, meeting with their narrowed eyes, “do not finish that sentence.”


“But nothing,” she took another stern moment before her expression dissolved into the softness he adored so much, “I love you, end of story. Besides,” her hand traveled behind her, fingers brushing against nothing where soft feathers used to be, “there’s nothing stopping us from getting married now.”

And, god, Tsukishima fell in love with this strong beauty all over again.

Let it Snow


For the @carryon-countdown prompt (Nov 12th)

Summary:  Sometimes, Simon wanted to wrap him in his arms and soothe him to sleep. Sometimes he just wanted to join him and cry together. But he couldn’t. Because Dr. Pitch was like snow. Simon could only admire him from the other side of the glass. As close as he may look, he was absolutely unreachable.

Word count: ~1.8k

Tags: Fluff, pining, doctor/patient

It had been years since it had last snowed in London. Yes, at least once a year you could see little snowflakes falling from the sky, but it had been a long time since it last really snowed.

Simon could spend hours just watching the snow fall, from the other side of the old, hospital window. It was hypnotizing. It was cold but Simon didn’t care, he was always warm.

“I hate snow,” his doctor, always a rather silent companion, said beside him. Dr. Pitch, a young man probably Simon’s age. Must have been a brilliant student to work as an oncologist at such a young age, Simon thought.

Dr. Pitch was a rare creature. When he was around, Simon was suddenly surrounded by a cold but somehow soothing feeling. Just like with snow. Simon called it the Dr. Pitch effect. He didn’t talk much, but his presence alone was overwhelming.

Simon liked to play a game in his head in which he imagined Dr. Pitch’s regular life outside the hospital. He’d imagine him doing the most mundane chores, like cleaning. Simon was sure Dr. Pitch had an obsession with cleanliness. And that he liked to cook—especially for breakfast. He’d imagine him burning his toasts, just for the simple fun of it, not because he thought he was the kind of bloke to actually burn his toasts. No. Dr. Pitch wasn’t like any kind of guy. He appeared to be cold-hearted, distant. But he wasn’t.

Some nights, Simon could feel Dr. Pitch’s presence at the other end of the room. Probably thinking Simon was fast asleep. Some nights he could hear him crying in silence. 

What a lonely man he was.

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Traffic Stopper-Kai Parker

Traffic Stopper-Kai Parker *GIF NOT MINE* You were wrestling with a hungry vampire when he threw you into the road. You fell back and hit your head on the asphalt, and you didn’t see the car coming down the road until it was almost near you. “Oh shit,” you muttered trying to get up. You couldn’t get ahold of the ground well enough to move. But when you finally did stand a little, the car horn honked and you closed your eyes waiting for the impact. Your body was literally frozen, almost as if Magic was holding you there. You looked to your right just in time to see one of the heretics holding out their hand to keep you still. Then the car hit you, you flew backwards, landing face first on the concrete sidewalk. You felt the pain of the impact, but you thanked god that the car was only going 15 miles per hour. It was dark on a neighborhood road. The car drove off and you laid there, coughing up some blood and looking around for someone. “Is this how I die? I mean I just fought a vampire and I die from a car crash?” You sighed and leaned your head onto the sidewalk, waiting for your sure to come death. You could feel your blood soaking into your hair and the jacket you had on was shredded. You shuddered from a sudden cold chill and saw red and blue lights. The sirens were going off and you almost started crying. The cruiser pulled up next to you and Matt jumped out. “Matty?” You said almost laughing through your tears. “Hey, Y/N. it’s gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be fine.” He said opening the back seat to let someone out. It was darker there and you couldn’t tell who it was. “Can you fix her?” Matt asked them. “Yeah. Just enough.” The voice was familiar and almost relaxing, like when you come home from a long trip away or a bad day. Whoever it was bit their wrist and put it to your mouth. You tasted the sweet vampire blood and could feel parts of you healing. But when they pulled away their wrists, Matt had a worried look. “Her organs and important things are okay. But she has to heal the rest of the way on her own.” Matt nodded and lifted you up. “You get in first and then I’ll lay her across the seat, you hold her head.” You could see the person getting in from behind and then Matt laid you down. Suddenly fear struck your heart. “Matty, don’t leave me. Please.” You said clutching his shoulders. His hand went to your cheek, his thumb ran up and down your cheekbone, “I’m just driving you home. Don’t worry. Kai is saving you.” Matt said making you calm down a little. Kai’s arms wrapped around your torso, and brought your body closer to his. “You good?” Matt asked him. “Yeah we’re good.” Kai said. Matt closed the door and got in the front seat. He opened the small window that went from the front seat to the backseat and let his hand dangle. You found it and interlocked your fingers, he gave your hand small squeezes while he drove. Matt was one of the only humans left in your life, he was your best friend. You moved your head and Kai looked down. “You okay?” He asked adjusting his arms. “Yeah I’m just tired.” You said curling into his chest. He let out a small laugh, “What?” You asked looking up. “I just missed you. I haven’t seen you in like forever.” He said. You let out a small chuckle, “I literally saw you yesterday.” You said smiling. He leaned down, “Yeah but I miss my favorite human all the time.” He said resting his head on top of yours. Matt pulled into the Salvatore driveway and Kai got out to carry you. Damon and Stefan both ran up to see why you were covered in blood and Matt stood back to explain while Kai took you upstairs. “Do you mind if I?” Kai asked gesturing to your bloody clothes. You nodded and he took that as his signal. He got your jacket off and then your shirt, he had a warm washcloth and he wiped off all the blood. Then he slowly undid your pants, pulling them enough to get them off. Around anyone else you would’ve been insecure, embarrassed even. But with Kai, it wasn’t like that. He got you some random set of pajamas from your dresser and helped you get dressed. He took your bloody and dirty clothes and threw them in your hamper. He picked up the hamper and went to walk out. “Where you going?” You asked him. “I’ll put these to wash and then I’ll come back.” He said. He left and you got comfortable. When he came back he got out of his jacket and you laughed. “What?” He said smirking. “With your jacket on over the white shirt you looked like a priest. Kind of hot.” He stripped away his pants and got in next to you. “Did I say you could take your pants off mister?” You tried to make jokes, but your body was pulsing with pain. He pulled the blanket up over the both of you and the door opened. “Hey I’m leaving. Kai take care of her.” Matt said. You pushed the blanket back a little and raised your arms. “Matty, I want a hug.” He smiled and walked over. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek. “Be safe, Sheriff. I love you,” he smiled again. “I will. You need to heal. Love you too.” He said before walking out. You turned slowly to face Kai and you buried your face in his chest. You soon fell asleep but you noticed when he kissed your head and whispered, “You can’t do that again. That was too close of a call. You can’t leave me like that. Don’t do it again, I don’t want to live in this real world without you.” And you noticed the small sniffle and the stray tear that went down his face. But you weren’t going to say anything. When you woke up your body was racked with pain and you stood up to get some painkillers. “Wait. Where do you think you’re going traffic stopper?” Kai said getting up. “In case you’ve forgotten. I am human, I still feel pain when getting hit by a car.” You said limping to the door. “Oh I remember. That’s why you get back in bed and I’ll get them.” He carried you back and went to get your painkillers. He brought back a Gatorade too. He laid back down and cuddled you again, wanting to fall asleep. “Did you call me traffic stopper?” You asked. He laughed, “Funny, right?” “Asshole.” You muttered getting cozy. Kai’s expression seemed to change and you noticed it. “What?” You asked. “I almost lost you. You could’ve very easily died,” he said in a low voice. “Yeah. You’re right. I could’ve.” His hand went to your cheek, caressing the side of your face. “Y/Full/N, I love you. So much. And I don’t want to live this life without you.” “Kai what are you doing?” You asked. He looked between your eyes and lips. Then he leaned forward and connected his lips to yours. At first you were shocked but then you leaned into the kiss and kissed him back. His hands were all over your thighs, lightning under his fingertips. He pulled away with small tears in his eyes. “Please say you love me too.” He whispered in a small voice. “I do.” You said smiling. “You’re not just saying that?” “No. You’re my best friend. You are the best person I’ve ever met. I’ve been suppressing my feelings for the longest time because I didn’t think you would ever love the reckless person I am.” “That’s the best thing about you.” He said before kissing you again. And for once, Kai Parker’s feelings were real and you felt like you were right with the world.

