(shawn you little shit)


*Noise of FaceTime ringing*

You click accept and see Shawn standing in his kitchen. You place your phone against the toaster, standing in your kitchen too. Shawn was back home from tour and you had been at home for a month now. Whilst Shawn was away, you had sent him a photo of a meal you had made yourself. He made you promise to teach him how to make it once he was home. 
“You’re gonna need to turn that music down Shawn,” you shouted so he could hear you, as if he was in the room with you. His head snapped in the direction of his phone. He lowered the music and smiled, “Hey baby.” You had the usual ‘how are you’ exchanges before he clapped his hands and said, “Let’s do this!”

“You know this is really easy right, and I don’t need to be doing this with you?” you laughed as you stepped away from the phone and made sure you had every set on the counter. “I know, but I thought it would be a cute little thing to do” Shawn confessed. “And we could see who is the better chef” he added with a smirk. “I knew it,” you sighed shaking your head. 
“Do you have everything?” You asked, knowing exactly what Shawn was like when it came to remembering things. He nodded eagerly as he changed the song. “You got the chicken?” You asked, with which he replied with a nod and smile. “The bacon?” He nodded again, “Darling I bring home the bacon, remember?” You rolled your eyes, “It wasn’t funny the first time Shawn.” He shrugged his shoulders and backed away from the phone. 
“I set the oven to 350 F degrees right?” Shawn asked, as he stood over the oven. “Yep,” you replied as you did the same. “Is it cold over there?” You asked as you reached up for the cupboard above to grab some foil. “Yeah, it’s snowing outside” Shawn said. “Really?” You said excitedly, looking at the phone. Shawn wandered over to the phone and leaned over, “(Y/N) you shouldn’t be excited about the snow. You should be excited about how great I look” he said as he brushed his hand through his hair. “Just look at my hair,” he said sarcastically, knowing that he hated it when it was too long. “Wash your hands before you continue,” you said with a cheeky smile. 

You instructed Shawn throughout the cooking process, waiting for him when he panicked that he was behind yelling, “Wait wait.”
“Ok, is your bacon thick?” You asked, as you opened your packet of bacon. Shawn remained silent so you glanced over at the screen to see him close to the camera, with a smile on his face as he repeatedly raised his eyebrows. “Grow up,” you sighed, rolling your eyes. Shawn pushed himself off the counter, “Fine, it’s thin.” You let a little chuckle escape your mouth, “Sorry.”
You wrapped pieces of bacon round pieces of chicken, hearing Shawn panic over how the bacon would stay wrapped. “You don’t need toothpicks, it will stick. Trust me,” you said loudly. 
“Ok, then you grab the bowl of brown sugar and roll the wrapped chicken around until it’s evenly coated” you said, doing just that. 
“Now I’m gonna dress myself for two, once for me; and once for someone new” you heard Shawn sing at the top of his lungs. “Concentrate Shawn,” you snapped. Shawn stopped just as he was about to sing even louder, and wandered over closely to his phone. “I’m sorry, kiss?” he asked in a sweet voice. You frowned at the phone before giving in, and puffing your lips out like he was. 

Both of you placed your wrapped chicken on the baking tray and placed them inside the ovens, and waited for 45 minutes. “You bored of being back home yet?” you asked, as you both sat on your kitchen floors opposite the ovens. Shawn nodded, “I miss performing so much. I gathered some of Aaliyahs’ old toys and set them out and performed to them.” You gave Shawn a weird look, “Did you really?” Shawn burst out laughing, shaking his head. “Of course not, I used my own toys.” You shook your head, but smiled because you had missed laughing with Shawn. “But I miss you,” he said softly. You smiled, “I’ve missed you too.” Throughout the waiting time, you’d smile whenever you caught Shawn looking past the camera at the oven, keeping a close eye on the food. Shawn would sing snippets of his songs, asking you which way you preferred when he changed the notes of words slightly. 

Finally it was time to reveal the truth, and find out who was the best cook. “Mine look like little dog shits,” Shawn laughed, flipping the camera to reveal his burnt chicken bites. “Sprinkle the parsley,” you said as you admired your perfect cooking. “Now it looks like little dog shits covered in grass,” Shawn said. You glanced at the screen and did a double take, “I said sprinkle not pour!” “Oh well,” Shawn sighed, flipping the camera back on him. “Let’s see yours.” You showed him your perfectly cooked bites and heard him curse under his breath. “I guess that means you admit defeat,” you said smiling at him feeling smug. He frowned at the camera, “Never.” 

