(she is sure in need of some appreciation)

Uhh… Actually Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams both knew from the start that they wanted Adam for the role. As for Lupita- who was needed for her voice and would be playing a CGI character, I’m pretty sure they had to pick and choose to some extent before they decided she was perfect for the role. And even if it WERE white privilege it wouldn’t make sense because almost everyone else in the cast- white or not, had to audition. Why can’t we just appreciate the movie and everyone who was a part of it? Why do you all have to make everything into some social justice statement?

Come on guys let's be real

I’m pretty sure most of the gods have a soft spot for Nico:

Hades- his son, duh.

Persephone- although she dislikes the mention of Maria’s name in her presence, she was significantly better about having a stepchild with her than most of the other gods (cough Hera, cough) and I mean, Nico spent a lot of time in the Underworld, I’m sure they must have talked at some point.

Demeter- I honestly believe this woman is low key a sucker for children. In her head she’s probably like I need to keep this child healthy bc his dad is a piece of crap, Nico come eat your grains.

Dionysus- THIS IS SO LEGIT THROUGH THE FIRST SERIES OKAY: Nico recognized Dionysus, he ADORED Dionysus, and that was a change for the wine god. He was appreciated, a child was excited to meet him for once, so of course he developed a small liking toward Nico. Also, he’s probably the only one who knew about Nico before he came out, and he even shows a little worry/sympathy when Nico runs away and tells Percy something along the lines of “There goes a boy with a lot of hurt in his heart” or something.

Apollo- obviously likes him bc Will likes him and low key feels responsible bc he’s the one that brought him to camp in the first place.

Hestia- If I remember correctly, Nico was one of the first to notice Hestia, and so I think he earned some points in her book.

Athena- because Nico risked his health and returned her statue to camp, also, she likes his perseverance in battle. The kid literally fights till he drops.

Ares- probably loves the temper in the little ball of darkness.

Aphrodite- I mean she probably just loves how tragic his love life has been and is probably super excited about him dating Will (and I swear if she pulls any shit on them I’m losing mine).

Artemis- Most likely feels a little bad about having taken his sister away, plus Thalia is fond of Nico and Thalia is the leader in Artemis’ hunting group, so she probably has a soft spot for him. Plus he’d be respectful and not flirt or threaten the oath of her hunters and Artemis probably appreciates that.

Hermes- More than likely has mad respect about how Nico crosses back and forth between the Underworld and mortal world like he does. Also, he’s the god of wanderers and travellers and for a long time, Nico was exactly that. He probably helped him out now and then.

Idk. I just feel like a lot of the gods probably really like, if not respect Nico di Angelo as a human, a demigod, a warrior.

Savior Saeran Rules for Paradise (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡

Hello my fellow munchkins, 

It has been a pleasure, writing HCS and a Fic for you all to enjoy. I truly appreciate the you guys support me 100% in my decision and I just want to let you know, I love and appreciate you :) I aim to make this paradise of angst, fluff, and sin, an amazing home for all you munchkins.  I will make sure I fulfill your thirstiness that you have for the daddies (and jaehee) of Mystic Messenger. 


Even though, Your Savior shall fulfill your needs, I do have some restrictions.


  • No scenarios or HC about one of the members raping MC or vice versa 
  • I will not write about Saeran and Saeyoung in a relationship 
  • Fuck Rika 
    • I highly dislike her and she is my trigger word LMAO 
    • She will be included in angst  
    • she brings angst towards everyone ugh 
  • NSFW age number specifics must be 18 and over 
    • yes I understand Koreas consent age is 13, but please understand I feel uncomfortable about writing about a minor and an adult 
  • No hardcore gore…. please 


  • Angst: Fuck me up on angst…. lets all cry  
  • NSFW: Lets go to thru the gates of hell together
  • SFW
  • anything else that comes to your mind that respects the rules :)

* also, I will post HCS, possibly every other day :) * 

I am your Savior, Savior Saeran, and I will personally make sure your needs and pleasures are meet. 

Welcome to Mystic Daddies Paradise. 

