Cantilever House in Kuala Lumpur

Steeply sloping site with rainforest views. The house by Design Unit Sdn Bhd is designed to ‘float’ within a valley – touching it lightly, and allowing the natural slope to remain.

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A Social Experiment on SDN

Why does everybody hate SDN so much? There’s lots of resources there, from my understanding. - atacticity

Back up. We don’t hate SDN (ok some of us do). We hate the attitudes frequently seen on the SDN forums. Sure, they have some good resources, but the forums on SDN perpetuate this “must have a 4.0 and perfect extracurriculars and be a first author on 5 papers to get into med school” mentality that is simply NOT TRUE. 

To illustrate my point, I ran a little experiment.  (LONG POST AHEAD - if you don’t wanna read it all, please skip to the last 4 paragraphs)

I made an account on SDN. I had never made one in the past. I actually knew nothing about SDN until AFTER I was accepted to med school, which was a good thing for me because it totally would have scared me to death to have gotten the kinds of replies I got this week. 

So on this new SDN account of mine I posed as pre-med Wayfaring. I posted stats very similar to what my actual stats were. I couldn’t put my exact stats because, well, I don’t remember them. But these were close. I put my science and cumulative GPAs on display with my MCAT score. I listed my extracurriculars–about a half dozen of them, not all of them–and my shadowing experience of approximately 200 hours not counting mission trips. Then I asked the same question as hundreds of premeds before me: “Can I get in?”

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Medblrs vs. SDN

In regards to one of your recent anons, why can “no one really trust sdn”? Is it an issue of it being just a collection of individual experiences and not in and of itself a reliable source/representative of what may be the overall truth, or is there something inherently wrong with the information typically found in SDN despite the fact that it’s a forum? -anon

I don’t think that question came to me, but the answer to all of your questions is yes.

There’s nothing wrong with collecting individual experiences. Heck, it’s common here in medblr-land too. And I certainly am not saying that 100% of the information you find on SDN is false or exaggerated or harmful in some way. I’m sure it has its good side.

The problem with SDN is that it’s full of people who have “made it” who then terrorize those who haven’t. Every single reference that I’ve seen to SDN in the questions in my inbox has been in fear. They take themselves too seriously.

Medical education is a hierarchy, but it is also very much based on team effort and sharing of resources. When you’re a third and fourth year med student, you get most of your education from people who are only a few years ahead of you in their training. Our whole education system is based on building up the people one step below you. Extreme punitive pimping and scutting of med students has mostly died out with the House of God generation, but the mindset that created those things lives on on SDN. 

Putting people down, scaring them, and making them doubt their own abilities hurts everyone. Medicine is not about being smart and making good grades. It’s about taking care of people. And that starts with building up the generation of doctors behind you.

I’m so excited to finally get my hands on #breathofthewild at the end of the month, so here’s another photo of my #legendofzelda #link #cosplay - this time by SDN Photography/The Shadow Dinosaur. I love the quality of light in this, it’s so cinematic! #legendofzeldacosplay #zeldacosplay #linkcosplay #nintendo #videogames #cosplayer #costumemaker #costume #voyagercostume

anonymous asked:

are the scores/gpa/extracurriculars on SDN representative of med students? i feel like i don't have enough of any to even be considered for medical school

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SDN is, as I have always said and will always say, a den of unrealistic expectations and disturbing sadism and negativity against peers. If you must venture there, don’t take anything there as gospel. Don’t take anything, if you can help it.