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imagine spending girly time in pickering with aaliyah when shawn is away ❤️

You always make sure to spend quality time with Aaliyah whenever you’re back in Pickering. She’s like your little sister, and you love spending time with her. Today, you picked Aaliyah up after school and took her to get her nails done. After, you decide to go an ice cream parlor. Shawn calls you while you’re driving to the ice cream parlor so you hand your phone to Aaliyah and ask her to answer. 

“Hello?” She says, and you can’t hear what he’s saying, but a second later she responds, “Yeah, its me. I’m with y/n.” She waits a few seconds then she moves the phone from her face a bit and tells you with a giggle, “We never told Shawn we were hanging out today. He says he’s jealous.” You just smile in response. 

“Oh yeah, Shawn, you would have loved to be here. We got our nails done.” She tells Shawn, and you know for a fact that Shawn would definitely not have come with you two. He’d have probably just gone out with Brian instead if he was home. 

Aaliyah laughs at something Shawn says, and then puts the phone on speakerphone. “Hey babe,” You say.

“Hey y/n,” Shawn responds, “How dare you two hang out without me.”

“Well y’know, you’re just too busy living that rockstar life, we just do what we can to get by without you.” You tell him. 

“You don’t even miss me right now.” He says, and you laugh at the bitterness in his voice. 

“I don’t miss you,” Aaliyah cuts in and announces, causing you to laugh more.

“You might be right babe,” You tell him just to tease him, even though the truth is when he’s gone you always miss him, no matter how much fun you’re having or how busy you are. “We have pretty nails and we’re about to go get ice cream. I don’t think you can beat that.”

“You two little shits.” He says.

“Shawn!” You tell him.

“What?” He asks, completely oblivious. Then he realizes why you said that, “She’s thirteen, she’s heard worse. She’s said worse.” 

And Aaliyah only laughs, not even trying to hide the fact that he’s right. “Alright bro, we’re busy having a great time without you. Try not to be too sad you’re not here.” She says, as you park the car in front of the ice cream parlor. “We gotta go get ice cream.”

“I hate you guys.”

“Love you too babe. We’re gonna go.”

“Bye, I love you both.” He says before you both say goodbye and hang up the phone getting out of the car and heading into the ice cream parlor where the two of you both get double scoops with sprinkles and sit in the corner booth just talking and laughing for the next hour. 

Boyfriend Tag

Request: Can you make one imagine where you and Shawn started dating and you’re a YouTuber and you make the boyfriend tag, but more like the one Jc and Lia did, you know the one with cakes? Love youuuu. 💟

You attached the camera to the tripod you had set up on your roof, watching as Shawn danced around to some song that was playing from his phone. “You’re gonna fall off of my roof again,” You spoke, fixing the angle and where the camera focused.

Shawn stuck his tongue out at you, and Aaliyah laughed from her perch on the corner of the firepit. She wanted to watch you guys film something for your channel, and your fans had been asking if you could do a boyfriend or girlfriend tag. “You sure you wanna watch your brother and I answer dumb questions about each other?” You asked, looking at her.

“If he gets one wrong can I smash one of the pies in his face?”


“Yeah.” Aaliyah giggled, nodding rapidly. She was all for smashing one of the whipped cream pies in her brother’s face, to which Shawn complained.

You rolled your eyes and patted the seat next to you. “Shawn, c’mon, the camera’s all set up!”

Your boyfriend walked over and plopped down next to you, still singing. You pressed record on the camera and looked at him. “If you don’t turn off the music this video will get taken down for copyright reasons and I’m not about that.” You spoke, and Shawn paused the song, setting his phone on the ground in front of him. “Thank you, baby.” You smiled, fixing your hair and starting the intro to your video. “So, I’m back! And I have a super special guest here today!” You jabbed a thumb towards Shawn, who waved at the camera.


“Say who you are, dummy.” You elbowed him. He had been on your channel before, he just wanted to be stubborn.

“I’m the best guest on this channel and no one can argue with that fact.”

You rolled your eyes for the third time, snorting. “Anyway, we’re gonna do the boyfriend tag today, since a lot of you have requested it. And it’s gonna be intense.” You picked up one of the pies. “If one of us gets a question wrong, a pie is gettin’ shoved in our face.”

