buys him all the food in the world (except for cucumbers)


For the lovely anon that asked for transparents of the adorable pirate merchandise!

These took a bit longer than I thought they would, but I hope you enjoy the Matsu you desired :)

Also, these are a bit big, I got the HQ Amazon versions which look great, if anyone wants smaller sizes I would be more than happy to resize them, otherwise depending on where you plan to use them they might resize themselves smaller anyway!

Re: “I’m the only one who can handle your kind of power!”

I’ve seen a lot of people equate this to classic abuser tactics (”I’m the only one who can deal with your bullshit/issues/etc”). And I don’t want to go into too much detail b/c this fandom’s doing its regular bout of insane witch-hunting again, but that’s not how I read this line at all. 

I read this as something a victim, particularly a strong/masculine and/or dominant victim of abuse might feel. Jasper is PROUD that she was able to survive over a year of torture. She saw Lapis’ power, and she got the full brunt of it, and she could handle it. Everyone else would have cracked (ha, gem pun oops) but she didn’t. This amazing power, and she (and she alone) can handle it. That’s addictive af.

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Am I the only one who thinks it was absolutely adorable how much times Lucas stuttered and nervously laughed and had his voice crack while confessing to Riley? It was precious

Nope you are definitely not the only one. I’m pretty sure we all thought it was precious going by the amount of text posts I’ve seen freaking out about it since it happened lol


From a short battle-training session (using yugioh cards as enemies) between me and Y, all quotes OOC:

- Y: Don’t just summon the overpowered lizard! (referring to a dragon; we called all dragons ‘overpowered lizards’ after that)
Me: It’s not a lizard!
Y: Don’t summon an overpowered machine!
Me: It’s not a machine!

- Me: (sets a card as hidden enemy)
Y: Is that the duck?
Me: Maybe
Me: (sets another card)
Y: Is THAT the duck?
Me: It’s not the duck
(the first one was the duck)


- Me: I’m sorry I’m laughing too hard because we watched that thing with the tanks today and I’m just imagining a duck running between- (I had to stop talking because I was laughing too hard)

- Y: Is that the duck? It can’t be the duck, I killed the duck… I KILLED THE DUCK!

- Me: I’m going to fight an overpowered lizard with another overpowered lizard.


- Y: I’m going to call this card 'space radiation’ because that’s what it is.

- Y: Space Radiation Dragon!

okay but like is anyone else ever disappointed every time they watch ml in English and instead of yelling “catacLYYYYYSME” chat just kinda goes “cATaclysm!” because I am very disappointed every time

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Enjolras is a Trekkie and Grantaire thinks this is the most endearing thing

Trekkie Enjolras and Tolkien nerd Grantaire arguing about who has the best universe 76% of the time

Half of those end up with Enjolras giving Grantaire the vulcan middle finger and Grantaire speaking rapidly in Elvish stuff like “I love you” “You’re so cute” “Ding dong you’re wong” “Get tREKT”