-Savior/Admin/Mod Saeran

Girlfriend Solar

thank you, anon! i hope you have a good day too! :)

Originally posted by mmamoo

  • well, first of all BUY SOME EARPLUGS
  • you won’t regret it, trust me
  • that’s a valuable investment right there
  • while her happy/excited/cute screams made you smile, you’re also sure they’ll leave you deafened so yeah … :/ buy some earplugs
  • (the other girls buy earplugs too because lbr she’s not only loud when she’s happy)
  • no but seriously let’s just take a moment to appreciate this girls incredible lungs. if she was born a couple centuries ago, they probably would have found no need to invent communication devices. just get yongsun to stick her head out the window and scream
  • China would probably get the message
  • it also makes her terrible at trying to sneak up on you
  • sometimes, you come home and the house is quite so you think she’s asleep and you’re tiptoeing around. another figure tiptoes after you, only less skillfully and eventually you turn around like “yongsun, I can hear you giggling?” but she doesn’t give up and she just goes for it anyway
  • “BOO!”
  • “Yongsun, I literally just spoke to you!”
  • “I scared you, didn’t I? didn’t I? damn, I’m good. just call me ninja Yongsun”
  • “I’m done. goodnight”
  • she randomly tells you she loves you, because she’s afraid you’ll forget or you’ll doubt her feelings. yongsun may be busy, she may be on “wgm” but don’t EVER doubt her love for you. she would scream the words proudly from the highest building in Korea if that’s what you wanted
  • (and everyone will hear, believe and trust in that)
  • intense hair flipping sessions
  • has you saved as a super cringe name on her phone
  • and one day she’s getting pushed around on the crowded subway, barely hearing her phone ring over the loud hustle and bustle. as she’s reaching into her pocket, pulling the phone out, it falls. and a kind stranger picks it up
  • “oh, here you go, miss. you wouldn’t want to miss "honey bunch sugar momma"s calls”
  • and you best believe there’s the UGLIEST EVER photo of you as her caller ID
  • she tells that story every time she gets drunk
  • but it’s still funny
  • every. single. time
  • always asks you how your day was
  • is so incredibly loving and selfless
  • she could stumble in at 3 am, feet swollen from dance practice in heels but if she sees you’re sad in any way, even if it’s over a book or tv show character dying, she’ll do absolutely anything to make you smile
  • like running you a hot bath
  • then deciding to join you, since she’s had a hard day too and you both need to unwind ;)
  • and boy does she unwind
  • ;) ;)
You never know when you’ll need your language skills!

Everyone, something so cool happened today at work! I teach at a Korean elementary school, and this semester we have a new sixth grader who transferred from an elementary school in China (it seems he’s ethnically Korean but he was born and raised in China?Not sure)! Anyway, my coteacher tried asking him some stuff in Korean, but he wasn’t really answering, so she thought he might not speak Korean much/well. Since I can speak (minimal and basic, but still!) Chinese, I offered to ask him some questions for my coteacher. At the end of class, she told the new student to stay behind with me and I asked him a few questions in Chinese :D Just simple stuff about his background, his Korean ability, etc… He was super shocked that the foreign English teacher was suddenly busting out the Chinese! Glad I took the time to learn as much as I have so far :> And he didn’t have any problem understanding my questions, so I guess my grammar and pronunciation were decent :D

Never give up, guys! You never know when you’ll need your language skills, no matter how little.

Happy studying~

anonymous asked:

Hmph I know people have said they were worried about Taylor before I never was but now I kind of am? I wish I didn't feel that way I wish she can go hang out with friend(s) so we can see her or hear from her

well i think its natural to have some worry or be concerned when someone you are used to “seeing” has mostly disappeared. I think she’d appreciate knowing that her fans care for her and want to know that things are fine. I’m sure she knows that we have all noticed that she’s been largely unseen.  Doesn’t seem to be in a position to want to convey much to us right now, though. Which is fine, we all get there sometimes. She probably needs her space. I respect that.


A/N: finally breaking into femslash feb with a tiny little Simmorse ficlet. I owe the fandom so much more since I love it so much but right now this is all I got.

~900 words

Part of this ao3 collection

Jemma finds her (because of course she finds her) sitting on the roof tearing up bread for the pigeons. They hardly need bread, as Jemma has pointed out to her before. It will only keep them flocking to the rooftop and coating it in bird shit. But the bread’s stale anyway, and Bobbi’s sure that some of the millions of ratty birds in this city would appreciate it more than anyone on base could and it seems like a damn shame to waste an opportunity like that over a little bird shit.

It’s late now, and dark up on the roof, but not cold. Summer’s almost here and there’s an edge of humidity in the air tonight, but Jemma’s carrying Bobbi’s leather jacket anyway. Because she’s sweet like that. And because even in the sticky DC summers, Jemma gets cold, and Bobbi’s not sure why she finds that endearing, but she does.