“What kind of pies are they?” Aaliyah asked, off camera.

“A variety.” You informed her, picking up your phone. “Ok! I’m gonna go first.” You looked at Shawn, and smiled at him sweetly. “So, this is gonna be a super easy question and if you get this wrong I swear to God,” You started. You glanced at your phone and nodded. “Where did we meet?”

Shawn’s eyes lit up. “We met when your sister dropped that ice cream cone on my shoe! It was at the fair!” He laughed.

You nodded, smiling. “Yeah!” You nudged him. “You’re turn.”

Shawn looked at his phone. “When was our first date?”

“It was at that one Italian place down the road from my old house. I remember you ordered the chicken parm and spent the rest of the night with food poisoning so we never went there again. And then they closed like a week later.”

“Did they really?”

“Yeah, my dad told me that some guy was like, stabbed or something.” You shrugged.

The questions continued to get harder and harder, until you finally stumped your boyfriend. “What movie did we see on our first anniversary?”

“Oh, um, I think it was, um, wasn’t it Beauty and the Beast?”

“No!” You laughed, nearly falling off of the stool when Aaliyah let out the loudest cheer. “It wasn’t even a Disney movie! It was We Bought A Zoo!” You lifted the top off of one of the pies, and looked at the camera. “So, before we started filming I told Aaliyah she could smash her brother with one of the pies, and since this is the first question we’ve gotten wrong, and also because I’m nearly out of questions, she can do the honor.” You handed her the pie and she faked it a couple times, before slamming the dessert into Shawn’s face, and he let out a rather girly scream.

“What flavor is it?” You asked, smirking.

“You tell me!” Shawn said, kissing you. You broke the kiss after a couple seconds, not wanting too much PDA in the video.

“Lemon meringue, eugh.” You scrunched your nose, lemon wasn’t your favorite flavor.

Shawn laughed, wiping the rest of the pie off of his face. “My turn!” He grinned devilishly and looked at you. “What do I get to drink when we got out?”

Your eyes widened, and you thought for a moment. “Don’t you get iced tea?”

“Dammit,” Shawn whispered, and you cheered. “You’re such a good girlfriend.”

“Mhmm,” You nodded, seeing the battery warning light up on your camera. “Ooh, teh battery’s about to die! I think that’s the end of this video, see you guys next week!” You waved, screaming when a pie hit your face.

“Shawn!” You laughed, wiping whipped cream off of your cheek. “You little shit!”

a/n: i watched that youtube video so much omg

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Imagine being Shawn's girlfriend and he's away on tour you are hanging out with your best friend and Brian. You guys decided to do a insta live stream and Shawn comment on the live stream something really cute and funny.

Shawn Mendes commented: Eww, look at those two dorks 

Shawn Mendes commented: I miss those dorks though

Shawn Mendes commented: Wait y/n, is that my hoodie? Did you steal my hoodie again?

Shawn Mendes commented: Where’s my invite? Why do you guys always do fun stuff when I’m not around

Shawn Mendes commented: WAIT?!?!



Live stream ended. 

lift your open hand | shawn mendes imagine


requested by anonymous

word count: 1,375

author’s note: getting back into this writing thing. i hope this was okay.

Your name: submit What is this?

For someone who’d never been kissed, you had quite the impressive amount of advice on the subject. In fact, you’d found that pretty much everyone who found out your first liplocking adventure was yet to occur had something to say about it.

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A Concept: Spider Sex

You’d be full on going for it. Not seeing each other in a good few weeks has its perks when it means having more desperate sex.

“Uhh-fuck Shawn” you’d moan, throwing your head back as you ride him. He’d be lay on his back, gripping your hips harder than ever, eyes screwed shut and lips slightly parted.

You’d be taking control, moving your hips back and forth, over and over, until you would open your eyes slightly and see something black on the wall. You’d halt to a stop, letting your eyes focus on the little shit that was staring at you from the wall.

“Shawn” you’d say, looking down at him. He would still be in the moment, trying to move you against him.
“Mm baby, what are you doing?” He mumble, leaning up to kiss you.
“There’s a spider on the wall” you’d say into the kiss, thinking that would stop him.
“There’s not” he’d say against your lips, his eyes opening slightly.

