Lazer Team Movie 2016 (Original HD)

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► Lazer Team Movie Storyline
“ In the late 1970’s, the SETI project received a one time signal from outer space. It looked exactly as theorists thought a communication from an alien civilization would – unfortunately it has never been decoded. Or so we were told. Unbeknownst to the general public the signal was translated and told us two things: 1) We are not alone. 2) The galaxy is a dangerous place. ”

► Lazer Team Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-01-27
Casts : Mike Carreon, Don Daro , J.J. Castillo, J. Alan Nelson, Joel Heyman, Don Daro, Gavin Free, Gary Teague, Alan Ritchson, Rebecca Chulew, Doug Shuffield, Kyle Hoover, Travis Barrera, Deborah Abbott, Kdin Jenzen, Johnny Walter, Gustavo Sorola, Lise Ross, Heather Materne, Arryn Zech, Jeremy St. James, Robert T. McDorman, Miles Luna, Michael Jones, Michael J. Burton, Anthony Taylor Lopez, Holly Jee, Barbara Dunkelman, John Chriss, Carolee Crawford

The recommendation for warriors is not to have any material things on which to focus their power, but to focus it on the spirit, on the true flight into the unknown, not on trivialities. Everyone who wants to follow the warrior’s path has to rid himself of the compulsion to possess and hold onto things.
—  The Eagle’s Gift - Carlos Castaneda

Five years after the last Land Before Time review, it’s time to return.  Why does this exist now?  And just how bad is it?  Well…

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