There’s an empty wine bottle lying next to her which Jemma toes aside with a raised eyebrow so she can fold herself to the concrete next to Bobbi.

“That’s a bit misleading,” Bobbi tells her, holding up a finger. “It was already half empty when I took it.”

Her words are a little heavier than usual, but the alcohol has done little more than burn a warm place in her belly. Her thoughts are still as brooding as they were when she climbed up here.

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Just Relax, Darlin’

Clint x Reader

A/N: For my lovely @marvel-ash, who seems like she needs a lot of love lately. <3 <3 <3 we all know how it is to have a rough time of things. We all love you and appreciate everything you do for us!!!

Word Count: ~800

Warnings: None, just some well needed fluffiness <3 <3 <3

Originally posted by shutthefuckupthranduil


  You were at your breaking point. The last mission had kicked your ass, and the bad guys had gotten away. You were sore, tired, and cranky as all hell. Being an Avenger wasn’t an easy job, and at this point, you weren’t sure if you were cut out for it.

  You dragged into the complex, dropping your duffel bag right at the entrance. You headed for the one person who you actually wanted to see, the one person that could make everything you do worth it: Clint Barton.

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A Base Sim!

As requested I have made a base sim :) She is super basic but pretty so do what you want with her.

The only cc you really need is her..

Fresh Blue Skin

Eyebrows (I’m not sure which one they are…but they are a pixleore brow…)


She isn’t wearing any make-up apart from some lip gloss which isn’t essential to her appearance.

**Please don’t reupload or claim as your own and I always appreciate a tag!!**

Sorry for the crappy picture!!

Download Sim File!!!

Trial and Error  (Legionverse 2.0)

In the days that followed Illidan’s freedom from the Nighthold the demon hunter had done a lot of nothing compared to what he probably should be doing. Granted everyone seemed to agree it was a good idea to give him some space as he acclimated to being alive  and he tried his best not use his free time to pester Tyrande for information about Shanarra.

Instead he found himself in a field in Val’sharah kneeling down to ever so gently pluck a couple flowers from where they sprouted out of the grass.  It was harder than he expected given the fact he needed to give his talons some attention. He gather the plants until he had quite a few all in good condition. 

He looked around cautiously hoping that no one was around who might have the gall to ask the half demon why he was picking flowers. When he was sure he was safe he looked at the bunch of flowers in his hand and smiled, surely if he brought these to Shanarra she would appreciate them. 

After all she had invited him to come see her at the Dreamgrove and he was finding he couldn’t get the thought of spending time with her out of his head. But on top of that he was nervous…these feelings were of the romantic sort and he could still recall the distant sting of rejection from the last time he  had given his heart to someone…All he could do was try.

Illidan’s ears flattened against his head as he approached the Val’sharah entrance of the Dreamgrove, recalling the sour memories of meeting Cenarius in this same spot. He looked back down at the flowers he had brought and thought of Shanarra’s face lighting up with a big smile when he gave them to her and he perked right back up.

As he approached the edge of the Dreamgrove he spotted a pair of dryads who had been skipping up the lane. They froze as they saw him and store at him before they started giggling and suddenly Illidan felt very small compared to them.

He looked down at the flowers again to which the dryads were pointing at and then it hit him….He had brought flowers to a druid. She was going to assume he had done so because he thought all druids liked flowers, already he had messed up and he hadn’t even started yet. He pressed his head against a nearby tree, the bark making a noise of protest as his horns scraped it. 

“For Elune’s sake what I am fucking doing?!” He sighed exasperated, maybe he should just turn around, go back to the fel hammer and forget this silly quest.


‘Ready,’ Rings, and Other Things

A/N: Ta-daaaa. This is technically a birthday fic- technically. It’s only kinda-sorta birthday-ish, because this also doubles as my thank for for 300 followers!!! I’m super late, and I’m well past 300, but still- I appreciate each and every single one of you! 

I hope that this fic suffices, and makes up for my lack of activity. Surely, I will be more consistent with my updating/uploading! I promise! <3 Please enjoy. 

Summary: It’s Hiccup’s birthday, an announcement was made, and Astrid’s… Astrid’s short temper/impulsive tendencies came into play.

 Astrid just needed to be away; she needed to let off some steam.


Three Gronkle Iron training dummies were placed in a triangle, with a short distance between each one of them, while various old weapons, many of them rusty or battered, were strewn about the forest clearing.