You’d sigh and lean back down, trying to get back into it, but the little shit was staring back at you.
“Seriously Shawn, it’s staring right at me.”

He would stop, opening his eyes and staring at you in disbelief.
“Are you kidding me?!” He’d say breathlessly, and small smirk tugging on his lips.
“Look!” You’d lift your hand up from his chest and point towards him.

He’d twist his head round and look up, sighing as he turns around.
“There’s nothing there.”
“There is! Look!”
“Baby, are we honestly going to stop having sex because of a spider?” He would smirk.
“Yes. I’m not carrying on until it’s gone.”

You’d get off him, and he’d throw on some tracksuit bottoms, going to the bathroom to get some tissue.

“Where is it then?” He’d say with a sigh, coming back into the room.

He’d stop suddenly in his tracks and swallow hard.
“Fuck okay that’s big.”

You’d laugh, watching his eyes grow wide.
“See I told you!”
“Okay just shut up and let me get rid of the asshole.”

Caught In Action

character: Shawn Mendes

warnings: SMUT, possesive!shawn, unprotected sex

I was sat on the sofa of my apartment living room, quietly enjoying a cup of tea with nothing but a hoodie over me and some panties.

The weather was cold making me feel lazier to stand up and be productive. So my laptop was on my lap while I watched the youtube covers of my boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. God I miss him so much.

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Old Scars And Future Hearts - Shawn Mendes

requested: yes

word count: 1312

warnings: foul language

pairing: shawn/alycia

writer: ellie


“Thank you so much, New York!” Shawn says before walking off stage for the last time in this tour.

You were waiting for him side stage to give him the tight hug you gave him overnight to congratulate him for the amazing show he’d given.

“That was great!” you told him. “Jesus, you’re sweaty!”

“You knew that, and still hugged me.” Shawn smiles at you. “You always hug me.”

“You’ve been sweatier.” you smirk. “You don’t even move though.”

“The place is hot!” he complains.

“How’d you feel?” you laugh

“Kind of sad that it’s over, to be honest.” Shawn says going back to his dressing room.

“Well, you get to go back to your family.” You say in a shrug as you follow him. “And you know, your friends.”

You were sad it was over too. You’d met Shawn two years ago in New York, where your family lives. He was writing a song outside a Dunkin’ Donuts and you were crying on a bench. He had gotten close to you and asked you if you were okay. You weren’t, but he made you okay. You had stayed in touch after all those months. You were sure he was the most precious person you had ever met.

Maybe that was just because you like him. Like a lot.

“Also, you get to get rid of me.” you joke with a grin. Shawn doesn’t laugh.

“About that…” Shawn starts as he grabs a towel. “I was thinking that you could come to Canada with me for a few days.”

“What?” you ask with a huge smile.

“Yeah,” he continues. “I thought you could maybe meet my friends from over there.”

“Oh my God, Shawn.” you exclaim. “I don’t know, what if they don’t like me?”

You ask with a worried frown.

“Oh come on, Alycia, you are very likable.” he says.

“Um, I guess, it would be nice, but my parents-“

“They’re cool with it.” Shawn smiles.


“I asked them.” he tells you. “They’re cool with it.”

“Well, when do we leave?” you ask getting more excited by the second.

“Tomorrow at 2:45 I think.” Shawn answers. “You’re coming to Canada.”


You were dying with nerves when you arrived to Toronto. Shawn’s family had been very welcoming. His little sister started teasing you two the moment you put a foot in his house.

Now you’re getting ready to go out with Shawn’s friends.

“Shawn!” you call. Shawn pokes his head in your room, which is really the guest room.

“Yeah?” he asks with wide eyes.

“What should I wear?” you ask him. He chuckles and comes inside the room.

“What you’re wearing right now if fine, Alycia.” he winks.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, you look great.” Shawn nods. You blush a little.

“Okay.” you mumble shyly.

“Get married already!” Aaliyah shouts from her room. Shawn rolls his eyes.

“Are you ready then?” Shawn asks.

“I guess.”


“Don’t be nervous, they’ll love you.” Shawn tries to convince you as you walk to a park where they’re meeting up.

You sigh. “Will anybody you have talked about be there?”

“Uh, let me see.” Shawn starts. “Dan, Hayley, Q, Laur-“

“Laur?” you interrupt him. “As in your ex-girlfriend Laur?”

“Yeah.” Shawn says as if it isn’t a big deal.

