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Trini and Kim’s parents love the other girl. Kimberly’s because they’re glad their daughter has new friends after her “incident” and Trini’s because they’re glad their daughter has friends at all.

But you know who isn’t all for the Trimberly relationship? Trini’s little brothers. Like…maybe they used to do stuff together on weekends like watch cartoons and make special breakfasts and go play at the park. Or she’d chill with them after school and watch them when her parents were busy. Or she’d sneak them treats after bedtime and before dinner. Just generally being the cool but exasperated older sister who is trying to make sure her brothers never feel alone like she did.

Well, now that she’s a ranger, things have changed. She’s gone more now. And yeah, they’ve noticed she smiles more but they’re kids. They miss how it used to be and just see their big sister slipping away. Trini probably doesn’t even realize how important those moments with her brothers were to them. The feeling is mutual, of course, she just didn’t know that they valued that time as much as she did.

Anyway, since she can’t tell them the real reason she’s been different lately, they sort of pinpoint Kimberly as the problem because she’s the one they see her with the most. They’re not mean to her, but they are standoffish and aloof. Kimberly figures it out pretty fast. The boys are fascinated with Zach and Jason and Billy and just Do Not fuck with Kim and almost seem scared of her sometimes.

Trini would never admit it, but she talks highly of her little brothers and Kim knows their time together is just as important to her girlfriend as their couple time and she’s been missing them too. So. Kimberly tells her it’s okay. To go hang out with her little brothers. She knows she misses them. Trini does and they’re thrilled. Since Kim knows what’s up she just…leaves Trini alone for the weekend and chills with the other rangers. Like, not going MIA or anything, but just telling her to enjoy her weekend and don’t worry about entertaining her. She’ll sneak in Sunday night and can tell her all about it. She also bans the others from bothering her with their shenanigans.

Cut to the next weekend and her brothers are ready for a repeat. But Kimberly is there. Trini’s noticed the tension but has just? Kinda hoped it would go away on its own. Anyway, Kimberly being the understanding gf that she is is about to leave and Trini is all pouty because hey, she planned this movie night for all of them and she kinda wanted to cuddle her girl tonight. Kimberly stays because that pout, who could resist? Not her. In the morning, Kimberly gets up super early and can’t go back to sleep. Trini’s out like a light and she doesn’t wanna wake her. The boys come barreling in and one, they’re a little awestruck that Kim is still there because “does our mom know you spent the night?” and two, they’re hungry and want their sister to make her special pancakes. Kimberly’s all like “we should let her sleep” and tells them she’s a great cook, she can get breakfast started and pls don’t tell your parents that I stayed over. Kimberly is not a great cook. In fact, she’s terrible. The boys quickly realize it and guide Kim through what Trini does but they really don’t pay that much attention and the food is horrible and disgusting. But they have flour fights and jam to some music and bond a little bit. They’re making progress.

Maybe next week Kimberly brings some movies that she thinks they’ll like. The week after that (and with Trini’s help) she makes some traditional desserts and treats for them. After that she brings some stuff that her mom made for them to try. (Idk I just love the idea of them giving each other culture lessons.)

They discuss the Power Rangers. Kim “makes up” all kinds of awesome stories for them and they love it. Trini does too. She’s so used to being alone, and here’s Kimberly, actively trying to engage herself in her life.

Eventually, they just…like Kim and get used to her and her sister being a thing and having to share her until they’re not really sharing her anymore and Kim is just a permanent fixture in their, and their sister’s, life.

I’m calling it right now on the record: I bet Lindsay, Gia Mantegna’s character and the mystery woman from Mexico, is Reid’s mom’s new nurse and Scratch was able to manipulate her (because she was already unstable in s3 as a teen and could have DID now)

I really appreciate what they chose to call the video.

It could’ve been “MOVING?!” or “MOVING OUT!” or something else just as vague, some title that upon first glance could make you doubt and - just for a second - entertain the notion that maybe they’re actually going their separate ways and living in different places and that maybe it truly is the end of an era.

But no, it’s called “We’re Moving Out”. It’s simple - no all caps or exclamation points - just a title with one extra word that makes it abundantly clear that yes they are moving out together and no they don’t think it’s too big of a deal and yes they’re not planning on being apart any time soon, don’t worry.


get to know me: [2/5] favorite male groups - bts

“I always feel this but, it seems like I can gain strength from looking at you guys, who are always by my side. We used to not match well but now I think we’re really like brothers.” - Jimin

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99 on the prompts

99. “How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

“How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

If there was one thing in this world t Logic couldn’t stand, it was Morality’s puppy eyes. And the man knew it. He used them whenever he could against the Logical man- rendering his thoughts useless.

Now was no exception, and he was pulling no stops.

Logic had to turn away.

“For the last time,” He had to take a calming breath, “He is a dog. And you can’t keep adopting every dog you see! This is the third one this month!”

As if to prove his point, their newly adopted two year old pitbull terrier Sunflower, and their first adopted dog Kit-Kat- a Rottweiler no older then a year.

Now Morality held a puppy- what looked to be a bloodhound no older than a few months (Logic guessed three months at most).

“You can’t keep doing this, Mo,” Logic refused to look Morality in the eye, knowing he’d break immediately if he did so.

“But, but Logan,” Morality pouted- you could hear it in his voice- “She needed a forever home.”

Logic rubbed his temples.

“Plus, Maggie and Cauliflower already love her.” Maggie and Cauliflower, a Saluki and  Bergamasco Shepherd respectively, were their oldest dogs, adopted together two years prior. They were mothering dogs, and Logic knew that if they had already been introduced to this new puppy, that there was no going back.

“Morality,” Logic finally met his husbands glittering eyes, “Last. Dog.”

Morality cheered and all of the dogs -Maggie and Cauliflower came billowing into the room- howled in excitement.

“Thank you, Logan!” Morality cried as he ran over and hugged him, not to tightly so as not to squish the small dog still in his arms.

“Trust me, you’re going to love Sander!” He placed the puppy in Logic’s arms.

He scrambled to make sure he didn’t drop the young squirmy dog. The moment he was settled the puppy sniffed at Logic’s face and then began licking him happily before yipping in excitement.

Logic smiled.

Yes, he had no doubt, he already loved his newly adopted son.

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oh ok so there's nothing wrong w k@//ura you just don't like it as a ship.

Oh it has it’s fair share of problems

I mean besides Keith pretty much invalidating her feelings towards the Galra, failing to understand why she couldn’t trust them, and pretty much set on leaving her for dead in s1…

It’s perfect really

The Holts

Psyched for season 3