Age gaps.

I’m pretty shocked to hear about this Western European “it’s okay for grown-ass adults in their 20s to date teens in high school” nonsense. Like my dad was always the type who wouldn’t have noticed if someone’s head had fallen off, let alone who was dating who. And he was never one of those dads who talked on and on about how he was going to wait with a gun on the porch to meet my first boyfriend or whatever creepy bullshit. He also left his country as a grown adult, not as a young child many years ago, so his cultural norms and morals weren’t super old-fashioned ones frozen in Diaspora Permafrost™ . All this to say I’m not using an example of a crazily strict person here. Still, if I had been, say, 14 and dating a 21 year old (an example an anon mentioned recently), he would not have allowed that shit. He would’ve probably called the fucking police if he couldn’t keep the guy away from me. And that’s how it should be. That’s what being a good parent is-protecting your child. It should be understood that that’s predatory and inappropriate and abusive and in some cases pedophilic. And I’m disgusted by French people who think that Macron’s wife is an okay person whose been unfairly judged. I’m disgusted by parents who let their teen daughters date grown men, grown-ass men who are done with fucking university while your daughter’s barely in high school. What are you guys going to do next, sell your daughters for the price of a goat? 

Most older women I know were forced to marry older men when they were young. It was fucking horrible and it’s obvious those women have suffered in their lives. That’s why some of us are not eager to repeat this bullshit of unleashing creepy adults on innocent teenagers. But even not having that experience, plenty of people know it’s wrong. Hell, Americans usually create a backlash over big or inappropriate age gaps too and Americans are known for being clueless! But people in France, Germany, etc need to understand that sexual exploitation is not sexual liberation. “Sexual liberation” should be about healthy experiences, not about thinking that every fucking thing related to sex is automatically a good time. Anyway, it’s frustrating how y’all are so nasty but act like others are filthy and backwards over nothing. I know not everyone does this, but it’s disgusting that in some countries, big age gaps are accepted and that’s seen as a sign of progress, as opposed to recognizing that big age gaps are toxic and about as regressive as it gets.


first three screenshots - albany fisher

second three screenshots - garvus manchester

This is my second time making these two in Fallout 4 because I deleted the mod to make custom companions since it started interfering with my game and shit. This mod is nowhere near perfect, though, so I should’ve expected it.

Garvus is frozen in place (Albany is for good measure) since when I had him before he would disappear and I couldn’t find him. I would put the NCR Ranger coat on him but there’s only one you can find in the world with the mod and I’m not giving him my Riot Coat, so he has the scavanged NCR armor because he’s a little shit and I’m not losing my ranger coat again

anyways i’ll probably get some screenshots from their respective games later to show the comparison