(seasons 1 and 2 sam will always be my favorites)

Spring Formal

Pairing: Sam Holland X Reader
Summary: Conclusion to my series, Time of the Season. Sam surprises the reader with a special night out.
Warnings: Bit of swearing, a whole lotta fluff
Word Count: 1499 

Part 1: Home For the Holidays, Part 2: Spoiled in the Spring

Last night you slept like a baby. You always did sleep better next to Sam. You would always rest your head on his chest, and he would run his fingers through your hair until you’d fall asleep. Sometimes he’d hum things to you, which was your favorite. He was always so nervous to sing around other people, but you always told him how much you loved it.
This morning was a bit out of the ordinary. Sam would usually stay in bed until you woke up, usually because you would be the one to wake up first. This morning, Sam was nowhere to be seen. 

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ohsamtumbles  asked:

What's your favorite season for Sam's hair? Season 1? Season 8? Summer? Fall? :D

Hmmm, so many to choose from, because any Sam hair is good hair. My top three are:

1) Season 12 - I love his soft waves this year and it’s perfectly cut to fall around his face. All the awards to the new hairdresser 🎉

2) Season 8 - That full mane of lion sex hair. Gold standard, people 🏅

3) Season 1 - Those sweet college boy bangs and sweaty puppy curls in the back. Awwww. 🐶

I have to know your favorites!!

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haddy’s questions -

1. what’s your favorite season and why? SPRING CAUSE I CAN WEAR MY FAVE CLOTHES AND I LOVE THE GREENERY

2. what is one fictional character that you relate to? Will Byers. I always feel like i dont belong.

3. if you could have one superpower what would it be? Time travel????? that or invisibility

4. favorite pizza topping? Bacon

5. favorite pickup line? Eyyy b.b. how much does a polar bear weigh. Enough to break the ice

6. what is something that never fails to make you smile? Sam Holland/ Be More Chill/ Finn Wolfhard/ The Holland Boys

7. what is one of the small things in life that makes you happy? Rain. The smell outside and the sound it makes WOW I LOVE IT

8. what’s your favorite movie? How I Live Now or Hoco

9. do you have any advice to your younger self? STOP TRYING SO HARD TO FIT IN

10. a childhood memory that you find funny? Idk….

11. if you could pick one person to be best friends with who would it be?- Probably like Millie Bobby Brown.

Lexie’s Questions:

1. Would you rather:

Never watch Netflix again and only watch youtube or vice versa??

2. Tom Holland or Harrison Osterfield?

3. What’s your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

4. Favorite type of music?

5. Stranger Things or Riverdale?

6. Do you like Broadway? If no, why not? If yes, favorite musical?

7. A movie that always makes you cry?

8. Who makes you happiest?

9.Celebrity crush?

10. If you had to tell your crush you like them or bathe in a pool of hot sauce which one would you rather do?

11. What made you smile today?

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The Road So Far: Documenting A Rapid Descent

Day 1: Wow, tumblr looks fun. It would be neat to have an outlet for all my Supernatural feels for once!

Day 2: Gif sets! Moose! Guinea pigs! So much material to play with. I love this show. Bwahaha, cats:


Day 3: Awww, Dean and Cas jokes can be so cute! Look at those two dreamy idjits.


Day 5: I know man, the narrative structures employed in Season 8 were suggestive. Hmm.

Day 8: “My favorite part of Destiel scenarios is always the part where Sam finds out–”


*When did I start using ‘Destiel’ as a word?*

*What is happening?*

Day 9: No!

Not me!

I choose my own fate!

I am a mature grown-ass woman, hear me roar with great maturity!

Day 10: Last night’s episode…so much to ponder. Like…plot reveals and…lighting choices and…character arcs and…death and betrayal and…and..

I am fooling no one.

I need to know if that was flirting.

Day 12: Redemption Road? Well, I could use something to get me through the hiatus…

Day 25: If I tumblr hard enough will it make Destiel canon???? It’s so close! Just give me a sign! I’ll take anything! Pretty sure Cas doesn’t even need to be in the episode to make it happen!  Just takes a pillow or a moved bedside lamp, or–wait. a. minute! I think it just happened! Yes, Destiel is canon!! None of your logic for me, skeptics! Reality is what I make it! I believe! I believe! Tinkerbell, I’m clapping my hands! We all are! I’ll never grow up, Tinkerbell, I–