(see i don't even wish her harm!)

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As really awful as the 'Jess-lies' blog is, I think bsno was worse. She, and others, relentlessly attacked MM directly on her IG, making vile comments about her appearance, among other things, something many shippers still do on their blogs. You wouldn't see what the blogger wrote unless you went there or fucked-up anons thought it would be good to tell you what she was saying. Vilification is rife on both sides. Don't forget the blogger that 'hoped MM would die.' Nice.

I didn’t go there. I was sent screen caps. Sorry but dedicating a hate blog to some random fan is bad. Just as bad as the hate accounts for MM. Maybe even worse because I’m not a celebrity in the public eye. And someone wishing death on her had nothing to do with me. I may dislike the girl but I don’t wish her harm. Why should I be punished for things other people have done and said?

Is The Gifted trying to make Dreamer’s ability seem all bad? She uses it to violate Clarice’s head and then when I finally think they’ll show us her using it in a good way, she messes with the Sentinel Service guy’s head and gives him even more trauma. We’ve yet to see her ability do more than harm.

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I don't mind Meghan. She has a lot of learning to do but she seems intelligent enough to do it. What I HATE is when her superfans say they want her to be queen. Do they not realize that when they say that, they're wishing harm on William, Kate and even worse, on the children? Do they not understand how royalty works? That's it not a popularity contest. And that people have to die for Harry to become king? Every time I see that in comments my stomach gets unsettled.

I agree. To be honest I think a lot of people don’t realise what they’re saying because a lot of Meghan’s fans- especially on places like Twitter- have no real knowledge of royalty and came from her role on Suits etc. They don’t have as much understanding as those of us sad people who have been here for years haha. I also don’t like it when people insinuate Kate should be queen next. Neither she nor William are ready for the role quite yet. They need time. These people tend to think that being consort to a monarch is about being smiley and wearing nice dresses and it isn’t at all. An abdication so close to Edward’s would cripple the monarchy and I don’t think it would come back. If William abdicated and somehow his children were removed too, I don’t think there would even be a throne for Harry to inherit!