(series).summer trip

Chocolate Sprinkles (Suho x You)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 6,194

Note: 7/12 of my first summer one shot series.

I’ve been planning on writing this one for a while now. I hope you all love this story as much as I do. <3


“The ice cream parlor down the street opened again,” your mom announces. “A new family moved into town and reopened the parlor.”

Rays of sunlight slash through the vast windows of the cafe, glinting off glass tabletops and dim hardwood floors. The soft rattling of the aged coffee machine hums through the silence of the cafe, and you realize once more how much the ridiculously low ceiling needs a new coat of paint. As you pull your hair plastered to your forehead into a messy bun, you turn slowly to your mother, who stands behind you.

“You should go check it out,” she hums, placing a hand on your tense shoulder and gazing at you with a warm smile. “You loved that place as a kid.”

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