“I thought you didn’t talk to her.” you say with a frown.

“Yeah, we’re good friends.” Shawn smiles. “I think she’ll like you.”

“I don’t think so.” you say very quietly.

“What was that?” he asks since he didn’t hear you.

“Nothing.” you say.

As you arrive to the park, you instinctively grab Shawn’s hand. He turns to look at you and gives you an ensuring smile.

“You’ll be just fine.” he tells you. You walk to the group of people gathered around the swings and jump a little when everyone notices you because they shout out Shawn’s name in excitement.

The boys all throw themselves at him, hugging him and hitting his arm playfully, but Shawn doesn’t let go of your hand for a second. The girls are either sitting on the swings or on the grass watching with a smile.

“It’s been like three months, man.” one of his friend says.

“I know, it’s crazy, isn’t it?” Shawn smiles. Shawn looks down at you and they all travel their gazes to your intertwined fingers.

“Who’s your girlfriend?” another guy asks. You blush.

“Oh, we’re not dating.” Shawn starts. “This is Alycia.”

“Hi.” you wave awkwardly.

“Hey!” They all greet.

“Alycia, these are Daniel, Q, Hayley, Laur, Graham, and Ruth.” Shawn introduces.

“Nice to meet you all.” you say politely.

“Aren’t you girls going to give me a hug?” Shawn asks to the girl who are still sitting down.

They all stand up and two of them hug him together. Then the third one hugs him by herself.

“Missed you.” she says. Shawn smiles at her and she goes back to her seat on a swing. You can’t help but feel a little jealous. You know you’re not dating Shawn, but holy shit it bothered you so much.

“Okay, you have to tell us everything!” Hayley tells Shawn.

“Yeah, man!” Daniel starts. “How does it feel having thousands of girls drooling over you?”

“Um, it’s not that fun.” Shawn laughs nervously. “Wanna sit?” he ask you as he puts his hand on your back. You nod and you both sit down on the grass. His friends sit in a circle except for Laur.

“Hey, Laur, don’t be a princess, sit down here.” Q tells her. Laur rolls her eyes and sits down next to Shawn. Your body tingles with jealousy.

“Seriously, dude, how are you still single?” Graham asks.

“Uh, I don’t know.” Shawn laughs. “I mean, I’m traveling all the time-“

“Take them with you.”

“It’s very tiring.” Shawn says and then turns to you. “Tell them.”

The group turns to look at you.

“Um, yeah, we wake up very early and go to sleep very late.” you start. “And we’re just going around to give interviews and meet and greets and all these performances in all these different places.”

“Wait.” Laur frowns. “She was touring with you?”

Uh oh, you think.

Shawn nods. Every one stays quiet.

Laur snorts. “I’m going to get a coffee.” she declares standing up from the group.

“Didn’t you say she would like me?” you told Shawn sarcastically.

“Shut up.” he tells you. You chuckle.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have mentioned that.” Hayley tells Shawn.

“Yeah, well.” Shawn says.

“Didn’t you break up with her because you were away all the time?”

“We were fifteen, okay?” Shawn says. “It wasn’t going to last anyways.”

“Damn.” Q says standing up. “I’ll go get her.”

“Maybe I should talk to her too.” Shawn says following Q’s moves. “I’ll be right back.” he tells you.

“You know, I’m not that worried about her anymore.” you think.

“Why were you worried about her?” Ruth asks you.

“Huh?” you say before widening your eyes. “Oh God, did I say that out loud?”

“Intense.” Hayley says.

“What were you worried about her?” Daniel asks you repeating Ruth’s words.

“It doesn’t matter.” you say shaking your head.

“Look sweetie we know you’re secretly dating.” Hayley tells you.

“Excuse me?” you ask widening your eyes. “We’re not secretly dating. We’re not dating at all!”


“Really.” you confirm.

“Oh.” she says. “Well then if your worry was him getting back with Laur, that’s not happening.”

“Can we stop talking about this?” you ask.

“No, no, this is getting interesting.” Graham states.

“Shawn likes you.” Daniel tells you.

You smile. “Does he?”

“That’s why I thought you were dating you nut head.” Hayley laughs.

“He got over Laur a long time ago.” Daniel says dragging the O in long.

“Yeah, so don’t worry about her.” Ruth tells you. “You guys will probably end up dating.”


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