A gentle breeze drifted through the otherwise stiff air, and Astrid pushed her sweat-dampened bangs out of her eyes as she discarded another chipped, single-headed axe across the clearing. She didn’t bother to waste time on wiping away the beads of sweat sliding down her forehead and neck, however. The Hofferson circled the perimeter of the invisible triangle, searching the grass and dirt for a suitable new weapon to practice with.

A long blade was selected from among several others. Astrid weighed it in her hand, switched it a couple of times, before practicing a single basic swing on the open air before her.

Within moments, her placid expression was one of furious determination, brow lowered in unparalleled concentration, and she was charging at one of the training dummies.

The sword was swung in a wide, sideways arc. It connected, caused a shuddering clang, and Astrid swung again. And again. And again. Blow after blow was delivered to the three dummies, with Astrid leaping and rolling and slipping between them in a fluid manner. Each strike was charged with bursts of controlled emotion, only making it feel more natural.

It was good to be in her original element- good to not have to think about anything but the weapon in her hands and her target.

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A little bit late but yay Jamala made it to the final of Eurovision! I mean I was pretty sure she would make it, but still BIG YAY! Thank you, all the amazing people who voted for Ukraine, it’s appreciated. Now, of course after the results were announced I went to internet to read what people thought about her performance and I find out a lot of nice comments, which is again really appreciated also I saw some comments which were… well I can’t said negative, because it’s not the word I need here. I guess it’s safe to say that some people were a little bit confused? They didn’t understand what was that song really about, why was Jamala so emotional while performing, why we choose “political” song for the contest were a lot of people just want to have fun? And could you blame them? It’s hard to see a whole picture when you don’t know the details. So I decided I’ll try to clarify a few main things here, just to help you all understand everything better.

1. “Who is she?”

This is Jamala

                               She’s really pretty, isn’t she?

She has an amazing voice, I think you all know that already, I mean you did heard her singing, right?

Jamala’s full name is Susana Camaladinova. She’s Ukrainian singer but her nationality is Crimean Tatarian. Crimean Tatars are one of the biggest ethnic groups in Ukraine. They live mostly on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (which is part of Ukraine currently occupied by R.ussia). Jamala was born in Kyrgyzstan, but soon after that her family returned to Crimea, where she lived before she moved to Kyiv to study in National Music Academy of Ukraine. Why was her family in Kyrgyzstan in the first place? Because they were one of the victims of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944 (cue to the name of the song).  

 2. “What is this deportation really about?” 

 I’m going to quote some Wikipedia now, because my English is not good enough to describe everything with my own words. 

“ During the WW2, after the liberation on Crimea in May 1944 the USSR State Defense Committee ordered the removal of all of the Tatar population from Crimea, including the families of Crimean Tatars serving in the Soviet Army - in trains and boxcars to Central Asia, primarily to Uzbekistan. This deportation was ordered by Joseph Stalin as a form of collective punishment for alleged collaboration of some Crimean tatarians with the Nazi occupation regime (which was mostly bullshit and never happened). 

 They even deported soldiers who were part of Soviet Army, when the war was over (which is like whole new level of shitty) and those few who weren’t deported were forbid to live in Crimean. Only in 1989 when Soviet Union was living it’s last days (years, but let me be poetic) they were allowed to come back home. During the deportation which started in the early morning 18 May 1944 and ended 20 may 1944 over 230,000 people were deported, almost half of them (more than 100,000 according to a 1960s survey by Crimean Tatar activists) died from starvation or disease as a direct result of deportation. It’ was genocide of Crimean tatars.   

 3. “1944” 

 Jamala’s song is about these events. You just have to listen to the lyrics and you’ll understand. Oh by the way, speaking about lyrics – there is this part in her song which she sings in Crimean tatarian language. It’s part of one of their national songs, which they used to sing in deportation.   

Yaşlığıma toyalmadım

Men bu yerde yaşalmadım

Yaşlığıma toyalmadım

Men bu yerde yaşalmadım

vatanima toyalmadim

which translates like  

I could not spend my youth there

Because you took away my land

I could not spend my youth there

Because you took away my land

I couldn’t have my homeland

Let’s just watch again, shell we?

 4. “Why do you bring it up now? It’s sad, but it’s in the past, why is it suddenly so important?”

