(shh don't tell the others)


“I forgot for a minute it’s not about me, it’s about them that turn to us for help in time of need. Weak, defenceless. Old, young. Especially the young.”
– Fred Thursday, Neverland


How can I let my sister marry Joffrey? she thought, and suddenly her eyes were full of tears.

anonymous asked:

Ok so I've had this thing sitting on my chest for a while and I don't really have anyone in my life to share it with so I've decided to practice by coming out to you bc you are my fav book blog (shh don't tell the others). I am bisexual. There, I said it. Hope you have a good day <3

*throws confetti* *blasts Queen* *blows kazoo* I am so excited for you to share this part of your identity and I am honored to be the person you shared it with! I hope everyone in your life is 100% supportive because you are a brave, beautiful person and you deserve it. *shoves a cupcake in your hand* *pops champagne* *starts a conga line*