Because it’s happening again. Since you all know in 2014 R.ussia occupied Crimean and declared that it’s a part of their country now. And they started oppression of Crimean tatars all over again. They are banning their tv channels, closing their libraries, newspapers, they are haunting down some of them, a lot of Crimean tatars activists were gone missing, some of them where find killed later. They even denied Crimean tatars the right to honor the anniversary of their deportation (18 th May). They banned some of the crimean tatars leaders and now they are forbid to ever come to Crimea (sounds familiar, huh?) and a few weeks ago they officially forbid Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

I hope you see what is happening, the history is repeating itself, Crimean tatars are forced to leave their homes once again and those who stay there have really hard times.

This is why it hurts so much, this is why Jamala is so emotional about this song, this is why it’s so personal to her.

5.  “Eurovision is not a place for such a topics, it’s too serious and dark.”

Listen I know that Eurovision is this crazy freak show (I’m saying this in the most kindly way, because I love every second of it), but you know what else Eurovision is? It’s kind of the big deal, it gets a lot of attention (heck they are even showing it in USA this year) and it’s a perfect place to be heard. It’s a perfect place to make people listen. This is what we’re doing this year, we’re trying to make you listen to us, listen to the pain of Crimean tatars, who have to come through all this horrors all over again.  It’s important so their suffering at least be recognized by world.

Okay, so I hope I didn’t bored you to death with all this and at least someone actually read this. My point of all this rant was to make you see more than on the surface, give you more details, help you to understand better. You’re free to ignore me, you’re free to not like our song (everyone has own taste after all), but if you do like it, if you like the performance, if you like her voice and maybe if everything I wrote here added more depth to the song for you, please vote for Ukraine, show us your support, show Crimean tatars that the world see, the world understand it would mean a lot and it would be really appreciated.  

 Thank you for your attention. 

I hope you all will enjoy the final of Eurovision! 

#10 Reasons as To Why I like Sakura!

Ok, I saw somewhere a post like “10 reasons to hate Sakura Haruno!”
like people common!
Tbh I just  dislike the way Kishimoto is treating Sakura. Like in some situations I found her extreamly cool. I have to admit that probably I have no tendency to like female leads. But, for me Sakura is different. So, here I’m gonna go against the flow and I’ll write my “10 reasons as to why I like Sakura!” - of many tbh.

All of my references are from both the manga and the anime. Also, I made sure that all my references are canon.

#1 She cares for others like she puts others feelings before hers she is selfless most of the times. I feel like she really needs to be appreciated for that. Because, let’s face it, not a lot of us can have this quality these days not even me.
and here are some examples

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Some lesbian love scenarios

 You fancy her, but you don’t know if she fancies women.

First of all, BE HONEST.

Bring it up when it’s just the two of you hanging out. Tell her how much you appreciate your friendship, and then tell her that lately you think your feelings have grown into something more. Make sure she knows you’re not trying to pressure her or make her uncomfortable, you just felt you needed to be honest with her.

> If she is uninterested and/or straight as an arrow

Even though rejection hurts, remember she’s your friend. She obviously appreciates you as a person, just not romantically. You need to try to accept her answer and move on and, yes, it might be hard.

> If she is into girls but not you, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean you’re unattractive. Many people have a hard time seeing good friends in a romantic light. Don’t make her feel guilty for not reciprocating.

You don’t want to lose a good friend over this. One of the most important things if you want to save your friendship is that you DO NOT hit on her or pressure her or make her feel bad about being honest with you. Don’t punish her for not feeling the same way you do, because no one will put up with that for very long.

It’s ok to need space.

If you find it hard to be around her for a while after, that’s ok. You’re allowed to take time off. But don’t cut off contact completely, and be sure to let her know what’s going on. Tell her you still want to be friends but you need some time to get over your crush; she’ll understand.

 I will post scenario 2 later this week :D 

Meenah is a Thief of Life.  She literally steals life–the energy needed to create and influence reality.  We’ve already seen with the Condesce and her Helmsman, a graphic example: Meenah can perhaps extend existence, but she steals true life.

(Vriska) came into Meenah’s deadlife full of vigor and determination and attitude, the epitome of a Thief of Light.  A spotlight-hogging, bossy gal who was always so sure that what she wanted and willed was what was best for everyone else, and who was willing to do whatever it took to make the things she wanted to happen, happen.  And after some setbacks and losses of support, (Vriska) was left with Meenah.

And Meenah told her nah, there’s no need for you to be a glory-hog, no need to strain so hard against the inevitability of destruction, no need to go around risking your deadlife to help people who apparently don’t even like you and won’t appreciate you.  Meenah said, let’s just hang out and explore these bubbles.  You should get a tattoo.  Your hair looks cool half-shaved and with braids.  You should try to be more like me, and not give any fucks about anything!

And by doing that, by leading her down a path of complacency, Meenah extended (Vriska)’s existence, by taking her away from the danger she’d always been willing to put herself in.  But she also took all her energy.  Her spirit.

Her Life.

No wonder (Vriska) has ended up a “happy” but weak-willed shell of her former self, letting her alive alternate self’s words stab through her and oh so quick to backpedal and say, yes, I’ll do what you say you want to do, Meenah, I’ll do whatever you want so long as you’ll stay with me.  And it’s no wonder Meenah now wants to leave.  (Vriska) is out of Life to be stolen, and here’s a living Vriska just full of it.

Meenah seems sorry to be doing this, and she herself says she is by nature “bad,” but whether she really is a bad person or not, whether she does it on purpose or it just happens passively, she is a Thief of Life through and through.

guys i hope you realize that katy hart is literally one of the strongest women in gmw. and no, i don’t mean like “badass, doesn’t care about what men say, tumblr standards” but i mean, she is devoted to maya and her wellbeing. everyone overlooks how much she invested her time into making sure that maya is living an alright life. sure, she can’t make maya’s life perfect but she’s a single mom and works her butt off trying to make sure that maya has a decent life, even if she can’t always see her daughter. in gmw, we mostly just see the matthews family taking care of her and even though katy is so grateful for that, she still tries her best to provide whatever she has just for maya. katy really needs some appreciation because she is a dedicated mom and you know what, katy has never abandoned her kid just because it was too hard. and katy is obviously hurting. she always tries to be happy and not put pity on herself. i mean, her ex left her and i bet she constantly thinks this is her fault. that she drove kermit off and it’s all her fault maya is living this way when in fact, it’s probably not even katy’s fault. she is hurting emotionally bc of this but not once has she failed to give her best for maya. and that is some true power in this amazing woman, katy hart. 


On May 16th, Jen (@bookavid) is celebrating her 21st birthday!!! 

I am really eager to make sure she has the best birthday possible, so if you’d like to send her something, just shoot me an ask and I can give you the information you need to send a gift! 

Some things that would be nice to send might include:

  • a book! multiple books! half a book! ten books! 
  • a birthday card!
  • a nice letter!
  • a drawing! 
  • any other sort of art that you can create! (seriously, I know Jen, she’d appreciate the shit out of a heart drawn on a ripped piece of lined paper SERIOUSLY)
  • since i know booklr spans across so many countries (Jen’s from Germany), you could send a little souvenir or knick knack specific to your home country! Ex. I’m from Canada, I might consider shipping her a moose! Anything goes, really! (but if a live animal is too hard to get your hands on, key chains, stickers, post cards, etc. would work just fine!) 

Here is a link to Jen’s Amazon wishlist!!!

I know all too well that sometimes you’re simply not in the position (whether it be financially or for other reasons) where you can send gifts, no matter how badly you want to. The best, easiest, cheapest gift you can give is just sending a “Happy Birthday!” message on the day. Every gift is a great gift!  

I’ll be reblogging this post weekly (or probably more) up until Jen’s birthday! Feel free to reblog and signal-boost the heck out of this! If you have any questions, my ask box and IM is always open :) 

We need to to take a moment to appreciate just how great the videos have been this era. If I’m being honest a lot of Taylor’s older videos were kind of unremarkable but she’s truly stepped up her game and made some iconic videos with this album. It’s really astonishing how far she’s come. Shake It Off, Blank Space and now Bad Blood will go down in history. 

Can’t wait for the Wildest Dreams and New Romantics videos *crosses fingers, legs, toes, arms and spinal chord in hopes that these will be released and that neither will get a tour video*

I’ve taken some time to think it through, and I’m still not sure if I approve of Hillier. From the moment she took our phones - our phones - and tossed them in a basket, that should have been warning enough. There’s no reason we can’t have those on breaks, not that she gives us any. Plus, her comment that someone needed to drop a few pounds - she can’t honestly tell a girl that, not in this day and age. 

I can, however, appreciate that she worked us harder than we have before. My muscles are cramping in places I didn’t even know existed, and I’m sure each of us dropped at least five pounds just running up and down the bleachers in the 90 degree heat. At this point I don’t know who’s going to be working harder; us, or the boys we’re cheering for.